Thursday, December 27, 2018

Merry @Indians #Cardmas to Me!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to everyone out there! This year for Christmas, I received several packs of cards from my wife and extended family. Here are the Indians cards I pulled from the various pack!

We have Alex Cole as the sole pull from a pack of 1991 Fleer. That's followed up with two cards from a pack of 1988 Donruss featuring Andy Allanson and Dave Clark. From a pack of 1991 Studio, I pulled a Mark Whiten. I had two packs of Upper Deck - one from 90 and one from 91 - and managed to pull a Triber from each pack! There's Chris James from the 1991 and Brook Jacoby from 1990.

The packs continue to deliver Indians cards with *FOUR* Tribers in a pack of 1992 Donruss: Denis Boucher, Jeff Shaw, Mike Aldrete, and Doug Jones. Rounding out the half dozen Indians cards I pulled for Christmas, we have Shane Bieber and Jose Ramirez from a pack of Topps 2018.

I received other packs of cards as well, but they netted no Tribers. As far as I am concerned, any time I can pull Indians cards from packs, it's a win in my book!

Hope you had a wonderful Cardmas and/or Christmas/Holiday as well!!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

2018 Gint-A-Cuffs Tally etc

Hey all!
  Here is my Google Sheet with the list and tally for the 2018 GAC contest. Considering my tally came nowhere close to winning, even with the Will Clark Auto/Relic Book, I will simply link to the previous post with card scans. At the time of this writing, we are also awaiting scoring for the mini Glow-in-the-Dark.

TOTAL (w/ou GITD score): 114
(Those freaking Yankees cost me a fortune in points!)



Thursday, August 30, 2018

GAC-X Raw Scans

Hey, everyone! Here are the raw scans from the Hobby Box of 2018 Allen and Ginter as my entry to this year's Gint-A-Cuffs!!

N43-Albies, Seager Relic, Benjamin Relic, Clark Auto/Relic Book!

Glow-in-the-Dark Maddux!

Monday, August 20, 2018

$180 Raised for Charity!

Thank you so much to everyone that participated in my first-ever charity case break! We raised $180 for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America as part of the Crackin' Wax Allen & Ginter charity break!

*Note: This amount reflects contributions from break participants. Money raised during the sale of unpicked teams will be donated after those sales are complete.

A Quick Allen & Ginter Charity Case Break Update!

Hey, everyone!

As some of you know, I was out sick for the past few days. This means that sorting and shipping for the A&G case break is a bit further behind than I had hoped. I will also be out of town for the next several days, so the A&G case break hauls will be mailed by FRIDAY, AUGUST 24!

Charity money totals will be posted this week as well.

I will start posting unclaimed teams to eBay on Saturday, August 25.

Thanks for your patience.

Look for a PAD Circus update coming in the next day or so as well!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

One for the Thumb! Indians host 6th All-Star game!

The Cleveland Indians will take top honors in 2019 when they become the only TEAM in Major League baseball history to have hosted SIX All-Star games! WAHOO!!

Other cities have hosted more, but not by one, single team. That is AWESOME!!

Today (Aug 7, 2018) the Indians revealed the logo for the 2019 All-Star game:

Previous logos/patches are below (please note, these are property of the respective owners, etc):

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Allen & Ginter Case Break BOX TOPPER Update

Hey, everyone! I have removed the "ALL Box Toppers" option as a separate buy-in. Instead, box toppers will go to the team(s)/spot(s) chosen by participants!

That's right, folks: If your team/spot pulls a box topper, YOU get it! Wahoo!!

Remember, the cut off is August 10th at 11:59pm Central US Time.

The break is planned for Saturday, August 11th! The break will most likely *NOT* be live due to Internet issues at my house, but I will record the breaks and post them to the Tribecards: The Hobby YouTube channel, make posts to Twitter, and will put together a highlights video/pictures.

Still plenty of spots open until the cutoff and remember: $30 buy-in then you name your donation! EVERYTHING you offer above $30 goes to help Crackin' Wax raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America!

Use the "CASE BREAK" tab above to sign up!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Charity Case Break Will Go On!

Here is a charity case break update (08/02/2018):

The break will go on! No matter how many spots are filled or not filled, I *WILL* be doing the charity case break! Thank you so much to those of you who have signed up and paid for your spots!

UNFILLED SPOTS: Unfilled spots will have those cards listed for sale on eBay or possibly other online sales sites. A percentage of each sale will go to the BBBSA charity donation.

Not sure why I am having such a hard time selling spots to this case break, but I am taking it on faith that good things will come of this!

The break will happen shortly after August 11, 2018. I still don't have a break date yet due to family and work things going on, but the break WILL take place before September 1!

