Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Choo Gets Run Over By Sizemore Train

During practice the other day, Sizemore and Choo tried to occupy the same space. Unfortunately for Choo, he got the "run over" part of the deal. He had some minor bruising, but is okay. Sizemore never stopped moving.

In case Choo needs it, the number of that train was #24!

Let's Get It Started - Tribe Time Now!

Indians take on the Giants in the pre-season opener on Wednesday! Sowers will lead things off, and we'll see where things go from there.

I'd love to see Sowers and Lee be the main pitchers, and I am very anxious to see what Wood is going to bring to the pitching staff as well. (Yes, I made a pun - Wood, staff, it's a joke, son!).

In the meantime, I have started gathering pictures for the SameName set of cards, but I am always open to photos from you! If you have a photo of someone listed in the SameName post (or you thought of others to add to the list), let me know!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Taking a poll - YOU DECIDE!

I've added a poll to the right column, and you get to decide how the cards are mapped out for the SameName set/subset. If I don't get to use the Joak templates, then I'll make my own. In the meantime, I would like you to chime in on how you'd like to see this set develop!

And, if there is an option I didn't cover, feel free to respond here...

Thanks for reading!

Let's build a set and an Open Request to Chuck's Used Cards...

(Update: MAN, the names are rolling in! This is going to be a cool set of cards! Keep 'em coming and thanks to everyone that's taken part so far.. Talk about "Bo Knows!")

Heya, Chuck, could you please send me your address so I can get the football cards mailed out to you? Thanks!!

And, for other readers waiting on cards, I can tell you that I have been a busy bee this weekend working on packages for ya! I know I said there was no time limit or time frame as to when the cards would be sent in your general direction, but my wife INSISTS that it take place sooner than later... :-)

Some of you are also getting more than one package based on the envelope/box/creative packaging I've used to put together your free cards.

As I've been sorting through cards, I have come across several players that have names we might necessarily associate with baseball: Gary Cooper, Kenny Rogers, and others. I think it would be cool to create a "not who you thought" set. Not even necessarily an all-baseball set, either... Let's do all sports!

If you can think of players who have names that can (hopefully, easily, but part of the fun will be obscurity, too) be mistaken for another person, feel free to leave it a comment here. After I get enough to make a 'set' of, I'll enlist help in making a set of cards to commemorate those folks!

I'll start with the two that jump into my brain (I'll update the list as more folks are added). Oh, and if someone else has already done this, I swear, I have *NOT* seen it! (Though in church this morning, it occurred to me that a discussion about this kind of thing did take place recently - I think at Night Owl Cards...)

UPDATE: We're getting a great list together! Please see the comments for individual credit on entries. In the meantime, I've asked for Goose Joak's template so I will start building cards using his template (if he lets me)! It will be something of a "SameName insert/subset" or something...

Not who you expect to see with a name like:

Kenny Rogers (country singer/actor, baseball)
Gary Cooper (actor, baseball)
Michael Jackson (king of pop, football/baseball)
Stephen King (horror fiction writer, football 50's/Seattle sounders soccer)
Mike Myers (actor, baseball) (Thanks White Sox Cards!)
Jim Morrison (singer, baseball) (Thanks White Sox cards!)
Paul Mitchell - Hair stylist
Paul Mitchell - Baseball Player

Bobby Brown - R&B singer
Bobby Brown - Ball Player

Benjamin Harrison - US President
Ben Harrison - Baseball Player

Ethan Allen - Patriot
Ethan Allen - Baseball Player

Bobby Allison - NASCAR driver
Bob Allison - Baseball Player

Charles "Chuck" Berry - musician
Charles "Charlie" Berry - Baseball Player

Ricky Nelson. Mid-'80s player for the Mariners.
Ricky Nelson - '50s rocker/heartthrob

Former Cardinal Mike Tyson.
Mike Tyson - Boxer

Cris Carpenter - late 80's ballplayer
Chris Carpenter - Current ballplayer

Dave Clark (bb and music)
Dusty Rhodes (bb and wrestling)
John Kennedy (bb and President)

