Tuesday, May 31, 2016

PAD Circus - 040 - Stars and Stripes, Worn and Signed

Hey, everyone! This post was SUPPOSED to go out on Monday. You know, Memorial Day.  Instead, well, it didn't happen. So, today I bring you a few packs of 2015 Stars and Stripes Longevity:

Tyler Jay Longevity - Twins - gcrl (Wahoo!!)
Trenton Clark Longevity - Brewers - Jacksonville Jobu (Wahoo!!)
Taylor Ward Longevity - Angels - Angels in Order (Wahoo!!)
Thomas Burbank Longevity Game Gear (141/299) - Free Agent (Class of 2018)
Kristofer Armstrong - Free Agent (Class of 2018)
USA Baseball Filler - Fillers - Ventura County Royals (Wahoo!!)

Congrats to the managers who pulled cards out of this one. We also pulled some free agents that won't even graduate until 2018. Holy smokes. Well, I don't know what to do with them. I could create a new category called "Class of 2018" or "HS Players" or something. I could just draft them individually. I dunno. What are your thoughts? How would YOU like to see these guys offered up?

While you ponder that, here's another pack:

Blake Paugh Longevity - Free Agent (Class of 2017)
Andrew Moore Longevity - Mariners - Cool Breeze (Wahoo!!)
Albert Almora Longevity - Cubs - Sons of Diagoras (Wahoo!!)
Addison Russell Longevity - Cubs - Sons of Diagoras (Wahoo!! x2, Back-to-Back!!)
Luke Weaver - Cardinals - Wilson (Wahoo!!)

Congrats to the Sons of Diagoras for the B2B! Also congrats to the others who pulled cards from this pack. We also managed another free agent. Same as above, I have to figure out what to do with him for drafting.

And, as before, ponder those things while we rip a third pack:

Dillon Tate Longevity - Rangers - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!!)
Courtney Hawkins Longevity - White Sox - Dominic FDNY (Wahoo!!)
Chris Okey Longevity - Padres - Marcus (Wahoo!!)
Lucas Sims Game Gear Auto (03/25) - Braves - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)
Gray Fenter - Orioles - Pedersej (Wahoo!)

Wow! That Sims Game Gear is SWEET! Congrats to Jafronius there! Congrats to everyone else that pulled a card, too! We had no free agents in that one. Sometimes, I see that as a sad thing. After two packs with free agents, I am pretty excited to see a pack where you guys take 'em all!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

PAD Circus 039 - More packs than even I realized! So, let's get ripping!

What you see in the image at the top of the post is a picture I took of the packs that are in the big ol box of wax as of today (May 29, 2016). When I set out to have a major pack break this weekend to try and clean up some of the stuff I had, I did not realize just how many packs I have - nor the variety! 

This little experiment forced me to reassess the manner in which the packs are drawn from the box. You see, I had just sorta thrown in the packs willy-nilly, thinking that would give me a wonderful bit of randomness. In truth, there are so many packs, many brands/styles were buried at the bottom and wouldn't see the light of day until further in the season. That's not bad, but it also means that the variety of packs each day was sorely lacking. I've taken care of that now. The pack draws will still be random, but the new "organized chaos" method should mean a bigger, better variety day-to-day. We'll see!

The biggest thing I learned? I have a LOT of packs. I have more packs than I even realized. Heck, I even "discovered" packs that I didn't even remember having. When I start to question my own sanity in doing these breaks, it is times like this that brings it all home. I love the hobby. I love the thrill of busting open packs to see what's inside. In my own twisted way, I get to have my own "Christmas" every time I write a pack-break post.

I can't wait to start ripping into these!

In fact, let's rip into some variety.

2011 Americana:
Ami Dolenz - Actress - Buckstore cards (Wahoo!!)
James Duval - Actor - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)
Luke Goss - Actor, Singer, Author - Jafronius (Wahoo!! x2, Back-to-Back!!)
Randal Kleiser - Producer - Free Agent
Peter Vanderkaay - Olympic Swimmer - Captain Canuck (Wahoo!!)
Wow, these multi-talented folks are giving me a run for the money. Goss is going in as an actor. I see that I messed up when I created "Olympians" as a category. we have a free agent as "Speed Skating" separate from Olympians, and I almost listed the Swimmer as its own thing. I think my thought process is this: if the card specifically mentions Olympics, then it is an olympian. Otherwise, it goes to the sport. Sound good? Sounds good.

