Saturday, August 1, 2009

On "Random Packs"

Word is coming back to me that many of you are getting your random packs in the mail! That is great news. There is a LOT of excitement from what I can tell, which is even better.

The number one question I'm getting is this: "I got XX number of relics/inserts/etc. did you pick these out for me, or was this just luck?"

It was just luck. Even the 5x7s and folders and whatever items you received were randomly selected and stuck in the envelope.

The stickers, paper, tape, etc that holds each pack together has no bearing as to what's inside. Names were written on the packs only AFTER the pack was randomly selected from the massive pile of packs. Names were written on the packs only because I needed to make sure I got everyone the number of packs they requested plus the number determined by the roll of the die. Your name being on a pack has NOTHING to do with what was inside!

Because these were totally random, I have a feeling some folks may feel they got junk, and for that I am deeply sorry! If you fall into that category, PLEASE let me know ASAP and I will send you a random number of additional packs for good measure. Of course, even then I can't promise you'll get "mojo."

It really is all random. Thanks for reading!

Sidenote: Randomly Random packs came about because my planned "2nd Annual Scratchcard contest" has been postponed. There will be a scratchcard contest, just not sure when. :-)


  1. Holy CRAP you sent me a lotta random. Thanks!

    After I finally finish the "Allen & Gint-a-Cuffs Bataan Death March Box Break" I'm doing something special with all these cards.

  2. I got my random packs yesterday. There were some good cards in there. I think you sent me an Alf card, which is awesome.

  3. I got mine and it killed my entire friday afternoon. thanks!

  4. I think mine arrived, but I didn't make it to the office in time to pick it up. I'll find out on Monday I guess. The Mariners fit in the mailbox though, so I got them. Pretty pretty cool. :)

  5. I got mine and I am so grateful.

    My E.T. cards are the best!!

  6. I got my cards yesterday and was completely blown away. Thanks.

  7. Heh-heh,, I'm glad y'all enjoyed/are enjoying your random packs. I have to say, it was a lot of fun putting this giveaway together because I have no idea who got what! I do know that no one got 700 Sandy Alomar cards.. :-)

  8. I got 'em yesterday afternoon... and dude... WOW~!!!! Crazy awesome! :D

  9. "Crazy Awesome" - that's funny! Glad you liked your random packs!!

    Sorry I am behind on Rangers and Brewers! They are coming though!!