Friday, September 23, 2011

Getting All Card Up

Over past few days, I have received two bubbleopes of goodness!  One came from The Daily Dimwit from the "Artifacts, etc" group break and the other came from Baseball Dad!

From the Artifacts break, the Indians snagged more than a handful of game-used/auto cards!!

First up, Jake Westbrook SILVER LIMITED game-used and a Cliff Lee auto:

Next, we have a nice dark blue game-used V-Mart and a gray Broussard, each on an AL ARTIFACTS card:

Then, how about another Westbrook, only this time it is the 'regular' game-used, along with a Broussard game-used:

I had watched the breaks happen, but still, the actual number of 'hits' the Indians came away with just floored me.  Of course, that wasn't all in the package.  I pulled several copies of the Artifacts Hafner and Martinez cards, a Sizemore Timeline, a Sizemore Timeline b/w, Hafner and Sabathia Heroes cards, and a couple O-Pee-Chees to boot:

But, wait! There's more!  How about a few Masterpeices: Clinton throws first pitch, Hafner, and V-Mart.  Even cooler is the green-bordered V-Mart! Sweet!  Then, Hafner on an X and a SP Authentic Sizemore:

VERY cool Tribers, Dimwit!! Thanks for holding the break and for inviting me to play along!

Then, I was 'forewarned' about the package from Baseball Dad, but having it in-hand is waaaayyyy better!  He sent a 2011 Topps Sticker "Starter Pack" - an album and two unopenepacks, plus a Carlos Santana extra he had.  Here is what was in the packs:

I am going to enjoy putting these (er the ones I need) into my album!  The reason I had the warning, or alert, or had the beans spilled as it were: Because I had posted that I finally found stickers at my "local" Target.  Thing is - I didn't know that Jack had been planning to surprise me with this Starter Pack.  Even so, I have to say, I was just as excited about getting these as when I first found the stickers in Target.

What is it about these Topps stickers that has everyone (or everyone that I've seen/read anyway) jumping for joy like little kids?  I dunno, but I am right there with ya!

THANKS to Jack for the Stickers and album!! Wahoo!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Diminished Capacity, not just a movie title

While taking my irregular trip through the "Tribecards Clubhouse," I came across a post on "Cards in the Attic" regarding a movie about a baseball card.  No, this was not "Cop Out" with Bruce Wills (which I do want to see, but haven't yet).  The movie is "Diminished Capacity" with Alan Alda, Matthew Broderick, and a host of other folks, including Ernie Banks playing himself in a cameo role.

The movie follows an old uncle (Alda) who is losing his mind and his nephew (Broderick) who suffered a head injury and has temporarily lost some of his own mind.  Turns out, the uncle has a T206 worth a boatload of money.  The story follows the characters from St. Louis to Chicago to a card show, where crooked dealers and wacko family family members come out of the woodwork.

It takes a while for the movie to get into "baseball card" mode, but I think it's better that way.  The real story is the relationship between the uncle and the nephew and how a little piece of cardboard can mean so much more than the price tag someone else is willing to put on it.

I don't know if Alda was nominated for anything for this role, but I would guess not (just because of the movie itself).  That's too bad, too.  I think Alda did an incredible job in this role - far bigger and better than the movie itself.  The baseball card aspect of the film was fun from a collector's point of view, and there are very funny moments that collectors will laugh at while others in the room will probably not 'get.'  Then again, collecting baseball cards in not brain surgery.  It's just what some of us do.

I don't have a ratings scale or anything, though maybe I should start one.  Well, whatever the scale, I'd give this a middle of the road score for the baseball/collector aspect and a higher mark for the personal story side.  Do I recommend it?  I picked up my copy for three bucks on Amazon or eBay or something. It's worth that easily.  So, yes, I recommend it. 