Dave Anderson, sportswiter
Dave Anderson, Dodgers

Jack Armstrong, All American boy
Jack Armstrong, Reds

James Baldwin, writer
James Baldwin, White Sox

Daniel Boone, frontiersman
Daniel Boone, Orioles

Milton Bradley, games
Milton Bradley, Cubs

William Brennan, Supreme Court
William Brennan, Dodgers

Brett Butler, comedienne
Brett Butler, Indians

Mike Davis, writer: "City of Quartz"
Mike Davis, Dodgers

Stephen Foster, composer
Steve Foster, Reds

Albert Hall, building in London
Albert Hall, Braves

Willie Horton, criminal
Willie Horton, Tigers

Glenn Hubbard, economist
Glenn Hubbard, Braves

Brian Johnson, special effects for "The Empire Strikes Back"
Brian Johnson, Giants

Howard Johnson, restaurant
Howard Johnson, Tigers

Jeffrey Jones, actor
Jeffrey Jones, A's

James Earl Jones, Darth Vader
James "Jim" Jones, cult leader
James "Jimmy" Jones, Yankees

Joseph Kennedy, JFK's dad
Joseph Kennedy, Devil Rays

Tommy Kramer, Vikings QB
Tom Kramer, Indians P

Richard Lewis, comedian
Richie Lewis, Marlins

Steve Martin, comedian
Steve Martin, Padres (1991 Bowman)

Dick Miller, actor in Gremlins
Rick Miller, Angels

John Mitchell, Nixon's AG
John Mitchell, Mets

Mike Moore, makes documentaries
Mike Moore, Mariners

Gene Nelson, country singer
Gene Nelson, Yankees

Alfred E. Neuman, Mad Magazine
Al Newman, Twins

Paul O'Neill, economist
Paul O'Neill, Yankees

David Palmer, America's first black president (on "24")
David Palmer, Expos

Johnny Ray, 1950's singer
Johnny Ray, Pirates

Jerry Reed, country singer
Jerry Reed, Indians

RJ Reynolds, cigarettes
RJ Reynolds, Pirates

Steve Rogers, Captain America
Steve Rogers, Expos

Bill Russell, Celtics
Bill Russell, Dodgers

George C. Scott, actor
George Scott, Yankees

Michael Scott, the Office
Mike Scott, Astros

Joe Simpson, svengali
Joe Simpson, Mariners

Billy Smith, Islanders
Billy Smith, Orioles

Dave Stevens, Rocketeer creator
Dave Stevens, Twins

Jeff Stone, kid on the Donna Reed show
Jeff Stone, Phillies

Roy Thomas, comic book writer
Roy Thomas, Mariners

Brian Williams, news anchor
Brian Williams, Astros

Randy Jackson, baseball player
Randy Jackson, entertainer/producer

Del Unser, baseball player
Del Unser, race car driver

Send me yours!

From one Jack to Another

On Saturday, I received a bubble envelope from Jack. No, not Mr. Plumstead again, but rather the Jack who is more commonly known around these parts as "Baseball Dad!" He is a fellow Tribe collector, and he posed a question on his blog about the first 'official major league game,' and I happen to be Johnny-on-the-Spot with the correct answer.

He sent my prize (I did not know what the prize would be) and man, am I glad I was first to chime in!

These are 1989 Star Company Canton-Akron Indians cards! They are the weirdest combination of gradient color I have seen in a long time: purple to yellow!

Now, he did warn me that this set had some BIG names. Guys like Twardoski, Ferlenda, Magallanes, and Keliipuleole (count 'em - 12 letters in that last one)!

Of course, there are familiar Tribers in here, too! Guys like Allread, Shaw, and one Joey (Albert) Belle! He also threw in a V-Mart "at the last minute!"

A BIG thank you to Baseball Dad (which has 11 letters, 12 if you count the space!) for these great minor league cards! I've got a package of cards coming your way, too!

Mr. Plumstead, I presume...

On the same day I received the cards from ToppsTribe, I had a package from JackPlumstead. Oh, you don't know Jack? (heh-heh, I've always wanted to say that and have it hold a double meaning, and now, here it is!) Jack is John. You know, as in "John from across the pond!"

I have a couple things I am sending to John in the way of Red Sox, and in the meantime, he sneaks over a bubbly full of Tribers!