2014 Goodwin Champions:
Bill Guerin - Hockey - Hockeykazi (Wahoo!!)
Dan Gurney Mini - Auto Racing - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Frederick Douglass - Activist - Free Agent
Sammy Watkins - Football - Ventura County Royals (Wahoo!!)
Hey! More Free agents for the next draft! Wahoo!! Congratulations to the folks who snagged some non-baseball cards from the pack.

2013 Chipz:
David Price Glow-in-the-Dark - Rays - TSHenson (Wahoo!!)
Matt Kemp - Dodgers - Night Owl (Wahoo!!)
Andrew McCutchen - Pirates - Brian C (Wahoo!!)
Michael Morse - Nationals - CaptKirk42 (Wahoo!!)
Nationals Vinyl Logo - Nationals - CaptKirk42 (Wahoo!! x2, Back-to-Back!!)
Playmat - Fillers - Ventura County Royals (Wahoo!!)
Haha! I bet Ventura County Royals are regretting the "Fillers" category about now. Remember, I bought an unopened box of these Chipz and EVERY pack has a playmat. Awesome! Congrats to everyone that snagged a Chipz out of here.

2014 Topps Update:
Chris Colabello - Twins - gcrl (Wahoo!!)
Daric Barton - A's - dayf (Wahoo!!)
Joaquin Arias - Giants - Arpsmith (Wahoo!!)
Logan Forsythe - Rays - TSHenson (Wahoo!!)
Jeff Francoeur - Padres - Marcus (Wahoo!!)
Adam Jones Mini Die Cut - Orioles - Pedersej (Wahoo!!)
Scott Hairston - Nationals - CaptKirk42 (Wahoo!!)
Mike Trout All-Star Game - Angels - Angels In Order (Wahoo!!)
Congratulations, everyone! That Jones mini die-cut is very cool! I am pretty sure, when I was younger, I cut out plenty of those 1989 Topps apart for the "die-cut" look. I know for a fact I did it to the 1981 (what my brother and I called "the hat kind").

Saturday, May 28, 2016

PAD Circus - 038 - A Pack An Inning?

Hello, everyone! As I have mentioned quite a bit lately, I have a LOT of cards in my giveaway box. Most of the packs are 1993 or earlier. So, to make room for some more current stuff (and, frankly, to feel like we are even making a dent in the thing), I'm busting as many of each particular brand as I can over the next couple days.

I am starting off with a standard game's worth of innings' (yes, nine) packs of 1992 Fleer Ultra Series II. Each pack has 14 cards. Wait. What the heck did I just set myself up for!? Well, let's get ripping...

Oh, before we do, note I will typing these out in lowercase. I don't have time to be bothered with things like proper grammar... Oh, and the card tallies will be added to the leader board at a later date.

cal eldred - brewers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!!)
dick schoffield - mets - buckstore cards (wahoo!!)
juan guzman - blue jays - hockeykazi (wahoo!!)
rex hudler - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!!)
dennis cook - indians - enamel rods (wahoo!!)
chad curtis - angels - angels in order (wahoo!!)
scott fletcher - brewers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!! x2)
mark carreon - tigers - ryan g (wahoo!!)
ken patterson - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!!)
mike gallego - yankees - borosny (wahoo!!)
bobby bonilla - mets - buckstore cards (wahoo!!)
john wetteland - expos - scott crawford on cards (wahoo!!)
bip roberts - cincinnati reds - nachos grande (wahoo!!)
cecil espy - pirates - brian c (wahoo!!)

tom henke - blue jays - hockeykazis (wahoo!!)
tim jones - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!!)
kenny lofton - indians - tribecards (wahoo!!)
hubie brooks - angels - angels in order (wahoo!!)
tim mcintosh - brewers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!!)
dan gladden - tigers - ryan g (wahoo!!)
sammy sosa - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!!)
jim leyritz - yankees - borosny (wahoo!!)
willie randolph - mets - buckstore cards (wahoo!!)
archi cianfrocco - expos - scott crawford on cards (wahoo!!)
dave martinez - reds - nachos grande (wahoo!!)
paul miller - pirates - brian c (wahoo!!)
esteban beltre - white sox - dominic fdny (wahoo!!)
ben rivera - braves - jafronius  (wahoo!!)