As it turns out, I *finally* found Topps sticker albums and sticker packs at the Target in Texarkana!  I was so excited, I bought every pack they had.  That amounted to about ten packs.  My daughter ripped open packs and called out numbers while I placed the stickers in their appropriate place.  Yes, that's right.  I am not about to keep the stickers separate form their rightful places!  Okay, once I fill the Indians page, then I'll collect stickers for pocket pages.  But, I'd like to fill the book first.

And so, it turns out, the title of the movie I just watched fits my journey to find stickers perfectly: Diminished Capacity.  That is, the diminished capacity for local retailers to carry the product.  I realize Hope, Arkansas (nearest Wal-Mart) and other smaller towns and cities may not be high on the distribution list for Topps, but come on.  We get Ginter, Regular, and a myriad of other Topps products - can we not have these stickers, too!?

*Link to Cards on Cards review/write-up:

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Tribe-or-no-Tribe Marathon (Part 3 of 3)

Let's head into the stretch!  Here we have the final four packs of the Tribe or no Tribe marathon!  Let's see what we have here.

First up, Junior visits us again!  2006 Fleer Ultra (8 cards, 4 points for .500)

Wait a minute... The packs are identical except one has 5 cards and one has 8 cards!?  What is up with that?  Anyone care to share the logic/idea?

Derek Lee (Cubs, Home Run Kings) - +0.5, total = 0.5
Juan Pierre (Cubs) - +0.5, total = 1.0 (Hmm, two Cubs in a row)
Carlos Lee (Brewers) - +0.5, total = 1.5
Ryan Jorgensen (Marlins) - +0.5, total = 2.0
Ken Griffey Junior (Mariners, Midsummer Classic Kings) - +0.5, total = 2.5
Carlos Delgado (Mets) - +0.5, total = 3.0
Ben Sheets (Brewers) +0.5, total = 3.5
Luis Gonzalez (Diamondbacks, Gold) - +0.5, total = 4.0

Well, we nailed the average mark.  Very weird about the whole cards-per-pack thing.

Time to open up some Topps:

1993 Stadium Club Series 2 (14 cards, 7 points for .500)

Daryl Boston (Rockies) - +0.5, total = 0.5
Kurt Stillwell (Padres) - +0.5, total = 1.0
Cecil Fielder (Tigers) - +0.5, total = 1.5
Kevin Maas (Yankees) - +0.5, total = 2.0
Stadium Club "Special Cards" checklist - -0.5, total = 1.5 (stupid Info Card)
John Valentin (Red Sox) - +0.5, total = 2.0
Jesse Levis (TRIBER! Bonus!) - +2.0, total = 4.0 (Wahoo!! Triber!!)
Travis Fryman (Tigers) - +0.5, total = 4.5 (Indians player pictured on card!)
Bob MacDonald (Blue Jays) - +0.5, total = 5.0
Mark Langston (Angels) - +0.5, total = 5.5
Greg Goldbrunn (Expos) - +0.5, total = 6.0
Pedro Astacio (Dodgers) - +0.5, total = 6.5
Shawn Jeter (White Sox) - +0.5, total = 7.0 (Batting .500!)
Tony Gwynn (Padres) - +0.5, total = 7.5 (Tony *explative* GWYNN!!)
Nolan Ryan (Rangers) - +0.5, total = 8 (NOLAN *Super-explative* RYAN!!)

Holy smokes!  Gwynn and Ryan come out of nowhere to finish out the pack!  Sweet!!  Wait, what was I doiong? Oh yeah, Tribe or no Tribe!  I ended up with a Triber in the pack *and* Ryan and Gwynn to boot!  That made my day.  I should stop here.  I won't. But, I should.

Next up, how about a little Studio action?

1991 Studio (10 cards, plus a puzzle - 5 points for .500)

Puzzle pieces don't count for anything - no plus, no minus.

