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Tribecards Announces Retirement: The End of Tribecards

NOTE: The following post was written over the course of several months before the Indians had clinched the ALCS and long before the World Series. The outcome of the World Series, whatever that happened to be, had no bearing on the timing and/or content. My intention was to release this on Bob Feller's birthday. And, thus...

Dear Tribecards Friends, Family, and Fans,

I come to you today with my final Tribecards blog post.

I have written and re-written this post many times, trying to explain - perhaps justify - my reasons for hanging it up. I've struggled with finding the words to say that could allow you, my readers and friends, to understand the thought processes behind this decision.  There really are no words to explain, so let me simply say farewell.

I have been writing here off and on since August 10, 2007. Though the site started out as a place for me to create and post checklists for Indians cards and show cards from my collection, my true passion came by way of giveaways.

I suck at trading, always have. So, instead of trying to work out even trades (or trades at all), I decided that I would help further the hobby by giving away cards that were either duplicate Indians or were simply cards I didn't collect (basically, anything NOT an Indians card). That grew into much more.

I've had all kinds of giveaways. I think my favorites were the 12 Days of Christmas series. It was so much fun to try and put together packages with readers' favorite players and teams. I've enjoyed the Pack-A-Daily seasonal breaks, too, but as you are keenly aware, those were not really so "daily" as time went on. In fact, I still owe the managers the cards from those. Everything *WILL* get sent out. Just because I am not going to be posting anymore doesn't mean I am backing out of my duties to get your cards in your hands!

But, I am hanging up the keyboard here at Tribecards.

I have met some wonderful people through my blogging - some famous, some infamous, and some very near and dear to my heart. I will miss you - miss reading your comments and your emails.

I think that will be the hardest part of walking away.

Baseball card collecting is a close-knit family and the fact that we can take advantage of the Internet to meet up (virtually or in-person) and extend that family has been an absolute blessing to the hobby and to those who fall under its spell. Looking back, it amazes me to think of the folks that we have seen come and go. Some of you have become Facebook and Twitter friends. Some of you have become more than Facebook and Twitter friends. I have watched your kids grow up through this online world. We have seen births, we have seen deaths. We've gone through engagements and marriages, and we've walked through divorces and new loves. Those are things I will miss most.

As for the hobby, this blog, and all the folks who have stopped along the way to read it, you all helped take my collection from about 2000 cards or so to more than 15000 non-duplicated singles since 2007. Holy smokes!! Thank you so very much! I never would have thought that I'd have some of the coolest cards I've seen let alone the sheer number of them. I never would have amassed my collection without each of you that dropped some cardboard in the mail for me. Again, Thank You!

If you're reading this, I hope you are one of the folks I was, or am (since I am still sending packages out at the time of this post) able to help further YOUR collection.

Take care of yourselves. I mean that. Look out for one another in the hobby. Things get weird in our little cardboard world and we need to stick together. The real world is already crazy enough.

Keep collecting! I'll be around, reading your blogs and leaving comments. So, I hope to see you again soon.

--David (Tribecards)

PS - The release of this news on Bob Feller's birthday is purely intentional.

Note: There is a chance that the domain name ( will lapse in the future. Posts can be found at

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

World Series - Game 1 Winners!

Note: Images used to create this collage are property of their respective owners

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

PAD Circus Leaving Town

Hey, everyone! This is the (almost) final post of the 2016 PAD Circus Season. I will run the draft at some point this week and post those results. I have tons of packs to open still, and those will be opened off-blog and cards given out accordingly.

I've had a lot of fun opening packs and I hope you guys have had fun taking part this season! THANK YOU so much for checking out the site, for playing along and for the support you have shown throughout all the years I've been doing Tribecards and PAD Circus!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

PAD Circus - Pack 211 - Silver and (Black-N) Gold - Draft is here!

Hey all! Man, I got out of the rhythm, and did not realize how long it has been since I busted some wax. Yikes! Welp, here is a quick pack and we have a new free agent draft open!

Link to the draft:
(Closes 11:59 pm central, Sept 9!)

How about a pack of Chipz:

Pedro Alvarez - Pirates - Brian C (Wahoo!!)
Pirates Vinyl Sticker - Pirates - Brian C (Wahoo!! x2, Back-to-Back!!)
Jason Motte Silver - Cardinals - Wilson (Wahoo!!)
Brett Lawrie - Blue Jays - Hockeykazi (Wahoo!!)
Jon Lester - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!)

