Thursday, May 31, 2018

2017 Honus Bonus Fantasy Baseball Indians Team Set

As I mentioned in a post over on A Pack To Be Named Later, I recently bought a repack box of cards which contained a couple packs of 2017 Honus Bonus Fantasy Baseball cards. I had never heard of these before and was instantly intrigued.

I also knew that collecting the whole Indians team set would be costly, given these cards aren't made anymore (Honus Bonus Partners, LLC, is now defunct) and packs/boxes on eBay range wildly in pricing. Luckily, I found a seller with a full 18-card set of Indians, so I grabbed it up.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

1998 Pinnacle Indians Team Snapshots

In the 90's, two companies that experimented with all kinds of ways to get folks into collecting were Pacific and Pinnacle (Score). One example presents itself in this set of "Team Snapshots." These items were sold in packs of 8 photos. There are 18 total images per team. Not every team had a set, though. Only 15 of the MLB teams were represented in the "Snapshot" sets. I'm glad the Indians was one of those teams!

I am posting a break of one pack over on A Pack To Be Named Later, which covers more of the design aesthetics, etc. But, I will tell you that it took me 7 packs to get the whole set. The main reason it took so many? #15 (John Smiley) kept eluding me.

The set comes with a checklist on top of all the packs in the box (these were sold in boxes of 25 packs). The snapshots themselves are 5x7 photos taken during Spring Training, or so it appears anyway.

Here is the full set of Tribers: