Friday, November 21, 2008

A little clarification or three

I think my 'upside down' boxes have garnered quite a bit of attention (both in public comments and private messages. Allow me to clarify: only the lids are upside down because they are now on the bottom of the boxes and the boxes are actually open inside the storage thingy (technical term):

Now, I have also gotten to know many of you over the time I've been doing this, so I am sure some of the comments regarding the 'upside down' boxes were made tongue-in-cheek, too. :-)

To answer Billy's question: I have dual nVidia GeForce 8600GT's with 256 MB on each operating in SLI mode. :-) The card in the picture also happens to be an 8600GT that I received as part of nVidia's insane Lifetime Warranty program. The original card was a 7600, or maybe a 7200 that had gone bad. I sent the card in (after contacting nVidia) and they swapped it out for the 8600GT! Talk about a deal! I think it only cost me shipping one way, too!

I realize I am beating the 'organization' drum here some more, but I realized I forgot to include a bit about how I try to stay organized... I have a 500-count box that holds all the cards that are "to be catalogued." When it gets full (or when the cards start falling off the desk, really), that's when I open up the database and start going through them to see which ones I have and which I don't. The cards I do not have are added to the program and then those are placed in a 1000-count box that is separated by year (since that is how I store them). Later, when the 1000-count box is full, I spend a day (sometimes more, sometimes less) moving the cards from the box to the binders. :-)

Organization is the worst part of collecting. Frankly, I hate it. That also explains why it sometimes only takes place after the cards are spilling everywhere. It's dry and tedious placing the cards in the right places in the binders. Oh, man, I forgot... Yes, the cards are grouped together by brand then type inside the binders. It is not as organized as it sounds. They all start off with Topps base set for that year, then from there it's a free-for-all. Upper Deck MVP might be next, followed by Fleer Flair, followed by Topps Heritage (all for the same year, though, remember).

I have considered on many occasions putting the cards in some kind of order inside the binders. But, really, do I need that much organization in my life? I don't think so.

Yeah, and you thought the crazy train had already stopped on this ride... Not even close. :-)

Oh, side note: some of you have asked how I get links to pop up in a different window/tab. To do this, switch to EDIT HTML and look at the link code. In the code you will see a <"a href="http://..." followed by the URL and then you will see end-of-url.htm">Your Text Here. Okay, here is the 'tricky' part. Between the quotes and the 'greater-than' sign, type a space and enter this: target="_blank", so now your line ends with: end-of-url.htm" target="_blank">. And there ya go. :-)

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  1. I've got an 8500GT in my computer. I think it's a 256MB card. The worst part of it is Linux support, but there's a program called Envy that installs the right drivers.