Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Schott-load of Tribecards!

A little while ago, Mr. Schott contacted me and let me know he was putting together some Clevelanders for me. All I can say is: HOLY COW! To give you and idea, here is a side-view of the cards all stacked up - a Tribecard Tower, if you will:

The old saying goes something like, "a picture is worth a thousand words." If that's the case, this should be an 11,000-word expose' of Tribecards!

The range and variety of cards that Ed included are amazing! There are lot from the 80's and 90's, but also plenty from the early 2000's and pre-1970.

In addition to regular cards, there are inserts, Xfractors, serially-numbered cards, and more!

I don't know if I am more amazed by the cards that I recognize from my collection, or by the cards I *know* I have never seen before!

This is a who's-who of Cleveland players, including some that are pictured in other unis because they were either traded to (or more likely from) the Indians on their card.

In addition to Indians-centric cards, Ed sent me cards on which an Indians player is shown, usually in the middle of a play at a base.

Can you believe we are just over the halfway point of the pictures? I'm telling you, there are a LOT of Indians cards that came in the box!

I realize now that I've posted these, I probably should have put fewer cards on the floor in each picture. You can't make out the cards individually, but you can see there are a wide variety of brands and years throughout the package!

In addition to the sheer number of cards and players, you can see that when the cards are laid out on the floor, sometimes you get a cool color effect. :-)

There are neat cards in here like the disc, the TCMA mini, and the "Super Joe" card that I believe iss the only one I was missing from the team set of that type!!

Man, oh Man! This was a wonderful collection of Indians cards! Thank you VERY much, Ed, for these GREAT cards!!


  1. WOW ! That's a whole collection in itself.

  2. I thought the same thing, BBD! This would make one killer starter collection!

  3. That'll take a while to sort. I'm still sorting the last few Giants' card shipments I got from bloggers. :)