Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Livin Without Wedge - another parody

To the tune of  "Living on the Edge" by Aerosmith:

There's something wrong with the Tribe today
We all know what it is
Somethings wrong with our guys

We're seeing things in a different way
And Wedge knows it aint his
It sure aint no surprise

we're livin without Wedge
We're livin without Wedge
We're livin without Wedge
We're livin without Wedge

There's something wrong with the Tribe today
The coaches gettin skinned
There's a meltdown in the Tribe

If you can find a wise man
Not named Shapiro nor Dolan
Then mister, that's one we'd better hire

We're livin without Wedge
(And they fired Skinner too)
Livin without Wedge
(Running Tribe into the ground)
Living without Wedge
(Who will the Tribe be callin?)
Livin without Wedge
(welcome to the 80's once again)

Tell me what you think about our situation
Frustration - aggravation
Is making us blue

If all the Tribe fans tell you that the sky is fallin
Still to Progressive would they still come crawling
Back again - I bet they would my friends
Again & again & again & again

Something might help the Tribe today
And everybody wants Dolans gone
But what do we all know?
And we can't make them go
So all Tribe fans are a hanging on

(chorus repeats out)

The Thunderdome ain't got nothin' on this guy

There is only one "Mad Max" I know of, and he sent me a bubbleope of bliss the other day!

The first card I'm showing is a 1996 or '97 Topps Outfield Power/Mystery Facts Albert Belle:

This thing is so shiny and new, Topps listed all of the patents it holds to the technology involved on the back in their 'copyright' area!  It is one shiny duuude!  The Mystery Facts on the back show a thumbnail image of three players, next to which is a piece of trivia in which you are supposed to try and figure out who the player is.  This card features M16 (Griffey Jr), M17 (Belle himself), and M18 (I have no idea, some Rockies guy: "My Three-run HR in the 11th, the first of many I'd hit in 1996, gave the Rockies their first win in their Coors Field christening.").  If you can answer the question correctly, I'll send you a prize.  Seriously!

Next up is a Hafner/Sizemore UD Cut from the same cloth serially-numbered card (132/149):

This is one sweet card: two of my favorite current Tribers, serial number, just the right amount of shininess.  Excellent stuff!!

The final card is one that Max told me he was sending.  His description could not prepare me for the coolness factor of this card!

That is Roberto Freakin Clemente!  That is a commemorative patch for the 1963 All-Star Game.  Much like a Reese's cup, separately, these are cool things, but once you get your commemorative patch in my Clemente card and your Clemente card mixed with my commemorative patch, it is pure magic!

To top it off, the card came in a screw-down.  Not just any old screw-down case, though.  This one is MAGNETIC.  I have never seen one of these and I have to say, it is a genius piece of craftsmanship - a screwdown without the screw!  Someone needs to tell toy manufacturers about this one - get rid of those pesky screws we parents have to try to mind microscopic drivers for!

Mad Max, THANK YOU for these great cards!! 

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thorzul Nightmare Card

I have been working on putting together cards that will make Thorzul scream in horror should he decide to have another halloween card contest.  After much thought, I realized that one of the scariest things  Thorzul could ever see would be one of these:

Oh, yeah, I went there.  Auto'd and everything!  Mwahahaha!

Monday, September 28, 2009

"Minny" Lofton

I was trolling around eBay about a week ago, and came across this little number ("little" being the operative word here):

That is a 1995 Creative Images International "The Original Microstars" Kenny Lofton.  It is micro, all right! We're talking all of about 2 inches tall here.  You may also have keenly trained your eyes to pick on the subtle use of the team colors WITHOUT the use of the team logos.  Yes, much like everyone else but Topps nowadays, these guys did not have an MLB contract - only an MLBPA one.  Likenesses, yes.  Team logos, no.  Player names, yes.  Team names with the associated city, no.  Team names by themselves, yes.  It's a strange maze one must navigate if one wishes to sell baseball-related memorabilia.

