Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tribecards in Oakland

My family went to San Francisco for vacation recently. While there, we took in an Oakland A's game since the Giants were out of town. Rather than just post pictures, I decided to make the photos into "cards." Enjoy!

Note: Template for cards was obtained from:

Saturday, June 10, 2017

1968 Fleer Indians Iron-on!

Heya! This week, I ripped open a pack (okay, I gingerly opened a pack) of 1968 Fleer Iron-ons for my weekly "Bustin' Our Wax" YouTube video. To my great delight, I managed to pull an Indians script transfer!!

Of course, there was gum stuck to the thing. There's something to ponder: gum, from 1968, stuck to the transfer. The gum is older than I am. That is pretty gross. Granted, it's not much older than I am, but I sure in the heck wouldn't want to pop gum into my mouth that was even remotely close to my age!

I am so glad I decided to grab this pack off eBay. Wahoo!!

Note: "Bustin Our Wax" is a weekly program on YouTube through my channel. It launches each Sunday at 3pm Central time. Here is the "Baseball" playlist with the series.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Blaster Box Break: 1999 Upper Deck PowerDeck

Heya! I busted open a blaster box of 1999 Upper Deck PowerDeck over on my YouTube Channel for this week's "Bustin Our Wax!" Here is what we pulled:

Friday, June 2, 2017

2014 Fathead Tradeables Justin Masterson

I'm always looking for things that aren't cardboard to add to my Indians collection. When i fond something that is "almost" akin to cardboard, I can't seem to win over the urge to splurge. That's what happened here. I saw this and had to have it.

I'm a little disappointed that the bat is not a separate vinyl sticker. But, we do get Masterson and the Block C to peel off and stick on something, if we so choose. Of course, we will not choose to do that because I prefer to keep this little guy in tact. The item is basically 5x7 inches. there were two Indians in the set: Masterson and Jason Kipnis. Looks like I'll be on the hunt for a Kipnis!