Wednesday, August 26, 2009

At last we meet again for the first time for the last time

If you are at all familiar with the quote used for the title of this post, then you've already got a pretty good idea as to who sent me some Tribecards! If you have no idea, keep reading... Well, keep reading anyway - it's a good habit.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the bubbleope was the "Certificate of Authenticity" which means "AUTO!" The next card was an auto'd card of Junior Noboa (who honestly sounds like a character from the movie from which the title comes). But, in addition to that, there are other goodies in here, too. I am not sure I have ever seen one of the "old school" Topps cards (Lee horizontal card). If I have, then I apologize to the person that sent it/them, because I don't remember. In any case, they look just like '09 Topps but with much heavier stock and an old-school cardboard card back. The UD purple refractor-like card of Hafner is also very cool. And serial numbered. :-) As you can see, lots of others in here, too:

I have a couple of the 'bronze' type Starquest cards (marked 'rare' on the back), like the Sabathia below, that I recently received from other bloggers/traders/friends, but I have not checked my reference guides or database to see if this is a separate set or part of the regular set. Either way, great cards to have!

THANK YOU very much for these cards!! And if you have no idea who sent them.... It was Lonestarr! And now, I have a hankerin' to watch some "Spaceballs."

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