Nice pull on the Buc-O's! And, those silver ones are so cool! Congrats, everyone!

Friday, September 2, 2016

PAD Circus - Packs 203-210- Heroes Galore!!

Hey everyone! I've got several packs of 2013 Hometown Heroes in the box, so let's rip some open!

BTW, I will be posting/emailing the next free agent draft this weekend, so be looking for that!

This will be another long-list post, so please excuse typos, lack of capitalization, random capitalization and any other weirdness that comes about!

tony gwynn sr - padres - marcus (wahoo!!)
paul molitor - brewers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!!)
alex rodriguez - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!!)
dave stewart - a's - dayf (wahoo!!)
terry pendleton - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!!)
ken griffey jr kingdom craziness - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!!)
todd helton - rockies - infield fly rule (wahoo!!)
gary sheffield - marlins - bo rosny (wahoo!!)
jerome walton - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!!)
juan samuel - phillies - dawgbones (wahoo!!)
vince coleman - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!! x2)
bernie williams - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x2)
shawon dunston - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!! x2)
orel hershiser rivalry - dodgers/giants - night owl* (wahoo!!)
mark grace - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!! x3)
wally joyner - angels - angels in order (wahoo!!)
paul molitor - brewers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!! x2 repeat performance!)
mike krukow - giants - arpsmith (wahoo!!)
chipper jones - braves - jafronius (wahoo!!)
ozzie guillen - white sox - dominic fdny (wahoo!!)
terry pendleton - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!! x3 repeat performance!)
reggie jackson curtain call - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x3)
rusty greer - rangers - play at the plate (wahoo!!)
jeff montgomery - royals - ventura county royals (wahoo!!)
derek jeter - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x4)
rickey henderson - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x5, back-to-back!!)
mookie wilson - mets - buckstore cards (wahoo!!)
mike zunino - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!! x2)
greg maddux - braves - jafronius (wahoo!! x2)
derek jeter #10451 - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x6, near repeat performance!)
miguel cabrera - tigers - ryan g (wahoo!!)
garrett jones - pirates - brian c (wahoo!!)
ozzie smith - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!! x4)
yadier molina - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!! x5, back-to-back!!)
max scherzer - tigers - ryan g (wahoo!! x2)
tom brunansky - twins - gcrl (wahoo!!)
oscar gamble - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x7)
mike trout gold state stamp - angels - angels in order (wahoo!! x2)
willie mcgee - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!! x6)
bryce harper - nationals - captkirk42 (wahoo!!)
ichiro - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!! x3)
joe mauer - twins - gcrl (wahoo!! x2)
ernie banks - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!! x4)
gary pettis - angels - angels in order (wahoo!! x3)
bob gibson - cardinals - wilson (Wahoo!! x7)
ken griffey jr sportdiscs - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!! x4, near repeat performance!)
harold baines - white sox - dominic fdny (wahoo!! x2)
huston street - padres - marcus (wahoo!! x2)
buddy bell - rangers - play at the plate (wahoo!! x2)
dennis eckersley - a's - dayf (wahoo!!)
tony gwynn sr - padres - marcus (wahoo!! x3, repeat performance!)
even longoria - rays - tshenson (wahoo!!)
chase utley - phillies - dawgbones (wahoo!! x2)
jim rice gold state stamp - red sox - thoughts & sox (wahoo!!)
albert pujols - angels - angels in order (wahoo!! x4)
paul konerko - white sox - dominic fdny (wahoo!! x3)
jerome walton - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!! x5, repeat performance!)
juan samuel - phillies - dawgbones (wahoo!! x3, repeat performance!)
tom seaver - white sox - dominc fdny (wahoo!! x4)
carlos gomez - rockies - infield fly rule (wahoo!! x2)
alex rodriguez - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x8, repeat performance!)
gary sheffield rivalry - yankees/mets - buckstore cards (wahoo!! x2)*
paul konerko - white sox - dominic fdny (wahoo!! x4, repeat performance!)
bob horner - braves - jafronius (wahoo!! x3)

*Selected at random among depicted teams

WOW!! Congratulations to Bo for snagging 8 Yankees and to Wilson for grabbing 7 Cardinals!! Congrats to those of you who also snatched up multiple cards - and multiple copies of cards! As for hits, those gold stamp cards are cool, but that retro Sportdisc!? That is VERY cool!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

PAD Circus - Pack 202 - Chiilin Out Braxton and Refraxin...