donovan osborne - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!!)
john vander wal - expos - scott crawford on cards (wahoo!!)
archi cianfrocco all-rookie team - expos - scott crawford on cards (wahoo!! x2, back-to-back!!)
chris gwynn - royals - ventura county royals (wahoo!!)
jose melendez - padres - marcus (wahoo!!)
john patterson - giants - arpsmith (wahoo!!)
john flaherty - red sox - thoughts & sox (wahoo!!)
bill krueger - twins - gcrl (wahoo!!)
mark mclemore - orioles - pedersej (wahoo!!)
gene wilson - a's - dayf (wahoo!!)
monty fariss - rangers - play at the plate (wahoo!!)
kevin mitchell - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!!)
pat listach - brewers - jacksonville jobu  (wahoo!!)
junior ortiz checklist - indians - enamel rods (wahoo!!)

jim mcnamara - giants - arpsmith (wahoo!!)
scott cooper - red sox - thoughts & sox (wahoo!!)
lenny webster - twins - gcrl (wahoo!!)
jose mesa - orioles - pedersej (wahoo!!)
mike moore - a's - dayf (wahoo!!)
dickie thon - rangers - play at the plate (wahoo!!)
rich amaral - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!!)
edwin nunez - brewers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!!)
mark wohlers - braves - jafronius (wahoo!!)
jack morris - blue jays - hockeykazi (wahoo!!)
gerald perry - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!!)
glenallen hill - indians - tribecards (wahoo!!)
lee stevens - angels - angels in order (wahoo!!)
franklin stubbs - brewers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!! x2)

mike stanley - yankees - borosny  (wahoo!!)
charlie o'brien - mets - buckstore cards (wahoo!!)
marquis grissom - expos - scott crawford on cards (wahoo!!)
reggie sanders - reds - nachos grande (wahoo!!)
roger mason - pirates - brian c (wahoo!!)
steve sax - white sox - dominic fdny (wahoo!!)
juan berenguer - braves - jafronius (wahoo!!)
juan guerrero - astros - raz (wahoo!!)
orel hershiser - dodgers - night owl (wahoo!!)
jeff grotewold - phillies - dawgbones (wahoo!!)
juan agosto - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!!)
jeff fassero - expos - scott crawford on cards (wahoo!!)
jack mcdowell all-star - white sox - dominc fdny (wahoo!! x2)
mark davis - royals - ventura county royals (wahoo!!)

eric karros - dodgers - night owl (wahoo!!)
kim batiste - phillies - dawgbones (wahoo!!)
rich gedman - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!!)
brian downing - rangers - play at the plate (wahoo!!)
eric karros all-rookie team - dodgers - night owl (wahoo!! x2)
gregg jefferies - royals - ventura county royals  (wahoo!!)
gary pettis - padres - marcus (wahoo!!)
bill swift - giants - arpsmith (wahoo!!)
john marzano - red sox - thoughts & sox (wahoo!!)
carl willis - twins - gcrl (wahoo!!)
bob milacki - orioles - pedersej (wahoo!!)
dennis eckersley - a's - dayf (wahoo!!)
donald harris - rangers - play at the plate (wahoo!!)
henry cotto - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!!)

mike gallego - yankees - borosny (wahoo!!)
bobby bonilla - mets - buckstore cards (wahoo!!)
john wetteland - expos - scott crawford on cards (wahoo!!)
bip roberts - reds - nachos grande (wahoo!!)
cecil espy - pirates - brian c (wahoo!!)
joey cora - white sox - dominic fdny (wahoo!!)
damon berryhill - braves - jafronius (wahoo!!)
pete incaviglia - astros - raz (wahoo!!)
eric davis - dodgers - night owl (wahoo!!)
curt schilling - phillies - dawgbones (wahoo!!)
bernanrd gilkey - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!!)
dave smith - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!!)
mike munoz - tigers - ryan g (wahoo!!)
craig lefferts - padres - marcus (wahoo!!)

ryan bowen - astros - raz (wahoo!!)
bob ojeda - dodgers - night owl (wahoo!!)
julio peguero - phillies - dawgbones (wahoo!!)
cris carpenter - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!!)
bill sampen - expos - scott crawford on cards (wahoo!!)
tom gordon - royals - ventura county royals (wahoo!!)
kurt stillwell - padres - marcus (wahoo!!)
bryan hickerson - giants - arpsmith (wahoo!!)
wade boggs - red sox - thoughts & sox (wahoo!!)
john smiley - twins - gcrl (wahoo!!)
ben mcdonald - orioles - pedersej (wahoo!!)
carney lansford - a's - dayf (wahoo!!)
kevin brown - rangers - play at the plate (wahoo!!)
clay parker - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!!)

