Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Mark Mini Inundation (without the water)

Mark, over at Stats-on-the-Back, held his own giveaway. He basically said, "Hey, I have these Score mini Magic Motion cards. If you want them, ask." So, I did. And Mark followed through with a set of 1991 Score Magic Motion World Series Trivia cards.

There are about 75 or 76 cards in the whole set. So, it took several scans...

These will end up as inserts in various giveaways of my own.

As you can see, though, Mark also threw in a couple of Tribe cards! A 2009 Topps Chrome Kerry Wood and the previously-mentioned (in my other post) 2009 UD Icons Travis Hafner #'d card!! Excellent!

I hate to cheat fellow Indians collectors out of a chance for a Pronk serial card, but I am keeping them both (this one and the one Grant sent me). :-)

I wonder how many of the 299 of those Pronk cards I could end up owning... Prolly two. LOL!

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  1. Oh well! I'll just have to go buy those 3 cases of Icons and hope for the best.Actually I've thought about trying to do something like that but it would have to be a very unpopular player.I'm going to start sorting and packaging the OPC cards today.Thanks for participating !