Monday, August 31, 2009

Trundles end season with a win

Last week's final round of regular season play in the CardBlog Yahoo! Fantasy League saw the Tribecards Trundles edge out Heartbreaking Cards 6-4 to end the season on a positive note. And, believe me, the Trundles needed one.

Overall, the Trundles went 56-144-10 on the season. They ended up 30 games behind their closest competitor, Heartbreaking Cards, and 68 games out of first place. Perhaps if they had another 200 games, they might have pulled out of last place, but the odds are in their favor. And, it's a moot point anyhow.

So now, the playoffs begin and the first round of fantasy baseball action looks like this:

(1) Pintadores de P.R.
(8) tastelikedirt

(4) Grabowski Shuffle
(5) Thoughts and Sox

(3) The Nennth Inning
(6) Chingones

(2) Roadrunners
(7) Jacobmrley's Chain

As mentioned previously, the Trundles plan on watching the playoffs from the bleachers, eating all the free hot dogs they can stand. Any home run balls hit their way will be collected and autographed then thrown back onto the field. The Trundles plan to spend the off season trying to figure out what their players' names are and just who will be returning next season at all - IF they return.

Of course, --David has been asked if he plans to manage a fantasy football team, but he has not made any public comment about such ventures as of yet. Perhaps for now, he is simply enjoying one of the few victories his team has had this season.

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  1. Let's go Thoughts and Sox (I just made a trade with him, so I'm extremely biased).

    And I know I'm new to card blog land, but is there any way I can take your spot if you decide you don't want it? Haha I figure that's not gonna seem like you'd be fun to have in a league and I don't think they'd let you go. But a guy can dream big haha.