Ed Whitson (Padres) - +0.5, total = 0.5
Darryl Strawberry (Dodgers) - +0.5, total = 1.0
Matt Williams (Giants) - +0.5, total = 1.5
Bill Sampen (Expos) - +0.5, total = 2.0
Tony LaRussa (A's, checklist) - +0.5, total = 2.5
BJ Surhoff (Brewers) - +0.5, total = 3.0
Dave Magadan (Mets) - +0.5, total = 3.5
Terry Pendleton (Braves TRAP!) - -1.0, total = 2.5
Roger McDowell (Phillies) - +0.5, total = 3.0
Mark Grace (Cubs) - +0.5, total = 3.5
Mike LaValliere (Pirates) - +0.5, total 4.0

If you notice, the numbers don't quite add up - 10 cards, only one trap... A closer look reveales that this pack 11 cards in it, counting the checklist.  Yoy.  In any case, no .500 average here.

And, so, we arrive at the last pack of the TonT marathon:

1991 Leaf Series 2 (15 cards, plus a puzzle - 7.5 points for .500)

Puzzle doesn't count

Mike Huff (TRIBER! Bonus! And GOLD!) - +2.0, total = 2.0
Charlie Hough (White Sox) - +0.5, total = 2.5
Carmelo Martinez (Royals) - +0.5, total = 3.0
Jack Armstrong (Reds TRAP!) - -1.0, total = 2.0 (Tartar Sauce!)
Rich Rodriguez (Padres) - +0.5, total = 2.5
Vicente Palacios (Pirates) - +0.5, total = 3.0
John Franco (Mets) - +0.5, total = 3.5
Benito Santiago (Padres) - +0.5, total = 4.0
Mark McGwire (A's) - +0.5, total = 4.5
Wally Backman (Phillies) - +0.5, total = 5.0
Edgar Martinez (Mariners) - +0.5, total = 5.5
Danny Neagle (Twins) - +0.5, total = 6.0
Scott Erickson (Twins) - +0.5, total = 6.5
Rafael Belliard (Braves TRAP!) = -1.0, total = 5.5 (Aw, man! Negated the Triber!!)
Steve Decker (Giants) - +0.5, total = 6.0

Well, the final pack turns out to be full of ups and downs!  Started off great witha  Gold Leaf Indians card then I hit a snag with TWO trap cards.

Overall, though, I think did okay considering the years of the packs used - not real biggies for the Indians on any front.  Funny how that worked out. But, I can't complain!  I had fun walking through the packs as I posted each player!  haha, probably more fun for me than you reading along.

A Tribe-or-no-Tribe Marathon (Part 2 of 3)

Here we go with the Tribe or no Tribe marathon, part 2!

This time, I am busting open a 2005 Donruss (10 cards, 5 points to bat .500)

Bret Boone (Mariners) - +0.5, total = 0.5
Billy Koch (Marlins) - +0.5, total = 1.0
Rich Harden (A's) - +0.5, total = 1.5
Jose Reyes (Mets) - +0.5, total = 2.0
CC Sabathia (TRIBER! Bonus!) - +2.0, total = 4.0 (Wahoo!!) insert thingy - -0.5, total = 3.5
Susie Essman (Fans of the game, Yankees) - +0.5, total = 4.0*
Vinny Castilla (Rockies) - +0.5, total = 4.5
Eric Gagne (Dodgers) - +0.5, total = 5.0 (We're batting .500 with a bullet, or an asterisk, really)
Tony Bastista (Expos) - +0.5, total = 5.5
Shawn Green (Dodgers) - +0.5, total = 6.0

Okay, batting above par, even with a star in the mix.  Not the person ON the card, but the card itself. 

*Hmm, not sure how to score this one. It is not a player, but it is a "Yankees card."  I opted to award a simple card score for it.  It's my game, and I'm the only one playing, so I think that's fair.

Next up, let's see how Junior (Ken Griffey Jr is on the pack) treats us.

