Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm a Winner, too! (I think)

Some time ago, NightOwlCards posted an entry in which he won various prizes for knowing the year of a bunch of cards that had been thrown into (and subsequently saved from) a dumpster. Are you with me? If not, read about here.

Well, in my infinite wisdom, I mentioned that I could use the "Rip Master" auto'd card in a future contest. I also may have mentioned that the jersey cards would also come in handy. Well, I hit the veritable jackpot! The only thing missing from the package sent to me by NightOwl was the leg lamp and the word "FRAGILE" (it's Italian) on the envelope.

First of all, according to the note included, I am the proud owner of every Tribe card NightOwl had at the time. There are four of them. I feel bad though, it's kinda like taking somone's last piece of gum:

Jorge Velandia, Victor Martinez, and Shin-soo Choo are the first three in the penny sleeve. Velandia played in 7 games last year and netted himself a .375 average. He probably wishes he was still on the Rays as far as 'winning seasons' go, though. I'm not sure what the 'god-light' is trying to say on Vic's Masterpiece card. I think there is a hidden message in there. Choo's got a cool action shot, but if you look closely, his eyes are no where near looking at the ball. I'm a little confused by the whole thing.

The fourth Triber is Sizemore:

This one comes from the Home Run Derby portion of 2008 Topps U&H. He appears very Jordan-esque with his tongue providing the needed lift on the ball he just sent packing. I actually like the little State Farm HR Derby logo on the card. It's unobtrusive and adds a neat feature.

Up next, the Rip Master himself:

Okay, the truth is, I have no idea who this guy is. I don't watch ToppsTV (it is an online thing?). But when I saw a guy decked out in packs of cards, well, I figured I would ask to have it for a contest. I was actually surprised to get it, given the semi-known outcome for it... The back says, "Voted one of sports collectibles industry's most influential people of the last 20 years." Exactly how many people are on that list, anyway? Was Ben Henry, dayf, Mario or Patricia up for that award/nomination? Were sites like SCU, Stale Gum, or Thorzul Will Rule included? How about the dozens of other bloggers with sites (many of which are listed on the right, but a vast majority can be found on the baseball blog list blog) that have given Beckett and other 'top dogs' a run for their money? Was NightOwlCards ever given a fair shake at the ballot? And, just WHO voted? How were voters recruited? Yeah, okay, really, I don't care about the last two questions.

And, finally, the TOTAL surprise:

Two material cards and a printing plate! Add to that the fact they were sent in screw-downs! That is fantastic. Randy Winn jersey A&G card, Baldelli jersey card, and Santos yellow printing plate. You can be sure you will see these again when the next scratch-off tourney rolls around!


  1. If you're seeking more Indians, you may be able to trade that Baldelli to Dave at Fielder's Choice and the Randy Winn to the Nennth Inning. They could probably hook you up!

  2. The screw-downs came direct from Matt F. at Heartbreaking Cards. I deserve no credit there. ... As for the cards, I thought you could use some help with prize material.

    I actually have other Indians ;) ... those are just the ones that I had just started to put aside for you after I sent that last package off to you.

    I had to do research on the Rip Master myself. It was semi-painful.

    Bailey at the Nennth Inning said he already has that Winn (which is a very cool card by the way).