Saturday, May 31, 2014

#ootp15 Giveaway Update: Rays Win! Rays Win!

The St. Louis Cardinals get blown away by the Tampa Bay rays in a stunning 4-1 game steamroller series.

Note: these are images. Actual season information will be available as soon as I can get it uploaded, which will be later in the week. Turns out the season runs over 3GB worth of data! Wow!

Here are the results from Wildcard to World Series:

As for the contest winner(s), NO ONE picked the Rays to win. We had a couple folks predict the cardinals would win.

As for the GRAND PRIZE: a *FREE* OOTP15 code, all entries were put into the list randomizer at, then randomly shuffled 19 times (once for each participant).


AL KAWAMOTO!! Congratulations!! Wahoo!! 

Thanks to everyone that signed up to play along and try to win the free code!!

Al, I will send you an email with your free code. Just download the game and enter it as your registration number.

#ootp15 Giveaway - All-Star Game Results

The All-Star Game was held on July 15 (game time) and the full box score will be provided in a follow-up post.

The National League beat the American League in the ootp giveaway All-Star Game despite a 9th inning 2-run rally.  The American League ran out of gas, losing 4-5 against the National League.

Top Performances on each side come by way of a home run and two RBI's each for Bogaerts (AL) and Votto (NL). Joe Nathan grabs The Player of the Game award after a 22-pitch/19-strikeout single inning effort, earning a perfect 0.00 ERA for the day.

#ootp15 Giveaway News: All-Star Roster Announced

It is not an easy task to pick the best players for the annual baseball classic -- the All-Star Game. It is not possible to please everybody. Whether we agree or not, they have been chosen ... and here they are. The rosters for this year's Major League All-Star Game have been announced.

For the American, the roster includes:

SP Tommy Hanson (MIN) - 10-4, 2.77 ERA
SP Jake Peavy (BOS) - 10-4, 3.01 ERA
SP David Price (TB) - 10-4, 2.66 ERA
SP Danny Salazar (CLE) - 9-3, 2.80 ERA
SP James Shields (KC) - 9-4, 2.69 ERA
SP Justin Verlander (DET) - 10-2, 2.90 ERA
CL Sean Doolittle (OAK) - 0-0, 24 SV, 1.26 ERA
CL Matt Lindstrom (CHA) - 4-4, 24 SV, 2.70 ERA
CL Jake McGee (TB) - 2-2, 21 SV, 0.88 ERA
CL Joe Nathan (DET) - 1-1, 25 SV, 2.15 ERA
CL David Robertson (NYA) - 4-1, 23 SV, 3.21 ERA
CL Fernando Rodney (SEA) - 3-3, 20 SV, 2.68 ERA
C Carlos Corporan (CHA) - .251/.290/.518, 19 HR, 43 RBI
C Chris Iannetta (LAA) - .243/.346/.418, 11 HR, 45 RBI
1B Pablo Sandoval (CHA) - .319/.376/.549, 17 HR, 59 RBI
1B Mark Teixeira (NYA) - .297/.370/.569, 24 HR, 58 RBI
1B Chris Davis (BAL) - .277/.363/.584, 29 HR, 66 RBI
1B Carlos Santana (CLE) - .308/.413/.549, 20 HR, 59 RBI
2B Dustin Pedroia (BOS) - .313/.379/.478, 9 HR, 38 RBI
3B Xander Bogaerts (BOS) - .279/.362/.462, 12 HR, 40 RBI
3B Manny Machado (BAL) - .309/.354/.507, 13 HR, 49 RBI
SS Asdrubal Cabrera (CLE) - .280/.334/.431, 10 HR, 39 RBI
LF Mike Trout (LAA) - .294/.381/.452, 10 HR, 39 RBI
LF Josh Willingham (MIN) - .262/.389/.473, 18 HR, 50 RBI
LF Alejandro De Aza (CHA) - .293/.345/.433, 9 HR, 40 RBI
CF Jacoby Ellsbury (NYA) - .305/.359/.423, 9 HR, 34 RBI
RF Dayan Viciedo (CHA) - .332/.368/.536, 14 HR, 46 RBI
RF Carlos Beltran (NYA) - .293/.364/.570, 21 HR, 50 RBI

For the National these players have been selected:

SP Gerrit Cole (PIT) - 10-2, 1.62 ERA
SP Bartolo Colon (NYN) - 9-6, 2.42 ERA
SP Tyson Ross (SD) - 11-5, 2.23 ERA
SP Stephen Strasburg (WAS) - 12-6, 2.52 ERA
SP Michael Wacha (STL) - 15-4, 2.10 ERA
SP Jordan Zimmermann (STL) - 9-6, 2.50 ERA
MR Brandon Kintzler (MIL) - 4-1, 16 SV, 2.49 ERA
CL Rex Brothers (COL) - 5-4, 23 SV, 3.00 ERA
CL Kenley Jansen (LAN) - 2-3, 22 SV, 2.22 ERA
CL Craig Kimbrel (ATL) - 4-2, 19 SV, 2.38 ERA
CL Trevor Rosenthal (STL) - 3-3, 29 SV, 2.54 ERA
CL Rafael Soriano (WAS) - 4-1, 17 SV, 0.94 ERA
C Wilin Rosario (COL) - .304/.335/.568, 24 HR, 65 RBI
C Buster Posey (SF) - .286/.363/.473, 10 HR, 36 RBI
1B Joey Votto (CIN) - .346/.468/.567, 18 HR, 53 RBI
1B Freddie Freeman (ATL) - .333/.379/.559, 20 HR, 62 RBI
1B Mike Napoli (WAS) - .264/.343/.586, 29 HR, 82 RBI
2B Kolten Wong (STL) - .301/.337/.508, 10 HR, 42 RBI
2B Dan Uggla (ATL) - .256/.335/.506, 22 HR, 51 RBI
3B Ryan Zimmerman (WAS) - .284/.362/.468, 15 HR, 48 RBI
3B David Wright (NYN) - .269/.378/.407, 10 HR, 40 RBI
SS Ian Desmond (WAS) - .316/.357/.442, 8 HR, 37 RBI
LF Angel Pagan (SF) - .298/.347/.474, 10 HR, 40 RBI
LF Domonic Brown (PHI) - .278/.337/.489, 16 HR, 47 RBI
CF Andrew McCutchen (PIT) - .299/.381/.477, 13 HR, 40 RBI
RF Yasiel Puig (LAN) - .279/.348/.450, 13 HR, 53 RBI
RF Ryan Braun (MIL) - .292/.357/.525, 19 HR, 67 RBI
RF Jason Heyward (ATL) - .294/.385/.517, 11 HR, 41 RBI

The AL manager conceded that not every deserving player is rewarded with a spot on the roster. "Every year," he said, "someone is disappointed to be left out. This year's no different -- too many good players, not enough roster spots."

Friday, May 30, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Friday Night Wax

Hello, everyone! Tonight, I am eagerly anticipating the giveaway simulation. I think it will be pretty cool to see who wins the free OOTP code and which team takes it all in the simulated 2014 season!

In the meantime, let's rip open a pack of cards:

1990 Upper Deck

Damaso Garcia - Expos - Kazis (Wahoo!!)
Randy McCament - Giants - Free Agent
Chuck Finley - Angels - Free agent
Rob Nelson - Padres - Free Agent
Bobby Rose - Angels - Free Agent
Bill Schroeder - Angels - Free Agent
Kevin Elster - Mets - Free Agent
Mets Logo Sticker - Free Agent
Mariners Logo Sticker - Free Agent
Pascual Perez - Expos - Thorzuls (Wahoo!!)
Mike Davis - Dodgers - GCRLs (Wahoo!!)
Mike Schooler - Mariners - Free Agent
Gus Polidor - Brewers - Free Agent
Alan Trammell - Tigers - JoshDs (Wahoo!!)
Bruce Ruffin - Phillies - BackstopCards (Wahoo!!)
Andre Dawson - Cubs - EG9460s (Wahoo!!)
Junior Ortiz - Pirates - Free Agent

Wow, two logo stickers in one pack. I don't think I've seen that before. We have a slew of free agents here, but several of you managed to grab players for your collections! Congratulations!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Purple Sale

Greetings, baseball card fans, and welcome to tonight's pack busting. I've reached into my big ol' box o' cards and pulled out a pack of 2014 Heritage. Let's see what kind of cardboard goodness we can glean from this one:

Yasmani Grandal - Padres - Free Agent
Dayan Viciedo - White Sox - MySportsObsessions (Wahoo!!)
Jose Quintana - White Sox - Free Agent
Michael Cuddyer, Chris Johnson, Freddie Freeman 2013 Batting Leaders - Rockies, Braves, Braves - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!), Free Agent, CaptainCanucks (Wahoo!!)
Alex Avila - Tigers - RJBreezes (Wahoo!!)
Chris Sale Purple Chrome - White Sox - Pitcher - MySportsObsessions (Wahoo!! x2)
Jorge De La Rosa - Rockies - Quarrys (Wahoo!!)
Salvador Perez - Royals - JoshDs (Wahoo!!)
Francisco Liriano - Pirates - BCs (Wahoo!!)

