Saturday, January 31, 2009

Welcome to Steeler Country

When it comes to baseball, I am a die-hard Tribe fan. And, when it comes to football, I bleed Black-n-Gold since the day I was brought into the world in Southside Hospital!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Tribe-in' with Tom!

I was going to label this post something akin to "A day (or two) late and a dollar (or two) short," but decided to keep an upbeat groove instead. :-)

After all, Tom sent me quite a boxfull of Tribe cards as a thank you for his "12 Days" package! My original plan was to keep all the same players together as much as possible, just to try something new and different. It worked for a bit, and then fell off somewhere around the 3rd or 4th scan. Let's just say I am too easily distracted. This time, I decided to plug the card scans into slideshow for your enjoyment! Though, after looking at it, I'm sure it came out as well as I planned. I will have to work on that...

This was great fun, going through the cards to find players from various years, including from the time those players were still in the minors. I did make sure the Alomoars were grouped together, though in retrospect, maybe I should have put one in each scan - sort of a 'spot the Alomar' game. Perhaps in another post. :-)

Thank you, Tom, for a wonderful selection of Indians cards!! I'm glad you enjoyed your gift pack!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A tribute to a fellow Tribe collector

If you are not reading the Achiever Card Blog, I strongly encourage you to take a walk over there and bring your adult undergarments. I sent a bunch of Indians cards some time ago, and from time to time, Motherscratcher posts an update on those cards. It's like an extended package break. The thing that gets me, though, is not that he is posting about cards I sent him (though, admittedly, that DOES help), but rather the humorous comments he makes about nearly every card. And when there are no comments, that's just as funny because the fact that 'there is nothing to say here, people' speaks just as loudly as a paragraph in most cases.

He also has a knack of adding tidbits about the players that I had forgotten or flat-out never knew.

So, put your Coca-Cola down (I wouldn't want it to come out your nose), and head on over there. To make it easy on ya, I'll even provide a link to the Tribecards-related posts: right here.

Oh, and he's a dentist... So, you probably shouldn't be drinking that sugar-laden cola in the first place. Well, unless you plan to send him some business. Or Indians cards.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Night Owl cards in the mail!

Night Owl Cards sent me an envelope of cards! He said "it's not 12 days of Indians, but that's because I stuck to your very thorough want list (for the most part).

12 Days worth or not, I love opening the mailbox to discover the postman (yes, ours is a man) put a surprise in there for me!

The first few cards are from "Baseball Cards Magazine" and they are great! They sport various retro themes from Topps in the 70's. I like the '08 UD Timeline die cut, too. Nice throwback to the SPX die cut days. Of course, I'm pretty much a fan of all cards Triber!

I am also a fan of the Topps Gold versions of their regular issue cards. Here's a weird thing. According to my database, the Swindell BC-24 comes in two flavors, but I am not sure what the difference is. So far, they all seem the same to me... That's why it has appeared on my 'want' list. I'm sure the answer is all of two clicks away, but I haven't taken the time to sit down and look just yet. Maybe one day...

Thank you VERY MUCH, Night Owl, for these great Tribe cards!!

Sidenote: There was also a box of cards from Tom (who I am certain has a blog, but his blogger name escapes me just now). I'll post those either later tonight (Tuesday) or Wednesday. Thanks, Tom!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tribers in the mail!!

WAHOO! I received not one, but TWO surprises in the mail yesterday (Saturday)! One of the bubble envelopes contained "Phungo Cards: Look for Black Frame Inserts *** and *** "Traditional" Cards by Topps, UD, Fleer - 8 card pack! 2009"

I had no idea what to expect when opened the pack of cards. Of course, Blogger now posts pictures in reverse order of upload, but you'll get the idea!

Here we have the "Traditional" cards. We're talking 1959 Topps, people! Don Dillard's Sporting News Rookie Star of '59 and Gary Bell's '59 Topps of his first year with the Tribe. These are SWEET cards!

