Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trading Anything for Schmidt

Andy, over at 88Topps (and 78Topps), held a "Trade-Me-Anything" giveaway for books he had taking up space in his house. After asking for several books (each of which had become unavailable about the time I was asking for them), I finally snagged a book from the offering: "Clearing the Bases" by Mike Schmidt.

In addition to the book, Andy sent me four regular 2008 Goudey cards and a "Play Ball" type card! Very cool! This is the first of the mini game cards I've seen and it features C.C. Sabathia with a Single and an Out on the back. The out is actually a sacrifice bunt, which I thought was cool because that is one of the new spots I've added to the new version of the Scratch-off Tourney!

Despite my reputation gained during "Trick-or-Treat," I tried to keep the latest rounds of "Trade Anything" limited to something the purveyors actually collect. Well, sorta, anyway.

Thanks to Andy for some great cards to add to the ever-growing Tribe collection! On that note, I will be posting updated want/own lists this weekend. Recent packages from Andy, gcrl, Spiff and others have greatly added to my collection, filling spaces I didn't even realize I had! I have to say, blog-trading is GREAT!

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