Hey, we only had three free agents out of that one! Congrats to MySportsObsessions for pulling two players out the pack! I also want to congratulate the other managers who snagged cards for their PAD Circus piles.

#ootp15 Code Giveaway Reminder

Hey everyone! This is a reminder that the OOTP code Giveaway ends on Friday, May 30, at 11:59pm CST!

Here is the info:

Sign up for your chance to win by commenting on the post above. Do *NOT* respond here for entry, as it will not count.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - At Last! We have an #ootp15 Update in the PAD Circus League!

Hey everyone!

Welp, we finally did it! We have an update to our PAD Circus simulation. I ran the simulation through May 27. For the teams manually managed, I simply removed the recently drafted players from the 25-man roster (in order to get those rosters back down to 25) and ran with it. I will make any roster changes desired for the next sim for those folks handling their own team's line-ups, etc.

The updated simulation is posted at, but for those wanting a recap, let's see what's happening in the league thus far:

before we look at each division, let's take a look at what's happening with some of the league leaders. Adrian Gonzalez leades the league in batting average with a .415, losing a bit from the last update. He had been at .416, but I don't think his manager is complaining. Yoenis Cespedes widens the gap in home runs, leading the league with 20 as Lance Berkman sits 3 behind him. We have three players tied for the lead in RBIs: Cespedes, Albert Pujols, and Troy Tulowitzki each have 58 runs batted in so far this season. Anibal Sanchez holds the league's best 10 wins while Toad Ramsey has whiffed 137 batters thus far.

Let's see how things are shaping up in each division.

Now, grab your erasers because things in the Picadilly Division have been changing! The StelingHomes maintain their hold on first place, but the Tribecards jump to 2nd as the FDNYs fall to 4th. The Arpsmiths hold their 3rd place position as the JoshDs and NightOwls are tied for last.

Green Park Division retains the same team positioning as last week: The Wilsons have a 2-game lead over the Maddings. The rest of the division is filled by MySportsObsessions, the GoBlues, and the DiamondKings. The DiamondKings improve from a .277 average to .321, rallying on a 4-game winning streak. Let's hope for their sake, the streak continues.

The Leicester Division mimicks Green Park in that none of the teams moved from their previous positions. The NachosGrandes maintian an 8-game lead over the Superduperman99s. ScottCrawfordOnCards, PlayAtThePlates, Trhdds, and JediJeffs stay the course they were on last time. The JediJeffs do fall to 15 games behind the leader, though, coming off a 2-game losing streak.

CaptainCanucks and ProwlingCats hold the number 1 and 2 spots, reespectively, in Oxford Circus Division. But, the Chonks and PatWs swap places putting the PatWs in 3rd and the Chonks resting comfortable above the Erins. Erins are 16 games out of first place and hold the 3rd worst record in the whole league. It has certainly been a tough inaugural season for them.

Before we get into summaries, I want to say here that in the SubLeague2 (below), every division remained the same as far ast standings with exception coming from Caring Cross. All the other divisions showed no movement from their respective teams. I'm not sure what that says about those divisions or the teams within, but it is certainly an interesting phenomena.

Look at the Punto Obelisco Division, the Dawgbones keep a 10-game lead over RJBreezes and an 11-game lead over PTownToms. The Pedersejs hang on to 4th place, but are suffering from a 5-game losing streak. Jafronius and TSHensons round out the division.

The Lillywhites Division sees the Hadsalls move 1 game further ahead of the Thorzuls, who trail by 6 games. The GCRLs won their last 2 games as the ThoughtsAndSox come off a 6-game winning streak! EG9460's, however, manage to crash into a 9-game drought. The Hadsalls' .849 winning percentage leads the league.

Over in the Bakerloo Divison, the Kazis also increase their lead by a game as the Quarrys find themselves 7 games out of first place. The BCs stay in 3rd place ahead of the Jennings. The PartickSmiths, though, are 21 games away from the leader and currently show the league's worst record of just .226 winning percentage. It does not look good for the team from Arkansas.

The Caring Cross Division shows the only movement in SubLeague2 as Otakus and BackstopCards vie for 3rd place. The BoRosnys and Workmans keep the top two places in tact as the Dayfs and CaptainKirk42s sit solidly at the bottom of the division.

In other player news, Cameron Diaz is batting .294 in her first week of OOTP while Justin Timberlake has yet to see action. The Dodgers Team is batting .328 with 11 RBIs and 5 home runs. The White Sox Team card has a 3-1 record with a 1.90 ERA. Not bad for a bunch of non-players.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Pop-ups and Stickers, Oh My!

Good evening! Well, I am making an executive decision and will run the OOTP game with AI rosters since I haven't heard back yet from those running manual rosters. I should be able to post the game updates on Wednesday.

While we wait anxiously to see how our teams are doing in the league, let's check out a couple packs.

First up, 1989 Donruss Pop-Ups*:

Warren Spahn Puzzle 25, 26, 27 - Pedersejs (Wahoo!!)
Jose Canseco Pop-up - Kazis (Wahoo!!)
Whitey Herzog - Cardinals - Maddings (Wahoo!!)
Terry Steinbach - A's - Tribecards (Wahoo!!)
Vince Coleman - Cardinals - Maddings (Wahoo!! x2)
AL Checklist
Kurt Stillwell - Royals - BackStop Cards (Wahoo!!)

Awesome! We hit a perfect game as far as pulling actual players goes! Way to go, folks!! Congrats to Maddings who pulled two cards from the pack!

The next pack is 2014 Topps Stickers:

Nate Schierholtz - Cubs - Free Agent
Craig Kimbrel - Braves - CaptainCanucks (Wahoo!!)
Braves/Red Sox logo sticker
Daniel Murphy - Mets - Hadsalls (Wahoo!!)
Rangers Captain - Rangers Mascot - Free Agent
Jason Heyward - Braves - Dayfs (Wahoo!!)
Greg Maddux - Braves - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)
Clayton Kershaw - Dodgers - NightOwls (Wahoo!!)

Well, congrats to everyone that took home a Braves sticker in this pack. It was full of those! We did manager a couple free agents, so be looking for those in the next draft!

*Note: Thanks for the comments! I have edited the pack info for accuracy.

Monday, May 26, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Kodak Imaging

Good evening, everyone! I hope you got to enjoy spending some time with your family (whatever that may look like in your world!) on the Memorial Day as we take time to think about those we have lost in the line of duty or who have served and later moved on from this earthly home.

Tonight, I am opening a pack of 1992 Stadium Club Series 1. These packs bear the Kodak logo, letting us know that these are not the crap photos used in other 90's junk wax products. These are Kodak pictures. Yeah, does nothing for me, either.

Jerry Browne - Indians (Wahoo!) - Free Agent
Mark W Davis - Royals - BackstopCards (Wahoo!!)
Curt Wilkerson - Pirates - Free Agent
Cecil Espy - Pirates - Free Agent
Ron Karkovice - White Sox - Free Agent
Brian Holman - Mariners - Free Agent
Mike Bordick - A's - Free Agent
Eric Karros - Dodgers - NightOwls (Wahoo!!)
Brian Harper - Twins - BackstopCards (Wahoo!! x2)
Darrin Jackson - Padres - Free Agent
Steve Lake - Phillies - Free Agent
Carlos Quintana - Red Sox - Free Agent
Darryl Hamilton - Brewers - Wilsons (Wahoo!!)
Karl Rhodes - Astros - Free Agent
Dean Palmer - Rangers - Free Agent

Congrats to BackstopCards for getting two hits out of that pack! Also, congratulations to NightOwls and the Wilsons for being lucky enough to get a card, too.

