Friday, November 21, 2008

Heeeere's Jhonny! No, really... It's not a Halloween card. Really.

As many of you know from reading his blog, Thorzul held his 2nd "Trade Me Anything" giveaway recently. Well, okay, I believe it is actually still going on. I contacted him about a trade and he had no Indians in the current offering, but allowed me to participate in a Tangential Trade (alliterative - yes, easy to spell or say - no). So, I sent him some Brewers (a couple I think he ended up needing!) and he sent me S-H-I-N-Y cards!!

Here is a 2007 Topps Heritage Chrome/Shiny/Insert of Victor Martinez and one of Jhonny Peralta. They are both serially numbered!! Martinez is 1864/1958 and Peralta is 0521/1958.

I laughed out loud when I saw the shiny Peralta card that my Halloween entry was based on! I bet Thorzul had a good laugh at that himself. Thanks a bunch!! This was a GREAT trade in my book!

Today's numerological lesson:

In 1864 (Martinez's serial #), the submarine Hunley becomes the first sub to sink an enemy ship; Congress passes the law requiring "In God We Trust" to be inscribed on coins; the American Civil War is raging; and Abraham Lincoln gets reelected.

In 521 (Peralta's serial #), Future Byzantine emperor Justinian becomes consul; Bo√ęthius introduces Greek musical letter notation to the West; and the number 521 is a "Lucas Number."

Hey, I can't help what pops in my head at midnight...

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