There are FIFTY MicroStars in the full set.  I looked online for a list I could just copy and paste.  Alas, I came up empty and thus had to (GASP!) hand-enter these:

Blue Jays-Roberto Alomar, Expos-Moises Alou, Astros-Jeff Bagwell, Pirates-Jay Bell, Indians-Albert Belle, Rockies-Dante Bichette, Astros-Craig Biggio, Yankees-Wade Boggs, Giants-Barry Bonds, Red Sox-Jose Canseco, Blue Jays-Joe Carter, Rangers-Will Clark, Red Sox-Roger Clemens, Royals-David Cone, Phillies-Lenny Dykstra, Phillies-Darren Daulton, Tigers-Cecil Fielder, Tigers-Travis Fryman, Rockies-Andres Galarraga, Rangers-Juan Gonzalez, Mariners-Ken Griffey Jr, Padres-Tony Gwynn, Athletics-Rickey Henderson, Expos-Randy Johnson, Braves-Dave Justice, Yankees-Jimmy Key, Angels-Mark Langston,   Reds-Barry Larkin, Indians-Kenny Lofton, Braves-Greg Maddox, Yankees-Don Mattingly, Braves-Fred McGriff, Blue Jays-Paul Molitor, Dodgers-Raul Mondesi, Rockies-David Nied, Orioles-Rafael Palmeiro, Dodgers-Mike Piazza, Twins-Kirby Puckett, Orioles-Cal Ripken Jr, Mets-Bret Saberhagen, Reds-Deion Sanders, Marlins-Gary Sheffield, Cardinals-Ozzie Smith, Cubs-Sammy Sosa, White Sox-Frank Thomas, Brewers-Greg Vaughn, Red Sox-Mo Vaughn, White Sox-Robin Ventura, and Giants-Matt Williams.

Note the list was typed in from the back of the card inside the package.  So, if a team seems wrong for a particular player, it's not my fault!

I havve already found another group of them and bought those in order to snag one of the other Indians (can't remember which just now).  You might have some luck searching online for your favorite players, too!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tribe That Never Were - Dale Earnhardt

For your amusement and/or general puzzlement, I present card #2 in the "Tribe that never were" series: Mr. Dale Earnhardt.

Yeah, I used a vintage hat, modern jersey, and 80's card template.  It's an enigma. And, it's fun.

Tribers That Never Were

I've been toying with a set of Indians cards that portray people who would most likely never don an Indians cap/uniform despite how cool I think it might be/might have been.  I lead off the set with Michael:

This will be like most of my other "series" posts: random and following no pattern, rhyme or reason whatsoever.  Hey, it's worked pretty well to this point.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Saving up for The Great One

I suppose my lack of posting lately had to do with the fact the Indians were on an awful losing streak and I saw no good way out of it.  But then, a  miracle: Wayne Gretzky left the Coyotes or whatever team he was heading up ove on the hockey end of things.  So, you think he'd be willing to give baseball management a try?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cards from the "Biggs" House!

A few days ago, I got a package in the mail from Mr. Biggs!  The note inside simply said, "enjoy!"  And, boy will I!!

There are all kinds of companies, sets, oddballs, parallels in here!

He sent me old school cards, newer cards, and all kinds of goodies.

Classic, Fleer, minis, micros, Pacific - all Tribers and all welcomed to their new home!

And then, he tossed in a slew of Thome cards to boot!  Not to mention Alomar, Franco, Carter, and lots of other friendly Indians faces!

Very cool stuff, in deed!

Man, this was GREAT FUN!!  I certainly did enjoy these cards and can't wait to see which ones end up in the lineup and which ones are already members of my Tribe cards collection!

Thank you, Kerry!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Land of Wrigley (lyrics, sorta)

Some time ago, BaseballDad sent various folks a CD of baseball songs and bits. My son LOVES several of the songs on the CD, especially "The Land of Wrigley." While I know this is not a Cubs-related blog, I thought it fitting that I post what I "think" are the lyrics to the song because I cannot find them anywhere online.

So, if you know some of these are wrong, feel free to correct me and I'll fix them for the world to see. In the meantime, here are the approximate lyrics to "The Land of Wrigley:"

"The Land of Wrigley"
by Stormy Weather/Henry Farag

The Northside die-hard stole the show
The Land of Wrigley is in my soul
Come on Cubbies let the good times roll
Roll all day long

Come on Cubbies, let the good times roll
America's team, so I've been told
Come on Cubbies let the good times roll
Roll all day long

Come on Cubbies playin in the sun
Don't stop until you've won
The bleacher bums are gonna have their fun
Roll all day long

It feels so good, when you're home
Let's hear it for the sunshine boys,
You can do no wrong
On the road they give you night and day
When they're at home they play the natural way
Come on Cubbies well hey, hey, hey
Roll all day long

It feels so good, when you're home
Let's hear it for the sunshine boys,
You can do no wrong
All around the Cubs really are tough
Everybody knows they got the right stuff
Come on people how about those Cubs
Roll all day long
Roll all day long
Roll all day long
(Hey people have a pop old time)

Okay, not sure about the "tough" line and not sure about the last line.