Remember, the deadline to sign up and pay is 11:59pm August 10, 2018!

Thanks again to everyone participating!!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

2018 Allen & Ginter Charity Case Break is finally HERE!

It's here!! The 2018 Allen & Ginter Charity Case Break has arrived at Tribecards!! That's right, we are helping Crackin' Wax raise money to help Big Brothers and Big Sisters!

All the rules, details, etc are on the "Allen & Ginter Case Break" page at the top of this site - or just click here!

Sign up on the HUB page today! Note: Deadline to register AND pay is August 11, 2018.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Late to the Paaaarrrrrrty - Pirate Day Set Card

dayf came up with a plan to create a 2009 National Collect Like A Pirate set of cards. In case you missed it, this past Saturday was Talk-like-a-pirate day...

As usual, I am late to the party, but here is my entry featuring Kenny Lofton:

And in case you can't quite make out the SI tidbits, here is the SI cover:

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tribecards Break Rules (as of 07/16/2018)


It is your sole responsibility to know and understand the rules and procedures of these breaks before proceeding. By joining, participating in and paying for any spot(s) in any break, you agree to the rules and conditions posted below. Tribecards cannot and shall not be held responsible or liable for failure to adhere to this agreement.

Here are the standard rules for each break held here at Tribecards. Please be sure to read this page thoroughly before buying into ANY break here. Some Tribecards breaks will have their own rules but most will adhere to these general rules.


All cards contained within each respective box and/or case will be used for each break. You pick the spot(s) you would like, pay for your spot(s), and I’ll send you your new cards after the break! In most cases, Tribecards keeps ALL Cleveland baseball-related cards. In the case of multi-team cards, Tribecards adheres to the procedures listed below. Some breaks are done for charity. For those, I donate a portion (usually 10%) of the cost of every purchased team spot per each respective charity break to that break’s assigned charity.


Many breaks will be broadcast live on the Tribecards: The Hobby YouTube Channel after either all spots have been fully paid or after the product arrives–whichever comes last*. This scheduling condition is subject to change for each respective break. Videos focus more on the hits and other cards of interest in order to keep the video at a reasonable length. Video of the each break will be available on the Tribecards: The Hobby YouTube Channel.


In the event that a card of any type containing multiple players from multiple teams is pulled, that card will be distributed this way:

  • The team majority owner of the card (i.e. 2 Team A + 1 Team B on 1 card goes to Team A owner), or
  • The spot majority owner of the card (i.e. 1 Team A + 1 Team B + 1 Team C on 1 card goes to owner with most spots on card), or
  • Random spot owner (i.e. 1 Team A + 1 Team B + 1 Team C on a single card goes to randomly picked winner)


In the event that a card is pulled in which the team represented is now playing in another city and/or has changed names, it will be assigned to its current counterpart’s spot. For instance, all Montreal Expos cards will be assigned to the Washington Nationals.

  • Milwaukee Brewers (1901) ► St. Louis Browns (1902-1953) ► Baltimore Orioles
  • Boston Somersets (1901-1902) ► Boston Americans (1903-1907) ► Boston Red Sox
  • Chicago White Stockings (1901-1903) ► Chicago White Sox
  • Cleveland Blues (1901-1904) ► Cleveland Naps (1905-1914) ► Cleveland Indians
  • Houston Colt .45s (1962-1964) ► Houston Astros
  • Los Angeles Angels (1961-1964) ► California Angels (1965-1996) ► Anaheim Angels (1997-2004) ► Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
  • Washington Senators (1901-1904) ► Washington Nationals (1905-1954) ► Washington Senators (1955-1960) ► Minnesota Twins
  • Baltimore Orioles (1901-1902) ► New York Highlanders (1903-1912) ► New York Yankees
  • Philadelphia Athletics (1901-1954) ► Kansas City Athletics (1955-1967) ► Oakland Athletics
  • Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1998-2007) ► Tampa Bay Rays
  • Washington Senators (1961-1971) ► Texas Rangers
  • Boston Red Stockings (1871-1875) ► Boston Red Caps (1876-1882) ► Boston Beaneaters (1883-1906) ► Boston Doves (1907-1910) ► Boston Rustlers (1911) Boston Braves (1912-1935, 1941-1952) ► Boston Bees (1936-1940) ► Milwaukee Braves (1953-1965) ► Atlanta Braves
  • Cincinnati Red Stockings (1882-1889) ► Cincinnati Redlegs (1954-1959) ► Cincinnati Reds (1890-1953, 1960-Pres)
  • Brooklyn Atlantics (1884) ► Brooklyn Grays (1885-1887) ► Brooklyn Bridegrooms (1888-1890, 1896-1898) ► Brooklyn Grooms (1891-1895) ► Brooklyn Superbas (1899-1910, 1913) ► Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers (1911-1912) ► Brooklyn Robins (1914-1931) ► Brooklyn Dodgers (1932-1957) ► Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Florida Marlins (1993-2011) ► Miami Marlins
  • Seattle Pilots (1969) ► Milwaukee Brewers
  • New York Giants (1876-1957) ► San Francisco Giants
  • Montreal Expos (1969-2004) ► Washington Nationals

All unclaimed teams/cards will be awarded to Tribecards.