I should have the OOTP game updated and posted on Tuesday. There really needs to be a better way to do that. Right now, I run the simulation, save the Almanac, copy the whole NEWS folder to a zipped file on my flash drive, then merge almanac and html folders so that I have one folder with all the updated/current info, then copy all of THAT to my web site. It's about 600MB each time. That seems a bit extreme. If you have any thoughts on how to do that better, please share!

#PackADailyCircus - Finally! A new draft

Hey everyone! It's only 1am CST here in the Circus and I've got the draft sent out to the managers. I thought other folks might be interested to see who is up for grabs this time, so here ya go!

Hey everyone! I finally have the draft ready. It will run on 05/30, so managers please have your picks in to me by 5pm on Friday, 05/30/2014. List your picks below. Good luck!

Guidry 60 Yrs of Topps
Bob Welch Diamond Kings
Willy Garcia 1st Bownman Chrome (severely bent)
Bobby Bonilla Stadium Club Members Choice Edition
Liam Hendriks Panini Prizm
Red Sox Champs Heritage card


Alejandro De Aza
Anderson Silva (MMA)
B J Ryan
Bill Pecota
Bob Welch
Bobby Bonilla
Brennan Boesch
Brent Morel
Brian Roberts
Brian Wilson
Byron Nelson (Golf)
Chad Tracy
Chris Bando
Craig Colbert
Daniel Cabrera
Eric Byrnes
Fernando Hernandez
Gio Gonzalez
Jay Tibbs
Jhonny Peralta
John Wehner
Jon Barnes
Jose Gonzalez
Juan Bell
Justin Duchscherer
Keith Miller
Kevin Romine
Kim Batiste
Kyle Hudson
Liam Hendriks
Luke Hochevar
Luke Scott
Mark Teahen
Mashahide Kobayashi
Matt Joyce
Nick Castellanos
Oscar Robertson (Basketball)
Randy Myers
Red Sox Champs Card
Reggie Jefferson
Ron Guidry
Ross Ohlendorf
Scott Bankhead
Scott Fletcher
Scott Kamieniecki
Scott Kazmir
Todd Burns
Tom Browning
Torii Hunter
Turner Ward
Von hayes
Willie Upshaw
Willy Garcia

Sunday, May 25, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Inching My Way Back To You

Good evening, everyone!

Please take time out tomorrow to stop and remember those who gave their lives as they served in our military. Memorial Day is a day to remember and to reflect. Yes, thank a vet. But, this is not Veterans Day. This is Memorial Day. If you had a loved one that served, please a moment or 10 or 20 and remember them.

As for PADCircus, I have the managers and Players list updated (FINALLY!). You can read it HERE.

I can't run the games yet because I need to reach out to a couple managers who are manually working their lineups to see which players that want active and which they want on reserve (Jafronius, Otakus).

If anyone else would like to manually manager their team, let me know and I will add you to the list. Otherwise, the computer handles it for us.

While we wait, let's bust open some wax!

2011 Topps Series Two

Scott Kazmir - Angels - Free Agent
Jorge De La Rosa - Rockies - Quarrys (Wahoo!!)
Jake Peavy - White Sox - Workmans (Wahoo!!)
Justin Duchscherer - Orioles - Free Agent
Nyjer Morgan - Brewers - Thorzuls (Wahoo!!)
Brennan Boesch/Miguel Cabrera - Tigers - Free Agent/Workmans (Wahoo!! x2)
Ron Guidry 60 Years of Topps - Yankees - Free Agent
Don Mattingly Topps 60 - Yankees - EG9460s (Wahoo!!)
Mark Teahen - White Sox - Free Agent
Mike Fontenot - Giants - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)
Brad Hawpe - Padres - Quarrys (Wahoo!!)
Skip Schumaker - Cardinals - Wilsons (Wahoo!!)

Congratulations to each manager - and  to those who scored TWICE! - grabbing cards for their collections! I will have the draft posted later tonight or sometime on Memorial Day.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Day Late, Dollar short

Hey everyone! Sorry for being late with updates, but time got away from me. So, I will have the updated managers/players list posted sometime on Sunday. i should also have the OOTP standings updated sometime Sunday as well. And, of course, we have a draft to run. :-) That will also appear sometime Sunday.

Let's bust some wax!

2007 Fleer Ultra

Johan Santana - Twins - Quarrys (Wahoo!!)
BJ Ryan - Blue Jays - Free Agent
Jhonny Peralta - Indians (Wahoo!) - Free Agent
Vladimir Guerrero - Angels - GCRLs (Wahoo!!)
Nick Swisher Hitting Machine - A's - GoBlues (Wahoo!!)

Man, that Swisher card is VERY cool! I don't think I have seen a "Hitting Machine" card before. I like the bicycle chain motif they have there. Congrats to the three of you for grabbing players out this pack!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Presstine Champions?

Good evening, everyone! It is time to bust open another pack of cards! Tonight, i am opening something of a weird repack sent by Thorzul. This is a 20-card clear plastic bag distributed by "Presstine Marketing." according to the header card, we can "Hit a homerun with PMI Baseball Packs!" Let's see how this goes:

Luke Scott - 2012 Topps - Rays - Free Agent
Willie Blair - 1994 Pacific Collection - Rockies - Erins (Wahoo!!)
Jake Peavy - 2008 UD Timeline - Padres - Workmans (Wahoo!!)
Chris Bando - 1988 Topps - Indians (Wahoo!) - Free Agent
Kevin Romine - 1990 Leaf - Red Sox - Free Agent
Eric Byrnes - 2010 Topps - Diamondbacks - Free Agent
Jay Tibbs - 1989 Fleer - Free Agent
Todd Burns - 1989 Score - A's - Free Agent
Pedro Martinez - 1997 Topps  - Expos - ThoughtsAndSox (Wahoo!!)
Bob Welch - 1990 Donruss Diamond Kings - A's - Free Agent
Brian Wilson - 2010 Topps - Giants - Free Agent
Willie Upshaw - 1989 Donruss - Indians (Wahoo!) - Free Agent
Reggie Jefferson - 1999 Upper Deck - Red Sox - Free Agent
Jon Barnes - 1991 Classic - Padres - Free Agent
Scott Bankhead - 1990 Fleer - Mariners - Free Ahent
Scott Rolen - 2012 Topps - Reds - Wilsons (Wahoo!!)
Andre Dawson - 1994 Donruss - Red Sox - EG9460s (Wahoo!!)
Keith Miller - 1992 Fleer - Mets - Free Agent
Eric Davis - 1991 Score Master Blaster - Reds - ScottCrawfordOnCards (Wahoo!!)
Chad Tracy - 2010 Topps - Diamondbacks - Free Agent

Wow! TWO Indians players out of the repack! Very cool. Interesting mix of brands, years, and players in there. Congratulations to everyone that snagged one of the players. Sorry, Thorzul, maybe you'll get something from one of the other packs you sent.

I also have a pack of 2012 Goodwin Champions. This came as pack of a multi-pack repack box I bought over the summer or something. Anyway, let's see what's in store for us:

Oscar Robertson, Basketball Guard - Free Agent
Byron Nelson, Golf - Free Agent
Stan Musial, Baseball Outfield - JediJeffs (Wahoo!!)
Anderson Silva, MMA Brazil - Free Agent

Hey, lookie there! Congratulations, JediJeffs! You managed to grab a player from this pack. The other cards will be listed as free agents and will be up for grabs in the next draft. Adding these non-baseball cards during the season has certainly added a twist to the game!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - A Long Night's Day

Good evening, folks! I had pretty big plans for today. Those were shot to heck when I got my Mom to the airport 5 minutes after the check-in closed. On the upside, missing out on stand-bys means you get to spend the day with your Mom. That is never a bad thing in my book!

