Sunday, February 27, 2011

Off the Reservation?

Well, it appears the fantasy baseball league I had signed up for ("Off The Reservation") has either gone AWOL or Yahoo has dropped it into the etherworld.  I dropped by there today to play around with my draft picks (again!) and all Yahoo says is that there is a problem with the server.  So, if you're out there and you're one of the "Reservation" teams, let me know what you know.

In the meantime, if you're a card collector hosting a fantasy baseball league this year (on Yahoo or anywhere else), and you're looking for another team to join your game, feel free to drop me a line.

Well, it took me long enough

Well, I finally managed to stick my 'hits' from my 2011 Topps 'big pack' on here!  I don't know what electrical misfires were going on in my head, but I could never remember to scan these little buggers! 


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Foray into Topps 2011

I waited it out as long as I could.  But, since I was at Wagamaw (one of my pet names for Wally World, er, Walmart), I figured it was just as good a time as any to pick a pack.  I opted for the double pack thing because the single packs looked like some had tried very hard to feel the contents.  In fact, someone had posted a "no moleste" hotel hanger on one of the retail displays.

I am writing this from my Droid, and posting pictures is nothing less than futile, so I will post pics when I have access to an actual computer. In the meantime, I will let you know my "thoughts and gots."

I managed to get a Triber in the pack: closer Chris Perez.

I have to say, I like the design of the base set. the photo takes up the entire front other than the traditional white border. the player's name is featured in an arc that starts in the lower left corner, rises just a little, then arcs back down to the team logo on the right. Unlike the photography of last year, these pictures are crisp and clear with very little photoshopping from what I can tell. though, the casey blake card seems to have a bit more dust then would be really evident given a head first slide where he is still in the air and his hands appear to have just reached the ground. hmmm.

the card backs are traditional topps all the way... sometimes there is a blurb, and sometimes just stats, depending on the player career. the one thing i dont care about is a little feature down the edge that tells you this cards number was so and so in another set. for example, adrian beltre on card 302 says that "in the 1957 set, Sandy Koufax was card number 302." Really, I dont care. Then, I may be in the minority there.

In addition to base set cards, I got a Diamond Anniversary VERY sparkly Jon Lester. There is also a Chicle Jimmie Foxx (cmgr7). Toppstown gave me a josh johnson with code to get virtual cards. I pulled a gold bordered clay hensley (0138/2011) and a mini champions jared weaver. there is a diamond duo boggs/youkilis that will find its way to merry old england someday soon. continuing the list, we have a topps60 felix hernandez. last but not least, a 60toy-32... that would be ozzie smith. the front features his 1983 topps card. i believe i have the real one in my non-tribers collection.

i ended up with a handful of national league leader cards featuring various leading roles. and i also ended up with an absurd number of reds cards. i pulled a jeter base card, which shows him spread eagle chucking a ball in what has bevome the quintessential derek jeter pose (well, that and one where he is flying away from first while throwing the ball across his chest toward that base.).

all in all, i like the design of this years base set. stay tuned for pics...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Indians 2011 Media Guide cover

On Friday, the 2011 Media Guide cover was posted to Nick Pietravoia's Tumblr account, revealing the tribute to Bob Feller.  It is a very cool design, which should come as no surprise to Indians fans.  You see, Mr. Pietravoia has been working with the Tribe on several projects and has created some very cool graphics.  One such item that has been spotted on Spring Training uniforms is the Feller Tribute patch:
I have to say, this is one of the best "In Memorium" patches I've seen on a jersey. The use of Feller's iconic pitching stance evokes the images of yesteryear.  I wasn't even born when Feller pitched, nor was I born when he was inducted into the Hall.  Yet, as part of the history and lore of the Indians, I instantly recognize the person behind the silhouette.

I'm generally not a "patch collector," though I have a couple.  This is one I hope to add to my Indians collection some day.

If you check out the link below, you can find other murals, banners, etc that have been designed by Mr. Pietravoia.  

*Images from

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gearing up for Fantasy Baseball!

If each of the leagues in which I participated last season fire up again this season, and if Tribecards is asked to join again, the Tribecards sports conglomerate will have expanded to three baseball teams and two football teams.  There was once a hockey team, but that faded quickly.  Heck, there was once a golf venture.  But, baseball is the cornerstone.  It is what started this blog, what fueled my passion as a collector, and what continues to feed habit of hoarding little bits of cardboard. 

I am the first one to admit that my record in fantasy sports is not good.  Okay, I completely stink at it.  But, like the teams that can't muster up a winning season in the MLB, I continue to play because I love doing it.  Like the real-life players and managers the fantasy games are based, I continue to hold out the hope that with the right combination of players and a little good luck and uncanny timing, I will cull together a winning season.  And, beyond that, there is the hope of winning the whole shebang.

Granted, in the fantasy games I play, there are no monetary gains and no trophies.  Instead, one wins the satisfaction of beating the other players to reach the top.  It is a mostly intrinsic victory.  And, over the years, I found those to be some of the most satisfying. 

Good luck to all the folks in each of the leagues where we share our love for the game.