Monday, January 21, 2013

Prepping for the 2013 Giveaway Season!

I know I still have packages to send from the 2012 season, and I promise those are getting out there bit by bit.  Thanks to EVERYONE that played along last season!

Now, we are gearing up for the 2013 season and I want to try something different than last year.  As I've posted previously, this season, I will rip open at least one pack of cards for each day in the regular season (same as last season).  This season, however, instead of having your pick teams, this time around we will choose players!  Yeap. You choose a player and you get any/all cards drawn throughout the season with that player on it.  Of course, multi-player cards will have special rules.  Non-player cards will have special rules, too.  But, in general, I think this will be a lot of fun!

I managed to find two spreadsheets (one for batters, one for pitchers) that appears valid from 1800's through the 2012 season.  I will create a Google Docs form/spreadsheet for the "draft" as it were.  Here is my vision:

Each week, participants will submit their pick (one player per participant per week). Choices can be ANY player: Babe Ruth, Bobby Abreu, Reggie Jackson, Mike Trout, etc etc etc.  Players will be "drafted" on a first-come/first-serve basis based on the Google Form. Duplicate choices will be deleted. As the Commish of this craziness in the making, I will watch the picks and try my best to communicate with everyone as to where things sit.

Anyone will be allowed to join at any time during the regular season, unless you'd rather have a sign-up/cut-off period.  I am certainly open to that!  We could limit the number of participants (I would cut it off at 40 people if we did it that way).  Or, keep it wide open.

The thing to remember is that all participants will keep EVERY card of their player choices: base, insert, auto, material, duplicates, etc. You get everyone of the player cards for your chosen players.

At the end of the regular season, all unclaimed players and non-player cards will be randomly distributed among all participants.

I am still fleshing out rules, but I'm adding a poll to the site for the next week: Would you prefer an open-ended participation or a fixed-participation size giveaway this season?  I will go with majority rule: whichever side has the most votes by Saturday, January 26, 2013, I'm going with it.

The options are:
1) No limit: Any number can join, and they can join anytime during the season.
2) No limit: Any number can join, but we set a cut-off date- no one enrolls after cut-off date.
3) Yes limit: Limit the number that can join (40), but open enrollment until all spots filled.
4) Yes limit: Limit the number that can join to 40, AND have a cut-off date to enroll.

With option 4, I would set a cut-off date. If we reach 40 folks before the cut-off, the enrollment ends. If we reach the date before we hit 40 folks, enrollment ends with the number signed up.

Give me your thoughts! Feel free to comment below as well.  Let's get ready for some pack-bustin!