So, tonight i will open a pack of cards and make an honest attempt to list the correct managers, but I haven't updated the OOTP game yet so these may be a little rough.

Let's do 2014 Heritage

Ross Ohlendorf - Nationals - Free Agent
Champs For Third Time in a Decade - Red Sox - Free Agent
Brandon Crawford - Giants - Workmans (Wahoo!!)
Josh Hamilton Purple Chrome - Angels - ScottCrawfordOnCards (Wahoo!!)
Frank Robinson Flashbacks - Reds - CaptainKirk42s (Wahoo!!)
Brian Roberts - Yankees - Free Agent
Don Mattingly - Dodgers - EG9460s (Wahoo!!)
Lance Berkman - Rangers - RJBreezes (Wahoo!!)
Daniel Hudson - Diamondbacks - Thorzuls (Wahoo!!)

Great job! Congrats to all the managers who pulled cards from this pack! As I type this (10:20 CST), my Mom should be making her descent into Pittsburgh. If you see her, tell her HI!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Gio, I Did It Again!

Good evening, everyone! FINALLY, we have the draft results from the draft that was supposed to take place last Friday.

Before I get started, I have a confession: Once again, I left Gio Gonzalez off the list. Really, I have nothing against the guy. So, Workman caught it last time and Otakus caught it this time. You both get a bonus at the end of the season. In the meantime, GIO **WILL** be in the next draft!

Okay, enough jawing.

Here is how the draft started:

And here is how it ended up:

I only showed 26 managers taking part. If you responded and I did not get your picks, please let me know. As far as I know, though, this was everyone.

Thanks for playing along! I will get everyone's players assigned to them before the next simulation!

#PackADailyCircus - Shake It Up

Good afternoon, baseball fans! Welcome to another edition of Baseball Network News - PAD Circus. We've got several shake-ups this week as teams continue to move up and down within their divisions. Let's take a look!

Last time, in the Picadilly Division, the FDNYs led the pack by one game. As of recent events, the StealingHomes have swapped places and now lead by the same margin. The Tribecards and Arpsmiths move up a notch, now trailing by 2 games behind the leader. The JoshDs remain at three games out, but the Night Owls have moved up a notch to 5 games behind first place.

The Wilsons take the lead in the Green Park Division, as the Maddings slip to two games behind. MySportsObessesions may be 3 games off the lead, but they hold a 7-game lead over the GoBlues. The DiamondKings continue their losing streak, going 3-7 in their last 10 games. They are 16 games out of first, dropping down a notch. They need to find a ladder and get rid of that shovel they seem to be carrying around.

In the Leicester Division, NachosGrandes maintain their 8-game lead over the Superduperman99s. ScottCrawfordOnCards, however, climbs a spot to 9 games behind NachosGrandes. PlayAtThePlates, Trhdds, and JediJeffs are 12, 13, and 14 games out of first respectively. The PlayAtThePlates won their last two as Trhdds and JediJeffs lost theirs. Both PlayAtThePlates and Trhdds went 5-5 in their last 10 games.

Over in the Oxford Circus Division, the CaptainCanucks extend their lead over the ProwlingCats who now trail by 3 games. The Chonks and PatWs each went 6-4 in their last 10, helping keep their distance of the fluondering Erins. The Erins are 15 games out of first place. And though they won their last game, they only managed to win three of the last ten games.

Dawgbones Dominate the Punto Obelisco Division, winning 8 games in a row, going 9-1 in their last ten! The RJBreezes slip two games and now sit 10 games behind the lead. PTownToms and Pedersejs have lost their last two games, but are headed in oppositse directions. PTownToms won 3 of their last 10 as the Pedersejs snagged 7 out of their last 10 games. Jafronius and TSHensons remain tied for last, dropping to a paltry 22 games out of first place.

Let's talk about the Hadsalls! They won 9 of their last 10 games and currently sit on a 6-game winning streak. This moves the Thorzuls to 5 games behind in the Lillywhites Division. The GCRLs, ThoughtsAndSox and EG9460s continue their slide, each having lost their last game. The EG9460s currently sit at 21 games removed from first place. Even so, they are .383 on the season thus far, keeping them far above the worst teams in the league.

Coming off a 3-game winning streak, the Kazis lead the Bakerloo Divison over the Quarrys by 6 games. The BCs trail the Quarrys by 2 games, putting them 8 games out of first in the division. The Jennings and PatrickSmiths keep heading downward, though the PatrickSmiths seem to have found the expressway as they have dropped their last 7 games. Band-aid? They need a tourniquet!

The Caring Cross Division keeps the BoRosnys in first with a 1-game lead over the Workmans and 9 games ahead of the Otakus. BackstopCards, Dayfs and CaptainKirk42s trail the leader by double digits. The Dayfs and CaptainKirk42s share a 7-17 home record.

Get all the info at

Monday, May 19, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - The Long Way Round

Hey everyone! Sorry I did not post on Sunday, but our train ride was delayed and I had pretty crappy cell service the whole way. I tried posting, but that did not work for me. So, a quick update and then we'll bust open a couple packs!

I will run the draft sometime tomorrow (Tuesday). We're behind, but we will catch up quickly.

I will run the OOTP PAD game and post results tomorrow (Tuesday). Note that it will use current rosters.

Remember to sign up for the OOTP Game Code Giveaway:

Okay, let's bus some wax!

2012 Bowman Chrome

YIKES! These cards are severely creased! I don't know if this pack came from a repack or what, but ouch!

Felix Hernandez Legends in the Making - Mariners - Otakus (Wahoo, er, sorta!!)
Willy Garcia - Pirates - Free Agent
Jemile Weeks - A's - Jafronius (Wahoo, er, sorta!!)

Well, congratulations, I suppose. If you need the cards and don't care about condition, you'll like these. I guess you can always scour the web for upgrades.

Let's try another pack.

2014 Opening Day

Torii Hunter - Tigers - Free Agent
Mark Trumbo - Diamondbacks - Workmans (Wahoo!!)
Nick Castellanos - Tigers - Free Agent
Paul Goldschmidt OD Stars Lenticular - Diamondbacks - Workmans (Wahoo!! x2)
Lance Lynn Blue Foil - Cardinals - Erins (Wahoo!!)
Felix Hernandez (no crease here!) - Mariners - Otakus (Wahoo!!)
Madison Bumgarner - Giants - FDNYs (Wahoo!!)

Congratulations to the Workmans who pulled two hits! Also congrats to the other managers who snagged cards for their collections!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

#packadailycircus - 7th Inning Stretch

Good evening, everyone! This post comes to you live from the Rangers/Blue Jays game where the Rangers trail 2-1 going into the bottom of the 7th.

Since I am on my phone, I don't have easy access to my Managers/Players list. We will update it later or you can check for yourself.

I brought a pack of 2014 Heritage to the game:

Luke Hochevar - Royals - Free Agent
Matt Joyce - Rays - Free Agent
David Murphy - Indians (Wahoo!!) - Tribecards (Wahoo!!)
Vernon Wells - Yankees - Kazis (Wahoo!!)
Adrian Beltre purple foil - Rangers - PlayAtThePlates (Wahoo!!)
Frank Robinson/chris davis then and now - Orioles - CaptainKirk42s (Wahoo!!)/Chonks (Wahoo!!)
Zack Cozart -Reds - NachosGrandes (Wahoo!!)
Brett Gardner - Yankees - BoRosnys (Wahoo!!)
Alejandro De Aza - White Sox - Free Agent

Since starting this post, the Rangers scored a run to tie!

I'll post pics later, too!

#PackADailyCircus - Pack Bust from Six Flags*

Another pack that Thorzul sent to us comes in the form of a 2012 Panini Prizm. I'm not even sure I've seen these cards in the flesh, as it were. Let's get crackin!

Coco Crisp - A's - Chonks (Wahoo!!)
Liam Hendriks Rookie - Twins - Free Agent
Giancarlo Stanton - Marlins - BCs (Wahoo!!)
Troy Tulowitzki - Rockies - Erins (Wahoo!!)

Man, these are VERY good-looking cards! Like Chrome with actual flair to them. Panini sure knows how to make cards without the MLB licensing agreement.  These are done right! Congrats, everyone!