If you have never heard the song, you can watch a YouTube slideshow-thing that features the song: HERE!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Streaks: L7 and All-Time Nine

Kinda says it all, doesn't it? The Indians have lost their last seven in a row. Ouch.

Now, the good news is that the MLB is letting us pick our favorite all-time players at position! Just go here. It is not as easy as you might think, either!

For the Tribe, we've got some VERY difficult choices to make. I don't like that I don't get choose a pitcher. They used the DH instead. Really? I'd much rather pick a pitcher than a DH.... As Erin will attest, DHSUX!

At first base, we have George Burns, Lew Fonseca, Ed Morgan, Richie Sexson, Jim Thome, Hal Trosky Sr., and Vic Wertz. Of course, for me, that was a no-brainer. I'm a die-hard Thome fan, bar none.

At second, things get way more intense. Roberto Alomar, Carlos Baerga, Joe Gordon, Johnny Hodapp, and Nap Lajoie. This is a pretty close match-up for me. Baerga is a fan-favorite, but how do you not pick Alomar or Lajoie!? I mean, come on, the team was NAMED for Nap at one point!

Shifting to shortstop, we have Lou Boudreau, Omar Vizquel, Julio Franco,
Jhonny Peralta, and Joe Sewell. I am a fan of everyone named here. I ultimately chose Vizquel.

On third, Travis Fryman, Larry Gardner, Toby Harrah, Ken Keltner,
Al Rosen, and Jim Thome are vying for the top-spot. I don't like Thome in this group. I guess I just see him best at first. I am a Thome fan, but for this position, I picked Al Rosen.

Only four catchers are in the running: Sandy Alomar Jr., Victor Martinez,
Johnny Romano, and Billy Sullivan. Though I am a huge V-Mart fan, how could you pick anyone but Alomar?? :-)

Now, the outfield is full of great players, and we only get to pick THREE... AUGH! Earl Averill, Albert Belle, Bobby Bonds, Joe Carter, Rocky Colavito, Larry Doby, Elmer Flick, Juan Gonzalez, Jeff Heath, Joe Jackson, David Justice, Kenny Lofton, Manny Ramirez, Grady Sizemore, Elmer Smith, Tris Speaker, and Joe Vosmik... Holy cow! I don't even remember who I picked! I think I finally decided on Lofton, Sizemore and Speaker (or maybe it was Jackson... Yeah, Jackson now that I think about it)

And, since we have to pick a DH instead of a pitcher, we have: Ellis Burks, Travis Hafner, Eddie Murray, and Andre Thornton. I love to watch Pronk play, but to pick just one of these guys as the all-time DH, I had to go with Eddie Murray. Maybe it's because I have his rookie card in my 'other players I collect' cards or maybe because he was friggin awesome. Either way, he was my pick.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

If you read just one post this year...

You may or may not be familiar with the girls over at Dinged Corners. If you have not stopped by there, I wholeheartedly recommend you leave here (feel free to come back, of course!!!) and check out the interview with Moe Drabowsky's daughters. It is a wonderful insight into growing up with a baseball-playing Dad.

If you are not a card blog reader, but somehow stumbled across my site, there is at least one post you should read before you leave card blogging (though I would hope you check out ALL the card blogs, as they are often filled with tidbits that tell of much more than "just" baseball cards): Read the interview at Dinged Corners Here!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1960 Nu-Card Baseball Hi-Lites

I decided I would highlight (get it, HIghLIghT(es)) a few cards I have from the 1960 Nu-Card Baseball Hi-Lites set. I am pretty sure these came from an eBay purchase, but I could not tell you when.

Card #6 features an unassisted triple play by Bill Wambsganss ("Wamby" and yeah, YOU say his name...) in the 1920 World Series!

Another card I have features Bob Feller hurling his 3rd career no-hitter:

These cards are about the size of postcards and some of the cooler oddballs I have in my collection. The back of each card has a trivia question.

I also have a Rocky Colavito and an Early Wynn, but those (along with a scan of the back of one card and a checklist) are featured over on "Things Done to Cards."

Monday, September 14, 2009

I am king of the world! well, maybe not the world...

