Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1980 Kellogg's 3D Superstars

This set represented 10 years of Kellogg's creating 3D-style baseball cards found in cereal boxes.  In those days, the cards were actually *IN* the cereal and not just between the bag inside and the box.  Heck, in those days, some cereals didn't even *HAVE* a bag - just the cereal in the box... Ahh.. the good old days.  I digress.  The set features 52 cards, and although several Tribers are among the players, I only have the Thornton above in my collection.  Guess I'll have to do something about that!

Here is a checklist of players featured:

Monday, August 30, 2010

1979 Topps Comics

In 1979, Topps (and I would guess/assume Bazooka) came up with a set of 33 oversized comics that they wrapped around their gum.  Mine is folded over because these are 3" x 3.25" and do not play nicely with standard pockets.  Ah well, still a fun collectible!

The complete checklist can be found here:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

1978 Pepsi Cards

As in 1977, Pepsi of Cincinnati issued a set of cards heavily flavored with Reds players and some Indians among other MLB stars and/or notables of the time.  One could also order a deck of cards featuring the players as well.

The checklist of 40 players includes (not in order):

Sparky Anderson Mgr
Pete Rose
Rick Auerbach
Manny Sarmiento
Doug Bair UER
Tom Seaver
Johnny Bench
Dave Tomlin
Bill Bonham
Don Werner
Pedro Borbon
Buddy Bell
Dave Collins
Larry Bowa
Dave Concepcion
George Brett
Dan Driessen
Jeff Burroughs
George Foster
Rod Carew
Cesar Geronimo
Steve Garvey
Ken Griffey
Reggie Jackson
Ken Henderson
Dave Kingman
Tom Hume
Jerry Koosman
Junior Kennedy
Bill Madlock
Ray Knight
Jim Palmer
Mike Lum
Nolan Ryan
Joe Morgan
Ted Simmons
Paul Moscau UER
Carl Yastrzemski
Fred Norman
Richie Zisk

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cards from Steve

A while ago, reader Steve contacted me about a selection of cards he wanted to send my way.  Not being one to ever turn down Tribe cards, I accepted!  Inside the envelope were nine cards (scanned) and a holographic logo sticker (unscanned)!

We have 1997 Score Matt Williams, 1994 Score Jose Mesa, and 1995 UD Collector's Choice Albie Lopez to start things off. 

Next up, we have 1997 UD Collector's Choice Orel Hershiser, 2000 Bowman Sean DePaula, and 2002 UD Earl Synder.

Rounding out the gift, we have 1997 Pinnacle Xpress Omar Vizquel, 1997 Pinnacle Xpress Brian Giles, and 2000 Just Minors Auto Chris Reinike!

A few of these cards do not look familiar, so I am going to guess that I'll be adding several of them to my collection!  THANK YOU very much, Steve, for your generosity!!

The fans come out and the Tribe respond

On Friday, more than 17,500 fans came out to see the Indians play.  To say the Tribe has been having a rough go of things lately (as in much of the 2010 season) does not do the phrase "rough go of" any justice.  We die-hard fans sit on the edge of our seats, hoping for something amazing to happen.  This season, those amazing things have generally taken the shape of cool defensive plays.

On Friday, however, the Indians broke out the offense against the Kansas City Royals.  The Tribe scored SIX runs in the 2nd inning with a three-run homer by LaPorta.  By the time the game was over, Gimenez and Nix decided they wanted in on the fun and each also scored three-run homers!

After the game, Indians Manager Acta said, "The long ball was the key. When you have three, three-run home runs, that really helps."

Yes. Yes it does.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thome, Pujols, and Vaughn

Jim Thome (at the time I wrote this) was up to 582 home runs, just one shy of tying Mark McGwire.  And to think, no 'roids to get there.

Albert Pujols hit his #400 homer!  Took a while to get over the 399 hump, but well worth the wait!

