Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tribe or No Tribe #10ish (Topps Opening Day 2017)

It has been a LONG time since I've posted a TonT pack break, so I thought it would be fun to do! This is roughly the tenth edition of the game I've played. I am also starting a new ranking system to see which TonT's netted the best (er, and worst) results. More on that at the end of the post.

It's been a while, so here are my rules:

+0.5 points for each card in the pack not falling into the following:
+2.0 points for relic, auto, serial (only +1.0 if card is a trap)
+1.0 point for any Thome card in non-Tribe uni
+2.0 points for any Triber card (pictured in Tribe uni, otherwise normal scoring)
-1.0 point for each trap (Braves or Reds are traps for my game)
-0.5 points if card features more than one team or no team at all

This is a Fat Pack of cards, so there are 24 cards with 3 inserts. Let's get crackin!

+0.5 - Adrian Beltre - Rangers
+0.5 - Seung-Hwan Oh - Cardinals
+0.5 - Kendrys Morales - Blue Jays
+0.5 - George Springer - Astros
+0.5 - Trevor Story - Rockies
+2.0 - Jason Kipnis - Indians (Wahoo!!)
+2.0 - Danny Salazar - Indians (Wahoo!!)
-1.0 - Brandon Phillips - Reds
+0.5 - Craig Kimbrel - Red Sox
+0.5 - Jake Arrieta - Cubs
+0.5 - Kendrys Morales Foil OD (4/3/17) - Blue Jays
+0.5 - Anthony Rizzo Superstar Celebrations - Cubs
-0.5 - Fresh Popcorn Incredible Eats - Suntrust Park*
+1.0 - Progressive Field Opening Day Ballpark - Indians (Wahoo!!)
+0.5 - Ryan Schimpf - Padres
+0.5 - Drew Smyly - Mariners
+0.5 - Matt Carpenter - Cardinals
+0.5 - Troy Tulowitzki - Blue Jays
+0.5 - Aaron Sanchez - Blue Jays
+0.5 - Miguel Cabrera - Tigers
+0.5 - Ian Kinsler - Tigers
-1.0 - Joey Votto - Reds
-1.0 - Billy Hamilton - Reds
-1.0 - Freddie Freeman - Braves
TOTAL: +8.5 Raw Score (0.354 Calculated Scored = Raw Score/#of cards)

OUCH! Man, I got the smackdown put on me there at the end! What is up with all the freaking Blue Jays in this pack!? Wow...

*I find it very interesting that the Braves logo is NOT on the front of the Fresh Popcorn card, but does appear on the back. I only deducted the 1/2 point for "no team." My rules, man....

My new ranking system for TonT goes like this: I take the raw score and divide it by the number of cards used to get the raw score. That will give me the Calculated Score. I will use that score to rank packs from first to worst (the higher the score, the better). The ranking system appears (or will appear if you are reading this before I get done with it) as a tab at the top of the site.

Monday, March 27, 2017

2000 Upper Deck PowerDeck Manny Ramirez

I received this little jewel as part of package I got from PunkRockPaint many, many moons ago. The "card" is actually a CD-ROM with various features on it.

The other day, I fired up my computer screen recorder and captured my computer playing through the program. I stepped through each feature, so feel free to pause in order to read on-screen text as needed.

I have always been fascinated by electronic/digital versions of trading cards, and even had the VERY good fortune to talk with one of the folks behind the Digibles Digital Trading Cards (CyberAction) company back in 2010:

Sunday, March 26, 2017

1993 Sporting News Conlon Bob Feller Exclusive

Like many of the cards in my collection, I have things that I own and do not recall how I came to possess. This cool piece from the 1993 Sporting News Conlon Collection is one of my favorite Bob Feller cards ever. I think it's because it is perfectly in tact and includes the the promo paper with it.

The first thing that folks may notice is that it is a Conlon card, but the border is blue! I don't recall seeing other Conlon Collection cards having a color photo and blue border (regular issue were black border with black-and-white photos). This version of the card was only available through the purchase of the Sports Collector's Digest Price Guide of 1993.

The back matches the standard Conlon Collection card, except the border is blue and the "tab" is not actually a perforation...

I tried to determine the print run on these, but I couldn't come up with anything. Apparently, there are 48 total "color" variations of Conlon cards, but the Feller is the only one available exclusively through the purchase of the price guide.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

1993 Diamond Marks Bookmarks by Barry Colla and Terry Smith

The title of the post is slightly misleading, but I didn't know of another way to say it appropriately. You see, these 1993 bookmarks were made by Diamond Marks and feature photos from the Barry Colla Production company and the design is by Terry Smith Creations. So, basically, it took a team to put these things together!

The cards are 2.5" wide by 5" long. The photography is great, especially for 1993. The fronts feature the player name in all-caps white lettering, the DM logo, a HUGE picture of the featured player, the team logo and colored stripes, then the team name (again in all-caps) at the bottom. The bookmarks feature a black border which helps make the color elements really pop.

The backs feature a cool "open book" design with a different photo on the left plus a fun tam logo-based bookmark. The right side features a cropped version of the front image plus the player's name and position. There's a "fun fact" about the featured player as well as logos, copyrights, etc.

A little research finds that there were 120 bookmarks in the set and they were sold in packs of 10. There was also a test set of 10 cards available.

These are definitely some of the coolest oddball items I have that aren't food-related.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Break Pack Bust: 2016 Stadium Club

Well, since our quest to find a card shop in Hot Springs went belly-up, I ran into the Walmart here and snagged a pack of 2016 Stadium Club. I believe this is the first time I've even see these. They are certainly a throwback to the glory days of Stadium Club, and in this case, that's not a bad thing.

I love the full-card images and the photography on the cards. The subject matter is a matter of debate, for sure, but I guess so long as it is baseball, we're okay, right?

I didn't pull any current Indians players, but I did pull former Tribers and some stars/HOFers from days gone by. Excuse the image quality as I am posting these while sitting at the table in the "resort" room where my family is staying during our Spring Break.

*Note: The place we are staying deems itself a "resort," though I would argue it is a hotel that happens to be lakeside... Maybe that qualifies it as a resort... Story for another day.