Sunday, November 16, 2008

Updated Lists

Just a quick note to let you know I have updated the lists of cards I don't have and the list of cards I do have. I'll warn you now: I am a moron who can't remember how I generated my "Owned" list to get the format it used to have. So, if you venture to the Owned list, it is even longer than before and not just because I've added cards!

Speaking of the lists, if you've looked over them before, you may notice additional items that weren't in there before. That's because I have clicked the old 'want' box in the program for some more of the sets listed in the database.

For the record, I am also too dumb to figure out how to get the program to kick out a TOTAL of wanted cards. Go figure. It will, however, tell me that my current collection is up to 7,950 cards.

I want to thank EVERYONE that has helped me take my collection and nearly double it over the past year or so!


  1. Got my Halloween package... thanks!! I posted my thoughts on the tricks and treats over at my site. Like I said in the post, as I continue to sort through everything - and as I break the boxes I've been ordering on ebay - I'm setting aside Tribe cards and comparing them to your want lists.

    Thanks again!

  2. Alrighty, Dave... I've got a handful of cards that I wasn't able to find on your "owned" list.... but man, you have a TON of Indians cards... geez.

    Anyway, I'll send them to the address listed as the return address on the trick-or-treat box you sent, if that's cool. I should get them in the mail Weds or Thurs.

  3. "figure out how to get the program to kick out a TOTAL"

    What program are you using to organize everything with?

  4. I use "TheCardCollector" from