We've got a Brian Slocum auto'd Bowman and a game-used CC Sabathia UD Diamond Collection jersey card! Plus, one of the coolest TriplePlay cards I've seen - Sandy Alomar Jr playing fatbat baseball with a junior (don't know if that's his kid or not)! I do not believe I have seen that card before. I also love the shiny cards in here!

It's funny, or ironic, or highly major MOJO working (man, I hate that expression!), that I would post a handful of 1970 Topps cards on the same night ToppsTribe posts about the '70 topps design. What really has me worried is Crisp's legs... That is either one long-legged dude, or there is a serious Photoshop Disaster on our hands! And don't forget Mr. Winfield peeking out down there, either!

Rounding out the package is a nice set of 2004 Fleer Tradition and a VERY cool Score '96 "SAMPLE" Jim Thome card. I am a HUGE fan of Thome's as most of you already know, but I am also a HUGE fan of "sample" cards. I think it's a great marketing ploy that drives me, as a collector, batty with collecting desire - I gotta have 'em! Finishing things out is a 2008 UD Masterpieces Sizemore wielding two bats and one very stern look. Yeah, buddy!

Thank you for another great package of cards, Mr. Plumstead!! These are great!! Your Sox are on their way!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

These are the Dave's I know...

Wouldn't you know as soon as I post about not being able to post, I am able to post! C'est la vie! At least I did not get caught in a virtual makeover frenzy!

David over at ToppsTribe contacted me about trading a bit ago, and of course I was all for that! I am still working on his cards, but he has a very specific list of Indians cards he's looking for. That makes things easy in one respect - he only collects Topps!

He sent over a great selection of Tribers, too! See those tiny, little cards beside David Bell? Those are the 1993 Topps Micros, and boy are they "Small... essS-emmM-all.. small..." (know the movie quote? It's a classic!)

I love the look on Omar's face, as if to say, "I double-dog dare you to kick my with those spikes, buddy!" Ya know, the Tribe has had some pretty amazing guys come through their clubhouse: Belle, Vizquel, Muray, Alomar, ManRam, Thome, Hershiser...

Now, let's break out the GOLD! I love Topps Gold cards, especially the Black Gold variety. I always thought those were cool cards! Add to that a couple of '09 Topps, too! I hope Lee keeps up the great showing he put on last year!

A BIG thank you to David at ToppsTribe! If you haven't checked out his take on Tribers on Topps cards, you oughta!

Lots of Tribe cards coming in!

I just wanted to post a quick "THANK YOU!" to everyone that has sent me Indians cards here lately! I'll be scanning and posting before the weekend is out, but right now that computer is being used by my wife and daughter in a 'virtual makeover' scenario that I am staying away from! :-)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stacks O' Wax from the Packs in the Back! (more free cards)

(update: As of 6:00pm on Feb 19, 2009 CST, I had forgotten that Padres are done, too!! Rays/DBacks/Rockies are all spoken for. I will update this post as needed. Thanks!)

To say I've been busy with my latest brainchild would be the same as saying the Tribe hasn't won a World Series in a while... And, much like that analogy, the end result is still a lot of fun along the way.

I still have several packages to put together, but I have to buy some more card boxes before that can happen. In the meantime, I've decided to take a step back and survey the results thus far...

First, I am not going to supply a photo of the boxes going out because I don't want to ruin the fun. Okay, maybe it wouldn't ruin the fun for you, dear reader, but rather for me. Having said that, I realize it probably makes no sense, since I am the one looking at the treasure trove right now, but in the space between my ears, it makes sense.

Second, this has been quite an amazing experience from a collector's point of view. Think of it this way: You are faced with tens of thousands of cards randomly placed in massive 5000-count boxes. Your task is to sort through them in order to pick out the teams that represent the requests that have come in. Once that task is complete, next comes the divvying up the cards for the packages to be mailed out. all the while, you see images of players present and past rush by: Mike Schmidt, Reggie Jackson, Pork Chop Pough, Bip Roberts, Carlton Fisk, Lou Boudreau, Randy Ready, Bo Jackson, Randy Jackson (not the Idol guy), Chase Utley, Pronk, players you know, players you don't, players you long forgot about.

Third, which is really an extension of number two, I found myself pulling out cards that appeal to very specific collectors. For example, catchers in uniform, players in midair, players signing autographs, photos of night games, etc. I have to admit, at times I was switching focus between the teams I was supposed to pulling and the 'bonus' type cards I was finding.