Heya! First of all, I have corrected the first card from the last post - it was a Phillies player. I have no idea why I picked the Braves for that card.

Okay, let me see what we're ripping tonight:

How about 2015 Bowman:

Yimi Garcia - Dodgers - Night Owl (Wahoo!!)
CC Sabathia - Yankees - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!)
Evan Longoria - Rays - TSHenson (Wahoo!!)
Domingo German Chrome - Marlins - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!)
Joe Ross Chrome - Padres - Marcus (Wahoo!!)
Carlos Correa - Astros - RAZ (Wahoo!!)
Luis Severino - Yankees - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!! x2)
Braxton Davidson Mini Refractor farm's Finest - Braves - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)
Tim Cooney - Cardinals - Wilson (Wahoo!!)
Troy Tulowitzki - Rockies - Infield Fly Rule (Wahoo!!)

Wow, congrats to Bo for pulling three cards from the pack! Super congrats to Jafronius who ended up with a VERY cool mini card! Guess that might make up for me taking away his non-Brave in the last pack, eh. And, congrats to everyone that pulled some cardboard from this pack,

Saturday, August 27, 2016

PAD Circus - Packs 198-201 - Medallions are for the Birds

Hey, everyone!! Well, this has certainly become PEOD Circus (Pack Every Other Day), hasn't it. Never fear, we still have a lot of packs to go!! Wahoo!!

Let's get ripped:

2016 Topps Series 2 (3 packs plus medallion pack!)

aaron altherr - phillies - dawgbones (wahoo!!)*
danny duffy - royals - ventura county royals (wahoo!!)
matt reynolds - mets - buckstore cards (wahoo!!)
ryan flaherty - orioles - pedersej (wahoo!!)
ariel pena - brewers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!!)
dallas keuchel - astros - raz (wahoo!!)
caleb cotham foil (unnumbered) - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!!)
ichiro chasing 3k - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!!)
andrew cashner - padres - marcus (wahoo!!)
chris reed - marlins - bo rosny (wahoo!!)
martin perez - rangers - play at the plate (wahoo!!)
raul mondesi - royals - ventura county royals (wahoo!! x2)
carlos beltran - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x2)
pedro alvarez - orioles - pedersej (wahoo!! x2)
cody asche - phillies - dawgbones (wahoo!! x2)
james mccann - tigers - ryan g (wahoo!!)
anthony rendon foil 1610/2016 - nationals - captkirk42 (wahoo!!)
roger maris berger's best - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x3)
cody allen - indians (wahoo!) - tribecards (wahoo!!)
marlins team card - bo rosny (wahoo!! x2)
kris medlen - royals - ventura county royals (wahoo!! x3)
danny espinosa - nationals - captkirk42 (wahoo!! x2)
marwin gonzalez - astros - raz (wahoo!! x2)
daniel murphy - nationals - captkirk42 (wahoo!! x3)
wily peralt - brewers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!! x2)
miguel cotto first pitch - dodgers - night owl (wahoo!!)
zack greene mlb debut - royals - ventura county royals (wahoo!! x4)
buster posey changing of the guard - giants - arpsmith (wahoo!!)
carl edwards - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!!)
tanner roark - nationals - captkirk42 (wahoo!! x4)

And, the MLB Debut Medallion:
manny machado - orioles - pedersej (wahoo!!)

WOW!! Congrats to CaptKirk42 and VC Royals for snagging FOUR cards each and to the bunch of folks that pulled at least TWO cards each! That is awesome! Hey, we even grabbed an Indians player. Then, Pedersej steps up and smacks a hit with the Medallion card. Very cool!!

*Thanks for the heads up! I had previously listed this card with the Braves, which has NOTHING to do with the card or the player or the team... It has EVERYTHING to do with my head space!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

PAD Circus - Packs 192-197 - Pass the Chipz!

Hey, everyone! I have a stack of 2013 Chipz from a box I bought and it is time to let the Chipz fall where they may! So, let's rip open these packs! Note: I am opening several, so these will just be listed as one long list. And, there is a playmat in each pack, so those will be listed as one big multiplier.

