Thursday, November 13, 2008

And he bought me this... (and we have a WINNER!)

Update: Costanza's Brother correctly identiied the player associated with the tidbit shown later in the post. Alex Rodriguez was the correct answer! I'll post more about the book later! Congratulations, CB! I'll also post the prize later as well (I don't have access to the scanner just now). A-Rod happens to be the #1 Best Player in the book...

My son had a book fair at school today. On the way there, I ran to the ATM so he could have money to buy a book or two. The only stipulation was that he had to buy something for me. I expected some girly book or something (he has his Dad's sense of humor), but instead, he bought me the book you see pictured above: The MLB Best 50 (as determined by the editors of MLB)! It is filled with fun facts, lots of pictures and counts UP from #1 to #50. The book was published in June 2008, so some of the info is already outdated and some players have moved around.

There are THREE Tribers in the Top 50! I'll count them down:

In at #36 is Victor Martinez. His write-up talks about donning heavy catching equipment and wielding a big bat!

Next is C.C. Sabathia, coming in at #22. His blurb talks about how BIG he is and how good his pitching is behind that power.

The final Triber in the book is Grady Sizemore. He is the highest-ranking Indians player at #20.

I will not reveal the Top 10 yet, but I will say that Curtis Granderson came in at #50 and that Chipper Jones was handed a ridiculous #44. Seriously? 44/50 for Chipper? Ouch.

One of the "Factoids" in the book is the one you see above. The first person to correctly identify the player (in the comments for THIS post) that this tidbit refers to gets a prize! The prize will be determined after we have a winner, but it will be a game-used, auto'd or serial #'d item.