Fourth, the 'surprise packages' are actually harder to pull together than I had ever imagined. How is that possible? I mean, there are no guidelines, no rules, just grab and go right? Maybe for some. For me, I did that a few times while pulling packages together, but even for those few times, I would stop and rifle through the cards. I know my readers are going to get duplicates, but since I am a collector at heart, I wanted to make sure that I cut down on the number of duplicates as much as possible. I also wanted to represent the widest range of cards as possible in the surprise packages - players, years, brands, etc. Only time will tell if I was successful in that.

Fifth, which is an extension of number four, is coming to terms with duplicates. Honestly, just how many Donruss 1992 Randy Readys could there actually be in the world? I don't know the production run, but I can tell you that I must have personally handled half of the total ever made. Here is what I will say about duplicates: If you get them, it means that everyone who requested that team also got duplicates of the same cards, and in some cases I had to pull out a stack of duplicates and keep them here. I'll use them in later giveaways - perhaps as a trick-or-treat...

Sixth, and final point for today: I still have a TON of cards to give away. Seriously. Below is a list of teams that NO ONE claimed. And while many of these teams have found their way into 'surprise' packages, the simple truth is that I still have lots to give away if I am to keep my wife in a happy mood. :-)

So, if you collect these teams, feel free to ASK FOR THEM! Just send me an email with the subject "ARE YOU CRAZY!? Send me some cards!" and tell me which team (or combination) you'd like:

Rockies (as of 1:00pm 2/19/09)
Rays (as of 9:00am CST)
Diamondbacks (as of 1:00pm 2/19/09)
White Sox

The Marlins do not have as many as the other teams, but I think you'll be happy if you choose them.

And, as before, you'd like a 'surprise' package, just let me know and I'll build you a surprise.

As always, thank you for stopping by and reading!! I appreciate the time you take to come here and see what's on my mind. Giving away 'stacks of wax' is just one way I feel I can express that gratitude.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If you liked then you shoulda put a cap on it....

BoSox owner brings up the argument for salary caps again. You can read about it HERE.

While I think he needs to create some better reasons for it, I do agree that the time for salary caps in baseball is long overdue. My main reason is the fact that the Yankees cannot buy a championship despite spending insane amounts of money on players. I know that a lot of people will use that very argument AGAINST salary capping, but for me, it is the very meat of the matter.

With salary caps in place, great players will be spread around the league, which might help certain clubs build TEAMS again. Organizations could put together teams without having to worry if their players are going to jump ship for hundred million dollar deals. It worked for football, in my opinion, and it will work for baseball.

What I actually think will happen is that the first few years capping matters, we may see something of a leveling of the playing field. Some people may see this as a negative, and I understand that. But, in the long run, the fact that salary has no bearing on team compilation, I think we will see the return of great teams, and even a dynasty or two along the way. Why?

Because teams will bring in players who will learn to play with each other instead of nine guys who happen to wear the same uniforms. Maybe I'm old school, but I see capping as way to get the game of baseball back to what it started out as: a TEAM sport.

Phun with Photoshop (Elements)

I was originally going to post something about weird things fans can buy to show support for their team. I'll do that another time. Instead, I decided to play around in Photoshop Elements.

The first actual piece came in the form of the "Cleveland Indians sled" that I found online. Are there really people that spend 60 bucks on an inflatable sled decorated with their favorite team's logos? Wow...

Next, I decided to add the snow-covered hill for effect. That, of course, led to me sitting on the floor of my office and taking a picture of what I hoped look like a goofy guy on a sled. Well, at least I got the goofy guy part right...

After some editing, and some motion blur for effect, I added a US flag border and a "TribeCards" script. After all, nothing screams card-collecting computer-geek quite like this:

At least the post *IS* Tribe-related, right? :-) Has anyone 'lost' followers before? I could very well be on my way, I'm afraid...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pronk says NO

"Everyone Else" may have been doing it, but Pronk says he never partook while his Rangers cohorts were all druggin it. Props to Pronk!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Baseball Movie Cards

In a very bizarre aligning of the stars, the ladies at Dinged Corners posted a message about creating baseball cards based on baseball-related books the same morning after I had a dream about making cards based on baseball-related movie posters!