Up next, are what I believe to be the 'Black Frame Inserts.' These are printed on a glossy stock and feature the date the picture was taken (2007, 05/06), the name of the pitcher and the name of the batter! As for Tribers, they feature Ryan Garko at bat in one and CC Sabathia on the mound in the other. These are very cool custom cards!

The remainder of the pack is filled with a variety of cards created by Phungo: Abraham Lincoln (USA Nationals), Manny Ramirez (Dodgers), CC Sabathia (Brewers), Phillie Phanatic (Phillies), Jason Donald (Phillies), Ryan Ludwick (Cardinals):

These are very clever cards! They are also numbered, so I will have to check to see if there is a checklist of cards and see what it takes to build a set of these puppies!

Thank you very much for these cards, Phungo! If the readers out there have not had a chance to do some Phungo trading, I wholeheartedly recommend it!

The second envelope I had in the mailbox came from Casey as a 'Thank You' for the "12 Days" gift pack I sent. How cool is that!? The note reads, "I hope you can use at least one of these..." Oh, yeah, and then some!! AWESOME stuff!

Can you say CY Young winner Cliff Lee? How about an auto'd Jake Westbrook!? Hungry for more? Yeah, that's a Sandy Alomar game-used bat there, folks! That is too flippin incredible!

And, if those cool cards weren't enough, there's more in them thar bubbles! How about Pronk, more Lee, Gerut, Vizquel, and more. On top of that, a Royal Rookies Tim Drew Boys of Summer card! I became a fan of Royal Rookies after my very first encounter with the brand. I had never heard of them, and managed to pull an auto'd Brian Giles rookie from one of their insert sets. Yeah, buddy! So, seeing this one of Drew made the smile on my face even bigger (if that was possible).

Thank you so much, Casey, for the cards you sent me!! I will definitely be adding a bunch to my collection, for sure!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Manny can be "Manny" somewhere else, thanks.

Remember this guy? This was the up-and-comer, Manny Ramirez, back around 1992. He was one of the leading prospects for the Tribe's rebuilding phase. And, boy did he help rebuild the Tribe! Man, the Indians were smokin' in those days (well, the ones following anyway).

And, so it is that 17 years later, a young boy posed the question to Mark Shapiro, "Could you sign Manny?" To which Shapiro replied, "COULD I or WOULD I?"

Frankly, I think the answer should be the same, regardless of the question. Yes, Manny is a top-notch player, one of the best players today. But, frankly, he belongs on the Yankees. Why? Because that team is chock full of players that are self-centered hot-shots who not only spell 'team' with an 'i,' they spell it with a very large UPPERCASE "I" at that.

If the Tribe somehow managed to win some kind of lottery and decided to blow the one-time payout on ManRam, I would of course treat him like I do anyone wearing a Tribers uniform. But, I would do it while smiling between gnashed teeth.

I used to be a huge Manny Ramirez fan. I am not a 'ManRam'/'Manny being Manny' fan.

there have always been the hot-shot players, I know. And in today's life of arbitration and free agency, I know that a team is not what it used to be. But, still, let someone else deal with the egos and shenanigans of players like that which the rookie pictured above has turned into....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jusss call me Dr. Doofensmirtz, okay?

So, you know how excited I was to have my "12 Days" done early this time, right? Well, as fate would have it, I did forget to put together one gift pack, which overall isn't bad, but still not great. Add to that the fact that I forgot to put on my "Send packages through the mail-inator" cap, and you will see where things went downhill fast. Without my "Send-Things-Through-Mail-inator" cap, the packages that were SUPPOSED to have been mailed off, umm, like a week and a half ago or something like that, suddenly materialized in the back seat of my truck. I don't know why that should be... I can only blame Perry the Platypus for such an arch enemy-type move. Really, you should see what he does to all my inventions. It's a wonder I keep bothering to invent new things at all...

Where was I? Oh yes, Perry the Platypus! Huh? Oh, yeah, the packages. Well, you see, today, after I spotted them sitting in the back seat of my truck, I finally took them to the post office and mailed them the old fashioned way. So much for my 'send-packages-through-the-mail-inator!!' Curse you, Perry the Platypus!!

