Thursday, November 13, 2008

A-Rod #1 top 50 player? And a prize!

The "Factoid" from the "Top 50 Players" book came from none other than A-Rod, who the "Editors of the MLB" chose as the #1 player. Here are the Top Ten:

  1. A-Rod
  2. Albert Pujols
  3. Johan Santana
  4. Jake Peavy
  5. David Wright
  6. Miguel Cabrera
  7. Hanley Ramirez
  8. Ryan Howard
  9. Matt Holliday
  10. Manny Ramirez

As I mentioned before, Costanza's Brother wins a prize for being the first to name A-Rod as the player associated with the "Factoid." His prize? A 2008 Upper Deck Series 1 Game-Used Jersey Rocco Baldelli card!

CB, drop me an email and I'll get your prize out to you!

The "Best 50" book also has trivia questions in it, so at random times, I will post trivia questions for more prizes!


  1. David Wright isn't even the best 3B in his division..... and he's #5?!?!?!?!!!???!!


  2. Awesome. That would be my first Rocco Jersey card. Thank you!!