Friday, August 7, 2009

Box Break is *OVER!*

The group break is LIVE (Finally!) after being delayed by a kitchen sink faucet replacement emergency!

Okay, here's how this will play out. The names have been randomized. My daughter chose the White Sox as "our team," so we'll be playing along, too.

I will update this post after each pack is opened. My apologies, but you will have to skip to the bottom of this post for new updates. Pictures/scans/etc will follow the break after it is all said and done.

Folks were assigned random spots (there 18 of us), and all unclaimed/non-baseball cards will be handed out in the order they are opened based on the list below.

The list of folks in random order (as done by
There were 18 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1.johnathan (Yankees)
2.brian (Rangers)
3.captain canuck (Red Sox)
4.phungo (Phillies)
5.motherscratcher (Brewers)
6.dayf (Braves)
7.carl crawford cards (Rays)
8.don (Tigers)
9.nightowl (Dodgers)
10.rod (Padres)
11.grant (Mariners)
12.erin (Cardinals)
13.jeremy (Mets)
14.tribecards (White Sox) dad (Indians)
16.billy suter (Pirates)
17.kevin (Orioles)
18.lonestarr (Cubs)
Timestamp: 2009-08-08 02:07:09 UTC

Okay, let's get crackin...

First up, we have an N43...
It is one heckuva bear to open up! TIM LINCECUM (giants)! No one claimed the Giants, so this card goes to Johnathan! Nice score!

Up next, a regular hobby pack:

Johan Santana regular (Mets, Jeremy)
Ryan Theriot (Cubs, Lonestarr)
Ryan Zimmerman (Nationals, Brian)
Carlos Lee (Astros, Captain Canuck)
Joba Chamberlain (Yankees, Johnathan)
Josh Beckett Highlights (Mariners, Grant)
Prince Fielder Nat'l Pride (Brewers, Motherscratcher)
David Murphy (Rangers, Brian)
Crack-the-code (no-team, Phungo)


Paul Maholm (Pirates, Billy)
Michael Cuddyer (Twins, Motherscratcher)
Derek Lowe (Braves, dayf)
Chris Carpenter (Cardinals, Erin)
Jordan Zimmerman (Nationals, dayf)
Sitting Bull (no-team, Carl Crawford Cards)
Jamie Moyer mini (Phillies, Phungo)
Justin Morneau Nat'l Pride (Twins, don)

NOTE: In pack one, David Murphy was a MINI Rangers card!


Chris Young (Dbacks, NightOwl)
Chipper Jones (Braves, dayf)
Rich Harden (Cubs, Lonestarr)
Delmon Young (Twins, Rod)
Ryan Doumit game-used (Pirates, Billy) SWEET!
Eric Chavez mini (a's, grant)
Hiroki Kuroda Nat'l Pride (dodgers, Erin)


Ryan Doumit (Pirates, Billy)
Garrett Atkins (Rockies, Jeremy)
Van Gogh (no-team, Tribecards)
Miguel Cabrera (Tigers, Don)
Alex Rodriguez (Yankees, Johnathan)
Anna Tunnicliffe sailing champ (?) (no-team, baseball Dad)
Chris Young mini (Padres, rod)
Geovany Soto Nat'l Pride (Cubs, Lonestarr)

Wow, some of you picked the right teams for this box and we're only FOUR packs in!


Ryan Braun (Brewers, Motherscratcher)
Yadier Molina (Cardinals, Erin)
Chien-Ming wang (Yankees, Johnathan)
Kosuke Fukudome (Cubs, Lonestarr)
Yovani Gallardo mini game-used (Brewers, Motherscratcher) SWEET!!
Stephen Drew mini (DBacks, Erin)
Carlos Pena Nat'l Pride (Rays, Carl Crawford cards)

CORRECTION: Kuroda Nat'l Pride goes to NightOwl! JD Drew mini awarded to Erin for my mistake.


Lance Berkman (Astros, Billy)
Jeremy Hermida (Marlins, Kevin)
Mike Pelfrey (Mets, Jeremy)
Aubrey Huff (Orioles, Kevin)
Albert Pujols game-used bat (Cardinals, Erin) AWESOME!!
Nick Markakis mini (Orioles, Kevin)
jason Bay Nat'l Pride (Red Sox, Captain Canuck)

NOTE: I will review all stacks for accuracy. I cannot check comments during the break, so if you see something amiss, please comment and I will catch up after I'm done! Thanks!


Eric Byrnes (DBacks, Lonestarr)
Pat Neshek (Twins, Johnathan)
David Murphy (Rangers, Brian)
Carl Crawford (Rays, Carl Crawford Cards) EXCELLENT!
Dan Haren (DBacks, Brian)
Alexander Cartwright (father of modern baseball) (no-team, Capt Canuck)
Nick Swisher mini (Yankees, Johnathan)
Josh Hamilton Nat'l Pride (Rangers, Brian)


Chris Duncan (Cardinals, Erin)
Zack Greinke (Royals, Phungo)
Bryan Berg (champ card stacker) (no-team, Motherscratcher)
jason Verlander (Tigers, Don)
Gavin Floyd (White Sox, Tribecards)
Jack Cust heiroglyphics border thing (A's, dayf)
Gandhi mini (no-team, Carl Crawford cards)
Felix Hernandez Nat'l Pride (Mariners, Grant)

I have to say, some of these cards are uber-schwheat!

for the record, do *NOT* push CTRL-ALT-RightArrow! My whole screen rotated! Whoa...


John Smoltz (Red Sox, Capt Canuck)
Aaron Harang (Reds, Don)
Brad Hawpe (rockies, NightOwl)
Andrew Bailey (A's, Rod)
Tim Lincecum (Giants, Grant)
Hunter Pence (Astros, Erin)
Toussaint L'Ouverture mini (Haitian Leader) (no-team, Jeremy)
Ryan Dempster Nat'l Pride (Cubs, Lonestarr)

- Okay, Smoltz in anything but Braves is just wrong...


Miguel Tejada (Astros, Tribecards)
Denard Span (Twins, baseball Dad)
Robbie Madison (motocross champ) (no-team, Billy)
Evan Longoria (Rays, Carl Crawford Cards)
Ervin santana (Angels, Kevin)
Chris Volstad (Marlins, Lonestarr)
Paul Konerko mini (White Sox, Tribecards)
Edgar Gonzalez Nat'l Pride (Padres, Rod)

I don't know how you feel about the cards you're getting so far, but I am enjoying the fact that EVERYONE gets cards! I just hate to see people part with hard-earned money and get nothing. I know that's how most breaks work, and that's the chance we take when we participate, but that is not how I roll. :-)


Mark Reynolds (DBacks, Johnathan)
Louis Braille (uh, invented Braille, duh!) (no-team, Brian)
Brandon Phillips (Reds, Capt Canuck)
Kolan McConiughey (bowling champ) (no-team, Phungo)
Ubaldo Jimenez (Rockies, Motherscratcher)
Josh Hamilton Baseball Highlights (Rangers, Brian) - SWEET!
Biggest Hoaxes Idaho mini (no-team, dayf)
Johnny Cueto Nat'l Pride (Reds, Carl Crawford cards)
Crack-the-code (no-team, Don)

- Okay, did you know that Louis Braille went blind after he had stabbed himself in the eye at age three with his father's awl!? Then, at 15, he invented the bumps named for him!? Dang!
- Yes, I am including ALL cards in the break, even the goofy 'crack-the-code' cards that do not actually HAVE a code to crack...


The Halfway point in the box. I will pause briefly for station identification. You are watching the Tribecards Live $5 Group Box break on Blogger.

Ryan church (Mets, Jeremy)
Rafael Furcal (Dodgers, NightOwl)
Brett Myers (Phillies, Phungo)
Jamie Moyer (Phillies, Phungo) - back-to-Back draws!
Colby rasmus (Cardinals, Erin)
Brett Anderson (A's, NightOwl)
James Loney mini (Dodgers, NightOwl) - back-to-back, kinda
Francisco Rodriguez Nat'l Pride (Mets, Jeremy)

- wow, that pack belonged to Jeremy, NightOwl and Phungo. Luckily, Erin snuck in there...


Trevor Hoffman (Brewers, Motherscratcher)
Prince Fielder (Brewers, Motherscratcher) back-to-back!
Andre Ethier (Dodgers, NightOwl)
Derrek Lee (Cubs, Lonestarr)
St. Patrick's Cathedral (no-team, Rod)
Kurt Suzuki (A's, Grant)
cole Hamels mini BLACK BORDER (Phillies, Phungo) - OH YEAH!
Carlos Lee Nat'l Pride (Astros, Erin)

- Hey, I've been to St. Patrick's! This summer even! Cool!
- Thanks for the comments!! I checked them out during the break, and good catch NightOwl!
- For the record, the emergency happened yesterday, and did take multiple trips to the store! I wasn't given three days - I had to have it done before I could do the break. talk about incentive!


Chase Utley (Philles, Phungo)
Josh Johnson (Marlins, Jeremy)
Max Scherzer (DBacks, Tribecards)
Alfred Nobel (the awards guy, nearly blew himself up, nice) (no-team, baseball Dad)
Nick Swisher (Yankees, Johnathan)
Nelson Cruz hieroglyphics card (Rangers, Brian)
Bobby Abreu mini (Angels, Billy)
Chipper Jones Nat'l Pride (Braves, dayf)


Nelson Cruz (Rangers, Brian)
Lashawn Merritt (sprinting champ) (no-team, Kevin)
Troy Glaus (Cardinals, Erin)
Kevin Millwood (Rangers, Brian)
Red Moore (negro league star) (Braves, dayf)
Dioner Navarro (Rays, Carl Crawford cards)
Alexander Cartwright mini (remember him?) (no-team, Lonestarr)
Jorge Posada Nat'l Pride (Yankees, Johnathan)

- Now Brian has variations of the same card! I think there were others so far, too, but I can't remember right now - LOL!
- Yes, Moore is shown in a Braves uni, so dayf gets the card. Sorry, Motherscratcher...


Justin Upton (DBacks, Johnathan)
Joe Saunders (Angels, Brian)
Jon Lester (Red Sox, Capt Canuck)
Shane Victorino (Phillies, Phungo)
Justin Morneau (Twins, Pungo) back-to-back, kinda!
Jeff Samardzija (Cubs, Lonestarr)
Clyde Parris mini (negro league star) (multi-teams, Motherscratcher) - poetic justice?
Yadier Molina Nat'l Pride (Cardinals, Erin)


Joakim Soria (Royals, dayf)
Brian Duensing (Twins, carl Crawford cards)
Kerry Wood (Indians, Baseball Dad) - WAHOO!!
Mariel Zagunis (fencing champ) (no-team, Don)
David Patton (Cubs, Lonestarr)
Carlos Zambrano Baseball Highlights (Cubs, Lonestarr) - back-to-back!
John Maine mini (Mets, Jeremy)
Alex Rodriguez Nat'l Pride (Yankees, Johnathan)
Crack-the-code (no-team, NightOwl)

- Wahoo! Finally pulled a Tribecard for Baseball Dad! Hey, I'm the host, I can root, root, root for the home team!


Scott Rolen (Marlins, Rod)
Kevin Youkilis (Red Sox, Capt canuck)
Magglio Ordonez (Tigers, Don)
Albert Pujols (Cardinals, Erin)
Mark Teixeira (Yankees, Johnathan)
Suez Canal (really?) (no-team, Grant)
Ramiro Pena mini BLACK BORDER (Yankees, Johnathan) - YEAH, BUDDY!
Fausto Carmona Nat'l Pride (Indians, Baseball Dad) - wAHOO!!

- Oh yeah, back-to-pack Indians packs!
- The box is looking sadly emptier and emptier...


Jack Cust (A's, Erin)
Dustin Pedroia (Red sox, Capt Canuck)
Hideki Matsui (Yankees, Johnathan)
Trevor Crowe (Indians, Baseball Dad) - WAHOO!!
Tim Hudson (Braves, dayf)
Manny Ramirez Baseball Highlights (500th homer) (Red sox, Capt Canuck)
Millito Navarro mini BLACK BORDER (negro league) (multi-team, Jeremy)
jake Peavy Nat'l Pride (Padres, Rod)

- Wow! a triplet of Tribe packs! Suh-weet!
- These mini black borders are NICE! Of course, the game-used are spectacular!
- So far, eyeballing the piles, everyone has a nice stack, with some folks owning what looks like half the box!


Jared Weaver (Angels, Tribecards)
Charles Darwin (naturalist) (no-team, baseball Dad)
Todd Wellemeyer (Cardinals, Erin)
Jayson Werth (Phillies, Phungo)
Lastings Milledge (Nationals, Billy)
cliff Lee (Indians, Baseball Dad) - WAHOO!!
Alfonso Soriano mini (Cubs, Lonestarr)
carlos Guillen Nat'l Pride (Tigers, Don)

- Seriously!? Four packs in a row with Indians!? Too bad we gave Lee up... But, he is pictured in a Tribe uni, so Baseball Dad gets the card!!


Ichiro (Mariners, Grant)
Jair Jurrjens (Braves, dayf)
Travis Snider (Blue Jays, Kevin)
Ryan Perry (Tigers, Don)
Jeff Francoeur (Braves, dayf)
Jonathan Sanchez (Giants, Lonestarr)
Michael Young mini (Rangers, Brian)
Ervin Santana Nat'l Pride (Angels, Johnathan)

- Just how many "J's" does one need in a name!?
- Wow, how many Ryans are in the MLB!?
- Almost every time I type "Nat'l Pride," my brain wants me to type "National Pasttime." It must be getting late.