(For those of you that have no EARTHLY idea what I'm talking about, you might want to watch this...)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Score a job! (or maybe not)

You're tired of your job, right? You'd love to take on a job with your favorite baseball team, right? Of course you would. And, you'd love to go to a commercial website known for job-hunting to look for that perfect baseball-related career move, right? Sure... We all would. Well, step right up and head to Monster:

(here is the link)

Now, why would I post this? Because, for fun, I walked over there to see what great Indians-related job they had... The first one is Pitch f/x Operator. I had to read the description just to see what the heck a 'pitch f/x' was and to see if I wanted to actually operate one or not. Turns out to be a cool pitch-tracking software app that this part-time person would run for the game and While this sounds cool, I'd have a hard time convincing my wife to let me take a part-time gig in Cleveland just so I could be part of the team I love.

The next job is sports reporter. This sounds like a very cool position, and probably entails actual travel for The 'bilingual' thing keeps me out, unless you count 'proper' english and 'barroom' english as two languages. :-)

The last job is stats stringer, which after reading the description is what we old fogies used to call 'data entry personnel.'

I am not knocking any of these jobs. The way I see it, if you can land a job working along side your favorite team, you are well on your way to having a wonderful worklife. How many people actually do what they LIKE to do!? Okay, well, yeah, I happen to like what I do, but if I could work for/with the Tribe, how cool would that be!?

Of course, if I was just stuck in a room where I never actually got to talk with the players and stuff, that would kinda suck - so close yet so far away kinda thing...

Update: Right after I posted this, I went to and looked up the jobs directly with the Tribe, and there is a huge list: all kinds of jobs.

And some of those are at the spring Training facility in Goodyear... So, want a job with your favorite team? check their official site page and scroll to the bottom for Job Opportunities... :-)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Town Hall meetings?

At, there is an article about the recent 'town hall' meetings that were held by Indians management (here).

Topics included things like Pronk's return, garko's move to the outfield (okaayyy...), and sizemore's shift from lead-off (or lack thereof).

It says a lot to me that the management of the club felt like they had to even hold these meetings. I realize I don't pay much attention to what happens outside of the ball season as far as the politics goes, but it seem ludicrous that something like this has to even take place. Okay, so it reaches out to the season ticket holders. But, why should the season ticket holders have to be 'convinced' to keep their tickets and come see 'their' team play ball!? That says more to me about the state of the fans than it does the management.

Just what kind of fans are out there that they have to coddled with town hall meetings and be given an 'opportunity' to have their season ticket purchases justified!? Holy crap. I can see why the owners would consider moving out of town. I mean, doesn't this whole idea scream 'well, we like the team, but you better give a us reason to show up or you can forget it.' Yeah, if i were faced with that mentality, I'd be tempted to move the team to a more appreciative city in a heartbeat. Hey, like Little Rock... Man, if the Tribe came to Little Rock, you can bet I'd still be a fan.. LOL... Or maybe that's my post-op meds talking (I had a few teeth surgically removed on Friday).

Regardless of the meds, my point is that teams should not have to hold special meetings just to keep the fans from jumping ship. A press conference that outlines the plans for the team? sure. But, traveling around the city trying to prove the management has an idea as to what's going on? No.

Maybe it's because I've been a Tribe fan long before their rise in 90's and have seen just how bad they can be, I like to think I am more tolerant of the shifts and comings and goings on the Indians players and managers. I'm not always happy about it, but i can promise one thing: if I lived within (decent) driving distance of Progressive Field, I'd be a season ticket holder for life.

You want to know why you should go to the games if your an Indians fan?? BECAUSE you're an Indians fan, that's why.

(sidenote: if you're up for a somewhat humorous look at what it's like for me to be operated on, check out my play-by-play here)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I beat my record by 9 days!