rick sutcliffe - orioles - pedersej (wahoo!!)
henry mercedes - a's - dayf (wahoo!!)
jose guzman - rangers - play at the plate (wahoo!!)
paul sorrento - indians - enamel rods (wahoo!!)
jeff johnson - yankees - borosny (wahoo!!)
brooky jacoby - indians - tribecards (wahoo!!)
pat mahomes - twins - gcrl (wahoo!!)
rob murphy - astros - raz (wahoo!!)
charles nagy - indians - enamel rods (wahoo!! x2)
bobby rose - angels - angels in order (wahoo!!)
william suero - brewers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!!)
chad kreuter - tigers - ryan g (wahoo!!)
mike morgan - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!!)
charlie hayes - yankees - borosny (wahoo!! x2) 

Friday, May 27, 2016

PAD Circus - 037 - We "Auto" Get "Game-Used"

Bad puns all around, folks! Yes, even though the big ol box of packs is crying out to be pilfered, I stopped by the big box store and found a weird repack box. The box claims to have one auto, one relic, one fat pack and two wax packs. Sure enough...

Luis Castillo 2004 Bazooka Adventures Game-Worn - Marlins - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Ken Huckaby 2002 Prospects Signatures Auto - Blue Jays - Hockeykazi (Wahoo!!)

Wow! First of all, BoRosny continues to score cards from our breaks. Secondly, how about those freaking cards!? Nice job, guys!

One of the foil packs is 2016 Leaf Babe Ruth Collection. I'm going to go on a limb and say Bo will get at least one card out of this pack... As with other team-heavy/specific packs, we will not count "back-to-Backs" here)

Babe Ruth Career Achievements ERA 2.28 - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!)
Babe Ruth After Final Game As Yankee - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Ruth Joins National Guard - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Ruth Showing His Lumber Some Love - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Ruth Prepares for Charity Basketball Game - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)

Here is my (probably flawed, I know) logic on how these were handed out:

  1. Babe Ruth was a pitcher for the Red Sox MUCH longer than for the Yankees, so I thought it only right to assign him to that team for the card.
  2. It was following his final game AS a Yankee. I'm calling no-brainer here.
  3. Ruth was playing for the Yankees at the time this happened.
  4. This was taken during his Yankees days, presumably during the 1926 Cardinals.
  5. This was presumably taken in 1921. Ruth played for Yankees.

Well, more congratulations to Bo Rosny, who seems to have stolen the show in terms of cards being tossed his way here lately. Luckily, Thoughts & Sox was able to snag one of those Ruth cards!

The next foil pack is 2014 Topps Series Two

Jackie Bradley Jr Future Stars - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!)
Yovani Gallardo - Brewers - Jacksonville Jobu (Wahoo!!)
Austin Jackson - Tigers - Ryan G (Wahoo!!)
Miguel Cabrera SaberStars - Tigers - Ryan G (Wahoo!! x2, Back-to-Back!!)
Adam Jones Blue Border - Orioles - Pedersej (Wahoo!!)
Mike Olt Blue Border - Cubs - The Sons of Diagoras (Wahoo!!)
Ian Kennedy - Padres - Marcus (Wahoo!!)
Christian Yelich All-Star Rookie - Marlins - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)

Wahoo!! It's good to see a variety of managers come back to fight for some cards. Haha! Congratulations, managers!

1978 Papa Gino's Discs - Thanks, Mark!

Thanks to Mark A, here is some background info on the Papa Gino's discs we handed out on here not long ago:

That certainly explains why our stack of cards was so Red Sox heavy!

Thanks for the head's up, Mark!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

PAD Circus - 036 - Bo Knows Yankees... And a couple 1978ish Discs

Hello, everyone!
  As I mentioned, the big box of packs is taunting me, so I am ripping multiple packs of cards for a while. This time, I have two 1978ish discs and a slew of those 1979 Burger King Yankees. Sorry for most of us, but this post is mainly aimed squarely at Rosny.

