Friday, August 28, 2015

#PackADailyCircus - Pack 192 - Flashback Friday: 2014 Allen and Ginter

Thanks to the Jobu, we have a pack of 2014 Allen and Ginter in our midst. Let's see what memory flashbacks this pack brings with it:

Kris Medlen - Braves - Free Agent
Brett Lawrie - Blue Jays - Kazis (Wahoo!!)
Table Mountain - Natural Wonder - Free Agent
Gary Sheffield Mini - Marlins - Free Agent
Billy Williams - Cubs - SoxFan4Life (Wahoo!!)
Tyler Skaggs - Angels - Jennings64 (Wahoo!!)

I forgot that last year's packs had six cards compared to this year's eight. Ah well. Congratulations to the three managers who split the packs between drafted players and free agents!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

#PackADailyCircus - Packs 190-191 - Packs from Jobu!

Hello, everyone! In my various postings yesterday, I managed to NOT post a pack! UGH. So, tonight, I am posting TWO packs. But, before we get there, I received a box in the mail today from Jacksonville Jobu. In it are all kinds of wax pack goodness!! THANK YOU Jacksonville Jobu!!

We've got quite a mix here. So, tonight I am opening two of these. We're starting with the one that has all the Japanese writing on it! It says "Q-Card Official Pro Baseball Card." So, is there just one card in here? I dunno. The pack is also smaller than standard US packs, as you can tell from the scan above.

Terunobu Seto - Hiroshima Reds? - Free Agent
Tomio Watanabe - Seibu Lions - Free Agent

Well, these are unique little cards. They are like credit card wannabes. Very interesting.

Next up, a pack of 1995 Classic 5-Sport:

Mark Bruener - Steelers (football) - Free Agent
Corey Fuller - Vikings (football) - Free Agent
Jan Hlavac - Islanders (hockey) - Free Agent
Kevin Garnett - Timberwolves (basketball) - Free Agent
Kyle Brady - Jets (football) - Free Agent
Ty Law Die Cut - Patriots (football) - Free Agent
Aki-Petteri Berg - Kings (hockey) - Free Agent
Doug Million - Rockies - Free Agent
Ben Davis - Padres - Free Agent
Rebecca Lobo - Sun (basketball) - Free Agent

Okay, well, these are a little different as well. Here, we have a mix of sports. This was like opening some time warp version of Allen and Ginter.

I'm scanning all the cards from tonight because I can't seem to find words. These are insanely wonderful bits of cardboard, well, and plastic.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

OOTP 16 - Review from two perspectives

Hey all!

I did not realize that I had not actually written a review for OOTP 16 yet. One would think that would be something done very early on. Alas, I obviously tripped on my way out of the dugout there.

This review is approached from two different directions. One is from the PAD Circus perspective and the other is an overall perspective based on my experience using a fully fictional league that will be used as the basis for a novel or novella.

Overall: I really, really have grown to like the clean look of the interface. Some of the menus (or items on the menus) got moved a round a little, so that took some adjusting, but the interface itself is super clean and easy to read. The "Manager's Office" makes for a one-stop update shop: anything you need to know about what's going on in your league and/or with your team, it's there for you in plain view. I think it is pretty cool that the game is now MLB licensed, though I don't use that feature (I am strictly a fictional-league person). I've watched a couple games with the new 3d field mode and wow, that is freaking cool! The folks at OOTP have really outdone themselves there. I would guess many people would buy the game for that feature alone!

PAD Circus: I use OOTP to create a 40-team fictional league that uses the real players plus players I add along the way. The process is a bit convoluted because I have such a weird set of rules and circumstances, so I certainly can't blame the game for that. I do have an issue, though, where the game seemed to have taken over (I set everything for human manager - well, that *I* manage everything) from time to time. For example, I set the players on the teams and then suddenly, players are moved to other teams even though I set the NO TRADES flag and I am the human manager. I might have posted something about it on the forums, I may not have. Really, I am not convinced that I am doing everything correctly. It's one of those things - I question whether it is the game or my own head space. It is far too late in the real season and in the game's season to worry about it now. What it did mean, though, was that I have to manually add all the players back to my 40 teams. It has not been fun, and I have not really put a lot of time into it, which is not fair to the folks that are playing along "vicariously." My one wish, and I may post this as a request, is that game-generated fictional players should have some kind of FIC designation or something so that I know which players on any given team were imported from real rosters or were the result of filling a team with fictional players.