I'm not a big 'signs' person, but there is something defintitely at work here...

Well, I decided to play around a little and create a few cards based on movie posters. I'm still playing with the design, and I have no idea what to do for the backs yet. My suggestion to dinged Corners was that they could do author bio info, a tidbit about the book, etc, on the backs of their cards.

For mine, I opted for a 'vintage stamp' design with a "TribeCards" script in various corners based on the image being used... Here are a few samples:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I probably should have mentioned....

A quick note: These gift packages are not necessarily "claimer take all." I have a LOT of cards, so what I've been doing is spreading the wealth. If two or more people ask for the same team, I divide up the cards among them.

If you ask for a particular team and I have run out of that team, I'll be sure to let you know in case you'd like to swap for other teams.

In retrospect, I suppose it would have been a lot simpler to do a 'claimer take all' scenario, but I would rather share my 'fortunate misfortune' with as many folks as want some free cards.

I can't guarantee that everyone will get 1000 cards each, but free cards are free cards, right?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Below (and yet above) average...

For Valentine's Day, my wife picked up a box of 2008 UD Timeline for me! That's where the 'above average' part comes in... My wife sees tens of thousands of cards taking up most of our home 'office,' and yet she buys me a box of baseball cards as a token of her love. It does not get better than that, folks.

Now, the 'below average' part... I couldn't even FIND a picture of the retail blaster box for this post, so that tells you something right there.

On the box, it says, "One memorabilia Card in Every Box!" (on average). as I opened pack after pack (10 packs in all), I found not one memorabilia card. None. Zero. Nada. Not one serially numbered card, not an auto, no game-used chewing gum.

I did pull a triber, though:

I also pulled quite a few doubles, which I guess might be normal for a 10-pack blaster... I also pulled a David Wright, which goes straight to the girls at Dinged Corners. and, I pulled a player signing an autograph, so Kris gets that one! Ironically, this morning I had just sealed packages to both of them! Ah well, these will be extra treats. While I'm talking treat, I also pulled two different Sabathia cards, so I'll toss those into my 'unsolicited' package going to Thorzul.

All in all, except for the lack of any memorabilia card, this was a great gift from the woman who puts up with way more than any sane woman would! She's been doing it for 17 years now. I think it's more habit than anything. :-)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Love, "Harts", and the Tribe

Throughout the years, several Tribers have had valentine's day-like names:

Mike Koplove:

Bob Hartman:

John Hart:

Larry Burchart:

Les Barnhart:

Grover Hartley:

Vito Valentinetti:

V-Day Tribers for which I could not find photos:

Bill Hart
Bruce Hartford

Carl who? (updated)

Updated, see below my post. Thanks to Voltaire for doing the research I didn't whenn I first posted this!! (I still stand behind my non-rosy glasses...)

I've never head of the guy, but he managed to secure one of the top spots in the Tribe's starting rotation. He is Carl Pavano:

He's been in the MLB for three seasons, but has only played in two, if you can count pitching in two games last season a 'season.'

His ERA for his three seasons is 5.77... He came from the Yankees, and I haven't done the research yet, but I have to assume we got him for a steal... Or maybe he came as part of the stimulus package, who knows. All I know is that I am not donning the rosy glasses on a guy who racks up a 4.76 ERA in two games (in all of 11 innings total).

Let's hope he proves me wrong...

UPDATE (from the comments of Voltaire):
Actually, Carl Pavano has played in many, many more than three seasons. Take a look:

He is famous for signing a mega-contract with the Yankees and then suffering several severe arm problems and undergoing several surgeries. The Indians signed him on a heavily incentive-laden deal. Basically, if he stinks, they're out very little money. If he pitches enough to earn up to the $6 million (I think) that his contract maxes out at, he'll have earned it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Seek and ye shall... make your own dang card

I tried to find a Kerry Wood card, but it's been too soon since his signing, I guess. So, since I seem to be in the card-making mood lately, I made my own.

I am hoping Wood is able to provide some serious relief work for the Tribe. Based on historical evidence, Wood will most likely end his career while pitching for the Tribe, then be immortalized in a Cubs uniform later in life. Such is the way of a late-in-his-career Triber.

