Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Major League Movie cards FOUND!

(Quick note: These are *not* my cards. Ryan was nice enough to share photos of *his* cards!)

First of all, a HUGE thank you to Ryan Dunn of Milwaukee, WI!  Evidently while doing his own research on the "Major League" movie card set, he came across a post I made last year (here) concerning the legitimacy of the set.  I had done some pretty extensive research and only ran into dead ens and "fake" cards.

The other day, Ryan left a comment that he knew of the set and actually OWNS IT!  Say WHAT!?  So, I asked him to send me some pics.  He posted them to his FaceBook page:

I am reposting them here so I have a copy, too. :-)  I have only seen the set listed in ONE baseball card pricing guide ever.  I think I may even have it in one of the older guides I own.  Heck, I might have even scanned it and posted it here before!  I'll have to look and see.  If I do have it, I'll be sure to send Ryan a copy of the pricing.  THANK YOU so much, Ryan!  In one comment, you said you may own the only set in existence at this point.  I think you may be right!  I even hired a company to look for the set and THEY couldn't find anyone with it!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 Gummy Awards - Vote now!

The 2009 Gummies are open for voting!  This is a great feature hosted/created by Chris Harris (StaleGum).  Vote for the best (and worst) products/people of 2009 in the baseball card collecting world!

Go here:

FYI, you have to click the "VOTE" button for EACH question!  No worries, though, because each section lets you vote without reloading the whole page. :-)  And, you get to see your impact as soon as you vote (and you can change your vote if you want/need as well).

Super work, Chris!!