Last year's "12 Days Giveaway" ended on January 23, 2008. And, so, this year's "12 Days Giveaway" ends on January 14, 2009. That's a whole nine days earlier!

Now, I know what some of you are thinking... "Well, jeez, Tribecards, you'd think you might end the '12 Days' program a little sooner, you know, like at Christmas or something..." Yeah, you don't have to say it, I know you're thinkin' it... But the way I look at it, I've already bested my end date. So, let's say I end things nine days earlier next time, and so on! Let's see, that means by the 4th annual giveaway, I should be right on track! And, if I managed to keep going, I could actually get everything sent off before the requests are even made!! Oh, man, the thought of it... Oh, wait... I got a little carried away there for a second.

The final two "12 Days" gift packs to go out belong to Chuck Z and Dayf! (editor's note: if you requested a gift pack and I managed to forget to send you one, please let me know and I will happily get one out to ya!)

So, without further adieu, I present the final two giftpacks of the 2nd annual "12 Days Giveaway:"

Chuck Z - On the 12th day of Christmas (which was actually two days past the 12th day of January), Tribecards sent to Zee: 12 soccer cards, 11 hockey players, 10 frank thomas, 9 lance johnson, 8 carlton fisk cards, 7 ozzie guillen, 6 presidents, FIVE CHARLIE HOUGH, 4 joe crede, 3 jon garland, 2 greg perschke, and a '77 Topps Willie Randolph card! (It was the only 70's Yankees/Red Sox card I had.... Hope you need it!)

Dayf - On the 12th day of Christmas, Tribecards sent no Alomars to dayf this time.... 12 javy lopez, 11 chipper jones, 10 john smoltzie, 9 andruw jones, 8 terry pendleton, 7 rafael furcal cards, 6 ryan klesko, FIVE ZENITH 5X7 CARDS WITH CARDS HIDDEN INSIDE THEM IF YOU WANT TO RIP THE BIG CARD TO SHREDS JUST TO GET TO WHAT'S INSIDE..... (take a moment to catch your breath) 4 gallaraga, 3 hank aaron, 2 vintage braves, and an eTopps johnny estrada card!

Thank you all so much for checking in and seeing what crazy Indians-related thing I be posting... Be sure to keep your feed readers tuned in for next year's "12 Days Giveaway" and be sure to look for the 2nd annual "Tribecards Scratchcard Tournament" coming in the spring or summer! In the meantime, grab a Pronk! bar and enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What is going on here?

You can feel it, can't you? The stillness in the air around these parts as of late? I haven't figured out where the swagger in my step has gone, but here I sit, trying to come up with something worth writing that would be worth reading. And, like the Tribe themselves so many times over the past years, I find myself coming up a bit short.

The ironic thing is that a lot has taken place lately: Kerry Wood has come on board, several HOFer have been inducted (ex-triber in there, too), Shoppach and the Tribe finally reach a one-year deal...

I believe I have been holding out, looking for that 'perfect post' even though I have fallen way short of that lofty goal many times on here before! It is as if the wheels on this bus are not quite ready to go round and round. You know the whole 'journey of a thousand miles' thing? This feels like maybe the third step on the next phase of that journey.

This just occurred to me: Shoppach and the Indians have reached a 1-year deal!? Why do I have that sinking feeling that he will leave the tribe at some point this season, only to find his massive breaking-out with another team.

The funny thing is that I have become very used to ebbs and flows of the Tribe, being a fan since the horrid seasons of the 70's and 80's. as I get older, and as I have seen the Indians make it to a couple world series, I think my 'expectations' (for lack of a better word) have grown as has my frustration with the management of the team. I mean, yeah, we're the farm team and retirement center for the MLB, but could we not put together another group of guys who grow together and actually become a TEAM again?

And, perhaps that is the fundamental problem with many teams: they are not 'teams,' but merely a group of guys wearing the same city's jerseys. I think that is what is wrong with the Yankees. They all the high priced talent of the world, and yet can't win the series every single year. Heck, can't even make it every year. what makes a 'team' of players?