Beardy and Mojo (http://mojobeardy.wordpress.com/) are making UD Masterpiece virtual cards for the asking.  So, I did.  All I had to do was provide a photo that met the requirements and this is what I got:

I have to say, these are INCREDIBLE!  Even with logos and names blanked out, these are spectacular cards! Thanks a TON!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1977 Jim Rowe 4-on-1 Exhibits

I remember having a hard time figuring out what hese babies were.  I knew they were exhibits, but they did not show up in my database under that heading.  After searching through various guides, I found out that they are Jim Rowe Exhibits - not your run-of-the-mill variety, apparently.  The one thing that makes these stand out from other such cards is the bright yellow card stock. And I do mean BRIGHT! The scan does not even come close. Whoa.

Each card features four players from a particular team and there were 16 cards in the set.

(1) Boston Braves (Al Lopez, Rabbit Maranville, Warren Spahn, Casey Stengel)
(2) Boston Red Sox (Joe Cronin, Herb Pennock, Babe Ruth, Ted Williams)
(3) Brooklyn Dodgers (Max Carey, Burleigh Grimes, Joe Medwick, Dazzy Vance)
(4) Chicago Cubs (Kiki Cuyler, Gabby Hartnett, Billy Herman, Freddy Lindstrom)
(5) Chicago White Sox (Luke Appling, Red Faber, Ted Lyons, Red Ruffing)
(6) Cincinnati Reds (Chick Hafey, George Kelly, Bill McKechnie, Edd Roush)
(7) Cleveland Indians (Earl Averill, Lou Boudreau, Bob Feller, Bob Lemon)
(8) Detroit Tigers (Ty Cobb, Charlie Gehringer, Goose Goslin, Hank Greenberg)
(9) New York Giants (Dave Bancroft, Carl Hubbell, Mel Ott, Bill Terry)
(10) New York Yankees (Bill Dickey, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, Lefty Gomez)
(11) Philadelphia Athletics (Mickey Cochrane, Eddie Collins, Lefty Grove, Al Simmons)
(12) Philadelphia Phillies (Grover Alexander, Jimmie Foxx, Eppa Rixey, Robin Roberts)
(13) Pittsburgh Pirates (Pie Traynor, Honus Wagner, Lloyd Waner, Paul Waner)
(14) St. Louis Browns (Jim Bottomley, Earle Combs, Rogers Hornsby, George Sisler)
(15) St. Louis Cardinals (Dizzy Dean, Frankie Frisch, Jesse Haines, Stan Musial)
(16) Washington Senators (Bucky Harris, Walter Johnson, Heinie Manush, Sam Rice)

On the road to 100

The Indians are on the road to 100.  Unfortunately, it's the road to 100 losses.  Currently sitting at 75 on the season, many fans are preparing for the worst.  Many blame Acta, most blame the Dolans.  The attendance for the last home game was under 12,000.  Injuries, trades, and plain out missing the fundamentals plague the Tribe this season.  Right now, the fans can only sit back and hope next season brings us better results.  Oh, and cross our fingers that the bleeding stops at 99 games.  Sure, it's semantics, but any negative round milestone is one we'd like to avoid.  Of course, stopping at 75 would be nice, too.

Come on TRIBE!!  Keep on working!  You really do have true-blue fans that love watching you play - no matter what the standings look like!! WAHOO!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Various MSA Discs

I have a variety of MSA Disc cards in my collection.  At one time, I was trying to collect every kind of MSA disc ever made that featured an Indians player. I set that aside for a while.  As you can see above, some MSA discs have stars (some have 4 stars, others have a varying number from 1-4).  Some have a brand name (Crane chips, for example).  Even when the photo and info is the same (thre different Robinsons above) on the front for the most part, the backs could also have a variety of brands, images, or simply be blank:

I actually lived down the road from an Islay's when I was in 5th-10th grade in Western PA.  We went there all the time for "Chipped Ham" and ice cream.  Basically, it was a convience store before the term was coined, I think.  The American Professional Slo-Pitch League disbanded in 1980, shortly after these cards were printed.  I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

Monday, August 23, 2010

1977 Pepsi-Cola Baseball Stars

In 1977, Ohio Pepsi teamed up with MSA to create these cool package inserts!  Many folks punched out the circular cards from the glove and/or separated the bottom tab from the glove/card.  I was fortunate enough to snag these (along with a ton more at the time) from an ebay auction. The others went to fellow traders in various giveaways in the past.  Enjoy a blast from the past:

There were 72 cards in the set, but Reggie Jackson and Mike Schmidt had variations of colors for their cards, and so the actual full set is 80 cards.  You will notice the Ohio influence given the number of Indians and Reds cards in the set.