Playmat - Fillers - Ventural County Royals (Wahoo!! x06)
Roy Halladay - Phillies - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Neftali Feliz - Rangers - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!!)
Ryan Zimmerman - Nationals - CaptKirk42 (Wahoo!!)
Nationals Vinyl Sticker - CaptKirk42 (Wahoo!! x2 Back-to-Back!!)
Paul Goldschmidt Glow-in-the-Dark - Diamondbacks - Alec (Wahoo!!)
Angel Pagan - Giants - Arpsmith (Wahoo!!)
Giants Vinyl Sticker - Arpsmith (Wahoo!! x2 Back-to-Back!!)
Matt Cain Glow-in-the-Dark - Giants - Arpsmith (Wahoo!! x3 Back-to-Back-toBack!!!)
Jason Kipnis - Indians - Enamel Rods (Wahoo!!)
Prince Fielder - Tigers - Ryan G (Wahoo!!)
Clayton Kershaw - Dodgers - Night Owl (Wahoo!!)
Michael Bourn - Braves - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)
Yoenis Cespedes Silver - A's - Dayf (Wahoo!!)
A's Vinyl Sticker - Dayf - Wahoo!! (x2 Back-to-Back!!)
Buster Posey Gold - Giants - Arpsmith (Wahoo!! x4)
James Shields Glow-in-the-Dark - Royals - Ventura County Royals (Wahoo!!)
Neftali Feliz - Rangers - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!! x2)
Rangers Vinyl Sticker - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!! x3, Back-to-Back!!)
Mark Trumbo - Angels - Angels in Order (Wahoo!!)
Giancarlo Stanton - Marlins - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!)
Nelson Cruz Glow-in-the-Dark - Rangers - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!! x4)
Angels Vinyl - Angels in Order (Wahoo!! x2)
Albert Pujols Gold - Angels - Angels in Order (Wahoo!! x3 Back-to-Back!!)
JJ Hardy - Orioles - Pedersej (Wahoo!!)
Cole Hamels - Phillies - Dawgbones - Wahoo!! x2)
Roy Halladay Magnetic - Phillies - Dawgbones (Wahoo!! x3, Back-to-Back!!)
Mets Vinyl Sticker - Buckstore Cards (Wahoo!!)
Johan Santana - Mets - Buckstore Cards (Wahoo!! x2 Back-to-Back!!)
Mike Trout - Angels - Angels in Order (Wahoo!! x4)
John Axford - Brewers - Jacksonville Jobu (Wahoo!!)

Wow!! We did six packs and still have 8 or so to go! We'll save those for another post. Congratulations to everyone! We pulled some silver, some gold and managed to find a magnet in here, too!

Monday, August 22, 2016

PAD Circus - Pack 191 - A Royal(s) Pack!

Hello, everyone! I have a repack cello thingy that I thought I would bust open and see if we can provide a bit of variety. Let's see what we get:

George Brett - Royals - Ventura County Royals (Wahoo!!)
Steve Bedrosian - Giants - Arpsmith (Wahoo!!)
Kevin Tapani - Twins - gcrl (Wahoo!!)
Geno Petralli - Rangers - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!!)
Felix Jose - A's - Dayf (Wahoo!!)
Terry Shumpert - Royals - Ventura County Royals (Wahoo!! x2)
Kevin Seitzer - Royals - Ventura County Royals (Wahoo!! x3!!! Back-to-Back!!)
Ethan Allen - Phillies - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Harry Hooper - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!)
Tim Teufel - Padres - Marcus (Wahoo!!)
Mel Hall - Yankees - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!)
Bobby Rose - Angels - Angels in Order (Wahoo!!)
1990 Bowman Checklist - Checklists - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!)
Howard Johnson - Mets - Buckstore Cards (Wahoo!!)
Alvaro Espinoza - Yankees - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!! x2)
Devon White - Angels - Angels in Order (Wahoo!! x2)
Luis Aquino - Royals - Ventura County Royals (Wahoo!! x4)
Mike Jackson - Mariners - Cool Breeze (Wahoo!!)
Dave Stewart - A's - Dayf (Wahoo!! x2)
Cecil Fielder - Tigers - Ryan G (Wahoo!!)

