Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Treasure Never Buried

Well, Night Owl was the person to even bother with a response to the question regarding the 'packing material' used in the TNB Pay-it-backward envelope. So, for his effort, Night Owl receives a game-used card:

Sorry, but I didn't have any Dodgers in game-used... But, I thought this would make a nice substitution... :-)

Oh, and for the record, those two pieces came from the assembly of this game:


  1. Yeah, I would've never gotten that. Cool! I'll take Justice. I'll be shipping you a short stack of cards next week.

  2. I never would have got that either.

    But is it just me or does the little Count Dooku look like Kenny Rogers?


  3. I still can't believe that you guessed it was even from a board game. That's crazy!

    And, no Kimaloo, Kenny looks like Dooku...I think Dooku was here first...haha...