Here is a checklist: http://uk.oocities.com/gormanv/checklists/pepsi-77.html

Nix goes heels-over-head

Once again, we find Tribers who are giving their all and then some!  Jayson Nix caught a foul ball over the rail early in the game against the Tigers, but then showed off his acrobatic skills by hunting down another foul ball.  This time, he went ALL the way over (above), still holding the ball as he fell into the camera pit.  It's refreshing to see players still *playing* the game!

1977 Sports Challenge Record Frank Robinson

By far and away one of my all-time favorite oddball items in the Tribecards Collection!  The vinyl record could be played on a turntable.  It recounts Robinson's first homerun as a Cleveland Indian.  If you've been readin here long, you know I am not normally one for the "pristine" condition of items - for the most part, if I even *have* an item, I'm thrilled.  This is one exception.  The little hold in the middle (that would let you put it on a 33-1/3 spindle) is still in tact perfectly.  I do not ever intend to make it otherwise.  If you can't se it, the plug is located just to the lower left of his bent right elbow.  There were 12 records in the set:

(1) Henry Aaron (Hits 715th Homer)
(2) Johnny Bench (Beats Pirates in ’72 Playoff)
(3) Jerry Koosman, Donn Clendenon (1969 Miracle Mets)
(4) Don Larsen (’56 World Series Perfect Game)
(5) Fred Lynn (Has Incredible Day in Detroit)
(6) Willie Mays (Hits 1st Met Homer)
(7) Bill Mazeroski (Wins 1960 World Series)
(8) Frank Robinson (Homers 1st Time as Indian)
(9) Nolan Ryan (4th No Hitter)
(10) Tom Seaver (Cubs Ruin Perfect Game)
(11) Bobby Thomson (Shot Heard ’Round the World)
(12) Ted Williams (Last Time at Bat in Boston)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

1975 Hostess Buddy Bell

This card may bring back some great memories for a few of my readers (those of us old enough to remember cutting the bottoms off Twinkies, Ho-Hos and the like, that is).  Hostess had 150 cards in the set and I bet a quick search would tell me that Topps supplied the photos. You can check that if you'd like.   I'm surprised that this is the only one of these in my collection (er, I think so anyway), since several Tribers made it to the set.  Ah well, something else to shoot for!

The checklist of all 150 cards can be found at Baseball Almanac!

Glad I know Jack!

Baseball Dad contacted me a bit ago in response to the upcoming Kenny Lofton induction to the Indians Hall of Fame.  He said he was going and would shoot me a copy of the "BatterUp!" program from the game.  Jack is awesome like that (and I've got some stuff heading his way shortly, too!).

(If anyone knows where to download that stitched font, please let me know. I have looked and cannot find it. I know it is out there somewhere!)

Not only did he send me the program, Baseball Dad included a couple cards, too!

The first one is a 2008 Upper Deck Infield Power Ryan Garko:

And then he also tossed in a 2007 Fleer mini die cut Andy Marte:

I'm sending out a H-U-G-E "Thank You!" to Baseball Dad!!  He lets me live my dreams of watching the Tribe play in Cleveland vicariously through him!  He Rocks!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FTC: 1974 Topps Stamps

For the record, I did not separate these stamps.  Also, had I owned the original panels, I most likely *would* have separated them.  I also have no real idea why I chose to staple the page so that one could not easily get to the stamps if one should wish to remove them for examination.  I am truly a strange bird.

Wanna know who else is in here?

Monday, August 16, 2010

FTC: 1970 Kelloggs Cereal

Ah, here we break out of our 2d card-collecting world and look into the face of something that is not quite unlike 3d.  Really, I just like to take my fingernail and scratch it across the surface ever-so-lightly.  It makes the sound of a record going "wikki-wikki-wikki-wikki."  What can I say? I am a child of the 80's...

