Monday, April 15, 2013

Tribecards from Outer Space:

As what has become the norm as of late, I begin with a bit of housekeeping: I mistakenly listed Ryan Braun as a Brewer in a previous post. Well, he is a Brewer, but not the Ryan Braun pulled from a recent pack of cards. The Ryan Z Braun pulled recently played for the Royals in 2006-07.  He will be added to next week's Free Agent Draft. At least the whole escapade gave Thorzul something to chuckle about. Speaking of, I still owe him for a "Trade Me Anything" giveaway he did about 5 months ago. Or maybe it was 5 years. Either way, a long time ago. I digress. Often.

Tonight, we're busting open a pack of 1988 Fleer. 15 Cards and 1 sticker per pack.

Astros/Mariners Team Sticker
Kevin Coffman - Braves - FREE AGENT
Lee Guetterman - Mariners - FREE AGENT
Matt Williams - Giants - FREE AGENT
Jeff Robinson - Tigers - FREE AGENT
Mark Davis - Padres - FREE AGENT
Mike Young - Orioles - FREE AGENT
Tim Leary - Dodgers - FREE AGENT
Tony Bernazard - Athletics - FREE AGENT
Casey Candaele - Expos - FREE AGENT
Danny Tartabull - Royals - FREE AGENT
Ron Oester - Reds - FREE AGENT
Paul Kilgus - Rangers - FREE AGENT
Bob Ojeda - Mets - FREE AGENT
Bob Boone - Angels - FREE AGENT
Steve Bedrosian - Phillies - Captain Canuck (Wahoo!!)

Whew! I was worried we had a complete pack of Free Agents! Luckily, Captain Canuck saved the day. We have certainly seen Guetterman before, and I was smart enough this time to realize that the "Michael Young" claimed by BSnider is *not* the same "Mike Young" above.


  1. Guess I should clarify--I selected Alex S Gonzalez,not Alex L Gonzalez--nice pickups so far for my collection--akgonzolyn

  2. Haha, okay. I will note that. Who knew going the 'pick-your-players' route would get so complex!?