If your team spot does not receive a "hit" in a given Tribecards pick-your-team charity break, you will have the option of either taking a $5 refund or giving up your $5 refund to charity. If your team spot does not receive *ANY* cards, you will receive a FULL REFUND.


Currently, we ship only to customers in the U.S. and Canada. Shipping is included in the price of the break. Care will be taken to ensure the safe delivery of your cards, but Tribecards will NOT be responsible for lost, damaged, or misdirected mail. If you want insurance for your cards, you must contact Tribecards within 24 hours of the END OF THE SPECIFIC BREAK for which you receive cards. Insurance costs extra and payment is your sole responsibility should you wish to use it.


Simply visit the specific page/post pertaining to the break you wish to join. Leave a comment on the specific page/post as directed for that specific break. Payment *MUST* be sent via PayPal to Slots are filled on a first-come/first-paid basis. Please see the break's specific page for team availability. If you pay for a spot that has already been taken, your money will be refunded MINUS any PayPal fees that were incurred.


I will need your e-mail address and your complete shipping address. Failure to report any or all of this required information will nullify your selection.


Tribecards makes its best effort make sure things are done in a manner that is made clear by these general rules and by the rules of specific breaks. If you do not like the rules or feel the rules, odds, etc are unfair, please feel free to join a break on another page/site.

*All times and dates are subject to change.

NOTE: These rules are a modified adaptation of those used by Crackin' Wax. Tribecards is not directly affiliated with Crackin' Wax, though "Varsity Trading Cards" graphics may be displayed on this site. Tribecards does NOT receive compensation from Varsity Trading Cards.

Friday, June 29, 2018

10-cent Tribecards - Cards from Jenny Miller

On Twitter recently, @JennyMiller521 was selling cards for a dime each. I reached out and asked if she would set aside about 200 Indians cards and let me buy them. She agreed and just before my recent vacation/conference hiatus, I received a box of cards. I was finally able to bust it open and see the Triber goodness inside!

The cards are a mix of recent/current to older stuff from the early 80's and feature a wide range of players, making for a fun trip down memory lane for this lifelong Indians fan! THANK YOU so much to Jenny for her generosity!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Upcoming Allen and Ginter Charity Break!

Hey, everyone! I will be hosting an Allen and Ginter charity break in conjunction with CrackinWax's charity break! There is a poll on the right side of the Tribecards main page asking if you would participate in a CASE break or a BOX break. Let me know your thoughts!

Pricing will be determined after the checklist is available and will be modeled after the pricing schedule that CrackinWax uses.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Cards from Barry - A trade for Jack McDowell 1997 Score Premier Club

In 2017, Barry reached out to me after reading a post I had made about the craziness that was 1997 Score (linked below). He asked if I had an extra Jack McDowell Premier Club card for his player collection. To be specific, he has a collection of nearly every Jack McDowell card. At the time, I did not.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago (at the time of this writing), and I had purchased several boxes on the VERY elusive 1997 Score Team Set. For the record and for clarification, THIS is what the box looks like for the TEAM SET version which includes the Platinum Club and Premier Club versions:

The key is the arched "Collect all Team Set Cards" below the team logo. There were several team sets produced in this fashion. If you find a box WITHOUT the arched text, it is the "other" team set and does not include the Platinum nor Premier versions... Freakin Score, man... Alas, I digress... Often...

The odds of pulling a Premier Team card from a BOX is 1:31 packs. That means that there *should* be one in each box of cards. There are 15 cards in the team set. What are the odds of pulling the one card you are looking for? I have no idea. I'm not a math guy. Haha. As I busted open boxes, sure enough I came across a Premier Jack McDowell!! HOLY SMOKES!!

I was so excited! I immediately sent the images to Barry and we exchanged info so that I could send it to him right away. If you are familiar with my work, I am NOT a trader. I am no good at it. I never know what's fair or not, so when I come across someone who needs a card, I just send it. It's my way of keeping the hobby alive.

Barry would have none of that, though. So, he sent me a handful of 2018 Bowman Indians cards in appreciation! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Barry!!

Link to original article: