Friday, April 5, 2013

Two for one...

Welcome to Friday!! Later today, we'll open up the Free Agent Draft. More on that when it opens up. Right now, though, let's rip some wax!

1997 Fleer Hobby, 10 cards per pack

Greg Maddux - Braves - Volleygod67 (Wahoo!!)
Ray Lankford - Cardinals - Kerry Biggs (Wahoo!!)
Andruw Jones - Braves - Volleygod67 (Wahoo!!)
Scott Karl - Brewers - FREE AGENT
Russ Davis - Mariners - FREE AGENT
Brian Hunter - Mariners - FREE AGENT
Frank Rodriguez - Twins - FREE AGENT
Leo Gomez - Cubs - FREE AGENT
Rex Hudler - Angels - FREE AGENT
Joe Randa - Royals - FREE AGENT

Way to go, Volleygod! Two hits in one pack, and Kerry snagged a Cardinals player!


  1. it's about time! Ha!

    oh, and you can switch the name over to Canuck, thanks.

  2. david - can i draft rex hudler just for the double play goodness on that card?

    1. Hahaha! Sorry. You'll have to try your luck.