Monday, November 3, 2008

SPIFF-y treats!

I got home today from work to find a box of cards. Not just ANY box of cards, though. As soon as I saw the box, I recognized the designs on the sides. It was one of my 'trick-or-treat' boxes come back to haunt me! Or so I thought...

Inside was a note from Spiff, "Hope you can use some of these." Under the note was a box full of Indians cards! In fact, there was a teeny-tiny baggie full of cards in there, too...

Whoever said there is no God does not know that God is not only around, but He has quite the sense of humor and timing. One day after I post a "Things Done To Cards" article on the SIZE of cards, I get a box in the mail with some of the smallest cards I have ever seen: 1991 Topps Micro. The entire lot he sent fit on the scanner with room to spare!

"But, that was just the roof of the thing." (Do you know the quote? Hint: Stephen King) - There were minor league cards featuring players like Graham, Sanders, and Odor. What an unfortunate name that is.

Classic Donruss brought out faces from the past, and there were some newer Upper Deck in there for good measure, too.

And then, there cards featuring players from the way-back machine. But also cool little things thrown in like the ProSigs Blue Signature card! Very cool indeed!

And then we take a stroll down memory lane brought to by Fleer!

These Donruss cards show something of an evolution of the brand's card sets from the early, ugly days to the days of cool borders and better pictures.

I love me some Tribe stickers! And I don't think I've ever seen that Topps "Tribe-unal" card before... Very cool!

And, of course, any time you get Tris Speaker in a box of cards, you know it's all good! He is surrounded by teammates who came along long after his playing days. You can't really make out the Kobyashi card, but the foil got hosed in process and the letters actually came out almost in 'reverse-foil.' Weird.

There was a great mixture of Topps cards in the box, too. Plus, some ORIGINAL O-Pee-Chee cards to boot! (None of those up-and-coming UD knock-offs here!!)

The Topps cards ranged in age from the 70's to recent releases!

I have always been a fan of the Ted Williams set of cards! The box included the cool 'Opening Day' versions of several of the cards. A fellow blogger once commented how he likes the blue foil on cards. I have to agree... SHINY!! :-)

I haven't had a chance to take a GOOD look at the cards, but believe me, I will be going through them again as I check them against my collection!! Awesome stuff. A HUGE "Thank You" to Spiff for sending me a great box of Tribecards!

Side Note: I showed my wife the 1991 Topps Micros. She looked hard at the one in my hand and said, "Oh... Alomar, Jr..." She was, of course, referring to the onslaught of Alomar cards I had sent dayf...


  1. Rouglas ODOR played ball in the town I now reside in. We had an Indians farm team here! So lots of the guys you know and love passed through here first (that is until the franchise left for "greener" pastures 10 years ago).

  2. Glad to hear that the cards got to you safely and that you can use a few of them. Hope you enjoy them and maybe even complete a few team sets. Thanks again for the Rangers!