Sunday, August 16, 2009

dayf puts my Egyptian Hieroglyphics degree to the test

I received an envelope from Dayf the other day. In it was payment for his part of the A&G group break. Mostly. Turns out he said he was a buck short, and hoped that the cards he included would help smooth things over. Smooth things over!? Heck ya! I am seriously considering a future break be based on payments by check, Paypal or Tribe cards! I don't know why I hadn't thought of that to begin with. Well, actually, yeah, I do know why. Many of you have expressed your wish to send me cards but that you, like most of the card-collecting world, do not have a readily available stash of Indians cards laying about. No worries, though! I've always got some wild-eyed plan to give away cards... Where was I again?

Ah, yes, dayf and hieroglyphics. Well, let us first take a gander at the trio of cards he sent my way:

We've got a 1973 Topps Tom McCraw, a 1977 Topps Al Fitzmorris, and a 1984 Lary Sorensen. Very nice!

The note dayf included explained that he had miscalculated how much money he had. If it had been me, I would have had the five ones originally, but forgot why I had them in my pocket, then spent it on the vending machine at work. Of course, I am not in a favorable position to have offered up Braves cards as a "good faith effort,"* as dayf did.

But, the most intriguing part of the whole letter was the little note that read, "if you can read any of this you must have a degree in Egyptian Hieroglyphics..." which was followed by a hand-drawn Tribe logo with the words "Woo Tribe!" next to it!

Not many people know this, though that will change now I suppose, but I actually started out college life as a Pre-Med student. One of the reasons I was encouraged to take that route (and I am not kidding here) is that my handwriting, "is very much akin to that of a doctor." Direct quote from a High School counselor/teacher. There were other things like my aptitude in Biology and Chemistry that went along with that, but evidently my ability to write such that not many people can read my handwriting was the determining factor. Alas, I dumped Pre-Med after I lost the fight against Organic Chemistry.

How does this tie in to things here? While dayf's handwritten missive was perhaps not quite up to school standards (meaning his teachers would probably wrap him on the knuckles a time or two. Man, I always hated that. How was I supposed to write neatly if the teacher kept whacking me on the knuckles!? I digress, again.), his was no where near the chicken scratch that I am accustomed to deciphering after a week-long seminar in which I have to refer back to my own notes. Trust me, when one cannot read one's own handwriting, something is seriously amiss! And, why is it that I am suddenly using words like "amiss" and "missive!?" Get me out of here!

All the blabbering aside, THANK YOU, Dayf for the cards you sent!! I know it's hard to tell among all the rambling, but I greatly appreciate and approve of your "good faith effort!!"*

* I put those in quotes because that is how dayf wrote it in his letter.

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