Yankees Checklist - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Jim Beattie - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Ron Guidry - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Reggie Jackson All-Star - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)

Yankees Checklist - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Ron Guidry - Yankees - Bo Rosny (Wahoo!!)
Reggie Jackson All-Star - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Bucky Dent - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)

Yankees Checklist - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Fred Stanley - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Yankees Team Card - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Luis Tiant - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)

Wow! Reggie Jackson!? Bucky Dent!/ Luis Tiant!? Guidry!? Dang, this is a cool team collection. Congrats, Bo! You claimed the Yankees and ended up with a very cool oddball selection from the 70's!

Speaking of the 70's, how about a couple MSA-style discs:

Thurman Munson Big T/Tastee-Freez - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Dave Parker Orbaker's Foods - Pirates - Brian C (Wahoo!!)

Hahaha, are you kidding me!? Wow, this really was Bo's night! Congrats to Brian C for sneaking in there and grabbing the Dave Parker!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

PAD Circus - 035 - Triple Triple Play

Hello, everyone! This big ol' box of cards is staring at me and I don't feel like I can add more to it until I knock a bunch more packs out. So, I am starting with three Triple Play 2013 packs. I know, not a huge start, but this weekend, we will see HUGE breaks!

Felix Hernandez - Mariners - Cool Breeze (Wahoo!!)
Freddie Freeman - Braves - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)
RA Dickey - Blue Jays - Hockeykazi (Wahoo!!)
Dustin Pedroia - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!)
Triple Play Miguel Cabrera When I Was A Kid - Tigers - Ryan G (Wahoo!!)
Brett Lawrie Sticker - Blue Jays - Hockeykazi (Wahoo!! x2)
Trout Eye Blacks - Angels - Angels In Order (Wahoo!!)

Wow! That "When I Was A Kid" card is cool! I don't believe I've seen those before. Congrats to Hockeykazi for getting 2 cards! Congrats to everyone for their pulls here.

Pack #2:
David Wright - Mets - Buckstore Cards (Wahoo!!)
David Ortiz - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!)
Andre Ethier - Dodgers - Night Owl (Wahoo!!)
Troy Tulowitzki - Rockies - Infield Fly Rule (Wahoo!!)
Aramis Ramirez - Brewers - Jacksonville Jobu (Wahoo!!)
Derek Jeter Tattoos - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Traditions (The Wave) Sticker - Traditions - Buckstore Cards (Wahoo!! x2)

Whoa! Those "Jeter Tattoos" are very cool! Congratus to Buckstore Cards for scoring 2 cards for yourself!

Pack #3:
Miguel Cabrera - Tigers - Ryan G (Wahoo!!)
Jurickson Profar - Rangers - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!!)
Edwin Encarnacation - Blue Jays - Hockeykazi (Wahoo!!)
Mark Trumbo - Angels - Angels In Order (Wahoo!!)
Chase Headley - Padres - Marcus (Wahoo!!)
Kershaw Eye Blacks - Dodgers - Night Owl (Wahoo!!)
Gio Gonzalez Sticker - Nationals - CaptKirk42 (Wahoo!!)

Congrats to everyone pulling cards here. I dig the eye blacks.

Congrats to all managers here today for the cards they snagged up out of these 2013 Triple Play packs!

Monday, May 23, 2016

PAD Circus - 033 - Wait. What?! Didn't we already do #34!?

Hello, everyone! Yes, for those that pay close attention, I posted #034 on Sunday but skipped #033. Sure, in the scheme of things, you probably wonder why I even bother to number them in the first place. I'm not sure myself. The first couple of seasons, the numbers indicated which day of the season. Then the numbers were used to signify how many packs were ripped. Now? Yeah, no idea.

Anyway, this will be #033 for continuity's sake. Let's get ripped:

First, 1992 Fleer Ultra:

Derek Bell - Blue Jays - Hockeykazi (Wahoo!!)
George Bell - White Sox - Dominic FDNY (Wahoo!!)
Alex Cole - Indians - Enamel Rods (Wahoo!!)
Von Hayes - Angels - Angels In Order (Wahoo!!)
Darryl Hamilton - Brewers - Jacksonville Jobu (Wahoo!!)
Kevin Ritz - Tigers - Ryan G (Wahoo!!)
Hector Villanueva - Cubs - Sons of Diagoras (Wahoo!!)
Melido Perez - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Junior Noboa - Mets - Buckstore Cards (Wahoo!!)
Ken Hill - Expos - Scott Crawford on Cards (Wahoo!!)
Freddie Benavides - Reds - Nachos Grande (Wahoo!!)
Tom Prince - Pirates - Brian C (Wahoo!!)
Dan Pasqua - White Sox - Dominic FDNY (Wahoo!! x2)
Marvin Freeman - Braves - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)

Congrats to Dominic FDNY for getting two cards from this pack! I'm always glad to see us pull an Expos player, since those may be hard to come by this pack-breaking season. Plus, we pulled a Tribecard, too, so that is always a great pack in my book.

