Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mail Call! Cards from GregP and BrianS!

It's almost always a good sign when the postal carrier drives his pickup truck around my in-laws house, down the hill/driveway that leads to our house and hand delivers the daily arrivals. Why almost always? Because that usually means TRIBE CARDS! And today was no exception!*

The first bubbleope had some real cool goodies! How about that Adam Miller Auto card? And, I had recently posted about having never seen '09 UD Spectrum cards before I busted a pack for APAD and APTBNL, and low and behold - Pronk on a purple Spectrum card! There are also more than a few '53 Archives Indians and a smattering of Fleer '90 Tribers, too. Add to that a handful of other brands and "models" and Greg sent me a very nice package of Indians! THANK YOU!!

Brian took a look through my want list and found a stack of cards to send my way! He said some were on the list and some he didn't see, so he opted to send them along for the ride. That always works for me!

The Fleer Brilliants Nagy is a gorgeous card. The Thome Hipnotized makes my eyes go all buggy :-). Did you See the Russel Branyan bat card? Nice! Man, this stack has HOFers, future HOFers, silver signatures, and more!

I had to break the scan into two because there were plenty of cards to go 'round. We're talking game-used ball card, Paramount Double Vision, Hands of Gold, a bronze "Youth Movement" card I have never heard of (that I can recall), Chrome and more! THANK YOU!!

Wow, thank you BOTH very, very much for some excellent examples of Indians cardboard! I'm not even going to wait to get these into the database! That's my 'mini-project' for the afternoon!!

*For those who want to know why the "almost" is in there - I wanted to say "always," which applies to life so far, but sure as I would say "always" there, he'd be bringing some big ol' package of bad news, and I find it's better to be safe than sorry. So, it's "almost." BTW, my Aunt once asked me how it is that I can even keep up with myself (meaning my random, often-veering thoughts). My reply: I'm not sure I do keep up with myself.

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  1. I am Greg P. (shhh, don't tell anyone) You had asked about trading for the Indians autos after Joe Collectors group break, but I figured since you were so nice with your random packs giveaways, that maybe I could at least attempt to return the favor.