Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Posting from the Road

My family and I decided to take a mini vacation over Spring Break and headed to Monroe, LA. While my wife and daughter shopped at Kohl's, my son and I opted to seek out an LCS. Turns out, Jamie's Field of Dreams was nearby. My son picked up a pack of Magic and I snagged 3 packs of Hobby 2014 for the PackADaily Circus.

They had HTA for $12 and I wish I had snagged one of those, too. Ah well, maybe another time.

Monday, March 23, 2015

#ootp #PackADailyCircus - Getting in the Game!

UPDATE: Several players were in the draft that shouldn't have been. Ex: Don Mattingly, Jon Singleton, Lasorda, and Cole Hamels - I am entering names now and finding the dupes. Now that players are in ootp, mistakes should be reduced. Sorry about that!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another edition of PackADaily Circus Update! At some point, I will attempt to do these updates (or some updates, anyway) on Youtube or BlogRadio or something. Yeah, yeah, I know, something else I am adding different from last year. When will I stop? Probably never. haha!

First up, let's talk about the OOTP game. We are using OOTP16 and I have assigned teams to divisions. Like last season, we will have two main leagues, each having 4 divisions. Let's see how things worked out:

Picadilly Division
..Dominic FDNY
..Erin Rose

Leicester Divison
..Play at the Plates

Punto Obelisco Division
..Alecs All-Stars
..Joliet Convicts
..Stealing Home
..Thoughts and Sox

Bakerloo Division
..Arkansas Tribecards
..Bo Rosnys
..Saitama Sushi

Green Park  Division
..Eastern Virginia Mutts
..Idaho Astros
..Night Owls

Oxford Circus Division
..Captain Canucks
..Illinois Jafronius
..Jacksonville jobu
..Pennsylvania BCs

Lillywhites Division
..Backstop Cards
..Cobb County SuperChickens
..Enamel Rods
..The Balking Dead
..Ventura County Royals

Caring Cross Division
..Kentucky Quarrys
..Nachos Grandes
..New Jersey Hadsalls
..Northampton Therapists

The first thing you probably notice are the team names. Some managers kept their names from last season and other decided to try something new. You may also notice that teams have been shifted around from last year's divisions. Some folks may be in the same division, others may not. There was no rhyme or reason to how things worked out.

I have previously assigned drafted players to teams. This most recent draft, which ended up running late, will be added to the game shortly. Speaking of the most recent one, as of this writing anyway, here are the results:

I want to give yet another H-U-G-E thank you to Josh D for making an update to the draft system. Now, I just copy the data from Google and the system will swap out email addresses for in-game team names! I cannot tell you how much time this whole process saves me compared to last season!

Managers, I will have the next draft to you before Tuesday (March 24) morning!

Thanks for reading along!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Quick Pre-Draft Note #PackADailyCircus

Hey everyone! I have *NOT* run the March 21 draft yet. I received my pre-release copy of OOTP, so I have been setting up our fantasy simulation while trying to remember just how I got EVERY historical player to show up in our system. It took me a while, but eventually I remembered how I did it last season.

I will be emailing the four (4) folks that did not submit a draft this time to give them a very small window of opportunity. I know the system has some kinks, so I want to be sure we've all had a chance.

The four are: ProwlingCat, Jafronius, BackstopCards, and SuperDuperMen.

I have also asked JoshD for an add-on to the drafting program. I am waiting to see if my idea can be implemented before I run the draft.

The good news, however, is that I am not waiting to start up another draft! There will another pre-season draft coming to managers very shortly. It will NO names we have used/seen before this season. That way, we can keep moving forward.

As mentioned at the beginning of the PAD Circus 2015, I will be watching rosters, etc. We get 25 players for our active rosters to start things off. So, any managers without at least 25 players before the start of the season will have players randomly assigned to them. Actually, the system calls for a 40-man roster (25 are active), so we may end up with random players anyway. Not sure how the system will handle things until we get in there and try it out.

As always, I appreciate everyone's help and feedback as we move forward!

Oh, and as part of the OOTP pre-order, I will get a steam code for a copy of OOTP16. That will be given away during a special contest coming soon! That is open to ANYONE who reads along.

Thanks for stopping by! I'll keep ya posted!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

#PackADailyCircus First Draft, Rookie Mistakes

Greetings, everyone! Sorry for the absolute lack of posting and updating this week. Let's get started with a few things:

First of all, we ran our first pre-season draft! The new Excel spreadsheet is working just as it should, and that is GREAT news for future drafts.

Secondly, I made a mistake and included Mike Mussina in the draft and he was already claimed during the returning manager's initial picks. So, we got that squared away with little issue, so far as I can tell. It was a rookie mistake.

Thirdly, AFTER the draft was over and I had assigned players to teams, I realized I had ALSO mistakenly included Reggie Jackson in the draft list. Dayf already has him and then it turned out that he ended up with him in the draft. Another rookie mistake. Because of the way I have to handle things until OOTP16 comes out, there was no good or easy way to handle this one. All I can do is apologize and move forward.