Now, let's try 2013 Pinnacle:

Brock Holt - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!)
Eury Perez - Nationals - CaptKirk42 (Wahoo!!)
Matt Holliday - Cardinals - Wilson (Wahoo!!)
Jacob Turner - Marlins - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Felix Hernandez Aces - Mariners - Cool Breeze (Wahoo!!)
Paul Goldschmidt - Diamondbacks - Alec (Wahoo!!)
Alex Gordon - Royals - Ventura County Royals (Wahoo!!)
Hisashi Iwakuma - Mariners - Cool Breeze (Wahoo!! x2)

Look at that! Another 2-card taker! Congrats to Cool Breeze! That Aces Hernandez is a great bit of cardboard with lots of shininess! Congrats to everyone that pulled cards from either (or both) packs!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

PAD Circus - 034 - Back in the Saddle!

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to Pack-breaking PAD Circus posts! My wife and I had a GREAT time in Branson, MO for our 25th Anniversary. I swore I was not going to do anything card-related, but... well, at Dick's 5-and-10 Store, they had "team bags" of cards for a buck each. These aren't actually TEAM bags, I'm just saying they were in team bags. You know what I'm saying? Well, anyway, I bought a couple home-grown repacks. Let's see what's in one:

Jeff Bagwell 96 Score Numbers Game - Astros - RAZ (Wahoo!!)
Dennis Lamp 90 Fleer - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!)
Tony Pena 94 Topps Gold - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!! x2, Back-to-Back!!)
Dodgers, Expos, Mets, Phillies Logo Stickers - Scott Crawford on Cards* (Wahoo!!)
Walt Weiss 91 Fleer - A's - Dayf (Wahoo!!)
Kevin Gross 89 Topps - Phillies - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Chris Brown 89 Topps - Padres - Marcus (Wahoo!!)
Eric Show 87 Topps - Padres - Marcus (Wahoo!! x2, Back-to-Back!!)
Paul Gibson 91 Topps - Tigers - Ryan G (Wahoo!!)
Art Howe 91 Topps - Astros - RAZ (Wahoo!! x2)
Luis Polonia Denny's 92 Grand Slam - Angels - Angels in Order (Wahoo!!)
John Marzano 90 Topps - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!! x3)
Pat Tabler 90 Fleer - Royals - Ventura County Royals (Wahoo!!)
Rick Aguilera 89 Topps - Mets - Buckstore Cards (Wahoo!!)
Frank Viola 90 Fleer - Mets - Buckstore Cards (Wahoo!! x2, Back-to-Back!!)
mark Thompson 96 Score Rookie - Rockies - Infield Fly Rule (Wahoo!!)
Cecil Fielder 94 Topps Gold - Tigers - Ryan G (Wahoo!! x2)
Tom Candiotti 94 Topps Gold - Dodgers - Night Owl (Wahoo!!)
Joe Jay Topps Archives - Milwaukee Braves - FREE AGENT

Somehow, I missed the Mil Braves when laying out the team assignments. So, in the interest of fairness and competition, I'm putting it into the Free Agent pile!

Congrats to all of you that scored multiple cards and some back-to-backs! There were actually way more cards in the pile than I realized. Not bad for a buck, eh?

*Scott Crawford on Cards was chosen randomly from the teams pictured. Expos take the sticker.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Turn Back The Clock

I whipped up a little something to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary and thought I would share it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

PAD Circus - Delay of Game is Well Worth It!

Hey, everyone!

I will not be posting baseball card pack breaks for a few days. You see, my wife and I are heading out to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary!! WAHOO!! So, we'll see you sometime this weekend. ;-)

Monday, May 16, 2016

PAD Circus - 032 - Draft Results and Bustin Wax

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the delay, but I have the results of our latest draft! Let's take a look at things.

First up, we have the initial random order:

Then, we have the results:

Congratulations, folks! I have been hunting for some more "closely related to baseball" packs (ex: Americana, Allen 7 Ginter, etc), but am coming up dry here in the deep south. We'll have more drafts to come, especially when Gint-A-Cuffs 8 rolls around later in the season!

