Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Fastidious Night Owl...

fastidious: (adj) giving and careful attention to detail.

I received a box in the mail the day after Halloween. It was from NightOwl! His gift included a hand-written note in which he hoped I might "need 1 or 2" of the cards he sent... I haven't checked it against my database yet, but I have a feeling the 'hit count' will be much higher than 1 or 2. Just a cursory glance gives me the feeling it will hit a dozen or more easy!!

One of the first things I noticed about the box was that the cards were arranged alphabetically by the players' last names! If anyone else has sent me such an arrangement and I failed to notice, I apologize. That takes some serious work to organize a bunch of random Indians players by name. :-)

There were a lot of familiar faces in the bunch! There were also some familiar faces on not-so-familiar cards. Hopefully that means more to add to the collection, and not just a sign that I'm losing my memory...

There were quite a few vintage cards in the box! I love me some vintage, and some not-quite-vintage! I have to say, the 1969 Dave Nelson is spectacular! The Ted Ford is sharply cut, but the photo is canted slightly to the right. You look at it and wonder if you are really seeing what you think you see... Something out of a horror movie, for sure. :-)

For the first time in a LONG time (and I'm not sure I have ever actually done this before), I scanned in ALL of the cards sent to me. I don't know why I haven't done this in the past, nor what triggered the idea to start doing it now, but from this point forward, I plan to scan in all the cards I receive as part of trades or gifts. I just think it's a cool idea.... Then again, I thought posting a new "All-Time Tribe by Uniform Number" each day would work... We see how THAT has worked out thus far...

Included in the box was a stack of 1989 Bowman cards, too. I have yet to figure out the right box size for over-sized cards. It looks like a 300-count might be the best option, huh?

The box contained cool things like "Opening Day" versions of base cards, SportFlics cards, and the span in years was nearly 40 years! One of my faves happened to be the first card in the box: a 2008 A&G mini Hafner.

A B-I-G thank you goes out to Night Owl for a great box of cards and a great job with the sorting! Certainly, this was a treat!

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  1. Actually the alphabetizing helps me keep track of what I'm sending out and what I have left. I'm fighting the memory loss thing, too ;) ... I can't believe you scanned them ALL. Impressive!

    Glad there are some there you haven't seen. I especially like the Nelson card, too. Sweet uniforms back then.