I know this has been bandied about before, but I almost hate to say it: I am an Indians team fan. I enjoy getting to know the players on the team, and particularly enjoy it when the players remain on the team for at least more than a couple seasons. But, the Tribe players will come and go (and some even repeat the pattern several times throughout their MLB career - Lofton,, anyone?). so long as the owners keep the team in Cleveland, however, the Cleveland Indians ball club will remain long beyond the men who fill the uniforms.

Someone asked me recently what i would do should the Indians get sent off to some other city. Would I keep the Indians cards and things I have? Would I still root for them? If Cleveland then got a NEW team, which would I root for? It brought back memories of the Browns (though I was never a Browns fan). My answer: I hope I'm long dead and gone before that happens. Seriously. To the powers that be: we love our Indians. Keep them in Cleveland.

So much for not having anything to say, huh? Thanks for hanging around to see where this all went... And the wheels on the bus take yet another turn forward.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

More "12 Days" packs are heading out!

Perhaps next year, I'll find another name for the "12 Days Giveaway" since this 2nd attempt has also run WAY over the projected date of shipment. Well, there's always next time, right!?

Joshua K - On the 12th day of Christmas, Tribecards sent some.. Tribe Cards... :-) 12 Sandy Alomar Jr, 11 Cliff Lee, 10 Ryan Garko, 9 Bartolo Colon, 8 Travis Hafner, 7 Albert Belle, 6 Josh Barfield, FIVE PAUL BYRD, 4 Larry Doby, 3 Shin-soo Choo, 2 Kobayashi, and an '07 Sabathia eTopps card!

Keith K - On the 12th day of Christmas, Tribecards sent Tribe Cards to Keith K: 12 Kenny Lofton, 11 Len Barker, 10 Roberto Alomar, 9 Bartolo colon, 8 casey blake, 7 joe carter, 6 josh barfield, FIVE BOB FELLER, 4 buddy bell, 3 travis fryman, 2 rick manning, and an '04 eTopps Tribe team card!

Eric S - On the 12th day of Christmas, Eric got some Tribe cards, too! 12 sandy alomar jr, 11 travis hafner, 10 albert belle, 9 bert blyleven, 8 bartolo colon, 7 julio franco, 6 josh barfield, FIVE AARON BOONE, 4 tim drew, 3 jack brohamer, 2 rico carty, and a Russell Branyan Milestones Baseball Bat card!

Kevin M - On the 12 day of christmas, Tribecards sent some cards to Kevin: 12 marty cordova, 11 kirby puckett, 10 dan gladden, 9 rick aguilera, 8 kent hrbek, 7 todd walker, 6 latroy hawkins, FIVE ERIC MILTON, 4 jacque jones, 3 rod carew, 2 christian guzman, and a harmon killebrew collect-a-book!

Sam R - On the 12th day of christmas, Sam R got some cards: 12 kirby puckett, 11 paul molitor, 10 greg gange, 9 allan anderson, 8 kent hrbek, 7 chuck knoblauch, 6 scott leius, FIVE BERT BLYLEVEN, 4 frank viola, 3 brad radke, 2 joe mauer, and a justin morneau game-used card!

Don S - On the 12th day of christmas, tribecards gave some tigers to don: 12 cecil fielder, 11 bobby higginson, 10 alan trammell, 9 travis fryman, 8 lou whitaker, 7 dave bergman, 6 kirk gibson, FIVE DAMON EASLEY, 4 tony clark, 3 juan encarnacion, 2 jeremy bonderman, and a Briggs stadium Phil Rizzuto card!

Jason B - On the 12th day of christmas, Jason got some cubs sent to him: 12 shawon dunston, 11 andre dawson, 10 ryne sandberg, 9 kerry wood, 8 greg maddux, 7 joe girardi, 6 terry adams, FIVE ARAMIS RAMIREZ, 4 moises alou, 3 george bell, 2 derrek lee, and a mark grace gallery masters card! (sorry, was the only grace card I had...)

Believe it or not, I still have a few more gift packs to go. :-) It's funny how "done by Monday" suddenly becomes "shipped a bunch on Thursday and try for this weekend!" Oy, Vey!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting back "in the loop"

Wow, I am way behind in reading my 'regular' blogs! Most of you have been busy keeping things going and I've been having fun catching up with everyone's posts and comments.

I still have a long way to go, so don't be surprised if you suddenly find comments from me on posts that you may have thought were long dead on your site.

My intention this evening was to post a few more of the '12 days packs' that I've put together, but that list is not within easy reach, and well, I decided to catch up on what you guys and gals have been up to rather than get off my lazy duff and find the list.

Plus, Arkansas just beat Texas in some great B-Ball action on ESPN2! I am not a basketball person. I might be able to name a handful of pro players if given enough time (say a day or two) and I have never been a fan of collegiate sports. The closest I have ever come to being a 'fan' is my recent appreciation for the Razorbacks in various sports. I suppose it comes from living here for as long as I have, but I have no other real basis for rooting for the Hogs. Pelfrey has done some pretty cool things with the basketball team, especially as of late. You will also note that I said 'appreciation' and not 'love.' Much like the description of opera in a chick flick of many years ago, I think there are those that love their local college sports teams and those who can learn to appreciate them but they never become a part of the soul. Yeah, that's where I sit. I don't "love" the Hogs, but I appreciate them. And, what all this has to do with the Tribe? Nothing. And, that is where the "and then some" comes in... :-)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Catching up on gifts *TO* Tribecards!

During the holiday break, well, actually, some of these came before I went to Phoenix and fell off the face of the blogging world, I received bubble envelopes filled with goodies!!

These are not in the order I received them, but you really wouldn't have known that if I hadn't told you, so just pretend I hadn't said anything, okay? Too late, you say? Aw, dang... Well, enjoy the show anyway!

This card is the prize I received as a result of a late-minute response and last-minute trade during a contest over at Fielder's Choice a bit ago:

This is a great card that will most likely go into my 'scratch card prize pool.' Though, Soriano is one of the players I collect outside of the Tribe, so ya just never know with me... Thanks a bunch, Dave!!

Tradercrack put together a wonderful collection of cool Tribe cards! We have red-letter Topps, Topps gold, a V-Mart game-used jersey (wahoo!), cracker jack Sizemore, chromes and rookies!

These will make very nice additions to my card collection, for sure! Thanks a TON!

BaseballDad, who also happens to sell HEMIS thank you very much, sent me a stack of cards that he gleaned from my need list. In addition to the Tiffany cards and others, he also threw in a 2009 Indians schedule!! That is awesome!

There are Leaf, Classic, Biggies, Sportflics and more in there! Thank you so much, BaseballDad! I can't wait to add these to my collection and get my need list updated!

Sox-and-Thoughts sent me two wrapped gifts before Christmas, and I debated whether or not to open them before the big day. Well, not only did I wait until Christmas, I actually ended up waiting until after NEW YEAR'S! AUGH! Well, it was worth the wait!

There are complete (or at least well-along-the-way-to-being-complete) team sets in here from various years! This first group features Topps and Leaf - shiny certified kind! It's funny, but I am pretty sure that I can find that shot of Lawton sprawled out and the crowd is not in the picture... Is there some photo-shopping going on here?

I love the thick Bowman cards. I don't know why. Something about the fact they FEEL like nice, heavy cards... Broussard appears to be doing his best Man-Ram imitation...

I am also a fan of the Studio and Diamond Kings cards, though seeing the players in action always ranks higher on the 'coolness' chart for me. :-) The Wright Diamond Kings Rookie is SUH-WEET! And, the 40-man cards are great-looking, too. Of course, as far as I'm concerned, every one of these cards is excellent!

Gotta love the Ultra Gold Medallions and the UD vintage (that's Lou friggin Boudreau in there!). The Portraits cards have that cool 'painted-on-canvas' feel to them. It's funny, but I thought the '03 Ultra was a Stadium Club when I first saw it...

