Sunday, November 23, 2008

2nd Annual "12 Days Giveaway!"

Last year's "12 Days of Christmas" giveaway was a huge success! It all started with an idea born from one of dayf's posts and then went wild from there. The whole thing was a great adventure that served to accomplish several things: First, it helped get folks in the holiday spirit; second, it helped collectors get more cards in their hands; and, third, it helped clear out a LARGE chunk of cards I had laying around!

Last year's giveaway consisted of football, basketball, and baseball cards. This year will mostly be filled with baseball cards, though I do have some football and basketball I will try to get in there as well (depending on responses, etc).

I am getting an earlier start than last year because I am taking my own advice from the lessons learned: 1) As you have seen from my "Bat Around" post, the cards are sorted by team; 2) I plan to scan in (or take pics of) the gifts before they go out, and 3) I am stocking up on Coke and Mt. Dew. :-)

Now, for those of you that are new 'round these parts since last year, let me tell you how this works:
  1. ANYONE can request a gift pack!
  2. Send me an email (from my profile) with the subject "12 Days Giveaway;"
  3. List several of your favorite teams, players, etc from baseball. You can also list football and basketball, but know I am limited on what I can include from those sports and only list teams for non-baseball,
  4. Be sure to include the address where you want your gift package sent. Use an address that you will be able to receive things during the holidays (packages may not actually go out until closer to Christmas, depending on the number responses),
  5. What do you get? 78 cards!(see below)
  6. Gift packs may be requested to be sent to someone else on your behalf, but those will take second priority over folks asking for themselves. I cannot promise that '2nd party' gifts will be fulfilled. I will let anyone who requests one of these know the fulfillment status as we get closer to the cut-off date.
  7. All requests should be sent to me before December 20, 2008. This gives me time to assemble the gift packs and get them mailed off in time for Christmas (hopefully!).

The scans/pics I take will not reveal too much about the gifts; after all, part of the fun is not knowing what you're getting! :-)

I have several packages going out as part of other trades. These do not count in the 12 Days Giveaway!

The 78 cards will be chosen in the fashion of the song, "The 12 Days of Christmas." So, each gift consists of 12 similar cards, 11 similar cards, etc until we get to the 1st day of Christmas! So, let's say someone requests Indians... That person might get 12 Jim Thome, 11 Sandy Alomar, 10 Bob Feller ... down to 1 Game-Used Jersey... (just an example, who knows what will actually end up in the gift pack!!).

You can get an idea of what last year's was like by checking this link.

So, let's get in the holiday spirit! Yes, I know it's not quite Thanksgiving yet, but if the stores can bust out the holiday decorations, I can start busting out "12 Days Giveaways!!"


  1. Do you live on a rambling ranch where your card room is 2000 square feet, filled with tabletops and file cabinets?

  2. DC - My wife would say I have 2000 sq ft of cards in a 10x12 room... LOL!!

  3. You are the king... the king of awesome!!!

  4. Great Idea! I wasn't around this time last year so I had never read about the first iteration.

    And, I've got the link updated on your HaveWant page...

    I definitely want in! I'll send you an email soon!

  5. Man, the King of Awesome! I can live with that. :-)

    Thanks, JV!!

  6. This is a great idea and a great blog you got here. I've added you to mine and I will check through your want list to see if I have anything for you. I'll send ya an email shortly.