2006 Fleer Ultra (5 cards, 2.5 points for .500)

Mariano Rivera (Yankees) - +0.5, total = 0.5
Jack Wilson (Pirates) - +0.5, total = 1.0
Jason Schmidt (Giants) - +0.5, total = 1.5
Hideki Matsui (Yankees, RBI Kings insert) - +0.5, total = 2.0*
Manny Ramirez (Red Sox, Gold) - +0.5, total = 2.5*

Wow, batted exactly .500 on that pack.  Man, five cards!?  I'd hate to think I spent good money on these when they first came out.  I did not buy the packs (so far as I recall).  Five whole cards. Wow.

*Wow, another asterisk.  Okay, this card get regular points because it is not serially numbered.  It is an insert, but not a "special" insert.

Rounded out the 2nd part of the TonT marathon, how about some good ol' Goudey?

2008 UD Goudey (8 cards, 4 points for .500)

Luis Aparicio (White Sox) - +0.5, total = 0.5
Raul Ibanez (Mariners) - +0.5, total = 1.0
David Wright (Mets) - +0.5, total = 1.5
Troy Tulowitzki (Rockies) - +0.5, total = 2.0 (There should be a bonus for the name alone)
Eddie Murray (Orioles) - +0.5, total = 2.5 (SWEET card!)
Evan Longoria (Rays) = +0.5, total = 3.0
Adam LaRoche (Pirates) - +0.5, total = 3.5
Cynthia Cooper (Basketball) - -0.5, total = 3.0

Stupid basketball card.  I hate non-baseball cards in baseball products.  Seriously. Let. It. Go.

Okay, up next we finish out the marathon!  Should post around 9:30pm CST.

A Tribe-or-no-Tribe Marathon (Part 1 of 3)

I am going to be putting together som more of the Random Packs of Kindness and decided a great way to get some card for that is to rip open some more of the wax I bought at Fred's the other day.  And, the best way to rip open wax is to play a little "Tribe or No Tribe!"

Unlike my previous post from the other day, I will only post Tribers, Traps, or Mojo.

If you're new to the game, it is a modification of a game played over at  He plays "Sox or No Sox" and I took his idea and created TonT.  Here are the rules:

Trap cards = Reds (the other Ohio team) and the Braves (the other native American-themed team)

+0.5 is awarded for each card in the pack unless it falls into one of these areas:

+2 for each relic, serial, or autographed card (or +1 if it is a trap card)
+1 for *any* Jim Thome card
+2 for each Indians card

-1 for each trap
-0.5 for a card with multipkle teams or no team depicted

"Batting .500" = 0.5 * # cards in pack - should be the "average" score of the pack.  batting more than .500 is obviously what I'm going for here.

Ready? Let's get to busting my wax over here!

1993 Stadium Club Series 1 (14 cards, 7 points to bat .500)

Ramon Martinez (Dodgers) - +0.5, 0.5 total
Casey Candaele (Astros) - +0.5, total = 1
Ken Hill (Expos) - +0.5, total = 1.5
Joey Cora (White Sox) - +0.5, total = 2.0
Chris Sabo (TRAP! Reds) - -1, total = 1.0
Roger McDowell (Dodgers) - +0.5, total = 1.5
Club membership Sign-up Card - -0.5, total = 1.0
Carlos Martinez (TRIBER! Bonus!) - +2.0, total = 3.0
Wayne Kirby (TRIBER! Bonus!) - +2.0, total = 5.0 (Wahoo! TWO Tribers so far!!)
Mickey Tettleton (Tigers) - +0.5, total = 5.5
Mike Boddicker (Royals) - +0.5, total = 6.0
Al Osuna (Astros) - +0.5, total = 6.5
Dave Hansen (Dodgers) - +0.5, total = 7.0
Kevin Seitzer (Brewers) - +0.5, total = 7.5
Charlie O'Brien (Mets) - +0.5, total = 8.0

Wahoo!  Even with a trap, I managed to snag two Indians!  Final score - 8.0 points! Nice way to kick off the marathon!