I just got some Tribecards! I just got some Tribecards, I just got some Tribecards, I just got some Tribecards, wonder who they're from? (to the tune of "We just got a letter" - Blues Clues)

bFore we answer that, you have to see this:

Okay, so the card in the center at the top gives you a clue, (not that the title doesn't), but this package of cards has some very neat inserts/parallels/serials in it! Fleer Focus Green, MVP Standouts, Donruss Production Line, and lots more. Some of these I don't ever remember hearing of! The Thome drinking bottled water is kinda weird... "Hey, Jim, we want your picture for a vintage set we're doing. Could you take a drink from a bottle of water? Thanks." I like the funk "Wonder Years" cards, too!

But, bAware, that is not all that is there:

How about gold cards, game-used bat cards, shiny silver cards, and... um, uh, er, a Braves card!? If I were doing Tribe-or-no-Tribe, I just would have been trapped! But, I'm not, and there are a lot of great Tribe cards in here!

So, THANK YOU BSNIDER!! These are wonderful, and I can tell many are going to end up in the collection for sure!

Sidenote: Yeah, I used a Blue's Clues song. With a 14 yr old and a 7 yr old, I've seen nearly every episode - first with Steve while my son was young, then with Joe while my daughter was watching. I can't account for the songs I choose to parody in my posts, it just happens...

Sidenote Number 2: The note on the card reads, "A pile of Random Tribesman for the King of Randomness..." Hence, the title of the post.

Sidenote Number 3: There is no sidenote here. I'm done. But I have to have three points listed. I wish I knew which of my English teachers drilled that into my head. I'm sure he'd/she'd be proud... Well, maybe not.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Wizard of Hackenbush's Place

If you have kids, especially a young girl, in your life, then you are probably familiar with the "Wizards of Waverly Place." If not, well, then just read along and pretend.

(to the tune of the theme from "Wizards of Waverly Place"):

Well you know Hackenbush got some cards for free
From Tribecards without doubt, he sent one to me
And it's a Bob Feller full of smiling glee

I might find this could go to my head
When I look at the man with the cap on his head
With the click of a button he put it to bed
That's what I said

Everything is not what it seems
It's a Bob Feller Topps, but I here's what I mean
It may look normal here, but he went to extremes
Because everything is not what it seems

Everything is not what it seems
He printed out a card by the simplest of means
A full glossy photo, it's a full-sized thing
Because everything is not... what it seems!

Thank you, Hackenbush! This is a very cool 8.5" x 11" printout of a 1953 Topps Bob Feller card. He said he has done this with his Ron Santos cards (or one of them, I can't remember now which), and I think it is a very cool way to show off a Tribe card or a great Hall of Famer!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Lest We Forget

Today, I hope each American takes just a moment to stop and remember those who lost their lives on that Tuesday morning. Then, take just another moment to remember those that have lost their lives since that day, giving up their lives in service to their country.

If you see someone who has served in any capacity for our country, please thank them. Nothing big or dramatic, just say, "Thanks." I lost my Dad as an indirect result of the actions on 9/11, as he was performing civilian work in Iraq when he passed away. No, he was not killed during combat-related activity, but he passed away while serving his country just the same.

Thanks to everyone that is serving our country in places far off because of what happened on 9/11, 2001! I am grateful for your service in honor and memory of those who lost their lives and who serve because of the duty they feel to our country and who serve in order to bring those behind the attacks to some kind of justice.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Jaw, The Capt, and the Lost Auto

No, that's not the title of my latest foray into the publishing world (although, not a bad title for a future endeavor...), it is the latest pair of packages to find their way to Prescott!

The Jaw
These cards were wrapped up in a note which read, "Tribecards - I hope you need some of these!" I know for a FACT there are at least a couple I need. How do I know? Because I do not believe I have ever seen them before...

It may be hard to tell in the scans, but if you enlarge the pictures, you will find many, many, Manny cards! Plus a whole slew of other favorite Tribers! Including some Hall-of-Fame action going on there!

Now, if TheJaw is reading this, and it appears to be missing a card - keep reading!

THANK YOU very much for these great Tribers!! I am looking forward to getting these in the database!

The Capt
The next group of cards comes from the Great White North, eh! If you watch closely, you will notice something of a pattern, or at least a common thread in here:

In addition to the stack of LEAF cards, Captain Canuck also included a couple rounds of Donruss cards! His note said, "I hope some of these are new, or at least upgrades!" These cards are MINT!

I would say many of these will server as upgrades to my collection for sure!

As you can see, it appears as thought The Capt sent me complete team sets of these Donruss cards! That is awesome!