Now, let's rip some wax:

2014 Topps Update Series

Aaron Crow - Royals - Ventura County Royals (Wahoo!!)
Tony Gwynn Jr - Phillies - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Dustin Ackley - Mariners - Cool Breeze (Wahoo!!)
Jeff Samardzija - A's - dayf (Wahoo!!)
Adam Jones Power Players - Orioles - Pedersej (Wahoo!!)
Jose Abreu Future Is Now - White Sox - Dominic FDNY (Wahoo!!)
Julio Teheran All-Star Game - Braves - Jafronius (Wahoo!!)
Clayton Kershaw All-Star Game - Dodgers - Night Owl (Wahoo!!)

Congratulations! We had a nice mix of players and manager names spread out there. Not bad for a Monday, eh!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

PAD Circus - 031 - More 1978 Papa Gino's Discs

Hello, everyone! I thought it would be fun to post the rest of the 1978 discs I bought on eBay a little while back.  There are 10 more to cover, so here they are:

Ralph Garr - White Sox - Dominic FDNY (Wahoo!!)
Frank Duffy - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!)
Bruce Bochte - Mariners - Cool Breeze (Wahoo!!)
Jerry Remy - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!! x2)
Larry Hisle - Brewers - Jacksonville Jobu (Wahoo!!)
Mike Torrez - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!! x3)
Bill Campbell - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox - Wahoo!! x4, Back-to-Back!)
Bob Montgomery - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!! x5, Back-to-Back-to-Back!!)
Bob Bailey - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!! x6, I need a name for this!)
Rod Carew - Twins - gcrl (Wahoo!!)

Yeah, that's right, most of these were Red Sox and go to Thoughts & Sox! Wow! So, was Papa Gino's in Boston? Why so heavy with Red Sox? I dunno. And, yes, that is a Rod Carew you're seeing there! Congratulations to each of you that pulled one of these for your collections!

Friday, May 13, 2016

PAD Circus - 030 - 100 Cards for 100 Years (er, of Wrigley, that is)

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Friday (or at least it is Friday when I start this post. Not sure what day it will be when I finish and get it posted - HA!).

Today, I am posting approximately 100 Topps 2016 cards that came from one of my birthday gifts back in April. Watch for the changes and try to keep up (note: due to the sheer volume, things will be typed lower case, otherwise, I'll be here all night!):