This Just In: Favre to Join A's!

Immediately after announcing his second retirement from pro football, Brett Favre revealed that he will be playing in green and yellow once again. This time, however, it'll be for the MLB:
From Indians Baseball Cards. Always.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blog bat-Around #4 - True Value?

Yeah, I am WAY late with this, but I've missed the other two bat-arounds and decided I needed to get back into the fray (not the group, though they are quite good).

The question posed is this: which set will increase in value (or at least maintain it) in ten years?

My answer is simple: Oddball cards.

My explanation: The first cards out there were rooted in tobacco, then bubble gum, cereal, sodas, you name it. Oddball cards will be harder and harder to generate because of the crazy licensing issues the MLB has, and the MLBPA as well.

In the past, when a company wanted to make baseball items, if they didn't licensing rights to logos and such, they just airbrushed the logos off. the player's name, position and team would still be seen on the card.

Today, if you were to do something similar, you could face lawsuits based on the fact that you used the name of the player without express written permission and used the team name without express written permission. heck, I'm not even sure you'd be safe using the player's image at all without permission of the MLBPA these days.

So, how does that affect the future value of such cards? Oddballs have generally held pretty good value based on their novelty and inherent rarity. they are not produced in as many quantities as big company cards, so they are harder to come by. Some are regional and can only be gained through the mail, trading, online buying.

Though not necessarily 'baseball,' the Bill Clinton 3-card set produced by/for the Hot Springs, AR, Chamber of commerce/visitor's bureau, is a good example. You had to be at certain events to get them, or know the right people (I fall into the latter category, having done computer/network work for my area US Congressman). Of course, now you can find these cards on eBay and I think you can still buy them i certain places in Arkansas. Aside from that, though, they are a hard find.

As time marches forward, oddball items like Pepsi Lid Liners, Milk Bone All-stars, tattoos, and even Post cereal cards will be harder and harder to find. This inherently drives the value upward because more and more people will pay more and more for those items.

I also think that as the players who are/were featured on such items age and pass on from this life, those items will continue to gain value. I don't know why it is that something should become more valuable once the person on that item is dead, but that is how the world of collectibles seems to work. the same will hold true for the oddball item.

I personally love oddball cards (or what can be loosely referred to as cards). The photography is usually the equivalent of having taken the photo myself (or worse), and they usually come in various shapes and sizes. I would venture to say that making such diecut items is fairly expensive these days, which might also explain the decline in custom-shaped cards. Though mainstream, Pacific was great at the diecut oddball card. I wold love to see another company make tree ornaments, 3d boxes, etc, the way pacific did...

I hope the days of the oddball cards are not behind us, but I am afraid they are just that. In the wake of their disappearance will be their value among those who appreciate the art, humor, and creativity of their makers.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My own trip to the 'card shop.'

I took my mother to the airport this morning, and after that, I headed to the only 'card store' I know of. Why put that in quotes? because, in truth, the store is a HobbyTown, USA. It actually focuses more on trains and other hobbies than it does cards. But, I looked through the display case. They had a shelf or two of football cards. Well, really, they had "four shelves" but there were only about 3-4 cards per shelf that I can remember. They had a handful of baseball cards, and the only one that stuck out was a Nolan Ryan for $25. I forget what year the card was.

They also had an Obama materials "O" card. It had no price. I guess that goes along the lines of "If you have to ask...." But, I was tempted to ask anyway. Alas, my real reason for being there overtook my desire to know what outrageous price they were charging for a card that very few people in this part of the country would care to see, let alone own.

My reason for being there was to snag up some 800-count and 400-count boxes for the "Are you CRAZY!?" giveaway. I will take pictures before I mail out the boxes, just to give you and idea of what all those cards look like before they head out the door.

Speaking of those boxes, I still have LOTS of cards to give away. I am working on which teams I have and I'll post those this weekend. I also have a hundred or so checklist cards and twice that many minor league/team usa/other non-mlb cards. Those will be given first-ask, first-get. Just reply here and say "I want the checklists!" or "I want the minors!" and they're yours.

There are also a bunch of football cards (400 or so, probably) and maybe as many basketball (maybe not, I'm not sure). Those are also up for grabs in a 'asker take all' scenario. By that, I mean, you simply respond here and say "I want the football!" or "I want the basketball!"