The picture on the LEFT is a standard shot. The one on the RIGHT shows the reflection of my hands and phone in the cards. That is some serious shininess going on there! And, no, I have no idea why Blogger opted to rotate those. Just turn your head to the side. :-)

*Er, technically, across the highway from Six Flags, but close enough.

#PackADailyCircus - Circus Train

Good afternoon, everyone! I am posting this pack bust from the seat of our train as we head to Dallas! I will try to post a couple packs during the trip. As I mentioned yesterday, Thorzul was kind enough to send some packs our way! THANK YOU, Thorzul!

One of those packs is a 1992 Stadium Club Series 3:

John Wehner - Pirates - Free Agent
Jose Gonzalez - Angels - Free Agent
Kim Batiste - Phillies - Free Agent
Bobby Bonilla Members Choice - Mets - Free Agent
Craig Colbert - Giants - Free Agent
Scott Kamieniecki - Yankees - Free Agent
Von Hayes - Angels - Free Agent
Tom Browning - Reds - Free Agent
Bill Pecota - Mets - Free Agent
Sammy Sosa - Cubs - Otakus (Wahoo!!)
Randy Myers - Padres - Free Agent
Turner Ward - Blue Jays - Free Agent
Scott Fletcher - Brewers - Free Agent
Wally Joyner - Royals - JoshDs (Wahoo!!)
Juan Bell - Orioles - Free Agent

Wow, that pack was nearly a strike-out. Luckily, two managers pulled players! Congrats to you two as I post from the train. Hopefully, the next pack will be a little nicer!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Pack-A-Daily Circus Quick Update

I thought I was going to be able to run the draft tonight, but there is no way. We are cleaning house and packing for our TRAIN trip down to Dallas to watch the Rangers play the Blue Jays!!

I will bust a pack open tonight and then open a couple packs while we are on train ride. :-)

I got a package from Thorzul today with some packs to open, so I may just bring those along with me and do "live" breaks from the train down there and back.

Heck, I may even bust a pack while at the game!

Stay Tuned!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Finally! An OOTP Update!

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! We've had a bit of a dely in the PAD updates, but we are ready to roll now!

You can find the updates at:

Let's see what we've got going on:

In the PICADILLY DIVISION, the FDNYs are barely holding on to the lead. StealingHomes are only one game behind and the Tribecards, JoshDs, and Arpsmiths are only three games out of first. It's a close race! The Night Owls are six games out of first, so they aren't really too far out themselves.

The Wilsons and the Maddings in the GREEN PARK DIVISION are tied for first place! MySportsObsessions are three games out and have a sizable lead over the GoBlues and DiamondKings who are eleven and fifteen games out of first, respectively. On top of that, the first place teams are on winning streaks while the last place teams are headed the other direction.

Meanwhile, over in the LEICESTER DIVISION, NachosGrandes hold an 8-game lead over 2nd place Superduperman99s and a 10-game lead over ScottCrawfordOnCards. Those three teams are all on multiple game winning streaks. Below them, the JediJeffs, PlayAtThePlates and Trhdds are tied at 18-24, remaining 13 games out of first in their division.

The CaptainCanucks hold a one-game lead over ProwlingCats in the OXFORD CIRCUS DIVISION as the two teams recently head in opposite directions (the Canucks trend upward as the Cats slide a game). The Chonks and PatWs aren't too far out, five and eight games respectively, but the Erins have yet to find their way in this league. They sit at 14 games out of first place with a 10-32 record, having lost 9 of their last 10 games.

Over in the PUNTO OBELISCO DIVISION, Dawgbones has a nice six-game lead over the RJBreezes. All the other teams in the division are sitting at double-digit deficits. The PTownToms are 10 games out, Pedersejs are 14 out, and Jafronius and TSHensons are each 18 games out of first place. The good news for Pedersejs is that PTownToms are on a 4-game losing streak.

As we look at the LILLYWHITES DIVISION, we see the Hadsalls are 8-2 in their last 10 games, putting them in first place ahead of Thorzuls who are just 3 games behind. The GCRLs, ThoughtsAndSox and EG9460s are 10, 12, and 18 games out of first place. We still have a long way to go, but things certainly don't seem to be turning around for those at the bottom.

If you want to see ugly, take a look at BAKERLOO DIVISON. Every team lost their last game, and the BCs have lost their last FOUR games. Ouch. as it is, though, the Kazis lead the division over the quarrys by 4 games. The BCs are solidly in 3rd, six games behind the Kazis. The Jennings and PatrickSmiths bring up the rear, 11 and 15 games out.

And, finally, in the CARING CROSS DIVISION, five of the six teams won their last game with the Otakus celebrating a 4-game winning streak. They sit in 3rd place in their division behind Workmans in 2nd and BoRosnys leading. The Workmans lost their last game, but they are still six games ahead of Otakus. BackstopCards, Dayfs, and CaptainKirk42s finish out the division.

Let's look at league leaders:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

#ootp15 - Tribecards OOTP 15 Giveaway!

Thanks to Brad over at OOTP, Tribecards is giving away one (1) serial number to one (1) lucky winner! That's right, I have been given a serial number that will be given away to one random person. That person can then download ootp15 and use the code to own the full version!

The contest is simple:
  1. I will create a game using the "Real American League" featuring players from the actual 2014 player pool.
  2. An entire season will be simulated.
  3. For a chance to win, REPLY BELOW TO THIS POST. Include the following:
    1. WINNING TEAM - Which team do you think will WIN the simulated World Series
    2. WINNING SCORE - What will be the score of the final game of the simulated World Series
    3. Either your Blogger ID or an email address. "Anonymous" entrants or anyone that I cannot email will be disqualified. If you prefer not to have your email address shown, REPLY and then send me an email immediately for verification. 
  4. ONE ENTRY per person
  5. BONUS entry if you share this contest on your blog or twitter feed (provide the link to your post).
  6. One random contestant will WILL THE CODE! You do not have to be correct! Everyone who enters has a chance to win! Code will be emailed to the winner upon verification. If verification cannot be achieved, prize will go to another randomly selected entrant.
    1. The person who picks the WINNING TEAM and comes closest to the WINNING SCORE will win a bonus item to be named before the contest ends.
  7. Each winner is responsible for any and all taxes, should there be any.
  8. Employees of Tribecards and their immediate families are prohibited from playing.
  9. Contest open to anyone, anywhere. 
  10. Good Luck!
  11. **Note: Deadline for entry is 11:59pm CST, Friday, May 30, 2014
On Saturday, May 31, 2014, I will post the entire season's almanac online so you can see what happened!

Good Luck, and THANKS to our friends at Out of the Park Developments!!

#PackADailyCircus - Getting Soaked

Good afternoon/evening, everyone! I don't know what the weather has been like in your area the last day or so, but here in LA (that's Lower Arkansas), we've been hit with a deluge! Pouring down rain and flickering power. Well, the clouds could be in the right position for power to flicker around here, but I'll hold fast to my theory the rainfall and storms had to do with it this time more than the rabbits chasing each other around the yard.

In any case, since I couldn't post on Tuesday, let's open two packs today. I should be able to post at least some of the season updates later this evening as well.

First pack, 2012 Topps Series One

Jhonny Peralta - Tigers - Free Agent (really!? Wow)
John Danks - White Sox - MySportsObsession (Wahoo!!)
Babe Ruth Golden Greats - Yankees - StealingHomes (Wahoo!!)
Jim Thome Gold Standard 600th HR - Twins - Tribecards (Wahoo!!)
Kyle Hudson - Orioles - Free Agent
Brayan Pena - Royals - PatWs (Wahoo!!)
Brent Morel - White Sox - Free Agent
Kevin Youkilis - Red Sox - ThoughtsAndSox (Wahoo!!)

Sweet!! Not only did I pull a player, but I pulled a Thome insert. Awesome! Congratulations to everyone else getting a card, too. Sometimes, it is worth the storm - or something like that.