Looking for your favorite players?

1 Ed Kranepool

2 Pete Rose

3 Cleon Jones

4 Willie McCovey

5 Mel Stottlemyre

6 Frank Howard

7 Tom Seaver

8 Don Sutton

9 Jimmy Wynn

10 Jim Maloney

11 Tommie Agee

12 Willie Mays

13 Juan Marichal

14 Dave McNally

15 Frank Robinson

16 Carlos May

17 Bill Singer

18 Rick Reichardt

19 Boog Powell

20 Gaylord Perry

21 Brooks Robinson

22 Luis Aparicio

23 Joe Horlen

24 Mike Epstein

25 Tom Haller

26 Willie Crawford

27 Roberto Clemente

28 Matty Alou

29 Willie Stargell

30 Tim Cullen

31 Randy Hundley

32 Reggie Jackson

33 Dick Allen (Rich Allen on Card )

34 Tim McCarver

35 Ray Culp

36 Jim Fregosi

37 Billy Williams

38 Blue Moon Odom

39 Bert Campaneris

40 Ernie Banks

41 Chris Short

42 Ron Santo

43 Glenn Beckert

44 Lou Brock

45 Larry Hisle

46 Reggie Smith

47 Rod Carew

48 Curt Flood

49 Jim Lonborg

50 Sam McDowell

51 Sal Bando

52 Al Kaline

53 Gary Nolan

54 Rico Petrocelli

55 Ollie Brown

56 Luis Tiant

57 Bill Freehan

58 Johnny Bench

59 Joe Pepitone

60 Bobby Murcer

61 Harmon Killebrew

62 Don Wilson

63 Tony Oliva

64 Jim Perry

65 Mickey Lolich

66 Coco Laboy

67 Dean Chance

68 Ken Harrelson

69 Willie Horton

70 Wally Bunker

71 Bob Gibson

72 Joe Morgan

73 Denny McLain

74 Tommy Harper

75 Don Mincher

Hafner Slammin It

Hafner served the clean up spot on Sunday after spending what seems like forever away from the plate.  With the bases loaded, Hafner swung the bat and launched one out of the park in what would be a 7-run 7th inning leading to a 9-1 win over the Mariners! 

We die-hard Tribe fans love the team we inexplicably follow and back (akin to die-hard Cubs fans), and when our "should-be" stars knock one out of the park or pitch a super game or make dazzling defensive plays, we are the first to stand up and shout a barrage of "WAHOO"s at the screen (or if lucky enough, at the players on the field in person). 

A team fan has a few favorite players, but we root for the TEAM above and beyond any individual player, though rooting for the team certainly means celebrating the individual accomplishments of the guys who bear the uniform.  As for supporting the owners and management?  That's another story.

Welcome back, Pronk!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

FTC: 1970 Topps Booklets

Not to be confused with "Mambo No. 5," this is Booklet No. 5.  Sorry, folks, probably before your time.  Well, in any case, I always liked the booklet-style items card companies came up with.  I dunno why, just think they are unique and you get to learn more than what you usually find on the back of a card.

Here is the checklist of booklets:

Saturday, August 14, 2010

FTC: 1970 Topps Super

These are about the size of two cards laid side-by-side and about as thick as two or more cards stacked on top of each other.  These are some hearty items.  Pictured, I have Vada Pinson and Sam McDowell.  The backs look much like the 1970 regular issue cards - same layout, colors, etc.

How about a checklist?

Friday, August 13, 2010

FTC: 1970 Topps Player Posters

Have no fear! That is not a poster cut in half, but rather the front and back views of the same poster.  It is too big to fit in a pocket page, even if the pocket page is an 8.5x11!  I wonder why they called him "Hawk...?"

*Actually, I think it is kind of obvious...

Here's the full checklist:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

FTC: 1969 MLB Photostamps and...??

The top row represent three MLB Photostamps.  I find it weird that these are labeled as such and yet do not bear any logos. If these were issued by the MLB, shouldn't logos be a given? Perhaps not.