In the name of fairness to all, please only request one of the above (checklists, minors, football, basketball). These are open to anyone, even if you are getting a baseball box already!

Like I said, I'll post a list of available teams this weekend for those that have been hanging back...

Thank you for stopping by and once again sifting through the ramblings in my head!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tradin' - OBC Style

I actually received these cards in the mail on Saturday, but have not been able to get them scanned in until today... A little while ago, I received an email from Ed, who let me know he had some vintage Tribers to send my way. How cool! He also said they were not in the best shape. I told him that 'Tiptons' were my favorites, and at the mention of the 'T' word, he knew I knew my stuff... Just kidding... Kinda...

See, Ed is one of the folks over at OBC. What? You've never heard of OBC? Well, long before blogging about baseball cards came around (in fact when the world wide web was in its infancy), the OBC (Old Baseball Cards) was formed as a way for collectors of vintage cards to trade with each other. It's an 'invitation only' club, but put a few trades under your belt and get a current member to sponsor you, and you may find yourself on the OBC membership roll. I am not a member, as this is the first trade I have done with anyone associated with the OBC, but I found the OBC many, many moons ago while poking around the 'net. As I told Ed, I had long forgotten about OBC.

Not one to be dismayed or put off by the fact that I hadn't pointed my browser in that direction in some time, he sent me some classic Tribers of old:

Dick Raditz, Sonny Siebert, and Sam McDowell. These are all on 1967 Topps cards, and have stains, frayed corners, bends, bubbles, and more defects! They're AWESOME!! :-)

Next up, we have Vic Davalillo, Chuck Hinton, and Jim Landis. Vic and Chuck are also 1967 Topps, while Jim comes in the year ahead of them. Vic looks like he is ready to bust some kneecaps, Chuck is not only NOT choking up on the bat, I'm not even sure his left hand is actually holding anything, and Jim's smile reminds me more of Jack Nicholson than a happy ballplayer!

The final three are a 1959 Topps Russ Heman, 1964 Jerry Walker, and 1966 George Banks. All of the cards except Walker's feature cartoons with tidbits about the player. The only thing the writers at Topps could say about Heman was that he "is troubled with wildness at times." I would love to know who got to sit in on the writer's meeting that day...

The cards were sent in a chopped 9-page pocket page. By chopped, I mean it was three of the nine pockets. I've never received cards (that I can remember) nor have I sent cards in this manner, but it works amazingly well. The three-across configuration fits perfectly in a #10 envelope!

Ed collects Orioles and vintage (obviously, since he is on OBC), so he will be getting a nice selection of vintage cards in return! THANK YOU very much for these great vintage Indians cards!!

Sidenote: I know what *I* consider 'vintage,' but what do you consider vintage? For me, anything before 1980 is vintage. I know a lot of people who use the '20-year' rule - if it's older than 20 years, it's vintage. I just have a hard time looking at Topps cards with little baseball hats in the bottom corner and thinking, "Man, this is vintage stuff!" Maybe because I grew up in the 70's and 80's. It's like music... The stuff I grew up listening to is now on K-Tel... Well, actually, now it's considered 'classic rock...' As the song says, "..when did Motley Crue become classic rock?" Alas, I digress.

The real question I am posing: In which year does your "vintage" meter begin to run?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mantle's Bad Day (for Dinged Corners)

I had just a few moments this evening to devote to this, but I hope the girls at Dinged Corners like what they see...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Ultimate Utility Player? for madding...

While waiting for my son to get back from a church youth group thing, I decided to take madding's idea and see where it led... What you see is where the road took me. Frankly, I don't know how PunkRockPaint does everything he does using only Paint! This took Photoshop Elements and Paint together to achieve. But, it was also a LOT of fun!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Moonlighting (or taking one for the team)

See the guy up there? Remember him? Yeah, the kick-butt catcher that was out long enough for the guy below to make a huge name for himself on the Tribe. Well, you wanna talk about making yourself indispensable, Shoppach has worked his way into the line-up such that Martinez may be playing some first base action this coming season so that Shop can play in more games as catcher. So, V-Mart gets to moonlight at first while taking one for the team... Let's just hope we all get along with these new living arrangements.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So, just how DOES one end up with 20,000 "extra" cards?