But, wait, there's more! He also sent me an UNOPENED pack of Donruss cards! I will be playing "Tribe-or-no-Tribe with these on here in a later post, and I will bust the pack open for "A Pack A Day" and/or "A Pack To Be Named Later!" Coolness!

THANK YOU very much, Captain Canuck!! And, if TheCapt is reading along and seems to be missing a card, KEEP READING!

The Lost Auto
Included in one of the packages was an Autographed Kazuhito Tadano card:

The problem is, when I was moving cards from the living room to the home office for scanning, I mixed up the piles! I knew TheCapt had a package of Donruss, so that was easy. What I can't remember for the life of me is which one sent the auto card!

So, THANK YOU for sending this great auto card!! And for *ALL* the Indians cards!! What a way to spend 09/09/09!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2009 UD ICONS from Wax Heaven!

Recently, Mario over at Wax Heaven said he had some Indians from the '09 UD Icons set and asked if I would like to have them. Naturally (not the 1st baseman*), I happily accepted the offer. The cards came with a condition: In addition to receiving several Icons cards, would I be willing to do a review? Again, I happily accepted the offer!

The first three cards in the package are Ian Kinsler (Rangers), Kerry Wood (Indians!), and CC Sabathia (Yankees):

The front of the cards feature a gold-foil "Upper Deck" logo with the "ICONS" moniker. The players featured on each card are HUGE, taking up a large chunk of card real estate. For me, this is an improvement over the designs that lose the player in the muck and mess of borders, text, and minutiae that often fills late-model cards. Speaking of borders, these feature some kind of 'dynamic ribbon design' (not to be confused with Pepsi or Coke) that uses team-like colors at the top and bottom of the card. There is a silver accent that separates the border from the main background. The main background is a weird smoky sepia that looks like it is supposed to be parchment, maybe? What ever it is, the background works well to let the player image stand out.

In the lower portion of the front of the card shows the player's name, team, and position.

The next three cards are Jason Giambi (Athletics), Jim Thome (White Sox), and Albert Pujols (Cardinals):

I wanted to show the back of the Icons card, so I picked Giambi (because there was no way I would do that to a Thome and I'm not going to get Pujols' publicist in a tizzy). The backs feature the card number in the upper left corner and the team logo on the upper right. The border on the back uses the same 'dynamic ribbon design' featured on the front, along with the same colors and smoky-sepia-parchment thing. The middle show the player's name, biographical information and stats for the past few years. The bottom has the required logos and copyright info, but also shows "2009 Icons Baseball." At first, this seems innocuous. It isn't. I'll explain in a minute.

Up next, we have Cliff Lee (Indians!), Alfonso Soriano (Cubs), and Jimmy Rollins (Phillies):

The final "regular" Icons card in the package is Curtis Granderson (Tigers). This is followed up by an Alex Rios (Blue Jays) silver foil serial card (#036/125). I don't know the significance of the silver foil versions. The back of these cards say "2009 Upper Deck Icons Baseball." Did you see what happened there? The regular cards do not have the "Upper Deck" as part of the set name, whereas each insert lists the brand as part of the set. I'm sure someone knows why that is, and will gladly share the reason in the comments. Or not. You never know.

Also included with Wax Heaven's package (hey, keep it clean folks) were two "Legendary Icons" cards, Tony Gwynn (Padres) and Nolan Ryan (Rangers):

As you can see, the design for the border is shifted 90 degrees, such that it runs down the sides instead of along the top and bottom. They are serially numbered and have a copy of the player's face on the back, along with pertinent information about the player's career. These also include the Baseball Hall of Fame and Cooperstown Collection logos on the back.

The next card is ultra thick and sports the letter "H" on a "manufactured MLB patch." It's a Lettermen card of James Shields (Rays):

I have to say, the border on this bad boy is very cool! I love the effect and how the patch's window mimics the flow of lines. I have to admit, though, it looks a but like one end of a football, but that's just me. I like the player photo squeezed onto the front because it also fits into the design. By far one of the nicer patch cards, even if it is a "manufactured" patch.

What Mario DIDN'T tell me (so far as I remember) is that one of the swatch cards is VMART! Victor Martinez (Indians!) appears on a game-used memorabilia card. The card is foil, features a nice photo, and the swatch is located in the "O" of Icons across the card. I just realized the logo on the front of the cards labeled as "Upper Deck Icons Baseball" has a different look and feel than those of the "Icons Baseball" cards. I'm sure that means something....

