Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bet you never heard of Herbie Score...

The "Balladeer of Baseball," Terry Cashman, wrote the "Ballard of Herb Score" in 1996 after meeting Herb Score. I had never heard the song before, but has a link to the song (you can click here to hear it). And if that doesn't work, visit (this page) and follow the link to the song.

The more time that has passed since Herb Score's passing, the more his life and career has weighed on my mind and heart. I know a LOT has been said and written about him, his career, his passing, and I was able to scribble down a quick post while at work that day.

Perhaps it is in part because as I was looking through the LIFE magazine photos on Google, I came across this one of he and his wife, Nancy, and his daughter Judy:

Score was not a player I followed much as a collector - for whatever reason. Sure, I've got several of his cards and I'll be delving into his career more as I continue the countdown, but I guess I just never knew that much about him.

I never listened to the Indians on the radio (wasn't anywhere I could for the most part), so I never heard his broadcasting. Though, I do remember him vaguely from the 1996/97 seasons for some reason.

And, maybe that is why it has weighed a bit heavier than I expected... He was a Triber from the 'old days' who stayed very true to his Indians roots, yet basically, I was one of those who had essentially 'never head of Herbie Score...'

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  1. When I was in school, we used to watch the Tribe games an listen to the radio (that was back when things were still in synch). I think a lot of people did that. Herb Score was the narrator for much of my wsted youth. I can't remember how many games I'd listened to him call before I was aware that he used to be a player, and a very good one at that.