That is the question I have been asked a lot since posting my 'calling all baseball card collectors' entry. So, I thought I'd share the back story for everyone's amusement (or bewilderment, most likely):

Before setting up '12 Days' this past holiday, I went on eBay and started looking for a few 5000-count box auctions. I opted to stay with baseball cards, and found several offers at prices i thought were fair for what was being described. In fact, I had bid on about half a dozen auctions. And, so I waited and watched.

And, I watched.... And very few other folks were bidding... And, suddenly as the ending times drew near, I was actually hoping to LOSE some of the auctions. Alas, the great auction gods smiled (or perhaps laughed) at me, and I ended up winning nearly every single auction.

Over the course of the next few weeks afterward, box upon box arrived at our doorstep. In fact, two of the boxes came in the midst of the '12 days giveaway.'

As I mentioned in my other post, I got the cards at pretty good prices. I think that's what surprised me in the first place. I figured my bids were low enough that anyone looking would easily snipe them away. Guess no one was looking. As my son would say, "I blame the economy."

For me, it was like hitting the jackpot. Okay, maybe not "THE" jackpot, but "A" jackpot. A card collector's jackpot of random cards. And what better way to share a jackpot than with my friends and fellow collectors!?

Thanks for reading, and keep collecting!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

'Nuff Said

Calling all baseball card collectors!

Seriously. Does anyone collect A's or Expos? Does anyone that DOES collect those teams want any cards? I don't even mean in a "hey, let's set up a trade" situation, either. I mean it in a "Holy crap, I have more than 2000 A's and probably close to that in Expos and I need to give some away" kind of way.

I actually have a bigger dilemma than that. See, right before my last "12 Days Giveaway," I bought some more cards to make sure I had plenty to give away. Well, I overshot the mark by about... 20,000 cards. Really. Quit laughing. It's not THAT funny. Well, yeah, I guess it is... All I can say is that it's a good thing the economy is where it is because I paid peanuts for them. And that was before the whole Salmonella thing, too!

I've been debating a 'free-for-all' type giveaway out of fear of somehow 'cheapening the collecting spirit.' But, honestly, I have cards coming out of places there shouldn't be cards. Don't worry, those will not end up in the giveaway. :-)

Some folks are already going to get cards that I haven't sent cards to in a while: The girls at Dinged corners are getting a nice selection based on their favorite criteria, John Across The Pond is getting a nice stack of Red Sox, and Kris is getting cards based on one of the criteria given for '12 days.'

But, I have GOT to share the cards I have with folks, or my wife is going to run me out of the house. so, like those overpriced lots on eBay, "My wife says it's me or the cards - one of us has to go!" The difference here is that I am giving these ones away!

Want some cards to start, build, or possibly complete your collection? They're yours! All ya gotta do is ask. If you want to send Tribers in return, that's great.. If you don't have any Tribers but want cards anyway, that's great, too. If you just want a box of cards because I'm offering them to anyone and everyone, that's perfect!

Seriously. Ask and ye shall receive. There is only one catch. well, three, really. The first is that you can request only by teams (sorry way too many cards to pick out certain players). second, you will most likely get doubles. Again, way too many cards to sort through and pick out doubles (no worries, I will make sure there is nothing on the scale of dayf's Alomar trick!). And last, there is no time frame. I have a lot of sorting to do and I'll send the cards out as I get shipping boxes, envelopes, etc.

I had actually thought of a fourth catch, but then I forgot what it was, so we'll leave it at three. :-) Oh, yeah, I remember. Sorry. The fourth is that there is no minimum or maximum card offer. You request the team(s) you'd like, and I'll put together a package based on those teams.

You are also welcome to request "Anything! Send me anything!" packages, too. In those cases, there is no telling what you'll get. :-) again, nothing on the duplicate scale of dayf's Alomars. That was pretty much a one-time thing. Or at least until the next trick-or-treat... LOL!!

So, shoot me an email (davidinark@yahoo.com or davidinark@gmail.com) with the subject something along the lines of "Are you CRAZY!? Send me free cards, man!!" and your mailing address (though I would venture to say I have many of your addresses by now through various other trades).