The final card in the package is ALSO a Triber! It is an autographed card of Trevor Crowe (Indians!). The auto is on-sticker vs. on-card, but I don't card where the auto appears - it's an auto! The card itself uses another modified version of the border seen in the set, and basically looks like the "Icons Baseball" base cards - in fact, it is listed as an "Icons Baseball" card on the back.

Overall, I really like the design of these cards. It's too bad UD lost their MLB license because this would make a great-looking set for the regular series of cards - or something like it anyway. I also like the idea of a card set that features the greats of today (the "icons" if you will). I'm looking forward to building my collection of Indians ICONS cards. And, thanks to fellow bloggers, including Mario at Wax Heaven, I've got a great start!

Thank you VERY much, Mario!

The Non-Indians ICONS cards will be placed in their respective team boxes (except the Thome, of course) to be given away at some point in a future contest/giveaway.

*For those that missed the 1st baseman reference: Here is another clue:
"So, I pick up the ball and throw it to Naturally!"
"No! You don't! You throw the ball to Who!"

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Power of Cropping - Kenny Lofton

I was searching eBay for some oddball Tribe stuff and came across an auction for a "35mm Slide with full rights" of Kenny Lofton. I haven't decided if I am going to bid or not, but the photo itself caused me to pause a moment...

Look at this picture:

Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Lofton has taken a swing at the ball. Where did it go? Is it heading out to the outfield or down the line? Let's see if a wider view gives us better indication:

No, not really. I mean, here we have the catcher in the view but does it reveal anything? Well, the catcher has his hand still in the position to receive the ball. So, this shot was either taken at just the right moment, or Lofton is WAAAAY ahead of the pitch. The guy in the background isn't even paying attention to what's happening at the plate, so he is no help.

Let's view the whole picture that is being offered in the auction:

Ah, there it is... The ball is fouled off and hovering just above Lofton's head in the photo.

If the first, cropped image had been selected for a baseball card, we would have no idea as to the outcome or the situation of the photo. The second image would make a cool card, too, with the catcher in view. I see why the whole image was not put on a card, though...

Finding just the right moment in time is not the only thing that comes into play when selecting images for cards. The markup/assembly folks have to also look at what works when everything else is cropped out - or if ANYTHING can be cropped out. Of course, in this day and age of easy-to-do photo editing, I'm not sure it really matters all THAT much...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gone in 30 seconds!

The women at had a kickin idea for a post! Pick a binder (preferably FULL), set it on the table, and then choose SIX cards in only 30 seconds.... So, I gave it a shot. I chose the binder marked "Oddballs, Stickers, Autographs: 1900-1980"

For the record, I cannot easily remove the items from my binder, so I grabbed a digital camera and snapped a photo of the card/item I came across.

First up, 1962 Topps Baseball Bucks:

1964 Topps stand-Ups:

I dont even remember what this is - a Topps poster or something:

1970-something Frank Robinson record:

1977ish Pepsi/MSA Discs (with glove!):

Topps rub-ons (or is it rub-offs? I'm never sure):

For those about to rock, we salute you.... Er, uh, I mean who opt to take this challenge, I have to warn you - it is NOT EASY! And the whole "full binder" thing is a ruse! Pick the thinnest binder you have because the 30 seconds FLIES by! I had a LOT of items I wished I had picked instead, but when I was down to 5 seconds, I was snapping whatever the page flipped open to!

This was a LOT of fun!! Thanks for the GREAT idea, DC!

Gracious Gifts from Grant and Random Packs Update

Grant may be known as the "Old School Pack Buster," but what he sent me was FAR from Old School!!

Yeah, you see that correctly! That's a Cliff Lee AUTO'D Masterpieces card! That is way too cool! He also threw in a Pronk Masterpiece for good measure!

And then, he included a couple of 2009 A&G Minis!

That's Kelly Shoppach and Matt LaPorta. Very nice in deed.

But, wait! There's more!

How about a couple 2009 Topps Chrome cards!? Jeremy Sowers and Trevor Crowe round out the gift pack.

THANK YOU very much, Grant! The Lee card says it all: "Stroke of Genius!"

Quick update to the Random Packs of Kindness team packs... They're done, finished, kaput. At least for now. SpastikMooss has laid claim what's left. I know, some of the team packs had more than one left, but I am saving any remaining team packs for another giveaway.

Of course, randomly random is still open to anyone that wants some (even if you've asked before)!

THANKS to EVERYONE that participated in the Random Team Packs giveaway! Don't worry, if you laid claim to some and haven't gotten them yet, yours will be coming soon!