Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trundles Secure Place in Playoff Picture

The Tribecards Trundles, participating in PunkRockPaint's Yahoo! fantasy baseball league, have effectively secured their place in this year's playoffs. And that place? The bleachers. As of August 25, 2009, the Trundles are 73 games out of first place and 32 games behind their nearest competitor. The question on fans' minds is whether or not the Trundles will be back next season.

Tribecards GM, --David, recently shuffled the team, following their real-life counterparts, hoping it might spark the fantasy team into a surge in scoring. So far, however, the move has done nothing to lift the Trundles from one of the worst fantasy league records in recent memory.

--David dismisses the speculations as rumor. "There is no reason I would not bring the team back next year, if we're invited," he said during a recent interview. "This is our first outing, and as I've said before, I am standing on the principles that founded the team in the first place - the Trundles are modeled after their real-life Indians counterparts. I'm just not as good at (setting the lineups) as Wedge," he added with his trademark smirk and a shrug.

At this point in the season, the team is just waiting out the end of the regular season. According to one player, the team has already secured their "Bleacher Bum" seats in anticipation of the post-season games.

Five teams have secured their place in the playoffs thus far:
*1. Pintadores de P.R.
*2. The Nennth Inning
*3. Roadrunners
*4. Grabowski Shuffle
*5. Thoughts and Sox


  1. Man...I want in this league next year sooooooooooo bad. Card bloggers are awesome..fantasy baseball is awesome...it just seems like such a good match!

  2. There will definitely be a booby prize headed your way, Dave.

    We may need to have two divisions next year (It will double your chances of winning!)