Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tribe or No Tribe #4, I think

It has been quite a while since playing "TonT," and since I recently bought a 16-pack re-pack box, I thought this was a good time to try my hand. And, this will be a multi-pack version since we rarely even get 10 cards in a pack anymore.

This round will be based on a pack of 2008 UD Timeline (6 cards), 2009 UD Goudey (8 cards), and 2007 Topps Series 2 (6 cards).

It's been a while, so here are my rules:

+0.5 points for each card in the pack not falling into the following:
+2.0 points for relic, auto, serial (only +1.0 if card is a trap)
+1.0 point for any Thome card in non-Tribe uni
+2.0 points for any Triber card (pictured in Tribe uni, otherwise normal scoring)
-1.0 point for each trap (Braves or Reds are traps for my game)
-0.5 points if card features more than one team or no team at all

I am doing the breaks "live" and will post pics after I'm done. I know you don't know that, but for the sake of honesty, there it is.

2008 UD Timeline:

Felix Hernandez (Mariners) = +0.5, total 0.5 points
Pedro Martinez (Mets) = +0.5, total 1.0 point
Manny Ramirez (Dodgers) = +0.5, total 1.5 points
Max Scherzer (DBacks) = +0.5, total 2.0 points
Frank Thomas (A's) = +0.5, total 2.5 points
Joey Votto (reds - TRAP!) = -1.0, total 1.5 points

Pack total: +1.5 points. Man, I got rooked right at the end!

2009 UD Goudey:

Kelly Johnson (Braves - TRAP!) = -1.0, total -1.0
Scott Elbert (Dodgers) = +0.5, total -0.5
Jim Thome (White Sox - THOME!) = +1.0, total +0.5
Joakim Soria (Royals) = +0.5, total +1.0
Lance Berkman (Astros Heads Up) = +0.5, total +1.5
Yovani Gallardo (Brewers) = +0.5, total +2.0
Travis Snider (Blue Jays) = +0.5, total +2.5
Rick Ankiel (Cardinals) = +0.5, total +3.0

Man, starting off with the trap was not good, but I avoided any others and pulled a Thome out of the deal! Nice!

Pack total: +3.0 points, break total +4.5 points

2007 Topps Series 2:

Hideki Okajima (Red Sox) = +0.5, total +0.5
Orlando Cabrera (Angels) = +0.5, total +1.0
Norris Hopper (Reds - TRAP!) = -1.0, total 0.0
Frank Catalanotto (Blue Jays/Rangers Trading Places) = -0.5, total -0.5
Dodgers/Brewers Opening Day = -0.5, total -1.0
Students Work Hard, Get Cards = -0.5, total -1.5
Taylor Tankersley (Marlins) = +0.5, total -1.0

UGH, another trap with TWO multi-team cards AND a no-team card. Not a good pack at all!

Pack total: -1.0 points, break total +3.5 points

Well, the only thing that save the whole thing was the fact I did three packs in one post. That is little consolation, considering it is a per-pack game, however.

Here are some of the highlights (and lowlights) of the TonT games:


  1. That's an interesting concept! Hope your next packs are better.I somehow missed this in the past.(or maybe I just can't remember)

  2. LOL, they are so few and far between, you probably missed it without ever realizing it. :-) But, if you click on the TONT label at the end of the post, you can read the others.

  3. cool idea, but what do you mean by trap card?

  4. For me, a trap card is either a Reds card or a Braves card. Traps are bad things. The Reds are a trap because they are the "other" team in Ohio. The Braves are a trap because they are the "other" native american team.

    I actually got the idea for TonT from WhitSoxCards (he does Sox or no Sox). :-)