Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tribestuff from Tiro (Ohio, that is)

Tim H and I are FaceBook buds. We chat pretty often and regularly, plus email back forth about the Tribe, trading, life in general. Not long ago, he mentioned that he was going to the Indians game at The Jake (I refuse to call it Progressive Soup, er, Field). He asked if there was something I had been wanting so that he could pick up for me while there. I told him a few pictures would be cool. He wrote back after the game to say that he was sending some pictures and a surprise. He was right!

The Batter Up! "Rock 'n Blast" edition is very cool. The back lists the songs that spectators could sing along to. there were THIRTY-FIVE songs on the list! WOW! The songs spanned genres and ages: "Don't Stop Believing," "Stairway to Heaven," "Friends in Low Places (unfortunately appropriate)," "Lady Marmalade," "Billie Jean," "Cleveland Rocks," and many others. This makes me want to build my own iPod list of "Rock-n-Blast" songs!

The next item was the surprise, and it is WAAAAY cool!

This is an uncut sheet of 2009 UD Series 1 Indians Cards with a Wahoo card in the middle. I go nuts for uncuts! I don't know why, but I have always thought uncut sheets were one of the coolest collectibles one could own. I don;t believe I have ever told anyone, so this came as a wonderful surprise!

And then, there were these:

Several pictures from either AWESOME seats or from a KILLER camera or BOTH! These are great shots, mostly of Choo since he was obviously the closest player to Tim's seating, but also a great shot of Carmona with Willis.

THANK YOU, Tim! This was a wonderful treat and I got some great items to add to my Tribecards collection!!

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