Okay, I've been trying to figure out if I am going to post each pack separately or if I should do them all as one... Hmm... I have 10 total packs.  I'll do three packs each post with the final post having 4 packs.  That should break up the reading. Well, in theory. Because no matter which route I take, it is still ten packs.

Next up 2008 UD First Edition (10 cards, 5 points for .500)

Manny Corpas (Rockies) - +0.5, total 0.5
Jesus Flores (Nationals) - +0.5, total = 1.0
Jose Contreras (White Sox) - +0.5, total = 1.5
Corey Hart (Brewers) - +0.5, total = 2.0 (...i wear my sunglesses at night so I can, so I can...)
Shawn Hill (Nationals) - +0.5, total = 2.5
Scott Dohmann (Rays) - +0.5, total = 3.0
Josh Anderson (TRAP! Braves) - -1.0, total = 2.0
Lance Broadway (White Sox) - +0.5, total = 2.5
Matt Cain (Giants) - +0.5, total = 3.0
Mark Teixeira (TRAP! Braves, Starquest) - -1.0, total = 2.0 (Oh, man!)

OUCH!  Man, ended up with 2.0 points on that because of TWO trap cards!  That'll leave a bad taste.

Okay, let's see how the third pack stacks up:

1992 Score Series 1 (16 cards, 8 points for .500)

Joe Klink (A's) - +0.5, total = 0.5
Jose Vizcaino (Cubs) - +0.5, total = 1.0
Mike Morgan (Dodgers) - +0.5, total = 1.5
Carlos Quintana (Red Sox) - +0.5, total = 2.0
Reggie Jefferson (TRIBER! Bonus!) - +2.0, total = 4.0 (Wahoo!)
Tim Hulett (Orioles) - +0.5, total = 4.5
Tony Fossas (Red Sox) - +0.5, total = 5.0
Greg Swindell (TRIBER! Bonus!) - +2.0, total = 7.0 (Almost batting .500!)
Tim Naehring (Red Sox) - +0.5, total = 7.5 (wow, lots of Red Sox here...)
Paul Gibson (Tigers) - +0.5, total = 8.0 (We're batting .500!)
Lance Blankenship (A's) +0.5, total = 8.5
Russ Swan (Mariners) - +0.5, total = 9.0
Jeff Montgomery (Royals) - +0.5, total = 9.5
Milt Cuyler (Tigers) - +0.5, total = 10.0 (Wow, TEN points! Awesome!)
Kevin Gross (Dodgers) - +0.5, total = 10.5
Tom Brunansky (Red Sox) - +0.5, total = 11.0

Now, THAT is what I'm talking about!  11 points to finish out the first round!  Excellent!

The next three will be posted at approximately 9pm CST, just to give a little break between innings.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pirates clinch record-breaking season

I grew up in and around Pittsburgh, as you may know.  I was a child during the heyday of "We Are Family" and the "City of Champions."  I only got to see a few Pirates games at Three Rivers Stadium, but I remember the feeling of being there.  It's a feeling I've kept with me throughout my life, and why I still love going to live baseball games.

It breaks my heart to see that the Pirates have sealed a record-breaking season of the most horrible kind.  You see, the team has clinched their 19th consecutive LOSING season.  Yeap, 19 seasons in a row with a losing record. 

The Pirates are now the all-time leading record holders for the most consecutive losing seasons in North America.  While I know many anti-Pittsburgh folks are going to eat this up, I can't stand it.  I don't know what the cure is, but obviously some changes need to be made.  I am pretty sure than just about anyone walking into PNC park could put together a losing record.  The Pirates need to bring out the broom and get the mess cleaned up. 

I am an Indians fan through and through, but heck, give me a year to manage the team.  Why not? I sure couldn't do any worse.  I'm a Pittsburgh native and believe the Pirates are worth having in the MLB and I believe they could be a winning-season team, given a shake-up in the way things are done.

