Monday, February 22, 2016

The PAD Circus is coming to town (info/sign-up)

Hello, everyone!

It is that time of year again, finally! The Pack-A-Daily Circus is coming to town!! As in previous years, the Circus arrives with the opening day of the MLB season. I will open at least one pack per day throughout the 2016 MLB regular season.*

Each card revealed during the pack breaks will be set aside for the manager that owns that card's featured team. In the event of a card showing more than one team, the card will be randomly given to one of the managers owning the depicted/referenced teams immediately. That is, when pulled, I will immediately hold a random selection as to whom the card gets assigned.

In the event that a MLB player is shown wearing one team's uniform but the text indicated another team (ex: traded players, etc), the PICTURED team gets the card. Managers can duke it out after the season is over and they have cards in hand as to any discrepancies. Ex: A player shown in a Giants uniform shows Rangers in the text as the player's team would go to the Giants. If the Rangers owner wants the card, then those two managers can come to an agreement after the cards have been mailed out and received by the managers.

For players depicted in Minor League uniforms, the cards will be assigned to the MLB affiliate indicated on the card (even if that MiLB team is no longer affiliated with that MLB team). In cases where no MLB affiliate is named, I will do my best to assign the card to the current MLB team.

If we uncover Negro League players and/or HOF cards or similar, cards will be assigned to the team featured on the card. If the player is depicted in a nondescript uniform and played for multiple teams, the player will be assigned to the first team listed on the card or the first team I find that player to have been associated. Not an exact science, I know.

Here comes the tricky part: Non-MLB cards (Ex: Allen and Ginter inserts, basketball, football, etc) will be drafted per named/featured item on card. For example, mini flag cards will be drafted on each individual flag card. So, if someone gets the "United States" flag in a draft, then they will get *ALL* cards specifying the US flag. Someone getting the "Canada" flag will get *ALL* cards specifying the Canadian flag. Each football player would be drafted separately. Each "First Lady" would be drafted separately, etc. If there is any confusion, let me know. It will make much more sense once we start pulling non-MLB cards. Drafts will be open to ANY reader! So, if you miss out on the initial team selection, there is still opportunity to take part and get cards!

Managers receiving cards will get *ALL* the cards pulled matching their pool of teams/subjects. This includes duplicates, inserts, autographs, game-used, stickers, etc.

Other questions, problems, horror stories will be addressed as they arise.  These "rules" may change during the course of the season. We never know what we're going to find in the packs we bust!

(Do NOT comment on FaceBook, Twitter, etc to be considered for team assignments!)

Why respond here? So you can see if the team you want is still available.
Teams will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.**
Each manager may choose *ONE* team.
Deadline to register is 11:59pm Central on Friday, March 18, 2016.
Unclaimed teams will be available for random draft after the deadline.
Multiple team selections by the same person may void any and/or all selections for that person.

Comment for team selection *MUST* include the following or it will be considered invalid:
  • Team Name (Just use the "modern" version; you do not have to use the parentheses)
  • Your desired "Manager Name" (how you'd like to be referred to during breaks)
  • Email address (Or you may email me your address if you prefer not to have it public). If you are going to email me, please use, subject 2016 PAD CIRCUS

There are thirty-one (31) possible MLB team slots. Classic/defunct teams have been assigned as indicated below in parentheses. My designations may seem strange to some of you, but remember this is my party, so I'm in charge of place settings (er, or something like that).

Arizona Diamondbacks (ALEC)
Atlanta Braves (Boston Braves) (JAFRONIUS)
Baltimore Orioles (PEDERSEJ)
Boston Red Sox (Boston Beaneaters, Doves, Rustlers, Bees, Somersets, Americans) (T&S)
Chicago Cubs (MARK A)
Chicago White Sox (White Stockings) (DOMINIC FDNY)
Cincinnati Reds (Redlegs) (NACHOS GRANDE)
Cleveland Indians (Blues, Spiders, Naps) (TRIBECARDS/ENAMEL RODS)
Colorado Rockies
Detroit Tigers (RYAN G)
Houston Astros (Colt .45's) (RAZ)
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (CA Angels, Anaheim Angels, LA Angels) (ANGELSINORDER)
Los Angeles Dodgers (Brooklyn Dodgers, Brooklyn Robins, Brooklyn Superbas) (NIGHT OWL)
Miami Marlins (Florida Marlins)
Milwaukee Brewers (JACKSONVILLE JOBU)
Minnesota Twins
Montreal Expos (1969-2004) (SCOTT CRAWFORD ON CARDS)
New York Yankees (Highlanders) (BOROSNY)
Oakland A's (Phila A's, KC A's) (DAYF)
Philadelphia Phillies (DAWGBONES)
Pittsburgh Pirates (BRIAN C)
San Diego Padres (MARCUS)
San Francisco Giants (New York Giants) (ARPSMITH)
Seattle Mariners (Seattle Pilots) (COOL BREEZE)
St. Louis Cardinals (Browns) (WILSON)
Tampa Bay Rays (Devil Rays)
Texas Rangers (PLAY AT THE PLATE)
Toronto Blue Jays (HOCKEYKAZI)
Washington Nationals (Senators) (CAPTKIRK42)

*On average. Some days may have more packs than others, some days may have no packs.
**In the case of Indians, I will split all Indians cards with the first manager who selects Indians as their chosen team. To keep things fair, I will try to maintain a "one-for-you, one-for-me" program. That is, the manager gets the first one, I get the next, and so on. Knowing me, that will fall apart within the first three packs of cards, so I reserve the right to come up with another method.