The bottom item appears to be a deckle-edge card, but I seem to have forgotten to put my little 'cheat sheet' in the pocket.  Well, at least it's a Luis Tiant!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FTC: 1969 Topps Decals

The weird thing about these decals is that the entire item is the decal.  I would bet many kids grabbed their scissors and trimmed all that nasty white space away in order to have a perfectly cool sticker.  Okay, maybe leave a small border around the image to make it look like a card, right?

Checklist is here:

Cabrera's Big Sit-in

On Tuesday, a ball ricocheted off Masterson's foot and Cabrera dove to his right to snag it before it could get out of the infield.  If that weren't enough, while sitting on his rear end, he checks the runner at third quickly then fires a throw to first to get the batter out!  HOLY COW!

It's always a bonus to see one's favorite team has players that are out there playing their hearts out even though the season has been over for a long long time in terms of any chance of a playoff appearance.  These guys came to play ball.  The Tribe lost the game, but as a fan, that almost doesn't matter... Almost.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

FTC: 1967 Topps Pin-ups

Like many of the items in my collection, I'm not exactly sure how I came about to own these.  They are printed on very flimsy paper, much like newsprint, I believe. 

The checklist is here:

Monday, August 9, 2010

FTC: 1963 Topps Peel-Offs and 1964 Topps Stand-ups

I've got a two-fer today! The top item is a 1963 Topps Peel-offs (thank, Jack!). Though, I thought it was a rub-off. Hmm, may have to check on that one for you.

The second item is a 1964 Topps Stand-ups, which is die-cut and perforated in a way that one could make the little guy stand, if one so chose. I did not so choose, thanks.


Thome just five away from McGwire, A-Rod gets 300 steals

Jim Thome hit a 2-run homer against the Tribe last night, pulling him to within five homeruns of tying Mark McGwire.  Oh, I know, I should be breaking down the Indians loss and lamenting the days of yore when we had a winning season.  But, there are plenty of Indians bloggers and writers already doing that (and, admittedly, I have done it many times myself), but watching Jim Thome climb the all-time home run list is very exciting to me.  And the main reason?  Because almost none of the sport writers and broadcaster seem to notice.  Rather than the sosa/McGwire duke-out of years ago, Thome has slowly, surely been chipping away at the home run leaderboard.  Without drugs.  Without a lot of fanfare. He's just a guy who gets to play baseball and get paid for it.  He is a Hall of Famer in the making.

Also, in case you missed it, Alex Rodriguez grabbed his 300th steal:

There are only two other players to have 600+ home runs and 300+ steals: Willie Mays and Barry Bonds.  Congrats to A-Rod!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

FTC: 1963 M118

Is it just me, or does the "C" on Kirkland's helmet look like a Cubs logo?  I digress.  Baseball Magazine put out a set of photos and these are two of them.  They are pretty glossy, nice quality work. 

The full checklist is:
1 Hank Aaron
2 Joe Adcock
3 Grover Alexander
4 Bob Allison
5 George Altman
6 Luis Aparicio
7 Richie Ashburn
8 Ernie Banks
9 Steve Barber
10 Earl Battey
11 Yogi Berra
12 Jim Bunning
13 Roy Campanella
14 Norm Cash
15 Orlando Cepeda
16 Ty Cobb
17 Rocky Colavito
18 Bennie Daniels
19 Dizzy Dean
20 Joe Di Maggio
21 Don Drysdale
22 Ryne Duren
23 Roy Face
24 Bob Feller
25 Whitey Ford
26 Nelson Fox
27 Tito Francona
28 Bob Friend
29 Lou Gehrig
30 Jim Gentile
31 Hank Greenberg
32 Dick Groat
33 Lefty Grove
34 Ron Hansen
35 Woody Held
36 Gil Hodges
37 Rogers Hornsby
38 Elston Howard
39 Dick Howser
40 Joe Jay
41 Jack Jensen
42 Walter Johnson
43 Al Kaline
44 Harmon Killebrew
45 Willie Kirkland
46 Sandy Koufax
47 Ted Kluszewski
48 Jim Landis
49 Dale Long
50 Jerry Lumpe
51 Connie Mack
52 Art Mahaffey
53 Frank Malzone
54 Mickey Mantle
55 Roger Maris
56 Eddie Mathews
57 Christy Mathewson
58 Willie Mays
59 Minnie Minoso
60 Wally Moon
61 Stan Musial
62 Charley Neal
63 Mel Ott
64 Camilo Pascual
65 Albie Pearson
66 Jim Piersall
67 Vada Pinson
68 Paul Richards
69 Brooks Robinson
70 Frank Robinson
71 Jackie Robinson
72 Pete Runnels
73 Babe Ruth
74 Ron Santo
75 Norm Siebern
76 Roy Sievers
77 Duke Snider
78 Warren Spahn
79 Tris Speaker
80 Casey Stengel
81 Dick Stuart
82 Lee Thomas
83 Honus Wagner
84 Bill White
85 Ted Williams
86 Gene Woodling
87 Early Wynn
88 Cy Young

Saturday, August 7, 2010

FTC: 1962 Topps Baseball Bucks

As you can tell by now, if you didn't already know, I love oddball sets, and this is one of my favorites! There is nothing like combining baseball with money! It's fun for the whole family!

The complete 96-"card" set checklist can be found here:

Lofton Induction Ceremony Tonight

Former Indians Superstar Kenny Lofton will be inducted into the Cleveland Indians Hall-of-Fame at tonight's game.  The bobblehead above will be given out to attendees.  Lofton os one of the most beloved Tribers to wear a Wahoo.  Lofton came to the MLB in 1991 wearing an Astros uniform, but the next year was put in a Tribe uni where he spent then next five seasons before making a brief appearance with the Braves for one season.  After that, he came back to the Indians for four more seasons.  As with many Tribers, he bounced around the MLB with varioud other teams throughout his career.  Luckily for Indians fans, he finished out his career in 2007 with a return to greatness, giving the young ballplayers a clinic on batting, stealing, and being a "professional" on the field.

Lofton was a six-time All-star and served on the 1995 World Series team.

I believe he will find himself in the Baseball Hall of  Fame in the coming years for sure!  After all, he has an overall career batting average of  .299, 130 home runs, 781 RBIs, and a killer defensive glove.  Oh yeah, he also managed to steal 622 bases (netting a whopping 79.5% success rate) while he was at it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

FTC: 1961 Post

I was not born yet when Post offered up these cards, but I always loved cutting cards off the back of packages or finding them inside bread wrappers or in cereal boxes.  The 1961 series represents Post's first major release.  Don't you just love the "care" taken on the trimming job?

You can find a complete checklist of all 200 cards: http://keymancollectibles.com/baseballcards/post/1961postbaseballcardchecklist.htm

Thursday, August 5, 2010

FTC: 1957 Sohio

Here is a 1957 Sohio Gas photo of Bob Lemon.  These would fit into an album to complete one's collection.  The list of players includes:

Indians Album

Bob Avila

Jim Busby

Chico Carrasquel

Rocky Covalito

Mike Garcia

Jim Hegan

Bob Lemon

Roger Maris

Don Mossi

Ray Narleski

Russ Nixon

Herb Score

Al Smith

George Strickland

Bob Usher

Vic Wertz

Gene Wooding

Early Wynn

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MLB Fan Pack - Marlins Edition

I received another Fan Pack in the mail, this one coming from my "email campaign" as the others before it.  The Florida Marlins sent me a nice-sized envelope filled with fan-fun goodies:

The first thing we find is a letter to the fan. Very nice touch.

The next thing in the package is the 2010 25-man roster at the time they mailed it:

Next up, a 5x7 of Hanley Ramirez, a tattoo, an ad for the Summer Concert Series, and one of those humorous bumper stickers.  I wish every team would send on, just for fun!

For the younger fan, we have a "Get Hooked on Reading" bookmark and a sticker.  There is also the 2010 schedule and a large fold-out mailer that actually has all kinds of park-related info (including special suites, etc)

And, to wrap things up, two more 5x7 photos: Fredi Gonzalez (Mgr) and Leo Nunez:

I liked this Fan Pack a lot.  The Marlins offer a bit of something for the adults while also reaching out for the kid in all of us.  I may try the tat on for size.  Nah....