coco crisp - a's - dayf (wahoo!!)
dustin pedroia - red sox - thoughts&sox (wahoo!!)
silvino bracho - diamondbacks - alec (wahoo!!)
dee gordon (marlins), bryce harper (nationals), paul goldschmidt (diamondbacks) - borosny
robinsons cano berger's best - yankees - borosny (wahoo!! x2, back-to-back!!)
mitch moreland pressed into service - rangers - play at the plate (wahoo!!)
paul goldschmidt - diamonodbacks - alec (wahoo!! x2)
delino deshields jr - rangers - play at the plate (wahoo!! x2)
seth smith - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!!)
kevin kiermaier - rays - tshenson (wahoo!!)
corey seager - dodgers - night owl (wahoo!!)
david wright - mets - buckstore cards (wahoo!!)
jay bruce - reds - nachos grande (wahoo!!)
michael conforto - mets - buckstore cards (wahoo!! x2)
hyun-jin ryu - dodgers - night owl (wahoo!! x2)
mitch moreland - rangers - play at the plate (wahoo!!! x3)
jeff francoeur - phillies - dawgbones (wahoo!!)
blaine boyer - twins - gcrl (wahoo!!)
jon gray - rockies - infield fly rule (wahoo!!)
robinson cano - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!! x2)
hollywood production - dodgers - night owl (wahoo!!! x3)
alcides escobar - royals - ventura county royals (wahoo!!)
robinson cano perspectives - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!!!x3)
lou gehrig greatest streaks - yankees - borosny (wahoo!!! x3)
francisco lirano - pirates - brian c (wahoo!!)
darrn o'day - orioles - pedersej (wahoo!!)
wilmer flores - mets - buckstore cards (wahoo!!! x3)
matt shoemaker - angels - angelsinorder (wahoo!!)
colby lewis - rangers - play at the plate (wahoo!!!! x4)
logan forsythe - rays - tshenson (wahoo!!)
dallas keuchel (astros), collin mchugh (astros), david price (blue jays) - raz (wahoo!!)
roberto osuna future stars (foil?) - blue jays - hockeykazi (wahoo!!)
paul goldschmidt mlb debut - diamondbacks - alec (wahoo!!! x2)
hunter strickland - giants - arpsmith (wahoo!!)
matt carpenter - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!!)
adam wainwright - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!! x2, back-to-back)
yadier molina - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!!! x3, back-to-back-to-back)
mark melancon - pirates - brian c (wahoo!! x2)
chris young - yankees - borosny (wahoo!!!! x4)
carson smith - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!!!! x4)
mariners team card - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!!!!! x5, back-to-back)
tony gwynn berger's best - padres - marcus (wahoo!!)
100 years of wrigley - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!!)
tracye thompson - white sox - dominic fdny (wahoo!!)
jose fernandez - marlins - borosy (wahoo!!!!! x5)
jesus montero - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!!!!!! x6)
brett gardner - yankees - borosny (wahoo!!!!! x5)
andre ethier - dodgers - night owl (wahoo!!!! x4)
zach britton - orioles - pedersej (wahoo!! x2)
wade davis - royals - ventura county royals (wahoo!! x2)
victor martinez mlb debuts - indians - enamel rods  (wahoo!!)
boston tea party bags - red sox - thoughts&sox (wahoo!!! x2)
andrew miller - yankees - borosny (wahoo!! x6)
jed lowrie - astros - raz (wahoo!! x2)
jake arrieta - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!! x2)
kurt suzuki - twins - gcrl (wahoo!! x2)
nick ahmed - diamondbacks - alec (wahoo!!!! x3)
francisco rodriguez - brewers - jacksonville jobu
taijuan walker - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!! x7)
motor city mashers - tigers - ryan g (wahoo!!)
troy tulowitzki perspectives - blue jays - hockeykazi (wahoo!! x2)
bill mazeroski walk off wins - pirates - brian c (wahoo!!! x3)
luke hochver - royals - ventura county royals (wahoo!! x3)
matt garza - brewers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!! x2)
odubel herrera - phillies - dawgbones (wahoo!! x2)
huston street - angels - angelsinorder (wahoo!! x2)
chase headley - yankees - borosny (wahoo!! x7)
billy butler - a's - dayf (wahoo!! x2)
orioles team card - orioles - pedersej (wahoo!! x3)
zack greinke (dodgers), jake arrieta (cubs), clayon kershew (dodgers) - night owl (wahoo!! x5)
brian ellington foil (1158/2016) - marlins - (wahoo!! x3)
troy tulowitzki mlb debut - rockies - infieldflyrule (wahoo!! x2)
zack greinke greatest streaks - dodgers - night owl (wahoo!! x6)
charlie furbush - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!! x9)
michael bourn - braves - jafronius (wahoo!!)
yordano ventura - royals - ventura county royals (wahoo!! 4)
buster posey - giants - arpsmith (wahoo!! x2)
aaron sanchez - blue jays - hockeykazi (wahoo!! x3)
chris heston - giants - arpsmith (wahoo!! x3)
mark teixeira - yankees - borosny (wahoo!! x8)
white sox team card - white sox - dominic fdny (wahoo!! x2)
rockies team card - rockies - infieldflyrule (wahoo!! x3)
jason grilli - braves - jafronius (wahoo!! x2)
devon travis future stars - blue jays - hockeykazis (wahoo!! x4)
jon niese - mets - buckstore cards (wahoo!! x4)
eric hosmer - royals - ventura county royals - (wahoo!! x5)
ryan braun - brewers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!! x3)
ian kinsler - tigers - ryan g (wahoo!! x2)
josh harrison pressed into service - pirates - brian c (wahoo!! x4)
buster posey mlb debut - giants - arpsmith (wahoo!! x4)
jeremy hellickson - diamondbacks - alec (wahoo!! x4)
jose abreu - white sox - dominic fdny (wahoo!! x3)
troy tulowitzki - blue jays - hockeykazi (wahoo!! x5)
aaron nola - phillies - dawgbones (wahoo!! x3)
adam jones - orioles - pedersej (wahoo!! x4)
MLB Debut Babe Ruth Coin - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!! x3)

Whew! Congratulations, folks! This is quite a collection of cards! Several of you snagged multiple cards and most folks walked away with something - er, I think. I will tally these into the card totals over the weekend. That Babe Ruth is SWEET!