My fear is that Pittsburgh is about to lose its franchise.  I cannot imagine life in Pittsburgh without the Pirates, but I also don't see how the MLB can allow any city's team to keep losing and losing and losing (repeat for 19 seasons).  While making changes in leadership and on-field personnel would certainly help, those are short-term fixes.  In the long-term, the folks in the 'Burgh have got to make the Pirates the team they once were.

I compare it to the Indians of the 90's.  Before 1991, really, the Tribe was essentially the joke of the MLB (can you say THREE "Major League" movies!?).  Then, things got turned around. At least for a while.  The Pirates need to do the same thing.  They already have a newer stadium.  Time for other changes.

Then again, I suppose a remake of "Major League" featuring Pirate instead may be in order.

In the meantime, if anyone at the Pirate organization comes across this post, I'll be more than happy to talk about a one-season contract to turn things around, with an extension after the winning season, of course.  But, I would not be looking for anything long-term.  The idea is to kick start the team, keep things freash, make things move.  We've had enough stagnation to last two decades.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tribe or No Tribe

Last week, I ran into the local Fred's to pick up some party supplies for my wife's surprise get together.  While in there, I noticed they had moved their trading cards to the end of the toy aisle.  Naturally, I picked up a pack or three or maybe it was a repack blaster. It's all a little fuzzy now.

One pack was a 2008 Goudey, which I had planned to use in a group break. But, like most addicts, I couldn't just let the thing sit around and wait on me to make up my mind.  It called out, "TonT! TonT!"

So, I ripped it open.  Here we go:

2008 Goudey - 8 cards per pack (need 4 points to bat .500):

Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers) - +0.5 points, total = 0.5
Manny Ramirez (Red Sox) - +0.5 points, total = 1.0
Jay Bruce (Reds, TRAP!) - -1.0, total = 0.0

Russell Martin (Dodgers) - +0.5, total = 0.5
Brad Penny (Dodgers) - +0.5, total = 1.0 (Seriously!? How many Dodgers can be in ONE pack!?)
Jim Thome (White Sox, BONUS!) - +1, total = 2.0

Chris Duncan (Cardinals) - +0.5, total = 2.5
David Wright (Mets, Game Card) - +0.5, total = 3.0

Well, the Thome was a great addition and the only saving card I had against the Bruce Reds card!  I finished up at 3.0, which is below .500 for the pack.  I think I may need to bust another pack and try again... 

Okay, you twisted my arm hard enough.  This time, I am busting open a 2007 Goudey.  Let's see if I do any better...

2007 Goudey, 8 cards per pack, need 4.0 points to bat .500 on the break:

Aaron Rowand (Red back, Phillies) - +0.5, total = 0.5
Aramis Ramirez (Red back, Cubs) - +0.5, total = 1.0
Rickie Weeks (Red back, Brewers) - +0.5, total = 1.5

Juan Pierre (Red back, Dodgers) - +0.5, total = 2.0
Aaron Rowand (Green back, Phillies) - +0.5, total = 2.5
Aramis Ramirez (Green back, Cubs) - +0.5, total = 3.0

Michael Barrett (Green back, Padres) - +0.5, total = 3.5
Freddy Sanchez (Green back, Pirates) - +0.5, total = 4.0

There we have the second pack.  I managed to bat .500, which is nice, but absolutely no hits for the Tribecards collection.  Then again, no traps, either.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flipping cards and scoring leaners

When I was a kid, my brother and our friends played several games with our baseball cards.  The two I remember most are "Flipping" and "Leaners."

Now, we played these games in ways that other people probably didn't simply because we just made up the rules as we went along and I don't recall ever being shown or taught how to play prior to our own game creation.

