Thursday, May 26, 2022

My Own Custom Cleveland Baseball Cards (1981 Topps Style)

 A couple years ago, I started a project in which I was going to create a custom set of Indians cards. The set would include EVERY player to have played for the Tribe. I used the 1981 Topps layout because that's one of my all-time favorite sets. Below are the cards I was able to complete. There are subsets within the main set. They include the "81-on-81" (1981 Topps cards on my 81 Topps design), "The Jerseys" (Featuring jerseys from various eras), "Mascots and Logos" featuring mascots and various iterations of Wahoo and other logos, "Alternate Images" and there were probably others that have escaped my brain at the moment. I used the name "PAPPS" in the baseball because my granddaughter calls me "PAP" and there is no better reason in the world that I can think of. :-)

These pics represent players whose first names start with A, B, some C, and then some random folks that I made along the way. Click on images to see the full version. My personal versions do not have the watermark, of course. :-)

I may pick up the project in the future, but with the team name change and all, it's probably a dead project at this point. I thought it would be fun to share anyway (not necessarily in any order other than how Blogger uploaded them):