WOW! This pack favored the Royals big time! We had several other multi-card hits as well. Congrats to everyone that grabbed some wax out this pack!

Friday, August 19, 2016

PAD Circus - Packs 187-190 - Post Gint-A-Cuffs Recovery?

Hey everyone! I bet you thought I fell off the planet after posting my final Gint-A-Cuffs entry with "End of Watch" in the title, eh... Well, I am still here and I ready for my first post-GAC, er post!

Let's see... I have four packs of 2016 Archives, so let's rip those open and see what we can come up with!

Greg Bird - Yankees - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!)
Luis Severino - Yankees - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!! Back-to-Back!!)
John Smoltz - Braves - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)
Carlton Fisk - White Sox - Dominic FDNY (Wahoo!!)
Jim Rice - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!)
Oscar Gamble - Yankees - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!! x3)
Edwin Encarnacion Topps Super - Blue Jays - Hoackeykazi (Wahoo!!)
Brandon Phillips - Reds - Nachos Grande (Wahoo!!)
Ichiro Suzuki - Marlins - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!)
Matt Harvey - Mets - Buckstore Cards (Wahoo!!)

WOW! Bo Rosny racked up here today, folks! Congratulations to him and to everyone else that pulled cards. That Encarnacion is pretty cool!

Brandon Belt - Giants - Arpsmith (Wahoo!!)
Stephen Strasburg - Nationals - CaptKirk42 (Wahoo!!)
Tom Murphy - Rockies - Infield Fly Rule (Wahoo!!)
Darin Ruf - Phillies - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Frankie Montas - Dodgers - Night Owl (Wahoo!!)
John Olerud - Mariners - Cool Breeze (Wahoo!!)
Tony - Bull Durham - Free Agent
Johnny Bench - Reds - Nachos Grande (Wahoo!!)
Roberto Clemente - Pirates - Brian C (Wahoo!!)
Chipper Jones - Braves - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)

Hey! We pulled the Bull Durham card! Sure, it's not an auto or anything, but still cool. Congrats to everyone grabbing cardboard heroes out this pack! WOW!

Kole Calhoun - Angels - Angels in Order (Wahoo!!)
Randal Grichuk - Cardinals - Wilson (Wahoo!!)
Stephen Vogt - A's - Dayf (Wahoo!!)
Ryan Howard - Phillies - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Prince Fielder - Rangers - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!!)
Yasmany Tomas - Diamondbacks - Alec (Wahoo!!)
Max Scherzer - Nationals - CaptKirk42 (Wahoo!!)
Matt Kemp - Padres - Marcus (Wahoo!!)
Adrian Beltre - Rangers - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!!)
Anthony Rendon - Nationals - CaptKirk42 (Wahoo!! x2)

At the end, CaptKirk42 snags a 2-fer! Nice job! Congrats to each of you that have added more cards into your stacks! Wahoo!!

Collin McHugh - Astros - RAZ (Wahoo!!)
Jacob DeGrom - Mets - Buckstore Cards (Wahoo!!)
Alex Rodriguez - Yankees - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!)
Noah Syndergaard - Mets - Buckstore Cards (Wahoo!! x2)
Jose Reyes - Rockies - Infield Fly Rule (Wahoo!!)
Nelson Cruz - Mariners - Cool Breeze (Wahoo!!)
David Ortiz Topps Super - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!)
Aroldis Chapman - Yankees - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!)
Dallas Keuchel - Astros - RAZ (Wahoo!! x2)
Lucas Duda - Mets - Buckstore Cards (Wahoo!! x3)

Well, holy smokes! That pack was a fight for multiple player hits! Okay, it felt like it anyway. Haha! Man, I really like those Topps Supers - very old school!

Monday, August 15, 2016

PAD Circus - Packs 183-186; GAC Packs 22-25 - END OF WATCH

We have come to the end of the road. Our Gint-a-Cuffs journey ends tonight. We've managed to pull a couple of very cool hits, but they are Yankees, so we suffer the wrath of our dear commissioner, who has a hatred for the team so deep he chopped our hit point in half for each of those.

It has been a road of very few Indians cards thus far - two, in fact. It has been a way paved with comedians, sportscasters, ball players, and oddities. We reach into the box for one last night of 2016 Allen and Ginter Hobby Box breakage. Good luck. Everyone.