"Flipping" is a common card game.  Before starting, each participant would have a stack of his or her own baseball cards.  Yes, we knew girls our age that collected!  The first person would stand in the designated spot, hold a single card in front of him/her, then flick the wrist and let go of the card.  It would twirl and flutter to the ground.  The next player would then take a turn.  If a player's card landed on another player's card, then the thrower of card which landed on top would get all the cards it touched.  For the most part, it was straight forward, and we played no favorites as to "heads" or "tails" - if your card landed touching any part of any other card, you got your card back plus the one(s) it touched.  Of course, we often fought over situations where it was hard to determine if a card's edge was actually touching or not on the really close calls.  If the card thrown did not actually flip during flight, it was either left on the ground (even if it touched other cards) or was given back for a "do-over."  These situations also led to several scuffles because yells of "cheater!" were not met in a welcoming manner. 

I think the first few times we played, some notable players were among the cards being flipped.  Before long though, it was mostly commons and players you'd never hear of again.  I mean, come on, who wants to lose their Pete Rose or Yaz cards to a flip!?

"Leaners" closely resembled the tossing game where players took turns flipping their cards at the wall.  Whoever got closest to the wall won all the cards on the floor.  We called it "leaners" because many times, the cards would lean up against the wall and other players would try to knock it down.  As in "Flipping," many an argument ensued as to just which card was the closest to the wall.  We also played it like "Flipping" in that the card had to turn over in the air as it traveled.  One could not just chuck the card across the room.  It had to flutter and spin and turn over.  There was an art to it.  Let me say that I was no Rembrandt or Picasso.  I was more like the kid who only paints in blue and you cant tell what the painting was supposed to be.  I don't remember ever winning a single card while playing "Leaners."  I didn't care, though.  It was great fun, and we learned various techniques for dispute resolution.

Oh, I just remembered that we also played a version of the card game "War" with baseball cards.  I don't remember the exact rules, but each player had a stack of cards and they were placed to the right side of each player (so the other players couldn't see what was next, or that was the idea anyway).  Each person would take their top card and put it in the middle.  I don't remember how we determined who won the pool of cards.  The game was over, however, when one person finally walked away with everyone else's cards.  We didn't play that one too much.

The reality of fantasy

Week 1 - Tribecards Turfdiggers Break Out Shovels Early - The Turfdiggers fantasy football team in the Super Secret League fell to the Outlaws in the first week of NFL action.  Overall, the Turfdiggers sit in 7th place, barely edging out the Foxhounds to remain above last place.

Where did the team go wrong?  For starters, Big Ben blew chunks. Three interceptions and two lost fumbles killed the Turfdiggers chances of anything good from the field commander spot.  Mike Wallace fared well, but Heath Miller was essentially taken out because of the turnovers.  That's what I get for loading my team up with Steelers (or anyone team) I suppose. I also did not activate certain players who would have made this an entirely different first week.  Benched players included: BenJarvis Green-Ellis (7.70), Kenny Britt (18.80), and Josh Freeman (10.28). Sure, Freeman did not have a great game either, but still blew Benny out of the water this week.

On the upside (that is, what kept me out of last place), Greg Jennings (10.45), Ahmad Bradshaw (8.70), and Anquan Boldin (9.70) kept the Turfdiggers out of the six-foot hole being dug by the rest of the team.  Defensively, Chicago scored more points for the team than any of the players (24.00).

It's time for some changing in Turfdiggerton.

In the Turner Football League, the Divebombers ended up just shy of middle ground for the first week.  The TFL is unlike any other league I've played: two divisions, choose actual defensive players as well as a team defense, and other scoring-related differences.  I don't understand it all, but then again that never really stopped me from jumping into something.

The Divebombers' biggest issue: player selection. I missed the live draft, so I was not able to keep my team from having key players picked off before I could stop the bleeding.  Sure, I ended up with a couple good uns, but much of the team is comprised of players who will most likely never see the light of day.  Hopefully that will change over time as other teams dump players I can snag up.

On the upside, Cutler (55.00), Rice (41.00), and Tolbert (32.00) racked up really positive points.  Okay, just pulling out the alliteration there for effect. It was a bit a much, I know.  In other leagues, anyone snagging double-digits are highlight reel material for me.  In this one, nearly everyone playing for the Divebombers grabbed double digits.  I'll learn how that plays out over time.