Winding down to the final three packs in the box. I can actually see the bottom. Let's have a moment of silence.

Melvin Mora (Orioles, Kevin)
Brandon webb (Dbacks, Brian)
Daniel Murphy (Mets, Jeremy)
Beethoven (composer) (no-team, Capt Canuck)
Brigham Young (Leader/colonizer) (no-team, Phungo)
David Price (Rays, Carl Crawford Cards)
Biggest Hoaxes Ponzi (swindler) mini (no-team, Motherscratcher)
Robinson Cano Nat'l Pride (Yankees, Johnathan)
Crack-the-code (no-team, dayf)

- Well, dayf, at least it's not a Sandy Alomar Jr, right?


We are down to TWO packs in this break. My wife and daughter are asleep on the couch. I think they were waiting up for me. heh-heh, no chance!

Aaron Hill (Blue Jays, Carl Crawford cards)
Francisco Liriano (Twins, Don)
Ramiro Pena (Yankees, Johnathan)
David Wright (Mets, Jeremy)
George Kottaras (Red Sox, Capt Canuck)
Kenshin Kawakami (Braves, dayf)
Francisco Liriano mini (twins, NightOwl)
Jose Reyes Nat'l Pride (Mets, Jeremy)

- Two Liriano's in the same pack, different variations.
- Break out the tissues....


And it was down to one. The loneliest number. Flying solo. The end of the line, end of the rope, end of it all. This is the whole kit AND kaboodle. Let's see what we've got in here, as I pull the final pack out of the box...

Carlos Quentin (White Sox, Tribecards)
Rick ankiel (Cardinals, Erin)
Phil Coke (Yankees, Johnathan)
J.J. hardy (Brewers, Motherscratcher)
Michael Young (Rangers, Brian)
Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers, NightOwl)
Alex Rodriguez mini (yankees, Johnathan)

And, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the very last card in the very last pack of my very first group box break.....

justin Upton Nat'l Pride (DBacks, Rod)

- Well, at least I pulled "my" team in the last pack...
- First two cards go to actual team owners. Very nice.
- All right! Three cards going to owners!
- Dang! Four in a row with no 'open' teams. Great way to go out!
- Sweet nectar of the box-blastin' gods! FIVE!
- This is the way all box breaks should go - last pack passing 'round!
- Wow, even without a relic or special insert, one of the best 'break packs' in the bunch. Well, okay, the relics kick butt, but still...
- Welp, guess we couldn't have a 'perfect pack' to end things on, eh?

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to see the break "live." And, especially those that hung on through the wee hours to see the final pack busted open. I plan on doing another 'cheap box break' in a few weeks, after everyone recovers and gets some change in their pockets. because it is so late, though, I will wait until saturday to post pictures of some of the great cards in this hobby box!

Drive carefully, and good night!


  1. You must have mad skills. My sink emergencies take multiple trips to the store and three days to complete!

  2. I think I'd get the Kuroda National Pride card as the Dodger guy?

    I know keeping track of this is probably a massive undertaking.

  3. crap. I forgot to send the cash for this.....

    on it's way buddy! sorry!

  4. I like that everyone is getting cards, too. That's very cool.

  5. I know I said I'd share with my boyfriend, but. !!!!! I don't think he'll be getting that Pujols bat card. Or Yadi. No one gets my Yadi cards.

    This was awesome!!

  6. Man, who isn't a fan of the Suez canal?

  7. Woo-hoo! Kershaw to end it.

    Thanks for doing this.

  8. Best. Box Break. EVAR

    No worries 'bout the Ginter Code card. The mini Idaho more than made up for that... And don't you wish you had all those Alomar cards back now that he's a Hall-of-Famer?

  9. Ya know, dayf, I have to say it would have been nice to be the one to cash in on the Craigslist Idiots would will pay dearly for Alomar HOFer cards... You should make a killing... Or be featured on CLI... heh-heh! :-)

    Y'all are very welcome! I'm just glad I didn't tick anyone off (or don't think I did)!! :-)

  10. Wow, phenominal job by David. I wish I hadn't missed it live, but my wife recently made me a "list". Know know how those things go.

    Looks like it was a great break, and I got some good cards.

    Good times.

  11. I had to work this morning and this is the first chance I've had to comment. I'm very happy with the Tribe cards! Great job ! Thanks David.

  12. Oh, I'm excited about the cards especially the minis. That's great. Thanks for doing this. This is my first box break and I got the first card (sort of). Cool!