NOVEL: I created a Midwestern league with 10 completely fictional teams and players. The game worked great as I watched the league and players start out from a first year entity to its current 26th season. In that league, everything was run by computer. I kept my hands off, except to change the city of one team, and let the game do its thing. I watched some of the simulated games, but mostly just blew through seasons a month at a time. At the end of each month, I'd check for injuries, news, records, etc. It was great watching rivalries spring up (even if those were made up in my head) and watch players as they matured in their play and eventually retired. My only real complaint is that players never die. I don't mean during the season, but after they are long retired. I really do wish OOTP would make that a select-able option - people could choose whether they wanted it or not. I would want it. I do love that you change certain settings during the course of things. For example, the HOF system I had set was a bit too stringent, but I didn't realize it until one of my favorite players missed his chance at the HOF. I fixed that and it affected future HOF nominations, etc. Sure, I could have done manual HOF, but I would rather the game handle everything in this scenario.

Aside from the few quirks, OOTP is one of the best simulations I've used. It is why I keep using it each year during my Pack-A-Daily Circus pack breaks.

Now, I just need to get off my duff and get my PAD Circus league back in order before the real MLB season ends!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

#PackADailyCircus - Pack 189 - Draft Results 8/23!

Hey everyone! I was a little late running the draft this weekend because I wanted to get the Allen and Ginter cards taken care of beforehand - I know, they aren't related, but in my brain it made sense.

In any case, we have the randomized list and the results. The Managers/Players list has been updated as well!

(click image for larger view)

Final results:

Congrats, managers!! Next step is to sort through free agents and get the next draft going - the next is a double-draft, so we will hold TWO drafts at the same time for this coming weekend.

While we wait for that, though, how about we bust open a pack of something that is NOT Allen and Ginter? We have a cello rack pack of 2006 Topps plus 3 "vintage" cards. Let's take a peek:

Carlos Beltran - Mets - Wilsons (Wahoo!!)
Aubrey Huff - Rays - Free Agent
Edinson Volquez - Rangers - Free Agent
Luis Gonzalez, Shawn Green, Koyie Hill - Diamondbacks - Alecs All-Stars (Wahoo!!), Night Owls (Wahoo!!), Dominic FDNY (Wahoo!!)
Jason Jennings - Rockies - Free Agent
Todd Walker - Cubs - Free Agent
Eddie Guardado - Mariners - Thorzul (Wahoo!!)
Carlos Silva - Twins - Free Agent
Jason Bergmann - Nationals - Free Agent
Octavio Dotel - Yankees - Eastern Virginia Mutts (Wahoo!!)
Julio Franco Hit Parade RBIs - Mets - Free Agent
Bill Gullickson 1990 Tiffany - Astros - CaptKirks42s (Wahoo!!)
Rick Schu 1989 Topps - Orioles - CaptKirk42s (Wahoo!! Back-to-Back!!)
Kirk McCaskill 1991 Topps - Angels Saitama Sushi (Wahoo!!)
Set Checklist 2 of 3 - CaptKirk42s (Wahoo!! x3)
Chris Duffy - Pirates - Free Agent
Oliver Perez - Pirates - New Jersey Hadsalls (Wahoo!!)
Mark Mulder - Cardinals - Maddings (Wahoo!!)
Pirates Team Card - Pirates - Free Agent
Andy Sisco - Royals - Free Agent
Buddy Bell - Royals - Free Agent
Craig Counsell - Diamondbacks - Free Agent

Haha, it was so weird not typing "GAC" after each card! But, WOW!! Congrats to CaptKirk42s! Not only did they grab back-to-back players, but then added another for good measure. Congrats to everyone else in here as well. We pulled a ton of free agents, so it looks like anyone getting cards came off lucky.

#GintACuffs - Let 'Er RIP!

Pedersejs emailed me to say that we should RIP open the Cespedes card to see what's inside. To catch folks up, I am sitting at +149.6 points in the Gint-A-Cuffs contest. We know that I will get at least +10 just for ripping open the card.

So, without further adieu, here we go....

Joe Mauer Mini SP (374) - Twins - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!!) - GAC +10(rip) +3(sp)

GAC Total = +162.6

Congrats to PatP!! Thanks to Pedersejs for letting us rip your card apart to the benefit of others!

When I first started, the top score was 159.6, but since then a new leader has emerged with 185.2 at the time of this writing. But, my score ain't bad at all! It puts me in second place thus far.