The best thing I can say is that my benched players were non-existent.  Between the five benched players, they scored a whopping 12.00 points.  Whew! Of the options I had, I made the right choice.  That's the best you can do, right?

Okay, so defensively, Pittsburgh scored 50.00 points. I need to compare that to other teams just to see how that fits in line with things in general. It sounds good to me, but for all I know, in this league 50 points is the equivalent of last place. I dunno. Will check it out.  I also had two empty slots on the defensive team. That was just an oversight on my part and the players I ended up with would not have contributed all that much.

So, in the TFL, the Divebombers are in 9th out of 14 teams.  In my division, the team sits in 5th place of seven.

No matter how you cut it, the Divebombers did better than the Turfdiggers.  Let's see what happens next week!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The BBA Moment of Silence

This Sunday will mark the tenth anniversary of the heinous attacks that took place on American soil.

Thousands of people lost their lives in Washington DC, New York City, and in Pennsylvania.

Over the course of time, various tributes have been raised to the American heroes that were involved in that day's actions.

People have spoken, "God Bless America" has been sung at sporting events, our own National Anthem took on a new meaning, and moments of silence have been observed all over the world. Sometimes the hardest thing for someone that writes, hosts radio shows, or utilizes Social Media to do is to not speak or be heard.

Over the next few days, the subject matter of that day will be examined. Beyond that, this group has decided to be "heard" in a new way. A moment of silence would not be enough for websites such as this one.

So, instead, we bring to you an entire day.

This website, as well as the websites listed below (each a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance) have decided to collectively go into a "black out" period for the entire day this Sunday, September 11, 2011.

No posts will be written on

No Tweets will be sent from

No Facebook posts will occur originating from

For 24 hours, this group of websites has chosen to observe our own "moment of silence" in honor of the citizens, military members, civil servants and true American heroes that past away on that day.

We will return on Monday with the same great content that we have always brought to our fans.  

Thank you. And God Bless America.
Below are the websites that are participating in the "moment of silence."  Clicking on any of the logos will take you to one of the participating sites.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Open request to Wisconsin/Ohio collectors!

If you live in/near Wisconsin or Ohio, and if you're looking for something to do this weekend, how about a little trip to your local hobby shop in search of the "1989 Major League Movie" card set?

I am offering a reward for a legitimate set of these cards. 

So, why Wisconsin collectors if the movie was about the Indians?  "Major League" was filmed at Milwaukee County Municipal Stadium.  I figure there have got to be shops/collectors with these cards just waiting for buyers.

If you own a set that you'd like to sell, email me.  If you happen to be out and about and see a card shop/hobby shop/etc, please stop in ask about the card set.  Let me know what the shop owner is asking for the set and we can talk about buying the set plus a reward to make it worth your while.

If, by some chance you come across multiple copies of the set, I am interested in any/all of them.  Also, if you come across loose cards (not a full set, but one or more cards), I am just as interested.

The 1989 Major League Movie set is at the top of my "gotta have it" list!

Other posts about the set:

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Moment of Silence

In honor of the victims of 9/11, will be holding a "moment of silence" on Sunday.  I will not be posting from this site on 9/11.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those directly and indirectly affected by the events that unfolded on that day ten years ago.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Still hanging in there?

The Indians took a serious hit today, giving the Tigers a 10-1 win over the Tribe.  The Indians have slipped into third place in the AL Central behind the White Sox.  We're not quite over the edge, but things have certainly gone off the rails lately...


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thoughts and prayers needed!

You probably don't know "Esther Gin N Juice," and really, I don't either.  But, I have been trading/giving cards with her hubby over at Collective Troll for several years now.  Well, CT's wife is in the hospital, and if you are led to do so, they would appreciate thoughts and prayers in their direction.

You can read more about how things are here: