Wednesday, September 14, 2016

PAD Circus Leaving Town

Hey, everyone! This is the (almost) final post of the 2016 PAD Circus Season. I will run the draft at some point this week and post those results. I have tons of packs to open still, and those will be opened off-blog and cards given out accordingly.

I've had a lot of fun opening packs and I hope you guys have had fun taking part this season! THANK YOU so much for checking out the site, for playing along and for the support you have shown throughout all the years I've been doing Tribecards and PAD Circus!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

PAD Circus - Pack 211 - Silver and (Black-N) Gold - Draft is here!

Hey all! Man, I got out of the rhythm, and did not realize how long it has been since I busted some wax. Yikes! Welp, here is a quick pack and we have a new free agent draft open!

Link to the draft:
(Closes 11:59 pm central, Sept 9!)

How about a pack of Chipz:

Pedro Alvarez - Pirates - Brian C (Wahoo!!)
Pirates Vinyl Sticker - Pirates - Brian C (Wahoo!! x2, Back-to-Back!!)
Jason Motte Silver - Cardinals - Wilson (Wahoo!!)
Brett Lawrie - Blue Jays - Hockeykazi (Wahoo!!)
Jon Lester - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!)

Nice pull on the Buc-O's! And, those silver ones are so cool! Congrats, everyone!

Friday, September 2, 2016

PAD Circus - Packs 203-210- Heroes Galore!!

Hey everyone! I've got several packs of 2013 Hometown Heroes in the box, so let's rip some open!

BTW, I will be posting/emailing the next free agent draft this weekend, so be looking for that!

This will be another long-list post, so please excuse typos, lack of capitalization, random capitalization and any other weirdness that comes about!

tony gwynn sr - padres - marcus (wahoo!!)
paul molitor - brewers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!!)
alex rodriguez - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!!)
dave stewart - a's - dayf (wahoo!!)
terry pendleton - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!!)
ken griffey jr kingdom craziness - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!!)
todd helton - rockies - infield fly rule (wahoo!!)
gary sheffield - marlins - bo rosny (wahoo!!)
jerome walton - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!!)
juan samuel - phillies - dawgbones (wahoo!!)
vince coleman - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!! x2)
bernie williams - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x2)
shawon dunston - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!! x2)
orel hershiser rivalry - dodgers/giants - night owl* (wahoo!!)
mark grace - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!! x3)
wally joyner - angels - angels in order (wahoo!!)
paul molitor - brewers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!! x2 repeat performance!)
mike krukow - giants - arpsmith (wahoo!!)
chipper jones - braves - jafronius (wahoo!!)
ozzie guillen - white sox - dominic fdny (wahoo!!)
terry pendleton - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!! x3 repeat performance!)
reggie jackson curtain call - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x3)
rusty greer - rangers - play at the plate (wahoo!!)
jeff montgomery - royals - ventura county royals (wahoo!!)
derek jeter - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x4)
rickey henderson - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x5, back-to-back!!)
mookie wilson - mets - buckstore cards (wahoo!!)
mike zunino - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!! x2)
greg maddux - braves - jafronius (wahoo!! x2)
derek jeter #10451 - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x6, near repeat performance!)
miguel cabrera - tigers - ryan g (wahoo!!)
garrett jones - pirates - brian c (wahoo!!)
ozzie smith - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!! x4)
yadier molina - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!! x5, back-to-back!!)
max scherzer - tigers - ryan g (wahoo!! x2)
tom brunansky - twins - gcrl (wahoo!!)
oscar gamble - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x7)
mike trout gold state stamp - angels - angels in order (wahoo!! x2)
willie mcgee - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!! x6)
bryce harper - nationals - captkirk42 (wahoo!!)
ichiro - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!! x3)
joe mauer - twins - gcrl (wahoo!! x2)
ernie banks - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!! x4)
gary pettis - angels - angels in order (wahoo!! x3)
bob gibson - cardinals - wilson (Wahoo!! x7)
ken griffey jr sportdiscs - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!! x4, near repeat performance!)
harold baines - white sox - dominic fdny (wahoo!! x2)
huston street - padres - marcus (wahoo!! x2)
buddy bell - rangers - play at the plate (wahoo!! x2)
dennis eckersley - a's - dayf (wahoo!!)
tony gwynn sr - padres - marcus (wahoo!! x3, repeat performance!)
even longoria - rays - tshenson (wahoo!!)
chase utley - phillies - dawgbones (wahoo!! x2)
jim rice gold state stamp - red sox - thoughts & sox (wahoo!!)
albert pujols - angels - angels in order (wahoo!! x4)
paul konerko - white sox - dominic fdny (wahoo!! x3)
jerome walton - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!! x5, repeat performance!)
juan samuel - phillies - dawgbones (wahoo!! x3, repeat performance!)
tom seaver - white sox - dominc fdny (wahoo!! x4)
carlos gomez - rockies - infield fly rule (wahoo!! x2)
alex rodriguez - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x8, repeat performance!)
gary sheffield rivalry - yankees/mets - buckstore cards (wahoo!! x2)*
paul konerko - white sox - dominic fdny (wahoo!! x4, repeat performance!)
bob horner - braves - jafronius (wahoo!! x3)

*Selected at random among depicted teams

WOW!! Congratulations to Bo for snagging 8 Yankees and to Wilson for grabbing 7 Cardinals!! Congrats to those of you who also snatched up multiple cards - and multiple copies of cards! As for hits, those gold stamp cards are cool, but that retro Sportdisc!? That is VERY cool!!