Sunday, November 2, 2008

Okay, you asked for it....

If you scroll down just a bit on the right side, you will now see a section detailing my "Want Lists." Before everyone notices: Yes, I have a lot of BASE cards on there. I was out of the hobby for quite a bit, and kinda 'skipped' around in my collecting.

There are very likely cards listed that I received recently but have not put in my database, so if you read the lists and see that I have cards on there that I specifically mentioned in a post or a thank you, it just means the card(s) haven't gone into the database yet.

There are cards that are not on the lists that I do, in fact, need. I just don't know that I need them. For example, I do not have a comprehensive breakdown-by-team of the T206's. So, there is a VERY good chance I need a lot of the Tribers. Same holds true for any sets that I do not have team assignments on. It also holds true with late '07 and all of '08 sets. I have not purchased the update to my database program with those sets loaded yet. If I happen to know they were Indians and I need them, they'll be in the list.

There is a "Here is what I own" list, too. Why? Two reasons. First, it gives anyone who is looking to send me specific cards a way to see if I already have those cards. Second, I get to "brag" a little... What's so wrong with that? :-)

Final note: My want lists are only for those folks who want to use them. By now, most of you know my general philosophy about getting Indians cards: If you have them and don't want them, I'll take them! :-) I am an 'old-school, love-to-collect' type collector. I am always thrilled when I get cards in the mail, whether I "need" them or if I already have them. Yeah, I'm kinda funny that way....

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