Next Pack: 2008 Topps Series Two

Grady Sizemore - Indians (Wahoo!) - Trhdds (Wahoo!!)
Mark Kotsay - Braves - Thorzul (Wahoo!!)
Masahide Kobayashi - Indians (Wahoo!) - Free Agent
Fernando Hernandez - A's - Free Agent
Frank Thomas Year In Review 500th HR - Blue Jays - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)
Daniel Cabrera - Orioles - Free Agent
Jorge De La Rosa - Royals - Quarrys (Wahoo!!)
Marlon Byrd - Rangers - Free Agent

Wow, TWO Tribers in one pack! That is awesome. It's too bad I am never playing "Tribe-or-no-Tribe" when I bust open a pack like that! I don't ever associate Frank Thomas with the Blue Jays. Well, at least it is a cool insert. Congrats, everyone!

Monday, May 12, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Drafting and Heritage

Hey, everyone!

I will be sending out this week's free agent draft list to managers very shortly! As an update, gcrl chose to keep MIKE Davis. So, MARK Davis will be in this week's draft again. Brian Bannister will also be in this week's draft since I managed to cut everyone off that one last round.

Some notable drafts this week:
Christian Guzman Inaugural Lineup
Mark Clark Diamond Debut
Jack Armstrong - Indians!!
Angels Logo Sticker (winner gets every Angels logo we pull)
Justin Timberlake
Cameron Diaz
Mark Lowe Green Foil
Tom Layne Blue Border
Adeiny Hechavarria Blue Border
Kaz Matsui (left off previous drafts, appeared on a multiplayer card)
Gio Gonzalez (left off a previous draft, appeared on multiplayer card)

My apologizes to Workman who had listed Gio as a pick, and I missed him because of the card he was on. But, in fairness, I need to give everyone a shot. I'll add a bonus to Workman's stack for his keen eye and/or memory!

In the meantime, here is a pack of 2014 Heritage for us to examine:

Johan Santana - Mets - Quarrys (Wahoo!!)
Logan Morrison - Mariners - Free Agent
Jonathan Villar - Astros - Free Agent
Bud Norris - Orioles - Chonks (Wahoo!!)
Michael Wacha Purple Chrome - Superduperman99s (Wahoo!!)
Marlon Byrd - Phillies - Free Agent
Jonny Gomes (Knocks It Up) - Red Sox - Free Agent
Marco Scutaro - Giants - Arpsmiths (Wahoo!!)
Brian Dozier - Twins - gcrls (Wahoo!!)

I love it when we open a pack with a hit and end a pack with a hit. Bookending, I think we'll call that. Congrats to the managers getting some cards. That purple one is quite a sight. SHINY for sure!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Happy Mother's Day from the Circus

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there who happen to read this blog! Thank you so much for all you do, especially when life seems like a circus!

Speaking of circus, the last draft turned out to be a bit of one. Somehow BRIAN BANNISTER got kicked out of the draft as I was running it. NO ONE ended up with him. I can't explain it. So, Brian Bannister will be in this week's draft to see if we can keep him from pulling a disappearing act on us!

The next mix-up involves MARK DAVIS. You see, I incorrectly listed MIKE Davis in the draft, but the actual player pulled was MARK Davis of the Padres. Since gcrl is the one who drafted him, I have left it up to him to decide the fate of Mike and Mark Davis. I will let everyone know the results once I hear back from gcrl.

I am putting together this week's player draft. In the meantime, let's check out a pack of cards and see if we can find some that our mothers probably threw out at some point.

2007 Fleer Ultra.

Ryan Freel - Reds - Free Agent
Nomar Garciaparra - Dodgers - ThoughtsAndSox (Wahoo!!)
Matt Cain - Giants - Arpsmiths (Wahoo!!)
Adrian Gonzalez - Padres - gcrls(Wahoo!!)
Juan Salas - Rays - Free Agent

Well, we went three-in-a-row there, so congrats to the folks who grabbed cards! Hope you had a happy Mother's Day!!

#PackADailyCircus - Saturday Updates and Super-Sized Pack

Hey everyone! I know this is actually being posted on Sunday, but I wanted to update you on what's been going on with things here.

First, the Managers/Players updated listed is posted. You can use the Pack-A-Daily Info tab to get to it.

Second, I have found a free host (or seems free so far) for our OOTP happenings. As I write this, I am uploading files. It will take a while due to my slow ISP. I am mainly trying to get game standings and box scores going. The rest will get there over time.

You can see the latest game results and standings here: - Remember, you can select the different dates from the drop-down menu or from the dates in the calendar that runs along the page near the top. Individual player stats are NOT available at the time of this writing. And, it looks ugly right now. You've been warned.

Third, we've got a jumbo pack to bust!

Here is a 2013 Series 1:

Chad Billingsly - Dodgers - CaptainKirk42s (Wahoo!!)
Justin Masterson - Indians (Wahoo!) - Tribecards (Wahoo!!)
John Danks - White Sox - MySportsObsessions (Wahoo!!)
Jim Johnson - Orioles - Free Agent
Ian Kennedy - Diamondbacks - PTownToms (Wahoo!!)
Zack Cozart - Reds - NachosGrandes (Wahoo!!)
Madison Bumgarner - Giants - FDNYs (Wahoo!!)
David Price, Jered Weaver, Matt Harrison - Rays, Angels, Rangers - TSHensons (Wahoo!!), GoBlues (Wahoo!!), PlayAtThePlates (Wahoo!!)
Carlos Gonzalez - Rockies - Quarrys (Wahoo!!)
Tyler Clippard - Nationals - Free Agent
Jake Odorizzi - Royals - Free Agent
Johan Santana - Mets - Quarrys (Wahoo!!)
CC Sabathia Calling Card - Yankees - BoRosnys (Wahoo!!)
Wade Davis - Rays - Free Agent
Daniel T Murphy - Mets - Hadsals (Wahoo!!)
Alex Gonzalez - Brewers - PatWs (Wahoo!!)
Austin Kearns - Marlins - Free Agent
Scott Feldman - Rangers - Free Agent
Maicer Izturis - Angels - Free Agent
Miguel Montero - Diamondbacks - BoRosnys (Wahoo!!)
Yonder Alonso - Padres - BackstopCards (Wahoo!!)
Chase Utley - Phillies - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Nyjer Morgan - Brewers - Free Agent
Mark Lowe Green Border - Rangers - Free Agent
Don Mattingly Chasing History - Yankees - EG9460s (Wahoo!!)
Josh Reddick Chasing the Dream - A's - Chonks (Wahoo!!)
Paul Konerko Mini - White Sox - MySportsObsessions (Wahoo!!)
Darin Ruf Blue Border - Phillies - RJBreezes (Wahoo!!)
Tom Layne Blue Border - Padres - Free Agent
Adeiny Hechavarria Blue Border - Blue Jays - Free Agent
Reggie Jackson Chasing the Dream Foil - Dayfs (Wahoo!!)
Willie Mays Chasing History Foil - Giants - StealingHomes (Wahoo!!)
Elliot Johnson - Rays - Free Agent
Anthony Bass - Padres - Free Agent
Matt Carpenter - Cardinals - Superduperman99s (Wahoo!!)

Wow, at 1am, that is a lot of cards to go through! Haha! Congrats everyone! I pulled an Indians player out of the pack. Wahoo!! That Sabathia "Calling Card" is very cool. I don't think I've seen one of those before. Or, if I have, I had forgotten.

Friday, May 9, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Draft Day, Pack Day

Good evening everyone! Before we look at tonight's free agent draft, let's talk some ootp business. I was NOT able to upload the current stats, etc, today. So, I will grab screen caps of standings and key players and post them on Saturday. We also had a couple managers make some roster moves, which is the first time I've manually done that in ootp. It was a little weird at first, trying to understand the interface. But, once I got the hang of it, you just drag and drop your players where you want them - both in the various lineups and in the starter/relief positions. Very cool!

For tonight's draft, I randomized the list 28 times - once for each manager that made picks. I figure that's about as fair as I can get with that. So, without delay, here are tonight's draft results:

Here is the list of names after 28 randomizations:

Here are the picks after sorted by the random picks:

Here are the final results:

Congratulations to the Quarrys who took the only autograph in the bunch (Paws)! Also congrats to the BCs for snagging the Pirate Parrot. Other notables include Otakus taking Kaufmann Stadium, Trhdds getting the Dodgers Team card, NachosGrandes for the Reds Card and to Jafronius for snagging a founding father. Hope the rest of us are pleased with our results! I'll get these "players" added to everyone's roster this weekend.

Now, let's bust open a pack of cards. How about 2014 Gypsy Queen.

Larry Doby - Indians (Wahoo!!) - Tribecards (Wahoo!!)
Buster Posey - Giants - Arpsmiths (Wahoo!!)
Eddie Mathews - Braves - Dayfs (Wahoo!!)
Hyun-Jin Ryu Dealing Aces - Dodgers - StealingHomes (Wahoo!!)
Neftali Feliz Mini - Rangers - PlayAtThePlates (Wahoo!!)
Allen Craig - Cardinals - Maddings (Wahoo!!)

WAHOO!! A perfect pack! And, we started it off with an Indians player - freakin Doby, no less - for me! Congrats to everyone that took away a card from this pack! What a great way to end a draft day!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Bringin' SexyPacks and Smokin' Surfers

Good evening, everyone! I am going to bust open several packs tonight, so let's get crackin!

First up, 2005 Topps Updates and Highlights

Andy Santana - Cubs - Free Agent
Jose Vidro - Nationals - Free Agent
Mike Spidale - White Sox - Free Agent
Tony Clark - Diamondbacks - Free Agent
Manny Parra - Brewers - Free Agent
Adam Harben - Twins - Free Agent
Pedro Lopez - White Sox - Free Agent
Christian Guzman Inaugural Lineup - Nationals - Free Agent
Chris Young - Rangers - Free Agent
Chris Carpenter All Star - Cardinals - Wilsons (Wahoo!!)
Bobby Abreu HR Derby Record - Phillies - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Alex Rodriguez Sporting News - Yankees - BoRosnys (Wahoo!!)

Whew! Glad we finally pulled some hits out of that pack. Congrats to the few folks that found cards in this one!

Next up: 1988 Donruss

Stan Musial Puzzle 40, 41, 42 - Cardinals - JediJeffs (Wahoo!!)
Nick Esasky - Reds - Free Agent
Kevin Seitzer - Royals - Free Agent
Dave Stieb - Blue Jays - Kazis (Wahoo!!)
Greg Myers - Blue Jays - Free Agent
Tim Stoddard - Yankees - Free Agent
Jose Lind - Pirates - Free Agent
Jeff Treadway - Reds - Free Agent
Jim Gantner - Brewers - Thorzuls (Wahoo!!)
Atlee Hammaker - Giants - Free Agent
Gary Gaetti - Twins - Free Agent
Nolan Ryan - Astros - Otakus (Wahoo!!)
Jay Buhner - Yankees - Free Agent
Damaso Garcia - Braves - Free Agent
Mike Davis - A's - Free Agent
Frank Viola - Twins - Free Agent

Well, we are not doing well in the HITS category tonight, folks. Congratulations to the handful of managers that grabbed players from that pack. I suppose the positive note here is to look at all the free agents we'll have for the next draft. But, really... dang.

Okay, let's see if we can get something going here. How about a pack of 2010 Upper Deck Series 1...

Grady Sizemore - Indians (Wahoo!!) - Trhdds (Wahoo!!)
Billy Butler - Royals - Chonks (Wahoo!!)
Daniel Bard - Red Sox - Free Agent
Edward Mujica - Padres - JoshDs (Wahoo!!)
Scott Rolen - Reds - Wilsons (Wahoo!!)
Daniel Murphy - Mets - Hadsalls (Wahoo!!)
Chad Qualls - Diamondbacks - Free Agent
Brett Anderson - A's - Free Agent
Joe Mauer Biography - Twins - PlayAtThePlates (Wahoo!!)
Justin Timberlake/Cameron Diaz Celebrity Predictors - Free Agent/Free Agent
Omir Santos - Mets - Hadsalls (Wahoo!!)
George Kottaras - Red Sox - Free Agent
Chris Young - Padres - Free Agent
Brian Bannister - Royals - Free Agent
Melky Cabrera - Yankees - Free Agent
Jesse Crain - Twins - Free Agent
Troy Tulowitzki/Todd Helton Rockies Checklist - Erins (Wahoo!!)/Quarrys (Wahoo!!)
Matt Kemp - Dodgers - Night Owls (Wahoo!!)

Okay, now we're talking! Hadsalls scored two hits, we had a Triber lead off, several folks grabbed cards, and we got a weird celebrity card. And, yes, Justin and Cameron will be added to the roster pool. Good luck with that.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#PackADailyCircus #ootp15 - Tuesday Updates

Greetings, baseball card fans! This is the Tuesday OOTP update. As far as the way I've been rolling these out, this basically serves as our "midweek," I think. Sure, let's go with that.

The current standings, results, etc are posted:

In case you are itching for a summary, let's talk about each division:

PICADILLY DIVISION - As the FDNY's sit on top of the division, we have another 3-way tie for fourth between the Tribecards, Arpsmiths and Night owls. If this keeps up, it will be a long season for those teams in that divison.

GREEN PARK DIVISION - The Wilsons and Maddings are separated by only one game, as the Wilsons lost their last game and the Maddings won their last two. Can the Wilsons hold the lead? The DiamondKings remain at the bottom of the pile. They've lost 9 of their last 10 games.

LEICESTER DIVISION- NachosGrandes continue their division domination, leading the Superduperman99s by 7 games. Only 3 games separate the five teams below NachosGrandes, so that division continues to be a close one to watch.

OXFORD CIRCUS DIVISION - The ProwlingCats and the CaptainCanucks each went 7-3 in their last 10, but the Canucks are on a five-game winning streak! This puts them one game behind the ProwlingCats. The Chonks, PatWs and Erins are trailing behind, all suffering losses in their last outings.

PUNTO OBELISCO DIVISION  - The Dawgbones pull away from the RJBreezes the last few days of play. The Dawgbones are on a 2-game winning streak as the RJBreezes head the opposite direction, losing their last 2 games. The PTownToms sit solidly in 3rd as the Pedersejs, Jafronius and TSHensons are far, far behind. In fact, the Pedersejs hav hit a batch of ice, losing their last seven games!

LILLYWHITES DIVISION - In this division, 4 out of the 5 teams have won their most recent games, and 3 of those teams are on 3- or 4- game winning streaks! The Thorzuls are 2 games behind the Hadsalls. Finishing out the division, the GCRLs, ThoughtsAndSox and EG9460s have a hill to climb to catch up.

BAKERLOO DIVISON - The Kazis lead the division, holding a 3-game advantage over the BCs. The Quarrys, Jennings, and PatrickSmiths have all been sliding downward, losing their last games. The PatrickSmiths are tied with the DiamondKings for the worst record in the league. Somethign has got to turn these guys around soon!

CARING CROSS DIVISION - The BoRosnys lead the Caring Cross Division as the rally for a 6-game winning streak!  This knocks the Workmans down as they have lost their last 3 games.  The recently renamed Otakus sit in third place as BackstopCards, Dayfs, and CaptainKirk42s round out the division.

Let's take a look at the league leaders:

 If you are still reading this far, here's a secret: I will be announcing a contest soon! The prize: a free serial code for your very own copy of OOTP15!! Stay tuned for details.

#PackADailyCircus - Cinco de May-o-May Not

Hello everyone!
  In my zeal to post an update about LAST season's cards mail-out, I neglected to post a pack for May 5th. I know, at this point, you are no longer surprised by such things. On the upside, the OOTP game will be available later today, so we can all check our standings!

Yesterday's pack is 1992 UD High Series

Joe Vitiello - Royals - Free Agent
Shawon Dunston - Cubs - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)
Larry Walker - Expos - Quarrys (Wahoo!!)
Joe Girardi - Cubs - Quarrys (Wahoo!! Back-to-Back!)
Pat Combs - Phillies - Free Agent
Jim Eisenreich - Royals - Free Agent
Juan Agosto - Cardinals - Free Agent
Kurt Stillwell - Padres - Free Agent
Kevin Mitchell - Mariners - Free Agent
Mike Morgan - Cubs - Free Agent
Mark Clark - Cardinals - Free Agent
Gary Sheffield - Padres - Chonks (Wahoo!!)
Jack Armstrong - Indians (Wahoo!) - Free Agent
Eddie Murray 400 HR Club - Mets - Tribecards (Wahoo!!)

