Thursday, August 20, 2009

One drawback of TheCardCollector

The pre-populated database that comes with TheCardCollector software is very handy when it comes to finding/discovering the cards you need. But, sometimes, the people that handle that don't really know which team the player is pictured in on the card.

This means that some of the cards on my want list are not actually in Indians uniforms. UGH! Since I don't have the card, I'm never sure if they are in Tribe unis or not, but they are marked as "Cleveland" so I select them for my needs list.

Now, most of you know me enough to know that I'll take any cards you send and if they are not in Indians uniforms, they go into the boxes for giveaways. But, generally, if they're not in Indians uniforms, I don't collect them. The main exception to that is Jim Thome (as far as former Tribers that still play go).

I want to thank Bo for bringing the fact that I have non-Tribers on my list to my attention. I realize that makes helping me out a bit harder than it needs to be, and for that I apologize. For my part, I will try to clean up the list as I am made aware of non-Tribers on the list.

Two things to remember about my wants/needs list:
--1-- I will ALWAYS gladly accept any cards (Tribecards or otherwise)!! They do not have to be on my list.
--2-- The list is there for folks that like to use it, and I appreciate the effort taken to cull through the list and pull cards to help me complete team sets!

The card collecting/trading community is truly fantastic. I never would have guessed that when I started writing this little blog about Indians baseball cards, it would have ever turned into a great way to make friends and build my collection.


  1. Your list was very impressive and I'm going over it before I send your Old School OPC cards.I imagine they have to pretty much go by the team name on the card when they compile those checklists.I also have mixed emotions about those cards.I may have to break down and buy the Card Collector.I just can't seem to generate enough interest to get 8 other people to go in with us on this : are 3-4 people interested.I think the updates scare them away, but you can update every 6-12 months for only $19.95,which I didn't think was so bad.Your system just wouldn't be absolutely up to date on a daily or monthly basis.

  2. Well, I used to update just once a year. Every update has every single update they've done, so you don't miss anything by waiting. Of course, you miss the new sets they put in, but you can always add your own sets. That's what I do. I would go ahead and buy it. Getting the discount would be cool but you have been way more than patient enough trying to get folks in on the deal..