Thursday, November 27, 2008

"12 Days" List is g-r-o-w-i-n-g!

Wow! I've got a lot of fun ahead of me! There have been 21 people request gift packs so far, and hopefully more to come!

If you're holding back out of fears that I might not have enough cards to go around, you can put those fears aside! I've recently acquired a TON of cards (have to sort them still), so I should have no problems fulfilling requests!

On that note, are there any A's fans that would like a gift pack?? How about Pirates fans? Maybe Reds? Blue Jays? Mariners?? Or for that matter, if you're a fan of ANY team and want a free stack of team-related items, feel free to ask! Wait a minute! Did I just say "items!?" Yeap. This year's "12 Days" is not just limited to cards! I have all kinds of doo-dads that will be included with many of the team and/or player gift packs!

Some of you may be worried that you'll get the same things you got last year. I really doubt that would happen, just because my 'trade fodder' has changed out at least a couple times during the year for many teams/players (or has severely grown since last year for others).

I don't think I spelled this out in the original "12 Days #2" post, but these will all go out starting around December 10th. Remember, the cut-off date for requests is December 20th.

Thanks to everyone that's reading along (whether you ask for a gift pack or not)!! I really appreciate all the comments, personal notes, and each of you that hangs out in the background, just checking things out! I've been having a LOT of fun with the blog and I am hoping the Good Lord keeps me around for a long time to continue doing it!! I am very thankful for everyone that brings their browser by here or subscribes in their feed reader. I hope y'all have a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. This is a really, really good idea! It's stuff like this that puts you at the top of the list on my must read blogs!

    Selfless, unselfish giving. Man, that's what Christmas is supposed to be about anyway.

    It's refreshing to see someone with their priorities in line, D. Really, really awesome idea!

  2. If I must, I will accept a Mets package. I know better than to test the wrath of "the gifter". I learned that lesson the hard way at Halloween! Thanks!

  3. ROTFL, Mosley! Now, this is a Christmas-related, giving thing here, so there will be NO TRICKS, I swear! :-)

    Thanks for your kind words, JV!!

  4. If I haven't asked already I'd like in, and make sure you sign up for my giveaway too...

  5. Wow free cards and I don't even need to trample anyone to get them! I'm always in need of some more Cubs cards if you got any extra laying around.

  6. David, I'll be sending you an email in a couple days. For me, vacation means being away from my computer for long stretches of time, so I haven't been in touch yet.

    (Word verification: "molenest" Moles make nests?)