Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cards from Brian!

Not only did BSnider (Brian) send his 5 bucks for the group break, he slipped in a handful of great Indians cards to go with it!

First, we have a Fleer Focus Green (Emerald? I dunno) Roberto Alomar #'d 195/310)! Very cool indeed.

The next card is an Upper Deck MVP Silver Script Omar Vizquel! That is a great-looking card of a super Triber!

Omar makes several appearances in here, and this time he is showing off his Crowning Moment (Diamond Kings style)!

If that wasn't enough (which it could have easily been), Brian also dropped in an Omar Vizquel UD People's Choice Game-Used jersey card!

But, wait, there's more! Not only did Brian include a jersey card, but he also threw in a game-used bat card to go with it (UD SP Game Bat Milestone Edition Piece of the Action International Connection - try saying THAT three times fast!)

Man, these are FANtastic cards!! Thank you so much, Brian!

I am amazed at the generosity of the card-blogging world! I have been working the past few hours on getting lots and lots of cards entered into my CardCollector database (still have a LONG way to go yet, too), since I have been so lazy about doing that. If memory serves, I started blogging when my collection was around 4500 cards, I think. I am currently over 9300 cards, due mainly and massively to everyone's kindness and generosity found through this incredible medium we call "The 'Net." Thanks again!!


  1. You sir, are the generous one. After receiving the team packs and the great and highly entertaining Randomly Random Packs, I felt a little thank you was in order.

  2. Omar at shortstop for the Indians was one of the staples of the late 1990s. He was amazing there and times has gone so quickly since then!