Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2009 A&G Hobby Box $5 Group Break! DONE!

(NOTE: this post will be at the top of the blog until after the break. All new posts will appear below this post. Thanks!)

This is it! I had enough positive response in just one day that I am moving forward.

I will be hosting a group box break for all those interested. $5 per team. Respond here as to which team(s) you want, send me paypal/email (davidinark@yahoo.com) to pay. If you do have a PayPal account, no worries! You can send check or money order or whatever for of US Legal Tender you choose (note that Monopoly-like money is not legal tender, just sayin).

I have already assigned folks to teams based on response to the "inquiry" post. If your team does not have a name by it, RESPOND HERE and let me know you want in.

The break *SHOULD* take place on or about August 8th, so please have your team(s) selected and paid for before then (folks paying by snail mail will be granted time for payment to arrive).

Rules: Cards will be awarded by player uniform. All names will be randomized and non-baseball/team cards will be handed out in the random order of participant names. So, first non-team card goes to first random name, second to second, etc. any unclaimed teams go to me (unless I decide to randomly assign those too - you never know with me!). Update: Yeah, so here's the deal with unclaimed teams: they will be handed out randomly to the folks who manage not to pull any team-related cards first, then to everyone else. My rationale is that by the end of this break, everyone should at least have SOMETHING in their mailbox! And, if anyone still manages to come up empty-handed, I'll toss them a Randomly Random pack for good measure.

Future $5 breaks will take place, so if you have a box of something you want to see in a group break, let me know and I'll see what I can do. I'm only interested in breaking baseball-centric boxes/cases, though...

1. Atlanta Braves - dayf (pending)
2. Oakland Athletics -
3. Arizona Diamondbacks -
4. Philadelphia Phillies - Phungo (paid)
5. Pittsburgh Pirates - Billy Suter (paid)
6. Texas Rangers - Brain (pending)
7. Kansas City Royals -
8. Baltimore Orioles - Kevin (pending)
9. San Francisco Giants -
10. Washington Nationals/Expos/Senators -
11. Cleveland Indians – Baseball Dad (paid)
12. Florida Marlins -
13. St. Louis Cardinals – Erin (paid)
14. Seattle Mariners - Grant (pending)
15. New York Mets – Jeremy (pending)
16. Tampa Bay Rays – Carl Crawford Cards (paid)
17. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim -
18. Chicago White Sox - Tribecards (host bought the box!)
19. Toronto Blue Jays -
20. Milwaukee Brewers - Motherscratcher (paid, depending)
21. Chicago Cubs - lonestarr (pending)
22. Detroit Tigers - Don (paid)
23. Los Angeles Dodgers - NightOwl (paid)
24. Minnesota Twins -
25. New York Yankees - Johnathan (pending)
26. Colorado Rockies -
27. Cincinnati Reds -
28. Boston Red Sox - Captain Canuck (pending)
29. San Diego Padres - Rod (paid)
30. Houston Astros -



  1. I'm down for the Dodgers on the off-chance you pull a Kershaw hit! I'll send a check today.

  2. I'll take the Padres. Sending paypal today

  3. The check... er, Paypal's in the mail.

  4. Team Phungo here! I am in for Phils. WIll get to the paypal part this evening. Thanks for running this. If Phils get claimed I will pick a back up tm.

  5. I'm in for Tigers. I'll send a check first thing in the morning.

  6. I just paid via paypal for the Cardinals. Hopefully my boyfriend won't be too mad at me. I told him I'd share!

  7. Oriole me. PayPal will be on the way tomorrow...

  8. I'll send you payment in the mail tomorrow...and an Indian card or two as a thank you for the "Random Packs of Kindness"!!

  9. I'm in for the Cubs! I'll be paying by money order. Should be in the mail by tomorrow afternoon.

  10. David, I don't see your name by the Tribe !!?? Usually the box-breaker takes his own team.When I read your first post about this I didn't even consider it,assuming you wanted the Indians.Are you strictly hosting !? If you have lost your mind and aren't playing,I'll surely take the Tribe !! LMK

  11. BBD, Alas, surely I have lost my mind! I am merely your humble host on this one. I will put my name in the hat if there are any unclaimed teams by the time the break happens. But, I wanted to offer up every team to anyone that wants to 'play.' I wondered why it was taking so long for someone to claim the tribe... Now I understand why. Your eagle eye and willingness to speak up has rewarded you with the spot. We'll have to wait and see if it rewards you with any cards.

  12. I too noticed that the Indians was empty. I figured that there were a lot of Indians bloggers out there who could take up the spot. I've been biding my time for this to fill up and pick one of the unrequested teams.

    I feel like I've waited long enough and now will request the Brewers for some Ryan Braun goodness.

    I am more than willing to give up this spot for another team should Thorzul or Dubbs find their way over here.

    I shall now mosey on over to paypal.

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhBa12DobiM

  14. I'd like to reserve the Mets if possible. I can do check or paypal.

  15. Okay, I've got Motherscratcher (Weird Al fan! Wahoo!) down for Brewers unless one of the named individuals decides to overthrow, er, override him.

    Jeremy, you're in for Mets. Paypal is probably easier on me, but you can pay either way!

  16. I'm in, I'll do my best to get payement in the mail tomorrow.