Man, SweetSpot, ProSigs, and more here! This is a really great selection of Tribe cards you sent, Sox-n-Thoughts!! I don't remember seeing too many of the 'Play Ball' cards before, so that was also a nice treat!

Love the Bowman Gold card here! Man, and that Invincible 2000 Man-Ram is incredible! LOL, with the 3-d effect, it reminds me of the cards my daughter and I assembled not long ago by hand. :-) I am a big Jacoby fan, and the motion card was a nice find for my waxing nostalgia... :-)

Gotta love Thome on the Gold Label! I also think the Authentix design was one of the better ones. The Murray Finest Moments is a great card where that green jumps off the card! Cabrera's Future Watch card is one I don't believe I have seen before! Of course, all that shiny chrome is great! :-)

This 'last' scan is actually the first set of cards I spotted when I opened the packs. Blogger's new 'reverse-order-uploading' made this one end up at the bottom of the post. Yeesh. Well, it was worth it, for sure! SPX, Playoffs, 205's, and more! These cards are super! There's even a McDowell fan fave in there, too!

Sox and Thoughts put together a wonderful Christmas, er post New Year's, surprise for sure!! Thank you so much for these great cards!!

Thank you to everyone for sending me some wonderful additions to my collection of Tribe cards! I have got a lot of work to do ahead of me in getting these entered into the database, and it is going to be a blast going through them again!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

More "12 Days" action!

Picking up where I left off yesterday, here is some more "12 Days Giveaway" action:

Casey B - On the 12th day of christmas, tribecards sent some 'cards' away: 12 Bernard Gilkey, 11 Joe Magrane, 10 mike perez, 9 geronimo pena, 8 brian jordan, 7 luis alecia, 6 ken dayley, FIVE REX HUDLER, 4 royce clayton, 3 andy benes, 2 brian barber, and an etopps albert pujols!
Lo - On the 12th day of christmas, tribecards sent to lo: 12 wade boggs, 11 david cone, 10 mariano rivera, 9 ruben rivera, 8 tino martinez, 7 mel hall, 6 roger clemens, FIVE STEVE FARR CARDS, 4 knoblauchs, 3 mariano duncan, 2 joe giradri, and a babe ruth 500 club card!
Bo - On the 12th day of christmas, tribecards offered up to bo: 12 wade boggs, 11 pat kelly, 10 jorge posada, 9 david cone, 8 roberto kelly, 7 jim leyritz, 6 orlando hernandez, FIVE JASON GIAMBI, 4 dwight gooden, 3 matt drews, 2 don mattingly, and an '83 tcma spud chandler!
Joe S - On the 12th day of christmas, tribecards realized something odd: he had sent cards to Lo, Bo, and Joe! :-)

Oh, and tribecards sent to Joe: 12 wade boggs (yes, I had a LOT of boggs cards!), 11 derek jeter, 10 kevin maas, 9 bernie williams, 8 jimmy key, 7 hideki irabu, 6 darryl strawberry, FIVE RUSS DAVIS, 4 steve balboni, 3 cecil fielder, 2 roger clemens, and a babe ruth 'called shot' card!
Bailey - On the 12th day of christmas, tribecards gave to bailey: 12 will clark, 11 barry bonds, 10 jeff kent, 9 kevin mitchell, 8 matt williams, 7 rich aurilia, 6 robb nen, FIVE OSVALDO FERNANDEZ, 4 brett butler, 3 ellis burks, 2 jt snow, and an '07 etopps barry zito (zee tow)!
Greg - On the 12th day of christmas, greg got some dodgers sent his way: 12 hershiser, 11 shawn green, 10 raul mondesi, 9 eric karros, 8 scioscia cards, 7 brett butler, 6 kal daniels, FIVE KARIM GARCIA, 4 billy ashley, 3 todd hundley, 2 jeff kent, and an '05 ud origins jd drew old judge! (yeah, you kinda have to squeeze that one into the melody...)
Jim - On the 12th day of christmas, tribecards sent dodgers/twins to jim: 12 kirby puckett, 11 adrian beltre, 10 knoblauch, 9 paul molitor, 8 torii hunter, 7 kevin brown, 6 hollingsworth, FIVE HIDEO NOMO, 4 grudzielanek, 3 eric davis, 2 latry hawkins, and a jackie robinson etopps national promo card (it's a mini!)
Gerald S - (sorta to the tune: we three kings): Gerald's three sons collect the sports cards. so tribecards sent them gifts to afar. Dodgers, lakers, not all takers, but they'll enjoy them, that's for sure... Okay, so it fell apart there at the end... :-)
Kris - Kris collects Dodgers, Rangers, Royals, and Orioles, so I put together a gift pack that was spread across the spectrum:

On the 12th day of christmas, tribecards sent these cards to kris: 12 kevin brown, 11 steve finley, 10 assorted orioles, 9 nolan ryan, 8 melvin mora, 7 kevin appier, 6 charlie leibrandt, FIVE DARREN DREIFORT, 4 hubie brooks, 3 players signing autos, 2 carlos febles, and a nomar garciaparra co-signers card!

Oh, kris also collects players signing autos, so that's why those are in there. I tried to find more than just three, but the process was taking longer than I had thought it would. easy to look for, just hard to find. :-) So, i'll be pulling together a set of auto-signing players and send them off later. :-)
Zach - Unfortunately, I had no mamay's for ya, and for the purposes of thee 12 days giveaway, it was hard to come up with current royals. no worries, though, I'll have a stack of current guys ready to send to ya later! in the meantime:

on the 12th day of christmas, tribecards sent royals off to zach: 12 kevin appier, 11 gubicza, 10 jeff montgomery, 9 bo jackson, 8 david howard, 7 jim eisenreich, 6 wally joyner, FIVE GEORGE BRETT CARDS, 4 david cone, 3 gregg jeffries, 2 mark quinn, and a luke hochevar royals card!
Joe M - On the 12th day of christmas, tribecards sent these cards to joe: 12 jose canseco, 11 mo vaughn, 10 dwight evans, 9 jody reed, 8 garciaparra, 7 tom brunansky, 6 roger clemens, FIVE ELLIS BURKS, 4 tim wakefield, 3 mike stanley, 2 josh beckett, and a curt schilling national pasttime card!
Scott C - (i think this will fit the '12 days' melody...) Although no gabbard's were found among the red sox cards i have, tribecards found a bunch of greenwell cards to send. so, on the 12th day of christmas, tribecards sent away to scott: 12 mike greenwell, 11 mo vaughn, 10 wade boggs, 9 john valentin, 8 jim rice, 7 trot nixon, 6 oil cans, FIVE AARON SELE, 4 ellis burks, 3 vaughn eschelman, 2 bobby doerr, and a johnny damon ud origins card!
Adam E - Believe it or not, I still have the wrapped packages you sent me! I wanted to open them on christmas, but I was afraid they'd get mixed in with the other cards I got from my mother-in-law, and I was taking no chances! So, I will be opnening those this weekend! WAHOO!

On the 12th day of christmas (although, really, I should change that to something else, since the 12th day has long come and gone, eh), tribecards sent some sox to adam: 12 ellis burks, 11 rogeer clemens, 10 mo vaughn, 9 mike greenwell, 8 marty barrett, 7 jeff suppan, 6 scott cooper, FIVE TONY PENA, 4 yastrzemski, 3 man-ram, 2 kevin youkilis, and a garciaparra etopps card! (Sorry, I only had two Youkilis that I could round up quickly... I'll set aside others I find and sent them later, though!)

Those are the '12 days' giftpacks that have been assembled. some of those have already been sent off and some are going out VERY shortly!

If your name/giftpack was not listed, please do not fret! I am working hard to get those together for ya and have them sent out Monday. :-)

i appreciate your patience with the gift packs. Next year's offering will not be so delayed if I can help it!! :-)