Wow! Congrats to the Quarrys for going back-to-back on hits! And, I managed to snag a Murray! Awesome, especially since I don't think I have that one. Lucky for Jafronius and Chonks who were the only other two managers to take cards from the pack. On the upside, look at the free agents we'll have for the next draft, including an Indians player!

Monday, May 5, 2014

2013 Tribecards from Outer Space Mail Call!! Be on the lookout!

Hey everyone! I was able to mail off a bunch of the INITIAL 2013 Tribecards from Outer Space packages today - FINALLY!!  Yes, you read that correctly: LAST season's cards are finally making their way into the USPS delivery system!

A couple of notes:

  1. If your name is *NOT* listed, then your packages should go out later this week.
  2. The packages are "INITIAL" - meaning that they fit into the boxes/bubbleopes I have. Large-format items, bonus items, etc will be sent at a later date. 
  3. I had a third thing, but it left my head when i started thinking about large cards and bonus items. Well, dang. 
These are the folks I mailed today - be looking for your cards from last season:

Adam Smith
Alec Jokubaitis
Bill Boehm
Bo Rosny (to new address)
Brad Rauer
Captain Canuck
Brian Conrad
Chris Reed
Daniel Houck
David Campbell
Don Sherman
Edgar Galvan
Erin Campbell
greg gay
James Haynes
james rosenthal
Jeff Pedersen
Jeff Wilk
Jerold Irabagon
jim hall
Jon Waterman
Josh DenHartog
Kerry Biggs
Marcus Pond
Mark Aubrey
Matt Hickes
Matt Regehr
Matt Wilson
Matt Workman
Patrick Smith (to old address - d'oh! Check your email)
Paul Browning
Paul Hadsall
Rich Bolster
Richard Nebe
Rod Richards
Samuel Pair
Scott Crawford
Todd Huntington
Tom Olson
Zenus Barnes

Sunday, May 4, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - May the Fourth Be With You

Good evening, everyone! Thanks for stopping by for another pack break. Tonight, we're turning back the clock a bit and busting open a pack of 1991 Fleer Ultra.

Free agents will appear in NEXT week's draft:

Angels Logo Sticker - Angels - Free Agent
Darren Lewis - Giants - Free Agent
Tim Raines Sr - White Sox - Thorzuls (Wahoo!!)
Vince Coleman - Mets - Maddings (Wahoo!!)
Dennis Rasmussen - Padres - Free Agent
Mike Moore - A's - Free Agent
John Burkett - Giants - Free Agent
(James) Kevin Brown - Rangers - Free Agent
George Bell - Cubs - Kazis (Wahoo!!)
Eddie Zosky - Blue Jays - Free Agent
Brook Jacoby - Indians (Wahoo!) - TSHensons (Wahoo!!)
Willie McGee - Giants - Maddings (Wahoo!!)
Erik Hanson - Mariners - Free Agent
Mike Gallego - A's - ScottCrawfordOnCards (Wahoo!!)
Frank Tanana - Tigers - Free Agent

Congratulations to the six managers pulling cards out of this pack! Looks like we will have a bunch of free agents to kick us off this week, too. Hope everyone enjoyed their "Star Wars Day" today.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - Updates and Bustin Wax

Good evening, everyone! The Managers/Players list online is now updated with the results from the last draft. I will be putting together this week's draft and sending that out to managers before the weekend is up. That will include all free agents this week plus today.

Updated Manager/Player list:

I've had a couple questions about "Managerial Roles." Here is my response:

As a team manager, you can do anything you want to your team, except add players not revealed through breaks (unless I hold special drafts allowing for such). Other than that, you can drop me an email with the lineup you want, drop players you don't want (giving up any of their cards back into free agency, should you have any), work out trades between you and another manager, etc. These are YOUR teams. You can change the name of the team, change the color, etc. Have fun!

If you have other questions, definitely ask!

I have a question: would it be easier/better/helpful to have a "TRADING BLOCK" page for? Managers could send me players they want to get rid of or players they want from another team. I would post those on the "OOTP Trading Block" page. Then, you could work out the trades yourselves or work out the trades in the page (I think I can set pages to allow for comments. If not, I know a workaround).

Let me know your thoughts!

Now, let's bust wax!

The first pack today covers yesterday's pack (seem to get a day off more and more!). This one is 2008 Upper Deck Goudey:

James Loney - Dodgers - Free Agent
Nick Swisher - White Sox - GoBlues (Wahoo!!)
Vince Coleman - Cardinals - Maddings (Wahoo!!)
Gary Sheffield - Tigers - Chonks (Wahoo!!)
Adrian Gonzalez - Padres - GCRLs (Wahoo!!)
Ken Griffey Jr - Reds - NachosGrandes (Wahoo!!)
Randy Johnson - Diamondbacks - GoBlues (Wahoo!!)
Hank Blalock - Rangers - Free Agent

Not a bad group of players at all. Pretty cool that we started off with a free agent and ended with one. Congrats to each manager adding cards to your stacks - GoBlues snagged the first hit and the last hit from pack!

It is Super-Sized Saturday, so let's see what I can wrangle up.  Okay, I have two (2) rack packs of 2006 Topps Series 2. So, that is 36 cards plus 6 "vintage cards" (we'll see what that means).

Brian Fuentes - Rockies - Free Agent
Joe Nathan - Twins - Free Agent
Kevin Millwood - Rangers - Free Agent
Jose B Reyes/Kaz Matsui Mets Middle Men - Mets - Kazis (Wahoo!!)/Free Agent
Cliff Lee - Indians (Wahoo!) - Tribecards (Wahoo!!)
Scott Podsednik - White Sox - Thorzuls (Wahoo!!)
David DeJesus - Royals - JoshDs (Wahoo!!)
Scott Hatteberg - Reds - Free Agent
Dan Uggla (RC!) - Marlins - Quarrys (Wahoo!!)
Jose Barfield - Padres - Free Agent
William Patterson - US Constitution - Free Agent
Dave LaPoint - Pirates '90 Topps - RJBreezes (Wahoo!!)
Paul Kilgus - Rangers '90 Topps - Free Agent
Duane Ward - Blue Jays '88 Topps - Free Agent
Yadier Molina - Cardinals - Erins (Wahoo!!)
Ozzie Guillen - White Sox - BackstopCards (Wahoo!!)
Jeromy Burnitz - Pirates - Free Agent
Dodgers Team Card - Dodgers
Angel Berroa - Royals - Free Agent
Nate Bump - Marlins - Free Agent
Julio Lugo - Rays - Free Agent
Derrick Turnbow - Brewers - Free Agent
Brady Clark - Brewers - Free Agent
Orlando Hernandez - Diamondbacks - ScottCrawfordOnCards (Wahoo!!)
Adam Dunn/Ken Griffey Jr Big Reds - Reds - ScottCrawfordOnCards (Wahoo!!)/NachosGrandes (Wahoo!!)
Eric Milton - Reds - Free Agent
Ryan Wagner - Reds - Free Agent
Derrek Lee - Cubs - Pedersejs (Wahoo!!)
Brian Bannister - Mets - Free Agent
Ken Griffey Jr - Reds - NachosGrandes (Wahoo!!)
Doug Mirabelli - Padres - Free Agent
Mickey Mantle HR96 - Yankees - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Darryl Hamilton - Brewers '90 Topps - Free Ahent
Jim Abbott - Angels '90 Topps Draft Pick - GoBlues (Wahoo!!)
Greg Cadaret - A's '88 Topps - Free Agent
Ray Durham - Giants - Free Agent
Chase Utley - Phillies - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Paul Byrd - Indians (Wahoo!) - Free Agent
Reds Team Card - Reds
Omar Vizquel - Giants - GoBlues (Wahoo!!)
Chad Cordero - Nationals - Free Agent
Carl Pavano - Yankees - Free Agent

Quite a few hits in there! We even busted two Indians players and I own one of them!! Wahoo! Congrats to everyone that got cards! GoBlues racked up today for sure. NachosGrande snagged a couple Griffeys and has the potential to grab the multiplayer card unless ScottCrawford wins the coin toss at the end of the season for that one.