Fourthly, we had three (3) players left over that did not get selected: BJ Boyd, Jordy Mercer, and Pedro Feliciano. They will be put into the next pre-season draft.

So... here is the list of picks BEFORE the draft:

Here are the results of the draft:

Congrats to all the managers who participated! The next draft will be heading out soon!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

#PackADailyCircus: Updates; Automating; Recruiting new managers!

Hello, everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Let's take a look at the Pack-A-Daily Circus happenings as of February 26, 2015! This is lengthy, so watch me for the changes and try to keep up. ;-)

I sent an email to the 2014 Managers, so if you were one last year, check your email!

I have heard back from just about every manager. Nearly everyone is coming back for this season's pack-breaking fun! That is awesome! I am very excited to see what this season holds!

Each manager from the 2014 season was allowed to keep nine (9) carryovers from last season. As the Commissioner of this endeavor, I thought it was a fun way to bring folks back in and add a little "team cohesiveness" to the breaks.

Some managers have come up with new names for their teams, so we may see familiar names, but they will have new faces! Most of us are keeping the team name we used last season. Will keeping tradition or shaking things up be one of the key factors in making it to the championships this season? We will find out as the season unfolds.

This season, we will not have write-in players. Each draft will have a set choice list (more on that in the next section). This will help cut down on duplication and typos.

A *VERY* special thanks goes to JoshD for taking some time to work out an automated draft Excel Workbook! I've played with it a bit, and it should do quite nicely in terms of running the drafts this season! As with previous drafts, all drafts will be Serpentine style (also called "snake drafts"). His custom programming handles the snaking perfectly in my tests!

I asked Josh to share anything he wanted about the process, etc. Here is his summary:
1) Paste in the Draft Selections
1B) If requested, randomize the draft order.
2) Figure out for each pick #, whose turn it is.  This depends on how many entrants, and whether it is an odd round (going down in the snake) or an even round (going up).  This currently only works for snake drafts.
3) Figure out which is the first choice for that person that is still available.  Put this person into the "Picked" list.
4) Do this for all the Picks (using a Loop in Excel VBA).
5) Summarize the results into the format shown using VLOOKUPs in Excel.
I cannot tell you how excited I am to put this program into use! In previous seasons, I have had to run the drafts by hand, using a laborious, monotonous process of selecting the player, finding all of that same player in each manager's picks, removing the duplicate picks, shifting the draft, then moving to the next pick, lather, rinse, repeat. This adaptation does all that for me with the push of a single button!

Just to be sure, I will verify the drafts to make sure they ran accurately. As I said, though, my initial tests are proving this to be a smooth system.

In order to help the process, as I mentioned above, this season I am shifting to using a set draft pick list. I will be using Google Forms to collect draft picks. In the past, we've had issues of missing picks, but I have a script that will run each time you submit draft picks so that you get an emailed copy of your picks, I get an emailed copy of your picks and your picks will be in the results sheet. Before I run each draft, I will make sure that everything matches up. If something is amiss, I should have a record of it beforehand! I can use the results to feed into Josh's workbook, and cut my draft times from hours to less than a minute (or thereabouts)!

Before the breaks actually start, each team will be able to fill their 25-man roster. After I have all the managers in place (see below), I will start running OPEN DRAFTS. These will occur about once a week for the next few weeks. I will have about 50-75 players in each list. Managers will be able to pick up to thirty (30) each draft. Remember, just because you pick 30 doesn't mean you will get anywhere near 30 after everyone chimes in!  All drafted players will be assigned to their respective manager. If any team does not have 25 players by the time Opening Day rolls around, I will assign random players to those teams to fill things out.

For the record, I will be using OOTP as the simulation environment to run the games.

Attention *ALL* readers: If you did not play in the 2014 game/breaks, this is your chance to get in on the action!

I will be contacting new managers within 48 hours after sign-up to verify email addresses and answer any questions you may have as a new manager. Most of those questions can be answered by visiting the 2015 PackADaily Info page at the top of this site.

The top two questions are:

  1. How much does this cost? Nothing. It is free to play along! Several folks donate money or packs during the season, but that is not required.
  2. How does this work? In a nutshell: I open packs of cards every day during the regular baseball season. If I draw a player you have on your roster, you get that player's cards. ALL of that player's cards drawn during the season. As the season goes on, any "undrafted" players drawn are put into a draft. If you win that player, you get ALL that player's cards for the whole season. In addition to the cards, I also host a fantasy baseball league in which you participate automatically, using your drafted players. Win the fantasy Tribecards Championship and you get bonus items in addition to the cards!

New Recruits Sign up here:

CUT-OFF for signing up is 9pm, Thursday March 5, 2015.

If you have questions before signing up, please respond to this post or drop me an email.