Friday, November 14, 2008

A pair of vintage Tribers

Today's mail brought with it a couple of VERY nice surprises from Kevin in Washington State!! I had sent him a trick-or-treat box and he wanted to send me something in return. I had no idea I would be getting two very cool, very vintage Indians! In the envelope was a 1954 Bob Feller Bowman Color and a 1960 Fleer Greats Lou Boudreau.

Feller poses with a big grin and everything in the dugout while Boudreau sports a more casual grin out on the field. The back of Feller's card starts with this sentence: "Fireballing Bob has written so many records into the book that he will never be forgotten." Given he just celebrated his 90th birthday with great fanfare, I'd say that 54-year old statement rings true as ever. Boudreau's card extols the greatness of Lou: "Lou led the league in doubles three times, was batting champion in 1944 and paced all shortstops in fielding through seven seasons..." It goes on for three more sentences.

Thank you very much, Kevin, for these GREAT vintage cards! And for those interested, these puppies are in SUPER condition - great corners, slight off-centering, backs are fantastic. Man, this was a super surprise and a wonderful way to end the work week!

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