GAC Pack 22: (GAC Total +94.5)
Paul O'Neill - Yankees - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!) - GAC: -1 (yankees)
Alex Rodriguez - Yankees - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!! Back-to-Back!!) - GAC: -1 (yankees)
Michael Brantley - Indians (Wahoo!) - Tribecards (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Ian Desmond - Rangers - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Michael Breed Mini - Golf Instructor (Golfing) - Jacksonville Jobu (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Brooks Robinson - Orioles - Pedersej (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Kolten Wong - Cardinals - Wilson (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Stephen Piscotty - Cardinals - Wilson (Wahoo!! Back-to-Back!!) - GAC:+0
Pack Total: -2; GAC Total: +92.5

Well, there's a fine how-do-ya-do. Well, at least two of you pulled Back-to-Backers!! And, I pulled a Tribecard! Wahoo!!

GAC Pack 23:
Freddie Freeman - Braves - Jafronius (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+2 (fp)
Denise Austin - Fitness Instructor - Free Agent - GAC: +0
Roger Clemens - Yankees - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!) - GAC:-1 (yankees)
Logan Forsythe - Rays - TSHenson (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +0
Byung Ho Park Mini - Twins - gcrl (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Ozzie Smith - Cardnials - Wilson (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Ervin Santana - Twins - gcrl (Wahoo!! x2) - GAC:+0
Joey Votto Numbers Game - Reds - Nachos Grande (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+2 (ng) +2 (fp)
Pack Total: +5; GAC Total: +97.5

GAC Pack 24:
Charlie Blackmon - Rockies - Infield Fly Rule (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Michael Breed - Golfing - Jacksonville Jobu (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Dee Gordon - Marlins - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!) - GAC+0
Falcon 9 Rocket - Launch Vehicle - Free Agent - GAC:+1 (bonus)
Neil Walker Mini Black Border - Mets - Buckstore Cards (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+3 (mbb)
Adam Lind - Mariners - Cool Breeze (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Lorenzo Cain - Royals - Ventura County Royals (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Stephen Vogt - A's - dayf (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Pack Total:+4; GAC Total: +101.5

Wahoo!! We broke the 100-point mark! Congrats to everyone getting cards! Some of you are on a roll!

GAC Pack 25 (The last pack...):
Byung Ho Park - Twins - gcrl (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Kenley Jansen - Dodgers - Night Owl (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Neil Walker - Mets - Buckstore Cards (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Komodo Island - Natural Wonders - Free Agent - GAC:+2 (nw)
Kevin Gausman Mini - Orioles - Pedersej (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Maria Sharapova - Tennis - Jafronius (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Brandon Crawford - Giants - Arpsmith (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Babe Ruth Numbers Game - Yankees - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +2 (ng); -1 (yankees)
Pack Total: +3; GAC Total: +104.5

How befitting... We end on a Yankees card. Well, even though there is no way we will win Gint-A-Cuffs, I had a lot of fun ripping these open and sharing with you! Congratulations to EVERYONE that pulled cards and to those who will take part in the Free Agent draft coming up soon!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

PAD Circus - Packs 179-182; GAC Packs 18-21 - We pulled another HIT!?

Hey, everyone! Since we've pulled the three HITS of the box (at least, I assume we have), I decided to rip all the remaining packs in one fell swoop. However, as you will see below, we pulled another hit from the box.. What!? Well, I decided to rip four packs here.

GAC Total so far: +80 (Will we even hit 100?)

GAC Pack 18:
steve spurrier - college football coach - free agent - gac:-1 (penalty)
carlton fisk - white sox - dominic fdny (wahoo!) - gac: +0
miguel cabrera - tigers - ryan g (wahoo!!) - gac:+0
mike greenberg - sportscaster - free agent - gac:+1 (bonus)
jimmy carter mini - laureates of peace - free agent - gac:+2 (lop)
corey dickerson - rays - tshenson (wahoo!!) - gac:+0
timothy busfield - actor - jafronius (wahoo!!) - gac: +0
tyler duffey - twins - gcrl (wahoo!!) - gac:+0
GAC Pack Total: +2; GAC Total: +82

That Carter card looks very cool! Congrats to everyone!

GAC Pack 19:
rob refsnyder (standing) - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!!) - GAC:-1 (yankee)
josh harrison - pirates - brian c (wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
jason heyward - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
ted williams baseball legends - red sox - thoughts & sox (wahoo!!) - gac:+2 (bl)
ryne sandberg mini - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!! x2) - gac:+0
julio teheran - braves - jafronius (wahoo!!) - GAC: +0
carlos carrasco - indians (Wahoo!) - tribecards (wahoo!!) - gac:+0
paul molitor numbers game - brewers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!!) - gac:+2 (ng)
GAC Pack Total: +2; GAC Total: +85

Wow! We pulled some blasts from the past for sure! Congrats!! Plus, we pulled a Tribecard!!

GAC Pack 20:
khris davis - a's - dayf (wahoo!!) - gac:+0
hanley ramirez - red sox - thoughts & sox (wahoo!!) - gac: +0
daniel murphy - nationals - captkirk42 (wahoo!!) - gac: +0
brian dozier - twins - gcrl (wahoo!!) - gac +0
bob feller baseball legends - indians (Wahoo!) - enamel rods (Wahoo!!) - gac:+2 (bl)
luke maile mini a/g back - rays - tshenson (wahoo!!) - gac:+2 (mag)
matt kemp - dodgers - night owl (wahoo!!) - gac:+0
rob refsnyder (swinging) - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!!) - gac: -1 (yankee)
Pack total: +3; GAC total: +88

Another Tribecard!! Wahoo!! Congrats Enamel Rods! Congrats to Night Owl for a sweet A/G Mini back! What is up with two poses of Refsnyder?? I've asked the GAC Commish for insight. Anyone else know? Is one type rarer than another?

GAC Pack 21:
jimmy nelson - brewers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!!) - gac:+0
matt reynolds - mets - buckstore cards (wahoo!!) - gac:+0
lance mccullers - astros - raz (wahoo!!) - gac:+0
sly james mini - us mayors - free agent - gac:+2 (usm)
BRIAN MCCANN RELIC - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!!) - gac:+5 (fsrb) /2 (yankee) =+2.5
gregory polanco - pirates - brian c (wahoo!!) - gac:+0
kris bryant numbers game - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!!) - gac:+2 (ng)
Pack Total: +6.5; GAC Total: 94.5

WHAT??? We've already pulled a mini auto, a rip card, and a relic... Here is ANOTHER relic! Wow!! Unfortunately, it's a Yankee, so we get penalized in GAC, but Bo Rosny takes TWO hits from the box! That is awesome!! BTW, if you are wondering, Bo opted to keep the rip card unripped, so only he will know what is inside should he decide to rip it open.

 GAC Running Total: +94.5 - we may hit 100 yet! Sad. Very, very sad, actually.

PAD Circus - Packs 175-178 - GAC Packs 14-17 - MINI AUTO!!

Heya! We're a little behind in getting our Ginter busted, so let's rip four packs right here, right now!

GAC Pack 14: (GAC Total +62)
Ryan Braun - Brewers - Jacksonville Jobu (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Pope Francis - Papal Visit - Free Agent - GAC: +0
Madison Bumgarner - Giants - Arpsmith (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +0
David Ortiz - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +0
Carlos Correa Mini Black Border - Astros - RAZ (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +3 (mbb)
Brad Miller - Rays - TSHenson (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +0
Jonathan Lucroy - Brewers - Jacksonville Jobu (Wahoo!! x2) - GAC: +0
Trevor Plouffe - Twins - gcrl (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +0
GAC Pack Total: +3; GAC Total: +65

Congrats to Jobu for pulling TWO cards! And, congrats to RAZ for snagging a mini black border!

GAC Pack: 15
Eduardo Rodriguez - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +0
Jose Fernandez - Marlins - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +0
Ben Revere - Nationals - CaptKirk42 (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +0
Michael Wacha - Cardinals - Wilson (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +0
Erick Aybar Mini - Braves - Jafronius (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +0
Paul Molitor - Brewers - Jacksonville Jobu (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +0
Lucas Duda - Mets - Buckstore Cards (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +0
Josh Donaldson Numbers Game - Blue Jays - Hockeykazi (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +2 (ng)
GAC Pack total: +2; GAC Total +67

Thanks to the Donaldson, we managed to squeak by without getting shut out of Gint-A-Cuffs points on this one. Whew! Congrats to each of you getting cards from this pack!

GAC Pack 16:
Jay Oakerson - Comedian - Free Agent - GAC: +0
Jim Rice - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +0
Hannah Storm Mini - Sportscaster - Free Agent - GAC:+0
Zack Wheeler Mini Framed Auto - Mets - Buckstore Cards (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+7
Mark Trumbo - Orioles - Pedersej (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
George Springer - Astros - RAZ (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Yasiel Puig - Dodgers - Night Owl (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +0
GAC Pack Total: +7; GAC Total: +74

WOW!! That Wheels is not only freaking cool, it is numbered 01/25! I don't think I've ever pulled the FIRST car in a serial set before! Wahoo!! Congrats to Buckstore Cards for that one! But, what is up with all the comedians in this set? Yeesh. That should be our final hit of the box as well. Guess we'll see!

GAC Pack 17:
Jung Ho Kang - Pirates - Brian C (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Chris Sale - White Sox - Dominic FDNY (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +0
Jordan Zimmermann - Tigers - Ryan G (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Nolan Ryan Baseball Legends - Rangers - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+2
Stephen Piscotty Mini SP - Cardinals - Wilson (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +3 (msp)
Mark Teixeira - Yankees - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!) - GAC: -1 (yankee)
Nolan Arenado - Rockies - Infield Fly Rule (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +0
David Ortiz Numbers Game - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+2 (ng)
GAC Pack Total: +6; GAC Total: +80

Wow! Congrats to everyone, especially those who pulled cards with GAC points attached!

I have to admit, I am not sure we will even hit 100 GAC points this year. Wow...

Thursday, August 11, 2016

PAD Circus - Packs 172-174 - GAC Packs 11-13 - Bringing Brooklyn Back! RIP Pack!

Hello, everyone! We've got some Gint-A-Cuffs to catch up on, so let's get ripping!

GAC Pack 11: (GAC Total so far: +36)
Bryce Harper - Nationals - CaptKirk42 (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +0
Drew Smyly - Rays - TSHenson (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +0
Mike Piazza - Mets - Buckstore Cards (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +0
Baobab Forest - Natural Wonders - Free Agent - GAC:+2 (nw)
Huston Street Mini Angels - Angels in Order (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Todd Frazier - White Sox - Dominic FDNY (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Steve Schirripa - Actor - Jafronius (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+1 (bonus)
Corey Seager The Numbers Game - Dodgers - Night Owl (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+2 (ng)
Pack Total: +5, GAC Total: +41

Congrats to everyone getting a card! Over all, in terms of Gint-A-Cuffs, we're doing horribly. Ah well, let's rip the wax and share the wealth!

GAC Pack 12: GAC Total: +41
Gravitational Waves - Physical Phenomenon - Free Agent - GAC:+0
Jonathon Papelbon - Nationals - CaptKirk42 (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Luke Jackson - Rangers - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+2 (ofp)
Collin McHugh - Astros - RAZ (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Old Faithful - Natural Wonders - Free Agent - GAC:+2 (nw)
Jon Gray Brooklyn Back Mini (4/25) - Rockies - Infield Fly Rule (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+8 (bback)
Martin Prado - Marlins - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Scott Kazmir - Dodgers - Night Owl (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Pack Total: +12; GAC Total: +53

Wow!! That Brooklyn Back is 1:146 packs! Sweet pull for Infield Fly Rule! Congrats to each of you that grabbed a card out of this one.

Let's do one more:

GAC Pack 13: GAC Total: +53
Dallas Keuchel - Astros - RAZ (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+2 (ofp)
Troy Tulowitzki - Blue Jays - Hockeykazi (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Michael Wacha Mini - Cardinals - Wilson (Wahoo!) - GAC:+0
Masahiro Tanaka RIP CARD - Yankees - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!) - GAC: +10(rip)/2 (yankee)=+5
Rickey Henderson - A's - Dayf (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+0
Jason Heyward Numbers Game - Cubs - Sons of Diagoras (Wahoo!!) - GAC:+2 (ng)
Pack Total (not ripped): +9; GAC Total (not ripped): +62

**Bo gets to decide whether we RIP IT or KEEP IT!! WOW! Now, that is a very cool hit! Note: If the card is ripped open, the contents will go to the manager who owns that team/category.