Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Dear Mr. David..."

Those are the words that greeted me late Saturday as I sat down on the couch following a long day of shopping. I received a package in the mail, postmarked from Connor and JV (Treasure Never Buried). The first thing I spotted was an Indians sticker on a white piece of folded paper. When I unfolded it, this is what I found:

A very nice hand-written note in crayon (my personal favorite medium!) with LOTS of Indians stickers on it!

There was also a stack of Indians cards wrapped in Saran wrap (or some other form of the same stuff), clearly marked "Indians cards." :-)

This was great! A note AND cards! Inside, I found Peralta, Byrd, Borowski, Pronk, Martinez, and others! The last few items were an Upper Deck X die cut Sizemore, an Indians tattoo, and a Kobayashi AUTO card! Holy flippin cow! That means a lot to get these kinds of items from a fellow Indians collector!

Hey! As I was posting this, I realized there was a Looney Tunes card stuck to the back of the Jack Morris card! It's a Road Runner at the plate card. LO<, I sent out several like it in the trick-or-treat giveaway... Nice work!

Thank YOU so much, Connor and JV! This made a long day fade into memory.


  1. What a great surprise !! I too am an Indians collector . I found your blog after jumping to Cardboard Junkie from my youngest son's temporarily closed " Cardboard Mania ". My son got too busy at BGSU as assisant sports editor to keep up the blog but we still collect cards together. I will be attempting to start my own blog , ALL TRIBE BASEBALL , very soon. I'm working on an introduction draft now. BASEBALLDAD

  2. Man, I'm really glad you liked the package! Connor spent quite a bit of time on the notes and I'm proud to say did them all 99.9% by himself.

    Thanks again for all you've done for Connor and I! Your friendship is greatly appreciated!